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5 Best Beauty Gift Ideas for Teens

Best Gifts For Teens

Getting gifts for teens can be a tedious task. Not a lot of people know what to give them, especially when they want to give them beauty gifts. With Christmas coming up, you need to think of some bright ideas. If you just can’t make up your mind or you don’t know what they will like, then read on. We list down the top 5 beauty gift ideas which will surely make a brilliant present for the teens.

1. The Best of Bliss Holiday Gift Set

Best of Bliss

When you hear the word “bliss” don’t you think of warm and fuzzy memories? Bliss is literally like a spa set and it makes an amazing gift. You could give this product to a girl or even a guy who is into beauty products. This huge gift set has a lot of things included. It has a lemon and sage body butter, soapy suds, a triple oxygen brush, lemon and sage shower gel, lemon bubbling bath water and shower gel, high intensity hand cream, foot patrol and more. The products which you get will depend on which gift set you buy. But this is probably the best beauty gift set you can gift a teen.

Price – $ 22 – $ 55

2. Too Faced The Bronzed & The Beautiful Bronzing Powder

Too Faced The Bronzed & The Beautiful Bronzing Powder

Teens usually love to looked tanned but as parents, its quite difficult allowing a teen to go to a tan spa and to get an artificial tan. So what’s the solution to this? Bronzing powder! Now the best part about this bronzing powder is that a lot of people have already tried it and they’re in love with it. It has an amazing brush and the top colors which are there are really good for you if you have light colored skin. The snow bunny color is going to give you this amazing glow and the leopard one, is for a more sun kissed complexion. If you have a darker complexion then sun bunny is the best color for you. The best part about this powder is that anyone with any complexion can use it! So, it makes a brilliant gift.

Price – $ 35

3. Essie Spring 6-Pack

Essie Spring 6-Pack

Which teen doesn’t love nail polish. In fact, it is in this time of their life that they experiment with different colors, colors which you think shouldn’t even exist! The Essie pack give you the 6 hottest colors which are available in the market now. So, give your teen something which is trendy this way there’s no way you can go wrong. Some of the colors might include, No Boundaries, Swept off my feet, Big spender, Lacy not racy, Tomboy no more and Forever young.

Price – $ 45

4. Smashbox “Wish for the Perfect Pout” 6-Piece Lip Gloss Collection

Smashbox Perfect Pout

This is probably the most popular lip gloss for teens out there. This set is literally like a wardrobe for lip glosses. This 6 gloss set has two full sized ones and 4 mini ones. And all of the shades are the best sellers of the brand. You have different shades like candid, luster, radiant, baby pout, ecstasy and divine. Buy this for your teen and she is going to simply love the gift!

Price – $ 29

5. Hana Mini Flat Iron

Hana Mini Flat Iron

You might wonder why you will buy this flat iron considering the other companies for flat irons. The answer is because of the compact size! Kept in the compact mode, this flat iron is simply 5 inches in size! Yes that’s right, 5 inches. So if you want to travel with this, you can do so with ease! Plus you can even extent it to use it more easily. When extended, it becomes 8 inches. This has high quality ceramic plates so if you want the salon type straight hair, then this is the best iron to use. You also get extras with this flat iron. This includes a silver pouch which looks just adorable. You also get a heat proof mat which can be folded out for storing it at home and a stylish case which is made of tin. For teens, this is probably a really cool gift. Not only does it look stylish, it also helps in getting the work done well. Although, this is a bit more expensive buy, this is actually quite a catch and your teen will love it, its a guarantee.

Price – $ 64

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