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4 Hair comb types according to hair type

Comb types

Combs are available in a large variety of plastic and metal these days. Choosing the right comb for your hair type is essential. Not all hair types are same and some might require special care. Choosing the right comb for your hair type is as significant as choosing the right shampoo for your hair. Here, we have listed comb types according to hair types.

1. Wide-toothed comb

This is one type of comb that find its way in everyone’s boudoir. It is used by people with tight curls or permed hair so as to not open the luscious locks while at the same time get rid of tangles. It can also be used by people with straight hair, wavy hair or even frizzy hair.

2. Fine-toothed comb

People with very fine, smooth hair may use this comb for the perfect pulled back look. Men and women can both use it. Men, for acquiring the sleek, 60’s look and women for hat glam ponytail. People with frizzy hair should avoid this type since using this all over their hair may cause the hair to frizz up even more.

3. Teasing comb

For less voluminous hair, teasing combs are the answer. You can easily tease your hair with its fine bristles to get big, voluminous hair for a stylish night time look or a low set puffy chignon. This type suits best for people with wavy hair since they have a lot of texture to tame and work with.

4. Styling combs

There are combs with metal pins and are preferred by stylists and in-home fashionistas all over the globe. Who needs professional help, when you have all the tools at your dispense. All hair types can customize usage of combs that fall into this category for their perfect ‘go-to’ style.

Here are a few other tips to keep a stronger mane

a. Always use a clean, sterilized comb either at home or at a salon.

b. Don’t use a fine-toothed comb on wet hair to avoid breakages.

c. Only use wide-toothed combs on wet hair to de-tangle, but not brushes.

d. Use combs with smooth ends not sharp ends to avoid hurting your scalp.

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