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10 Beauty secrets followed across the globe

Natural beauty secrets

From time immemorial, we have seen our grandmothers insisting on using home remedies to enhance our skin and other beauty assets. This has been the trend all over the globe, irrespective of the customs and traditions of the people. Though our modern mind refuses to use these home beauty treatments, none of us can deny the fact that they are more reliable than the market products. The natural ingredients are not only inexpensive, but also harmless. However, witnessing so many beauty products doing more harm than gain, it is never too late to go back in time and follow the most secured method. Here is a list of ten natural beauty secrets followed across the globe. Read on and adopt these secrets to enhance your looks.

1. Neem from India

If you want glossy hair with dandruff free scalp, then try a weekly massage of neem leaves boiled in coconut milk. This concoction helps in loosening dandruff and other infections from the scalp and nourishes hair deeply, giving you a glossy and soft mane. The recipe comes from the much valued ancient Ayurvedic books of India.

2. Tepezcohuite from Mexico

Tepezcohuite is basically a tree found abundantly in Mexico. The bark of this tree contains a lot of astringent properties which makes it a great thing for your skin. Rub the bark on a rough stone with some water and use the paste on your skin for preventing infections and keeping away scar formation.

3. Camellia Oil from China

Camellia oil is traditional cooking oil in South China. Women have used it for centuries as traditional stretch marks remover oil. Regular application helps prevent stretch marks and discoloration.

4. Garlic from Dominion Republic

If you have chapped nails and want to get rid of them, then use this recipe from DR. Chop a few garlic cloves and put them in a bottle of top coat. Let it soak for about a week and then use this concoction on your nails regularly. Gently massage this concoction on your nails and see your nails becoming stronger and healthier.

5. Sake from Japan

Sake is not only good as a beverage, it is equally good as a skin softener also. You can try a sake bath by adding a cupful of sake in your bucket of water once in a week. The kojic acid found in Sake will not only soften your skin, it will also reduce hyper pigmentation from your face and body.

6. Black Soap from Ghana

Black soap from Ghana is a very popular beauty ingredient. It is made up of plantain skin which is a treasure trove of vitamin A and E. It also contains Shea butter. All these ingredients are like a great boon for our skin and their combination in the soap helps in gently cleansing the skin and moisturizing skin at the same time.

7. Milk from France

Milk contains lactic acid which is a gentle exfoliant and natural bleach. Milk is the secret behind the soft and supple skin of the French women for many years. You can also try it either by adding whole milk to your bucket of water or by applying it directly on the face.

8. Manuka Honey by New Zealand

Manuka honey is full of antimicrobial properties and is a natural humectant. Both these qualities makes it ideal for moisturizing the skin and bringing a glow to the face. You can apply directly on the face. You can also add rose water, if you want to dilute it.

9. Argan oil from Morocco

Argan oil is highly beneficial for hair and skin as it deeply moisturizes and conditions them. This oil gets easily absorbed in the body and brings instant softness to skin.

10. Passion flower oil from the Amazon

Amazonian women have used passion flower for decades for glossy hair and glowing skin. It has anti-inflammatory abilities also and is rich in fatty acids and vitamin C which are responsible for strengthening collagen of skin and make it supple. You can massage the oil in your skin and hair for a healthy glow and soft mane.

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