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3 fashion and apparel stocks to buy now

Fashion and apparel stocks

There are many factors that influence the market value of the fashion and apparel stocks such as growth in earnings and increment in sales. Some of the fashion and apparel stocks face growth over time while some others face downfall. Let us dig deep into the three major fashion and apparel stocks that are adequate to buy at present.


Fashion and apparel stocks: the latest report

  • Unifi has managed to grab a B in this week which shows its better performance than last time when it got a C. If in case you do not know much about Unifi then let’s inform you that Unifi happen to be a diversified processor and manufacturer of nylon yarns plus multi-filament polyester plus the production units of Unifi are situated all over America. The total shares of Unifi have shown an increment of around 18.6 percent over the last month which is an improvement from that of SAP which has displayed only an increment of 1.6 percent in the same span of time.

  • Another fashion and apparel stock that enjoyed a nice week is Kenneth Cole and it saw its overall rating improve from C to a B in this week. The Kenneth Cole productions sources, develops and sells a wide range of fashion accessories, handbags plus footwear. Now let us move on to the third fashion and apparel stock that did well and has shown improvement this week.

  • Zuoan Fashion also had a nice week as its overall rating saw a nice improvement and improved from a ‘C’ to a ‘B’ this week. If we wish to describe Zuoan Fashion in a few lines then it would be something like this: Zuoan Fashion specializes in menswear and is known for distribution and development of the fashion attire for men. If we take a closer look in the sub categories of Portfolio Grader such as cash flow, growth in sales, growth in earnings and equity then Zuoan Fashion secures an ‘A’ which is indeed quite fantastic.

These were the 3 fashion and apparel stocks that ruled the stock market this week and these results were according to the analysis done by Portfolio Grader which studies the stocks of various fashion firms and then displays the results for the traders. All these three stocks enjoyed a good rating this week and there was an improvement in all three of them.

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