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10 Best chanel perfumes for women under $200

Gabriel Coco Chanel founded the label Chanel SA, commonly known as just Chanel, in the year 1910. Coco was known for her simple elegant fashion that had a timeless appeal. She was also the first designer who introduced pants for females. Coco empowered the women with strong dressing and styling. Chanel, as a brand, continues to rule the market of luxury goods with its trendy range of haute couture, accessories, perfumes, etc. The brand has some major celebrities under its label. This French fashion house understands the needs of women extremely well, not that they cater only to women. Chanel has a wide range of luxurious perfumes whose fragrances are simply breathtaking. Perfumes are essential part of lives of women. It is a quintessential utility item for all the sophisticated and classy women of today. Chanel N°5 was the first perfume launched under the Chanel label, it continues to reign the markets even today, decades after its creation. Chanel perfumes are associated with class and luxury, not only is Chanel the bestseller among luxury perfumes, but also has a wide perfume range of over 49 fragrances, catering to individual needs of women in every way. Chanel flaunts hot-shot perfumes like Ernest Beaux, Jacques Polge, Christopher Sheldrake and many others that have contributed in making Chanel one of the leading perfume seller. Read on to learn about ten best perfumes by Chanel label that would increase your appeal without making a hole in your pockets. The following ten exclusive Chanel perfumes cost below $ 200.

1. Coco Mademoiselle perfume by Chanel for women eau de parfums

Price: $ 150

Coco mademoiselle perfume by Chanel for women eau de parfums

Coco Mademoiselle is one of the most popular women perfume by Chanel. It is also available as eau de toilette. The creator of this composition is Jacques Polge, who has been associated with Chanel since 1978. Coco Mademoiselle is an exquisite feminine perfume offered by Chanel. The prime ingredients of this stunning fragrance are absolutes of Jasmine and May Rose. Florentine Iris tends to enrich and enhance the fragrance of the delicate flowers. The top note of Coco Mademoiselle includes Sicilian oranges, Sicilian grapefruit and Calabrian bergamot. A floral touch is added with ingredients like rose, litchi and jasmine extract. The base notes of this perfume comprise of Haitian vetiver, White musk, Bourbon vanilla and Indonesian patchouli. Coco Mademoiselle has a fresh oriental fragrance which compliments the brave and modern women who lead lives in the lap of elegance and luxury. All you need to do is to spray this heavenly fragrance on the pulse points twice a day and stay fresh throughout. This fragrance comes in a classic glass bottle which itself is quite pleasing.

Product USP:

Coco Mademoiselle is a stunning perfume for the dashing sophisticated woman of today. It lasts for a long time and the fragrance is quite enchanting.


  • The fragrance is long lasting and quite subtle.
  • The scent is mild and thus instantly pleasing.

2. Coco Chanel perfume for women eau de toilette spray

Price: $ 179.99

Coco Chanel perfume for women eau de toilette spray

The launch of Coco dates back to 1984. It was the pleasing oriental fragrance which clicked among women with the launch. It remains a hot favorite of high class women ever since. Jacques Polge was the nose behind this sexy fragrance, he made sure that Coco becomes signature perfume of Chanel. Coco is a spicy fragrance with top notes of Mandarin, Angelica, Mimosa and Frangipani. The middle notes of Coco Chanel are Cascarilla, Bulgarian rose, Orange flower and Jasmine. The base notes are quite exotic including ingredients like labdanum, opopanax, ambrette seed, tonka and vanilla. Coco Chanel is an intense rich floral fragrance which is simply irresistible. The black and gold packaging itself reflects the richness of this wonderful fragrance. This perfume is ideal for evening wear or for special occasions.

Product USP:

Coco Chanel has a rich mysterious fragrance which gives it class and luxury. The scent is modest and subtle. The USP of this perfume is the spicy oriental scent of it.


  • The fragrance is quite exquisite.
  • Coco Chanel is ideal for a special events because of its richness.

