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5 old beauty secrets that still work

Old fashioned beauty secrets

‘Beauty is only skin deep’ is a common saying and it applies to the kind of beauty, women have nowadays. Two generations ago women never went through face lifts and Botox to get fantastic skin and hair. They used old remedies and methods which kept them looking beautiful and young. We have put together a list of most popular age old beauty secrets that actually work. Read on to apply them to your skin.

1. Lemon treatment for nails

Lemon treatment for nails

Lemon is considered the best cleanser and will help you soften your nails and cuticles of the nails. No harsh chemicals are required and no need to waste money on hefty rated manicures. Once a week, cut a lemon in half and insert your nails in the lemon. This will whiten the nail tips and give a shine to your nails.

2. Sleep with braided hair

Braid your hair

The best method to stop hair fall during the night is by braiding the hair before sleeping. Many women leave their hair open during the night and with constant twisting and turning hair tends to break. Stop this by using the age old method of braiding your hair at night. Stop that unnecessary hair fall.

3. Silk pillow cases

Silk Pillow Cases

This may sound like a luxury item but it has some beauty value as well. Silk does not absorb the skin moisture like cotton and hence your face will not turn dry in the morning. The skin moisture remains intact and hence keeping your beauty intact. Silk pillow cases also make you feel royal and you can have a great sleep which automatically brings beauty along with it.

4. Lessen wrinkles with face plasters

Face Plasters

In the olden days women would wear face strip plasters to flatten their skin. Women still use them but with other harmful chemical peels. Use a natural face plaster and this will not only flatten your skin but also reduce the wrinkles and fine lines. These work wonders and the effects last longer.

5. Beer for your hair.


Again beer sounds like a weird option but it has conditioning qualities which give a great shine to your hair and also it will add volume to the hair to make it look livelier. Beer does a lot of great work on the hair and will also keep it away from de-tangling and hence healthier. Use beer on your hair instead of some chemical conditioner and see the difference.

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