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5 Celebrity Endorsement Deals

In popular culture, the entertainers are often looked up to as the epitome of beauty. They are the popular faces on the covers of magazines, and often top lists of eligible bachelors, hottest bods, and most beautiful. Each of these stars have established their command and popularity over particular opinion-groups. What they have to say and do eventually influences the zeitgeist. And it is not uncommon to watch them take over the headlines, the trending topics on twitter, and become the moment’s hot topic. Therefore, it is only the smartest marketing strategy to tap into their fame. So, businesses that can afford the reputation of these stars, employ the public approval of their product by an appropriately chosen icon. These stars become brand ambassadors in return for a handsome package as the result of an endorsement deal. The businesses in turn, can use the celebrity’s support to cement their repute in an established domain, or break into newer market bases. It is a win-win situation for both parties, and the consumer revels in being able to use the products that their favourite stars claim to love.

Following are some of the recent celebrity endorsement deals that will give you a sneak peek into the brand, the strategy behind the deal, and the moolah that the celebrity rakes in.

1. Carrie Underwood and Olay Facial Cleansing

Carrie Underwood for Olay

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when one speaks of Carrie Underwood? Besides being the voice that belts out chart-topping country tunes, the former American Idol is a hot favourite on the red carpet. Her glamorous outfits are complimented by her youthful looks, that can be attributed to her flawless complexion, great skin tone, and a healthy, dewy glow. And she thanks Olay Facial Cleansers for bringing them out for her.

Mention Olay, and one remembers its successful combat against the seven signs of aging on the faces of our beloved middle-aged celebrities. Olay brings out an array of facial cleansing products- a staple for any young woman who wants to show off her fresh face. More affordable than high-end boutique brands, Carrie Underwood is helping Olay reach out to the 20-35 age-group with their pore-minimizing cleanser, facial cloths, and lathering cleanser. Though there is no public word on how much the country cutie cashed in on the endorsement, Carrie took the wheel for a sponsorship of her 2010-11 ‘Play On’ tour!

2. Nicole Kidman wears Chanel No. 5

Nicole Endorses Chanel No. 5

This has been a smooth, long-running relationship in the world of nifty celebrity endorsement deals. Beginning way back in 2003, when Nicole Kidman was still riding on the success of her stunning performance in ‘Moulin Rouge’, the tryst seems to have benefitted both sides! Nicole Kidman has forever been the symbol of patient grace and porcelain beauty. Be it her choice of wardrobe, or the way she handles the press and the paparazzi, she bears the mark of sophistication in her every career move. On the other hand, given Chanel’s representation of good taste, and fine living, the endorsement deal has raised the bars for the kind of characters and roles that Kidman has been offered to portray, and has paved the way for her to further mega stardom.

Chanel No.5 has the reputation of being the first perfume launched by Coco Chanel back in 1921. It has grown to earn the standing of being the world’s most famous perfume, and women all over the world, have come to preserve a jar of this wonderful-strong fragrance. But Chanel No. 5’s road to fame has been the result of a meticulously charted-out marketing plan. The carefully-crafted endorsement deal with Nicole Kidman that paid her a cool $12 million, was Chanel’s way of letting the world know that the goodness of it’s No.5 might be classic, but will never go out of modern-day fashion. And it has reigned forevermore.

3. Halle Berry as the face for Revlon

Halle Berry is the face of Revlon.

Halle Berry seems to have done it all! From winning an Academy Award, to strutting around in a sexy catsuit, the woman is seen as an effortless beauty. And more importantly so, by people from diverse cultures and races around the world. In 2007, when Halle Berry got on board to endorse the popular-priced makeup brand, it was not to further the brand’s luxury appeal. Rather, it was a bold way of Revlon’s announcement of a broader range of colours to choose from, for the coloured woman.

The ‘integration’ move showcases Revlon’s efforts in brand-building and adds flavour to, what was earlier, an elitist name in the beauty industry. In return, Berry bagged herself a multi-million dollar contract, and the encouragement to get back into shape after giving birth to baby Nahla.

4. Katy Perry for ProActiv

Katy Perry jumps on the bandwagon!

Katy Perry has just signed her way to the Teenage Dream of clear, blemish-free skin! When Proactiv picked up the ‘T.G.I.F.’ singer to appear in their online promotional material and direct-marketing Guthy Renker advertisements, marketing veterans smiled knowingly at the continuing success of the acne-fighting product line.

Proactiv has long been endorsed by some of the hottest celebrities, as they share stories of their private battles against acne and scarring. With Perry refusing to be polite, but proactive when fighting the ‘critters on her face’, she takes home a fancy $4-million dollar deal, and Proactiv continues to sell, thanks to its secret ingredient: Celebrity.

5. Eva Mendes lets her hair down for Pantene!

Eva Mendes lets down her hair for Pantene

Eva Mendes’ sex appeal rests heavily on her tousled, teased, easy-breezy updo. Her tresses have lots of body, and men can’t seem to resist the urge to run their finger through something that looks so effortlessly sexy. Hence, women want it. The secret behind her voluminous, healthy mane? Pantene’s ‘Breakage to Strength’ formula, of course!

In return for the multi-million dollar contract with Pantene, the confident bombshell is set to appear in Pantene’s print, TV and online Ads alongside Australian beauty, Naomi Watts in the brand’s new marketing campaign. After all, a goddess is recognized by her crowning glory.

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