3. Allure by Chanel perfume for women eau de parfum

Price: $140.00

Allure by Chanel perfume for women eau de parfum
Allure by Chanel is a scintillating oriental vanilla fragrance. Women of high taste and class love this fragrance. Allure was launched in the year 1999, the perfume rules the market since then. This pleasant perfume features exotic ingredients like Bergamot, Peach, Cedar, Mandarin orange, Vanilla, Jasmine, Rose, Peony, Orange blossom, Magnolia, Vetiver and Lotus. This gorgeous scent is perfect for daily use because of the lovely amber and floral notes. This fragrance is timeless and very fresh. The sensual Allure perfume is quite provocative and has a spicy sunny feel.

Product USP:

The perfume feels extremely warm and pleasant. You can wear it for any occasion at any time of the day.


  • The oriental fragrance is simple yet effective.
  • The scent of the perfume lasts for long hours.

4. Chanel Chance perfume

Price: $105

Chanel Chance perfume
Chanel Chance is an amazing perfume with a mind-blowing fragrance. In French, the word Chance means luck. This perfume comes in a beautiful round bottle. This fragrance will take you to an altogether different world with its fresh scent and refreshing flowery notes. Chance comprises of lemon, pink pepper and pineapple in the top notes. The heart of this perfume’s fragrance encompasses Jasmine, Hyacinth and Iris. The perfume base is composed of Patchouli, Amber, White musk and Vetiver. Jacques Polge was the brain behind this stunning perfume by Chanel. This perfume is suitable for daily use and will definitely help you stand out in crowd with its pleasing scent.

Product USP:
This one is a sensual spicy perfume which will always entice you.


  • The fragrance is sensuous and very appealing.

5. Chanel Cristalle Eau de toilette for women

Price: $125.00

Chanel Cristalle Eau de toilette
In 1974 Hanri Robert, a famous Chanel perfumer, created this beautiful perfume named Cristalle. This feminine perfume belongs to the group of floral-chypre olfactive. This one is a superb pure fragrance which will definitely please your senses with its perfect scent. The perfume was named Cristalle because of its perfect even composition like a crystal. Cristalle comprises of a wide spectrum of green notes including spicy basil, lemon and bergamot, which make it highly refreshing. A glorious fragrant melody is formed by galbanum which unites with other citrus notes. The base of this perfume adds requisite amount of woodiness to the scent, it comprises of oak moss and wood. The eau de toilette offers a mysterious rich scent.

Product USP:

Chance has a mysterious wooden oak floral fragrance which is highly feminine.


  • This fragrance is ideal for all occasions.
  • The scent is subtle and clicks instantly.

6. Les exclusifs de Chanel Sycomore for women

Price: $190

Les exclusifs de Chanel Sycomore
Sycomore by Chanel is an exclusive woody floral musk scent for women. Chanel launched this lovely fragrance in the year 2008. Jacques Polge, one of the most famous Chanel perfumer, teamed up with Christopher Sheldrake, for making this beautiful enchanting fragrance. Sycomore features exquisite ingredinets like Sandalwood, Vetiver, Aldehydes, Violet and tobacco. For women who do not enjoy the fragrance of Vetiver, Sycomore is not an option to consider. Sycomore is pre-dominantly a Vetiver fragrance. The scent of this lovely perfume will alter with the change of weather. The top note of Sycomore is more like a smoky note which gives this fragrance smoothness. This perfume lasts for extremely long hours and is perfect for daily usage. This fragrance belongs to the exquisite Chanel range of Les Exclusives.

Product USP:

The scent is subtle yet effective. For women who are not over the top feminine, this is a perfect fragrance.


  • The perfume’s scent is long lasting and is quite pleasing to smell.
  • It is not overly sweet like most of the feminine perfumes.

