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4 Makeup tips to conceal acne scars

Makeup to conceal acne scars

Acne, sometimes, leaves behind scars which can spoil the look. In order to hide the scar marks, most teens, look around for acne treatments. Acne treatments are not only expensive but accompany side effects too. There are few easier alternatives which can provide temporary relief from the acne scars. One such alternative is putting up makeup and concealing the scar marks. This can lend a flawless and glowing look to your facial skin.

The basic things that you will need to hide the acne marks are a mild face wash, concealer, foundation, powder, blush and appropriate brushes or sponge to apply them. An essential tip is to double check the quality of the beauty products. Do not compromise on quality products especially if you have a sensitive skin. We have listed here the essential makeup application tips to help you conceal acne scars and gear up for that special occasion.

1. Concealer

Always find a right concealer of right formulation and right color. For acne, concealer with green tone determination will help in concealing the blemish if patted on. Always select a concealer which is one shade lighter than your skin color. Wash your skin with an oil free face wash which removes the dirt and excess oil before you apply the concealer. Allow it to air dry, this will help you in easy applying of makeup. Dab a little concealer over the pimples and the scars. Use a facial sponge or finger tips to do this. If needed you can do it again but make sure that you do not have many layers which will look terrible when dries up.


Foundation gives an even tone to the skin and it is the perfect base for the makeup. For acne, oily foundation has to be ruled out. Choose foundation of your skin tone. To know what suits you, it is better you ask the store expert. It helps you to have an even base and a flawless skin. Apply foundation over your concealer, after it dries to give an even tone to the skin. Use light dabbing motion to apply it. Blend it completely. Make sure you apply it evenly over your face and neck and the concealer marks are not visible after you apply foundation.


To absorb the oil and to cover the acne for a longer time choose a loose powder. Choose a mattifying makeup powder which will absorb excess of sebum. It will make your complexion more alive and hides imperfections. Avoid using radiance and bronzing makeup powders. Use a large makeup brush to apply the finishing powder all over your face. This will give a matte finish to your skin and would set the foundation and concealer which will help in concealing the acne for a longer time during the day.

4. Blush

Apply blush of your own choice to brighten different parts of the face. Make sure that you do not apply it on the acne scars.

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