mineral makeup

Tips and tricks for getting the best out of your mineral makeup

With the availability of so many make up products, it becomes quite tough to choose the best makeup options for ...

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grease makeup

Getting your groove with grease makeup

Whether it is a Halloween party or some theatrical event, one of the most important things visible is the makeup. ...

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Eye liner

Eye liner colors you should keep at an arms length this season

People often say that ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’ Well, I would like to modify it a little ...

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Party Make up

Party Make up trends this fall

This year trends ranging from nudes to the full flair drama are in the list and it is what makes ...

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Beauty Products

fuller lips

Bath & Body Works Canada Products- Secret to Soft and Tender Hands

Have you observed the freshness and perkiness of your blooms as you spray water on them? Don’t they look attractive ...

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Great gift ideas for your man this Valentine’s Day

The festive season may have only just finished, but Valentine’s Day already looms large on the horizon. This means it’s ...

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skin protection

Natural cosmetics for body care

In recent years we heard more and more about organic or eco-bio cosmetics. The word is the result of two ...

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apply Lip Gloss

Lip Gloss Picks- How to Choose the Right One?

Do you wish to lend your lips a fuller appearance? Do those luscious, shimmering lips of celebrities make you desire ...

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nail design

Get a better style with cute nail design tips and tricks

While it is good to add some fun to the boring things, nail art is almost doing the same. Nail ...

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nail colours

Sexy colours for nails this Fall

Do you always fret going to the nail salon? As much as you want a cool nail polish, you have ...

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French manicure_2

Tips for maintaining a French manicure

French manicures is done by experts .It requires the smooth filing of all the nails so as to create a ...

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Nail color trends-Can these be eco friendly?

Nail colors are one of the little beauty secrets that we all have in our make up bags; but nail ...

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Amazing short hairstyles to flaunt

There is no reason that only the long-haired folks can have all the fun as is seen by the following ...

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Selena Gomez’s Black Swan Moment at Versace 2014 Fashion Show

We all know and love her from her hit show at Disney-‘The Wizards of Waverley Place’, today she has an ...

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Looking Into Post Pregnancy Fashion- Kate Middleton

It is only few week back Kate Middleton-Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to Prince George. She always dresses elegantly ...

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Fashion Face Off: Taylor Swift Vs Rihanna

Taylor Swift Taylor Swift, 23 is the youngest song writer hired by the Sony or ATV publishing house. She is ...

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Beauty Guide


Benefits of workout to your beauty

Exercise benefits us beyond maintaining a slim waist and toned muscles. It makes us look young and fresh. Benefits of ...

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Eye shadow

Eye shadows you should avoid

Eyes speak the beautiful story that your heart fails to tell. It has a unique language of its own through ...

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fuller eyelashes (3)

Natural practices towards longer and fuller eyelashes

If a woman’s eye tells you the story, then eyelashes are the threads which knit them beautifully into a single ...

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using lip gloss

Sexy colors for glossy lips this fall

The lip shades from stained look to the glossy are in this season. Sexy colors for glossy lips that are ...

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beautiful curly hair

Managing your curly hair and loving it

Curly hair has natural bounce and shine. One can lose the natural shine and bounce if proper care stays away ...

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protecting hair

Caring for, and protecting your hair from the onslaught of winter

Cold breeze in winters can damage our hair and skin. Hair goes dry, weak and brittle in the season. Winter ...

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lady with beautiful hair

Five easily available products to straighten your hair naturally

Straight hair always looks trendy. Most of us desire for smooth, silky and straight hair. Permanent straightening from salons can ...

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colours for hair

Sexy colours for hair highlights this Fall

It isn’t easy finding the right brand at the right hair colour. A whole lot of effort goes into the ...

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lip gloss (1)

Choosing a lip gloss that matches well with your skin tone

Women are born to be mysterious and the mystery is quite beautifully caged in their smile. Men often find it ...

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Get Ready for a Party

Tips to Get Ready for a Party After Office

It happens to all young ladies out there! You get to office making some basic preparations for the after-work party, ...

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Bedroom Eyes-

Bedroom Eyes-Tips to Perfectly Get the Look

Bedroom eyes have always been sexy. From the sensuous Marilyn Monroe bedroom looks to the sexy brown bedroom eyes they ...

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glossy lips_2

How to get glossy lips and make it last?

Lip gloss has always been one of the favorite cosmetics of girls belonging to all age groups. It can easily ...

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Skin and Body

Scrubbing Ingredients that Work Wonders

Top Scrubbing Ingredients that Work Wonders

Who said skin care has to be expensive? You do not need to take resort to branded products and scrubs ...

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Secrets of beauty and words of wisdom to let your beauty glow

Beauty and relaxed mind go hand in hand. And when it comes to relaxing, there is nothing better than a ...

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Get your body back in shape by tightening sagging skin

Sagging skin often makes a person feel unpleasant, and can sometimes have a negative effect on the self-worth and confidence ...

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Simple tips to make different body scrubs at you home   

Your skin is your largest organ that covers your body and protects various parts from damages. Your skin tells a ...

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