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4 Fixes for fried hair

Fried hair

Continuous coloring, excessive bleaching, heavy sun exposure and chlorine damage can leave your hair feeling like straw. Fired hair can be disappointing but there exists ways to fix it. We have compiled a list of most effective hair fixes for a fried hair condition.

1. Hair conditioner

Choose a hair conditioner that is rich in keratin. Apply it on your hair and wash your hair after 10 minutes. When you choose the hair conditioner, try to be selective. You have to select a conditioner that is suitable to be used on dry or damaged hair. In the beginning, you can use it twice weekly but can reduce it to once in a week. It is not necessary that you wash your hair daily or whenever you take bath. For your convenience, you can use a shower cap. This will keep your hair dry while you take a shower.

2. Blow dryer

In this process, you need to possess a blow dryer or hair dryer and a hair conditioner which is rich in cetyl alcohol. You have to apply the hair conditioner with cetyl alcohol and then use a hair dryer to dry your hair. Slowly and gradually you will feel the difference. The shining of your hair will reappear.

3. Home remedy

The first step is to collect two tablespoons of each of the following – rinse-out conditioner, a leave-in conditioner and a deep conditioner. They have to be mixed well. Next step is to fetch a hair mask. Once your hair is clean and dry, apply the mixture on to your hair. You have to fetch two wet towels. Make sure that they are large enough to wrap around your hair. Make arrangements to make them warm till they are reasonably hot. Now take out one of the towels and wrap it around your hair. Once the warmth gets reduced, use the other one and continue it for two to three rounds. This can be performed once in a week.

4. Cut or trim hair

People have to be forced to cut or trim their hair however bad they are. They don’t realize the fact that cutting damaged hair gives the option of growing fresh and healthy hair back. This is a good option for people who experience fried hair. Trimming of hair once in every three weeks can prevent hair from damaging and developing healthy and shiny hair.

Beware of all processing which may damage your hair and lead to more severe causalities. It is better for you to use highlights instead of all over color to protect damaged hair. Demi permanent formulas are advised for dealing with gray hair. It is for each individual to try and use suitable steps to repair their damaged hair.

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