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10 Home remedies for blackheads

oatmeal and olive oil facepack

Blackheads are a common skin problem among people of all age. There are contraptions available for use in the market, but these can be painful for some people. There are numerous home remedies that bring painless solutions using materials that are available in our homes. As the blackheads happen to be a result of clogging of pores or hair follicles due to the naturally secreted oil, the corrective action should be such that it removes the blackheads and also hits the reason. Here, we list a few home remedies for you.

1. Cucumber based face mask

cucumber face pack


Cucumber, food processor or blender


Peel a cucumber. Make a paste using a hand blender. Ensure that the consistency of the paste is such that it can be applied over the face with ease. Apply over the face. Keep it on for at least fifteen to twenty minutes. Rinse. This works well not only in removing the blackheads but also in rejuvenating the skin.

2. Oatmeal face mask

oatmeal and lemon juice facepack


Oatmeal, plain yogurt, lemon juice, olive oil


Mix two tablespoons oatmeal with three tablespoons of plain yogurt. Add one tablespoon of lemon juice and olive oil. Mix all the ingredients. Apply over the face, starting with the nose or other areas affected with the blackheads. Keep the face mask on for about ten minutes. Rinse with cold water.

3. Cornstarch



Cornstarch, vinegar


Make a paste of cornstarch using vinegar. Apply only on the affected area. Let it dry for a duration of fifteen minutes to half an hour. Rinse with warm water. This is a quick fix solution to the blackheads problem before you head out for the busy day.

4. Fuller’s Earth

Fuller's earth


Fuller’s earth, rose water


Make a paste of fuller’s earth with rose water. Ensure that it is not very thick, as in that case it would dry out instantly. Apply over the face. Let it dry. Rinse with cold water. The natural healing properties of fuller’s earth work magic on your skin while it removes even the very problematic blackheads.

5. Almonds



Almonds, rose water or normal drinkable water


Grind almonds to make powder. Add water and make paste with a consistency such that it is applicable over the face. Apply over the face. Rinse with cold water after twenty minutes. It gives your skin a smooth, supple and refreshing feel and look.

6. Sandalwood



Sandalwood powder, rose water, turmeric, camphor


Make a paste of sandalwood powder with rose water. Apply over the face. It is not necessary to apply the paste only over the affected area. The sandalwood powder paste is known for its properties as a natural skin rejuvenating material. You can leave it on overnight and rinse in the morning.

7. Fenugreek



Dry fenugreek leaves powder, water


Prepare a thin paste of fenugreek powder. Apply over the affected area. Let the paste dry. Rinse with cold water. Fenugreek is good for the body even as a part of your diet. Fenugreek so used removes the blackheads while enriching the skin to make it healthier.

8. Black pepper

Black Pepper


Curd, black pepper


Add curd to a tablespoon of black pepper and prepare the paste. Apply only over the problematic area. Rinse with cold water after 10 minutes. This solution manifests the efficacy of simple home based solutions within a span of minutes.

9. Radish seeds

Radish seeds


Radish seeds powder, water


This solution will not take more than ten minutes of your time in case you can procure radish seeds powder. Prepare a thick paste with water. Apply only over the affected area. Rinse after ten minutes and test the efficacy of the results for yourself.

10. Grapes pulp



Grapes, blender


Blend grapes to form a paste that can be applied over the face. Apply specifically over the areas affected by black heads. Let the goodness of grapes seep in for over fifteen to twenty minutes. Wash with warm water.

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