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15 ways to style your bangs


Even if you have straight hair, or curvy hair you can style them in many different ways. Styling your hair can change your overall appearance. Here are 15 different ways to wear bangs. You can use the one that suits your looks.

1. Loose pin back bangs

If you have got straight hair, then apply some olive oil on your hair and comb your hair with your fingers. Then loosely pin back bangs to the side of your crown.

2. Wet Bangs

Use wet bangs. Apply some hair serum when your hair is wet. Grab a few tufts of of your bangs in your fingers and blow-dry the roots. Direct the dryer above the roots and then below them.

3. Straight Bangs

If your hair grow straight down, or they are scrunched up, then wear straight bangs. Straight hair looks good with simple bangs.

4. Bangs with weave

You can also give your hair a new style. If your hair is braided you can wear bangs with weave by using a rubber band.

5. Loose side plait

If your hair is curly, place a small amount of hair on your forehead and put the rest in a loose side plait.

6. Messy look

You can also wet your curly hair, apply some oil for shiny look and then draw bangs from your hair giving it a messy look.

7. Side bang

You can wear your hair flat to your head and then place a pin on the left side and have a side bang.

8. Bangs with pinned up hair

You can curl up your hair and then pin your hair only on one side. Make sure that you use the pin opposite to where the bangs are.

9. Bangs styled with cap

To give a rock chick look you can cover your hair with a head scarf or cap and leave the bangs open. For straight hair you can simply wear a pin.

10. Bangs with bobby pins

You can twist your bangs and place bobby pins to the side. You can keep the rest of the hair open or wear a pony tail.

11. Accessorize your bangs

To give a funky look you can add small colorful pins on your bangs and make a pony tail of rest of your hair.

12. Hairband and bangs

If you have short hair then wear a hair band and keep the bangs open. You can also iron them and place them exactly in front of your forehead.

13. Left loose on forehead

You can also part the hair asymmetrically. Then apply a flat iron to give a good volume to your hair and place your bangs perfectly above your eyes. You can also pin your bangs back and curl the hair up or flip it out.

14. Pigtails

For a simple and sober look, you can simply wear a pigtail and let the bangs be. You can also pin your bangs back. Such a look goes with any fashion attire.

15. Puff with side ponytail

You can also crimp your hair or straighten it. Then apply a puff and wear a side ponytail. You get a new look within a minute.

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