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5 Herbs to treat dry skin


Already have a dry skin? Do not damage your skin more with the chemically laden products. Treat your skin with naturally and overcome the recurrence of dry skin problems. Herbal remedies can help cure the dry skin conditions and leave behind a glowing and radiant skin. Here are a few herbs that can help you treat dry skin.

1. Aloe vera

This herb is nature’s best gift to humanity with amazing cooling and healing properties. It is the best natural moisturizer and has rich cooling properties. It treats dry skin by adding moisture and keeps the skin hydrated. Aloe vera replenishes the skin from inside, removes the dead cells, stimulates growth of new cells and heals the dryness. It is also great in healing the wounds and treating the aging signs with no traces. On the whole, aloe vera gel facilitates for a glowing, healthy, replenished and moistened skin free from blemishes.

2. Calendula

It is one of the most ancient herbs used for centuries. Calendula contains soothing elements to remove the dryness of skin and anti bacterial properties to fight against certain pathogens causing dryness of skin. It treats burns, cuts, wounds, rashes, crack, etc., of the dry skin and soothes the skin by reducing dryness. Due to its medicinal value, calendula is used in many modern medicines. It is also used to treat dry skin in children as it contains excellent soothing properties.

3. Chamomile

The oldest and delicate herb, chamomile is a member of the daisy flower family. It has been used by Egyptians as the beautiful flower to adorn the women and an excellent healer to treat the skin blemishes. Chamomile is being used to rejuvenate the skin. A rejuvenated skin tends to be fresh, younger and hydrated skin, which simultaneously treat the dryness of skin by enhancing the moisture content. It can be used by mixing the dried chamomile in tea. In addition to treating the skin dryness and rejuvenating the skin, it helps in soothing and relaxing, leading towards good sleep. It is also proven to treat indigestion.

4. Dandelion

Dandelion is very effective, if you are trying to treat uneven skin texture, pores and cracks on skin, wrinkles, blemishes of skin, etc., caused due to dry skin. It is one of the most effective herbs used in treating the blotchy, extremely dried and discolored skin. It deeply penetrates into the skin and removes the toxins, leading towards regeneration of fresh skin cells. Dandelion also improves the skin texture and even skin tone by treating all blemishes.

5. Mint

Mint is a nourishing herb with excellent cooling properties that brings magic on the skin. It is a natural pain killer and treats the irritation and itchiness of dry skin. Tired and dull skin with early aging signs can be replenished into a fresh and plump skin by mint. It promotes skin complexion and overall skin health by removing the impurities.

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