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12 Quick tips to switch to party mode

Quick tips to get ready for party

Everybody is so busy these days due to hectic lifestyles that people only get a few hours to get ready for a party. You don’t want to go like a boring package and will welcome any advice helpful to transform yourself into someone elegant and a real head turner. Here are a few helpful quick tips for going to parties.

1. Pimples

Pimples are the best enemy of the face. Wash and cleanse the face with cold water. Use a good quality pimple cream, a day or two before the party on the affected area, if you have time. If you don’t have enough time, use a concealer to mask the area.

2. Face scrub

For a perfectly beautiful and glowing skin, use a face scrub of good quality available in the market or home made one of oats, honey and almonds on your face. Rotate in an upward circular motion to take out dirt and excess oils from the face. Wash face after some time and experience your glowing skin.

3. Brighten face

Apply cucumber slices on your eyes to make your eyes look fresh. Rub a slice of tomato to brighten up face.

4. Face makeup

Mix desired quantity of a good foundation and sunscreen in your palm and apply evenly on face. Both the foundation and sunscreen should be of same type. For shadows under eyes use a line of concealer on the area, with your fingertips blend it perfectly on skin. Apply cream blush on the cheeks and work in circular motion. Add a little of this shade to the lips. This will have a dazzling effect on the face.

5. Lashes

If you are one of those beauty with long lashes, applying a coat of mascara will definitely make you look elegant enough. False eyelashes will make your eyes lively and beautiful. A fine eyeliner will make your eyes perfect.

6. Eye lids

To make eyes attractive, apply an eye shadow over lids or some of your lip color to give a shiny look. Use three different colors of shadows, the lighter shade as base on the entire eyes to brow bone, apply medium color on the lid and the darkest highlighter on the above making sure not to be heavy.

7. Lips

Outline lips and dab some compact powder over it. Apply lipstick over the powder so that glossy and moisture lip color does not run and smudge away. For long lasting effect, choose matte colors as they stay longer on lips. If you don’t feel like applying color, make sure you apply a gloss on the lips as it gives a glamorous effect.

8. Hair

If you have no time to shampoo, then apply some powder on hair to absorb excess oil making it soft. For those with frizzy hair, blow dry hair to add volume and apply a shine serum.

9. Legs

Apply some oil for a soft shiny looking legs with a slim illusion. Wear high heels for an effect of long beautiful legs. For unwanted hair on legs and other parts, use a razor to get rid of it or rub some bronzer with some oils on legs to disguise hair on it.

10. Nails

Soak hands in warm water and lemon juice to get rid of dirt and grime. Apply fresh coat of nail polish.

11. Perfumes

Use perfumes on the pulse points especially neck and wrist. Avoid applying on clothes as it may stain your clothes.

12. Clothes

Wear something that will enhance your figure. Make sure you tuck your tummy. Carry anything you wear with ease as it will make you perfect.

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