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5 makeup tips for girls with glasses

Girls who wear glasses have always found putting on makeup very laborious simply because the frame often overpowers their face and they end up looking either overdone or underdone. But there are a few simple tips that can help you rock the glasses while sporting a flawlessly made and fashionable face.


[box_dark]1. Play up the lips[/box_dark]

A good way to balance out your face when you’re wearing glasses that have a dominating frame is to play up your lips. Most girls with glasses find it hard to do their eyes without the glasses on anyway and their eyes tend to stay a little hidden out of view which is what makes bold lips a great way to grab attention.

[box_dark]2. Cat eyes are a classic[/box_dark]

The classic eye makeup for girls with glasses is cat eyes. Since the glasses slightly blur out the detail of eye makeup, something as prominent as a cat eye is needed to make your eyes pop.

[box_dark]3. Match you eyeshadow with your frame[/box_dark]

Girls who disregard the color of their frame when applying eye makeup often end up looking like a mess. A foolproof way to get glamorous eye makeup right when you wear glasses is to simply match your eyeshadow to the frame of your glasses or vice versa.

[box_dark]4. Nude eyes with plump lips[/box_dark]

If you want to go the nude route without looking makeup-less, just pair minimally done or nude eyes with a hint of mascara with a lip plumping, slightly tinted lip balm.

[box_dark]5. Skip the blush[/box_dark]

When you are wearing glasses, blushes and cheek tints are a big no-no for you. Since the area covered with the blush or tint is going to be half covered or bordered by a frame, it will make your face look cluttered and busy.

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