7. Chanel N°5 perfume for women

Price: $185.0

Chanel N°5 perfume

Chanel N°5 is by far the most famous Chanel fragrance available in the market. This was also the first perfume introduced by the Chanel label. It tops the list of best selling perfumes and is a favorite among ladies around the globe. Many of the famous celebrities swear by its stunning fragrance. This perfume has been known as the symbol of good taste and class. Ernest Beaux on demand of the fashion goddess Coco Chanel herself, created this exquisitely wonderful perfume. The fragrance of Chanel N°5 is quite complex which makes all the components to stay intact as one scent. This perfume smells like a composition of ingredients and not at all like any of the ingredients used. This perfume has top note of components like bergamot, neroli, lemon and ylang-ylang; the middle note comprises of Rose, Lily of valley, Jasmine and Iris. The base of Chanel N°5 is created out of sandalwood, Vetiver, Amber, Vanilla and Patchouli. Chanel N°5 is not only a great fragrance for you, it also boasts years of credibility, which women from around the world, have laid upon.

Product USP:

This perfume is known to smell like a woman. Moreover, the fact that it was worn by Marilyn Monroe, makes it all the more charming.


  • The floral fragrance is extremely complex yet gentle.
  • Chanel N°5 is a perfect evening wear perfume.
  • The scent is pure and fresh due to the presence of aldehydes in the composition.
  • Being the first Chanel perfume, it surely brings great amount of pride every time you spray it on.

8. Chanel No. 19

Price: $127

Chanel No. 19
This perfume gets its name from Coco Chanel’s birth date, which is August 19. Chanel No. 19 was launched in 1970, a year before the death of Coco Chanel. Henri Robert, who was one of the most famous Chanel perfume creators, was the brain behind Chanel No.19. This perfume has a woody floral-green fragrance which clicks instantly. The scent instantly creates a white-green floral harmony. Everything about this fragrance, spells sophistication and light-heartedness .Chanel No.19 is an olfactory reinterpretation of the original composition. The top notes of this fragrance comprise of Bergamot and green notes. Iris and Rose make up for the heart note whereas Vertiver, leather and Oakmoss make up for the base note of Chanel No.19.

Product USP:

The fragrance is extremely pleasing with woody-floral-oak notes.


  • This perfume is suitable for evening wear.
  • Chanel No. 19 has a lingering scent which is pretty long lasting.

9. Chanel N°22 for women

Price: $175

Chanel N°22
The composition of Chanel N°22 is based on exquisite white flowers. This fragrance symbolizes the white look. The creator of this perfume was Ernest Beaux, who was also the creator of Chanel No.19. This one is a sultry silky fragrance which will definitely rejuvenate your mood. Orange blossom, gorgeous Jasmine, sweet Rose and Lilac together add up to create an enchanting scent. The top notes comprise of Bergamot, Aldehydes, Neroli and Peach. The base of Chanel N°22 is musky and woodsy with balsamic notes of benzoin, tonka and opoponax.

Product USP:

The scent is a unique mix of white flowers which give Chanel N°22 the white look.


  • The scent is distinguish-ably floral and appealing.

10. Les Exclusifs de Chanel No 18 Chanel for women

Price: $175

Les Exclusifs de Chanel No 18 Chanel
Chanel No. 18 belongs to the exquisite range of Les Exclusifs of Chanel. The perfume gets its name from the address of Vendome Palace, which was No. 18. This one is a stunningly beautiful radiant floral fragrance which is a hot favorite of sophisticated women around the world. The scent is precious and has an impressive rear ambrette packaging. Chanel No 18’s fragrance is mild, floral, woody and fruity. It is highly unique and the scent reflects the intensive hard work which made this fragrance so very different. Chanel No 18 is no ordinary perfume, it is one meant for the royals. Jacques Polge was the nose behind the creation of this beautiful fragrance. This fragrance is ideal for evening wear.

Product USP:

The fragrance is extremely awesome and symbolic of luxury.


  • Chanel No 18’s fragrance is unique and enchanting
  • The scent is long lasting and spells luxury.
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