sheet mask (2)

Getting the most out of your sheet mask

Sheet mask has a thin cotton sheet that is doused in a liquid formula which moisturizes and brightens the skin ...

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healing herbal elixir

Benefits and uses of neem oil: A healing herbal elixir

Neem is a valued tree in Indian culture and Ayurveda attributes medicinal values to every part of the tree. We ...

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COFFEE beauty routine

Ways to work coffee into your beauty routine

Nothing can be more relaxing and more rejuvenating then a hot cup of coffee. It is a part and parcel ...

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Panasonic premium beauty steamer 1

Get a facial sauna at your convenience with Panasonic premium beauty steamer

Panasonic has recently come up with its compact premium beauty steamer that can come handy for all the women who ...

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Tweexy 1

Paint your nails anytime and anywhere with Tweexy

At a time when everything is going portable and mobile, how can your nail painting task stay behind?Now, there is ...

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IRIS illuminating eye massager (1)

Give your eyes a youthful look and refreshing feel with IRIS illuminating eye massager

Most of the people develop their first signs of aging around their eyes. Thus, it becomes very important to take ...

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Remove your facial hair

Natural Remedies: Remove your facial hair naturally at your home

Women always want to look beautiful. Excess facial hair growth on the upper lips, chin, forehead etc can be a ...

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beauty products

Beauty products for winter: Beauty products your dry winter skin craves

Supple smooth soft skin is every woman’s dream. Winter can make the skin dry and result in several skin problems. ...

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removing make-up

The secrets to removing makeup stains with ease

Have you ever got make up stains on your clothing? The answer will be in the affirmative for sure. While ...

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Healthy face

Simple but effective tips to get rid of under eye dark circles

There may be factors like age, genetics, dry skin and allergies allowing dark circle to appear under the eyes. UV ...

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Outdoors portrait of beautiful young woman with red hair

Give your hair a beautiful color without stepping out of your home

Since coloring hair at home is convenient, helps save money and time,you could do away with the need to visit ...

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Woman doing hairstyle with hair straightener, isolated on white

Bad beauty habits you need to quit right now

Most of us, women in particular, crave for a radiant and healthy skin. To achieve this goal, we follow some ...

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