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3 Easy makeup steps to adorn vampire look for Halloween

Vampire look for Halloween

The vampire look is eternally popular during Halloween nights. The vampire look has become an even popular option for Halloween dress up owing to the popularity of the Twilight saga. We have put together simple makeup steps to help you adorn a vampire look this Halloween.

1. The facial features and pale skin

For the un-dead look, you need a bit of foundation that can make you look as if your skin hasn’t been touched by sunlight. Do not blot the foundation. You can buy a bottle from any costume shop that stock up on Halloween costumes and items or even a cosmetic store.

It is strongly suggested that you slather your face with a protective moisturizer of a foundation base before applying any kind of face paint to dramatize the look. With this your skin will stay protected and the makeup applied won’t look cakey. Instead it would give a natural appearance.

A finishing touch with powder puff will keep the makeup well in place and also make you look paler. For the white effect, you can even apply some baby powder.

2. Dramatize your eye makeup for that bloodthirsty look

A lot of emphasis is laid on the eyes of a vampire. To create that effect of horror you need to work on the smokey eye look. Use a dark eye-shadow for the black smokey appearance and this should be done over eyeliner.

You can pick shades like black, brown, dark gray and even aubergine for that mysterious effect. Any dark liner and shadow will render great results. Eyeliner should be used over, below and inside the eye for well-defined eyes. After this follow up with a dark eye-shadow and use it close to the eyes perimeter. Blending is important so be careful to mix it well.

If you do not want to miss out on any detail then pop fake lenses in scary colors like white or red for that complete vampire makeup. Buying contact lenses is simple and can even be ordered online or bought from a costume store.

3. Create those blood thirsty lips

Vampires have seductive red lips that give a hint of blood. Irrespective of whether your lips are in the perfect shape but they should be dark red. In order to get the perfect red lips you need to tint your lips using your fingers and a red lipstick. Apply the shade over your finger and press it on your lips. Once this is done you just have to add the protruding fangs and you are all set to scare the world.

If you want to make some more additions to your vampire appearance then you can try this too:

a. Go a bit bloody with your getup. Get some fake blood and apply it around.

b. Fix a vampire wig to get those creepy vampire hairs.

c. If you have your partner along then create those vampire bites on his neck using some makeup.

d. Vampire Fangs are really important. So don’t miss them out.

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