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6 Must-know beauty tips

Beauty tips

To look beautiful at all times, it is essential to adopt a proper beauty regime. Adopting a beauty regime would ensure proper care for your skin. Arm yourself with some essential beauty tips to ensure a glowing and healthy skin. Here we have listed a few must know beauty tips to help you get started.

1. Right Foundation

The right shade of foundation and concealers will give you a porcelain like complexion. So choose the correct shade to complement your skin tone and curb the temptation of going for a light shade to look fairer. It will make you look ashy and highlight all your lines and wrinkles.

Cover your skin imperfections with concealers. Go for a yellow-based concealer in a shade lighter than your foundation to cover the under eye darkness. However, to cover up blemishes and spots elsewhere on the face, use a concealer in the same shade as your skin. And before buying, always try the shade at the store on your face or at least at the jawline and not on your hand as the skin tone of our face and hand often vary.

Always use a moisturizer to hydrate the skin before applying foundation. This will enable you to apply make-up easily and get a better result. Also use a brush or sponge to get an even texture. And remember that you should gently tap the concealer into your skin by your fingertips and not swipe it.

2. Fragrance

Perfumes make an instant impression. Even before you enter a room or long after you have passed the corridor, the lingering scent will create an aura about you which will be your signature style. But, if you smell awful, all your carefully done make-up and dressing will not be able to salvage your image.

Take a bath regularly preferably with a mild fragrant soap or body wash and wear clean clothes. Use a perfumed body oil or lotion, followed by a eau-de-cologne or perfume — preferably all of the same brand to build up your fragrance in layers and apply perfume on pulse points. Invest well and choose correctly; if you smell great, you will surely feel more confident while others will perceive you to be mysterious.

3. Light Make-up

Wear light make-up to get a fresh and natural look. A heavily made up face will make you look much older and also distort your features. If you have a glowing skin, just use a moisturizer, light blush-on or bronzer on the apple of your cheeks, apply mascara on the lashes and a light lipstick or lip gloss on your lips. If you have a matured and dull skin, lightly cover it with foundation to avoid getting a caked-up look.

4. Apply Sunscreen

Do not underestimate the power of sunscreen when you are going out. Even if it is cloudy, get the protective shield of SPF to check the ill-effect of the harmful UV rays on your skin. Using a sunscreen, moisturizer or foundation with high SPF early will ensure a blemish-free skin even at a matured age.

5. Hair Conditioner

A dull and frizzy hair will make you look untidy. Regular hair care is essential for a healthy and shiny hair. Condition your hair properly and keep your scalp clean and free of dandruff. To get a smooth and soft hair, it is also necessary to oil your hair from time to time before shampooing. You may occasionally go for salon-treatments or apply home-made hair packs.

6. Neck Care

When caring for your skin, do not forget the neck area which is visible to others. The skin here is delicate and veins and fine lines get noticed very easily. So while applying moisturizer, night cream or sunscreen, be generous but gentle to your neck. In addition to these, follow a healthy food habit, exercise regime and keep the body hydrated by drinking at least eight glasses of water each day. Once you have mastered the tricks, go out and put your best face forward with confidence.

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