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4 Tips to reduce razor burn

Razor burn

A soft and smooth skin is desired by most females. A few shave their legs and bikini area to get smooth and soft legs. The only fear of shaving legs is developing a painful razor burn. Razor burn or razor bumps is a hair follicle infection in which is under the skin gets trapped which results in formation of painful bumps. This painful experience can be avoided by following some simple tips. Here are a few to help you avoid the pain

1. Getting the skin lubricated

Generally we see that females commit a common mistake of starting to shave immediately after stepping into the shower. At this time the skin is under prepared and is vulnerable to get Razor burns. The best way to prepare one’s skin for shaving is by standing in the shower for some time, this will ensure that the pores are opened due to the warmth of water. After the pores are open, you need to ensure that you exfoliate the skin where you plan to shave.

2. Application of good shaving cream or gel

Make sure that you are using a good shaving cream or gel. Using soap is absolutely not recommended. After application of a good shaving gel or cream, the next important step is to let it stay on one’s body for a few minutes. After the process of softening of hair is completed make sure you apply the lotion correctly which ensures that the hair is absolutely ready and they are out of the skin and not trapped.

3. Choice of correct Razor and shaving technique

Multi Blade razors seem to be a popular choice among women; however these razors are not the correct choice. The first blade of such a razor gets dull faster. An amalgamation of dull and sharp blades in a multi blade razor makes it a perfect tool which will create razor burns; hence instead of such razors one should stick to single or double blade razors. Post the selection of the correct razor is the all important step of applying the correct technique of shaving. This is very critical. While shaving their legs and bikini area all females need to ensure that they are shaving in the direction of hair growth only. If the female is shaving in the opposite direction of the hair growth then the possibility of hair getting pulled too harshly is very high which in turn will irritate the follicles.

4. After shave skin care

After successfully completing the shave, it is imperative to take care of one’s skin. This is because unless and until you do that the new growth of the hair will not be able to come out of the skin in the desired way. Post completion of the shave one needs to Pat the skin dry and not rub your skin dry. It is highly recommended that one should use a good soothing lotion. This lotion when applied will ensure that the skin is soft and supple and the hair does not get trapped under the skin. This lowers the chances of inflammation. While selecting clothes too, one needs to ensure wearing loose or apt fitting clothes. Wearing clothes which are body hugging is not at all recommended.

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