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10 must know beauty tips for a teen

Make up tips for teenagers

Girl from a very young age love using makeup. They get inspired to do makeup by looking at their mothers and elder siblings. Teenage girls basically have no idea about tips and tricks of applying makeup because of this lack of knowledge they often go wrong with makeup and look plastic. It is extremely important to keep the makeup natural and subtle at this age. Following are the ten tips for teenage girls which can help them look stunning with makeup on.

1. Shun foundation

It is essential for teenage girls to realize that foundation is not meant for them. Women above 35, who face several skin issues need to apply foundation to cover up their skin’s negative attributes. Teenage girls are blessed with good skin, it is thus important for them to keep usage of foundation to minimalistic. For teenagers who face acne issues, foundation is a complete no-no. You can use a tinted moisturizer or powder. For covering up blemishes, a good concealer is more then enough.

2. Avoid rubbing concealer

Many teenage girls tend to rub concealer to their skin. However, concealer should always be dabbed onto skin. Cover acne, blemishes, scars, etc. by patting concealer on them. Rubbing concealers ruins its effect and makes the skin look dry and worn off. Also, it is important that the tone of concealer goes well with the skin tone otherwise it will not do its job properly.

3. Avoid heavy makeup

Heavy make up may make you look like a ghost, its extremely essential for teenage girls to keep make up subtle and minimal. Avoid overdoing makeup. Play with one feature at a time, if you are playing with your lips avoid heavy eye make up and vice versa. If you want dramatic eyes, just apply nude lip gloss. Avoid heavy blush with heavy lip color. If you keep these things in mind, you can never go wrong with make up. Another important thing which needs to be considered is that you should never line lips with a dark color lip pencil. The color of the line should match with that of the lip color or gloss.

4. Keep it less

When it comes to make up for teenage girls, less is always more. More of makeup will make you look old and mature. Look your age by using the right amount of makeup. Never overdo your makeup. Do not lose your natural beauty by covering it with make up all the time. Let your fresh skin breath minus any makeup. Just apply a layer of mascara, gloss and concealer and look your natural best. During winters, you can use blush to enhance those rosy cheeks.

5. Avoid styling your hair daily

Natural hair always looks the best. Daily styling might ruin the texture of your hair and make it essential for you to style them regularly. Keep hair styling for special occasions only. Avoid too much straightening or curling. When it comes to hair color, keep it minimal. You can opt for highlights in a shade lighter than your natural hair. Avoid extreme hair coloring. A good hair cut and blow dry can uplift your style manifolds. Take care of your tresses by oiling them regularly. Avoid using too many chemicals on your lovely hair.

6. Keep Vaseline handy

One of the most reliable and amazing beauty product is Vaseline. Not only is it extremely affordable and easily found but is also extremely good for the skin. It suits all skin types and works perfectly well as a makeup remover. Quick fix chapped scaly lips by dabbing a layer of Vaseline. Dry skin can be healed with Vaseline. You can keep a small Vaseline bottle handy in your purse for quick fix up.

7. Go for a nice hair cut

Hair cut plays a very significant role in making you look stunning. A good hair cut can uplift your looks amazingly whereas a bad one might just ruin it completely. If you are someone who does not like too much experimentation, then layer hair cut is best suited for you. Long layers are good for almost any hair type. Keep number of layers limited and avoid fringes if you can not carry them off properly. Always opt for a manageable hair style.

8. Get rid of acne

Acne can ruin your beauty totally. It is important to seek professional skin doctor’s help to get rid of acne permanently. Acne scars can be quite a turn off for many. Make best beauty investment by seeing a good dermatologist. Take medication regularly and do not miss out on application of ointments. For dealing with acne, concealer is a good make up tool. Dab on some concealer onto the acne infected area and see the wonder effect.

9. Buy essential beauty products only

Avoid buying too much of make up product if you are an occasional user. The makeup products tend to expire very soon and can harm your skin. Another thing to keep in mind is to buy good quality products that suit your skin. Bad quality makeup products can damage the quality of your skin and cause irritations. Go for reputable brand cosmetics. Patch test makeup product before you actually buy it. Stick to products of brand which suits you and your skin type. Always check the expiry date of your cosmetics, by using an expired cosmetic you are inviting skin trouble. Throw away expired beauty products on time.

10. Never skip sunscreen

Sunscreen is the most essential beauty product. Never skip applying a layer of good sunscreen before stepping out in the sun. It keeps your skin protected from the harmful sunlight. Even when the weather is cloudy, you must not miss out on sunscreen; it prevents blemishes and premature skin aging. Buy one with high SPF for maximum protection. It is important to invest in sunscreen which suits your skin type. Check the label before buying.

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