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5 Tips to perfect eyelashes


Eyes can be the most attractive feature of a woman. Perfection of eyes come with perfect eyelashes and every woman wants those perfect eyelashes. The art of having the perfect eyelashes lies partially in your daily care habits and partially in the apt use of the various eye make-up products. Thus, if you avoid to care for your eyes and use the eye make up every day, then there are chances that your eyelashes might become weak due to lack of nourishment and proper care. Eyes are very delicate and hence they should not be avoided when it comes to taking care. Even if you have returned from a party and have barely any energy left to clean the make up off, just manage somehow to clean your eyes and then sleep.

The over night make-up is a lot harmful than wearing the make-up every day. The eyelashes not only become weak when coated in mascara 24 hours and more but also become brittle and stiff. Thus to enjoy eye make-up every day and to have those perfect eyelashes, ensure to know some tips to take care of eyes. Some of the tips include proper removal of make up, using oils to nourish eyes and choosing herbal make-up products for your eyes that have less chemical. Here are five simple tips to help you get perfect eyelashes.

1. A daily eye care routine

Formulate a daily eye care routine. This includes washing your face about three times in a day. And dipping your eyes in a bowl of water to let them release the heat absorbed throughout the day. Also, remember to take off every little bit of make-up from from your eyes before you hug your bed for the day.

It’s very important to take off all the minutest of the eye make up else it would accumulate in your eyes and every day it would get added more. This can also cause the infection in your eyes as bacterias find the corners of the eyes a perfect place to dwell in. Thus keep your eyes clean. Use an eye make-up remover or else use a good cream to wipe off the make-up.

2. Nourish the roots of eyelashes with castor oil

As it is important to nourish any part of the body, same goes with the eyes. But since the eyes are very delicate part of your face, you must take care of it in special ways. For those of you who would dream of having long and strong eyelashes should try applying castor oil on the roots of the eyelashes before going to bed.

Though other types of oil like almond and olive oil are also good options, yet castor oil is specially good for the growth of eyelashes. Also when castor oil is applied near the eyes, it tend to softens the wrinkles and hence it’s very good for eyes and must be used to nourish the eyelashes and make the wrinkles near the eyes disappear gradually.

3. Choose the right kind of mascara for your eyes

Choose the right kind of mascara for your eyelashes. Truly there are hordes of mascara varieties available these days and one can get totally confused. The varieties available in mascara are; transparent mascara, waterproof mascara, thickening mascara, straight and narrow mascara, the illumination mascara, the shape lifter mascara, and non-clumping mascara etc.

Thus if you have small eyelashes, choose a mascara that has a straight brush so it can easily reach your inner eyelids and eyelashes. Similarly, a curved brush mascara which gives a 70 percent lift to your eyelashes should be bought if you want more curl in your eyelashes. If you want clear and separate lashes and avoid any clumps then you can buy a comb brush mascara that is available in both straight and curve brushes. The mascara with big brushes are apt for those having bigger eyelashes. The big brush mascara provides added thickness to the eyelashes. Though it could take a little practice to use the big brush as clumps could get formed when you first use it, but with time you could easily master the art of using the big brush mascara for adding thickness to the eyelashes.

4. Applying mascara and using the lash curler

Once you have carefully chosen the right kind of mascara for yourself, the fourth step to have those perfect eyelashes is to keep in mind the prerequisites of applying a mascara. The instant length and volume that a mascara gives to your eyes defines the shapes of your eyes even better. But to continue enjoying this perfect look, you should firstly apply a bit of powder or Vaseline on your eyelashes, since the mascara will stay better on a powered or well moisturized eyes. Also it would be easy to remove the mascara if you have previously applied something on to your eyelashes.

The second important thing that should be kept in mind is that if you are aiming to use a lash curler to add that extra curl to your eyelashes, then try to heat the lash curler a bit and make it warm before you use it. This helps add curl very precisely and it stays for a longer time.

5. Change your mascara every 3 months

The fifth most important and not to be missed step to have healthy eyelashes is to keep changing your eye make-up products every three months. It also depends on how often you use them and you can change them in 6 months as well, if you use them occasionally. But do not take any chances with your eyes. It’s been a well researched fact that bacteria and fungi tend to grow on overused eye make-up products. Also, do not share your eye make-up products with any one else too often to avoid eye infection.

Eye infections are very common due to sharing your personal eye make-up products with colleagues or friends. Please take care of that as it can be very harmful as bacteria and fungi often get transferred from one person to another by accumulating in these products like eye-shadow brushes and mascara, etc.

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