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5 Makeup looks for your eyes

Eyes makeup

Eye brows enhance the expressions of an individual’s face, so edging your eyes with a classy look is must. Eye make-up is somewhat tricky to master. The eye makeup should compliment your hair color and your skin tone. Enlisted here are 5 makeup looks that lend gorgeous look.

1. Prepare your eyes with concealer

To cover your eyes from dark circles you just need to use concealer which will cover all the under eye dark circles. Begin with the darkest portion of your eye that is the inner corner, then applying it under the pupil and move towards the outer edge. For keeping your eye shadow in place for longer duration you need to apply an eye base.

2. Proper eye lining

Sharpened eye pencil must be used to draw a lean line around the eye lashes to make them appear thicker. Avoid lining at the bottom in case you have the dark shadows under your eyes. Eye shadows with darker shades look great as eyeliners. You just need to get your slanted brush wet and dipped in a dark eye shadow. Lean eyes as near to the upper eye lash as likely from the corners both the inner and the outer one. Go along with liner on the bottom of your eyes, only from the middle of the eye. Blotch the bottom eye line with your finger or a Q-tip. In case you need a Smokey eye you don’t need to apply a prominent eye liner, just use a brush to stroke in a dark eye shadow along your eye lids both the upper and the lower. You need to blend in your eye make-up and smudge it perfectly well.

3. Apply eye shadow

Using a three-toned eye shadow and then covering it from your eye lids to brow is great. Let your three-toned eye shadow blend into the other just like a rainbow is flawless. Begin with a light tone color that tone up your lid. Stroke the eye shadow color across your lid and then blend it up to your brow bone. Continue with a medium color through your eye lids only. Build it further with a dark tone color in the corner or the crease. Blend each color well so that it looks graceful. Do not forget to highlight your eye brows by dabbing in the light eye shadow color on your brow bone, attentively on your mid brow angled towards the edges. For more perfection blend the eye shadow colors with your finger or use a brush so that the colors are blended in an appropriate proportion. You can also brighten up your eyes with a highlighter which includes the minor part of an eye that is the inside part. Applying in the lightest color tone of an eye shadow in the inner most edge or the corner of your eyes will enhance your eyes substantially. This brings about a pop in your eyes and makes it a distinguishing features altogether.

4. Curl your eyelashes

Do not forget to curl your eyelashes because it gives a graceful look to our eyes. Curl your lashes only after you have done with your eye shadow. The curlers are clean and dry should be checked before.

5. Apply mascara

Though last but a very important step is to apply mascara to your eye lashes for more clear definition and color, it is not done so that your lashes should look longer. But to give your eyes a perfect and an alluring look it is must. Mascara should always be applied after brushing up some oil-free foundation powder over your eye lashes so that the mascara that you have applied stays much longer. For thicker look apply the second coat over it but let the first coat applied by you dry up. Using of water proof mascara everyday must be avoided because it is very difficult to remove and it also takes out the eye lashes.

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