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5 Easy fixes for overplucked eyebrows

Every woman tries her best to look more charming and beautiful especially when she has to attend some family function or evening party. Since eyebrows are the most important part of the face that enhances its overall beauty so more attention should be given while plucking the eyebrows. A slightest negligence can result in overplucked eyebrows which may look quite unappealing. The problems of overplucked eyebrows are generally faced by the woman’s who try plucking at home. Nothing could be worse than overplucked eyebrows especially when you have some plans for the evening. So, if you are worried about your overplucked eyebrows and facing the same kind of problem then stop bothering yourself. There are various simple and easy means for solving overplucked eyebrows that entirely depends upon your your natural eyebrow style and your personal makeup material. The simple solution to come over with this commonly occurring problem is to have some patience while you are finishing your touch up in order to make sure that your eyebrows look natural and attractive at the same time.

Fixes for overplucked eyebrows

Here, we present you five easy simple fixes for overplucked eyebrows.

1. See your eyebrows in an enlarge mirror in order to make out the part of your eyebrows which look missing or naked.

2. Take a white outlining makeup stick that can be simply used to sketch an outline of the eyebrows you want to have. These makeup stick will surely help you in giving a direction when you are using them for your eyebrows.

3. Gently, brush in the eyebrow color with loose eye makeup or powder or eye pencil. It is always advisable to test the color that you are looking forward to apply by spreading it on a tissue paper so that you can easily compare the color selected by you with the natural color of your eyebrows.

4. Start from the middle part of your eyebrow to spread the color calmly instead of having light or very dark spots at both the end of your eyebrows. Make sure to use smooth and light strokes to spread the color to your current eyebrows and simply try to fit the outline created by you.

5. Properly fill the color in the portion that is looking bare and check out in the mirror about your improvement at regular intervals during filling your eyebrows in. Evaluate both the eyebrows with each other to check they are equally colored in.

The above mention practically possible techniques will definitely going help you in dealing with the problem of overplucked eyebrows as there is magical trick that is invented to fix overplucked eyebrow issues. Even though there are some newly invented formulas are available in the market that allow quick growing of the eyebrows but those formulas are costly and moreover does not give any guaranty of its successfully working. In order to fix overplucked eyebrows issue, the above given tips will surely going to meet your expectations and will help you cover up your unplugged eyebrows.

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