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7 beauty tips every teen should know

It does seem a little weird when you keep getting unsolicited advice from elders on how to maintain your looks. However, the truth is that some of the advice is actually worth taking, particularly when it comes to your beauty. Here are 7 awesome beauty tips that will help you look like a million bucks always:


[box_dark]1. Don’t use foundation[/box_dark]

Adding on layers of foundation is passe, besides, it is meant for women over 35. A teenager who looks natural looks beautiful. If you do have blemishes on your face, then cover it up with a good quality concealer and follow it up with a tinted moisturizer, which isn’t as dramatic as foundation.

[box_dark]2. Never rub the concealer in[/box_dark]

Whenever you need to apply concealer, make sure that you put a bit of it on a make-up pad and pat it in lightly. Never rub it.

[box_dark]3. Heavy makeup should be concentrated in one place[/box_dark]

If you plan to wear heavy and dramatic eye makeup, then go with lighter or nude lips. On the contrary, if you want to play up your lips, then go for lighter eye shadow and plain mascara. Never exaggerate in all areas, else you might end up looking like a clown.

[box_dark]4. The lesser the makeup the better it is[/box_dark]

Teenagers look amazing even without any make-up at all. No matter what you age, excessive make-up always looks bad. Wear light makeup with a nude lip gloss, mascara and a concealer, rather than overdoing it.

[box_dark]5. Do not dye your hair – go natura[/box_dark]l

Natural hair always looks good. If you have really dark colored hair and want to lighten it up a bit, then go in for blonde or lighter highlights. Teenagers who dye their hair very light can look very tacky.

[box_dark]6. Always keep a Vaseline tube in your purse[/box_dark]

Vaseline is a teen’s best friend. It has so many uses – it is great for removing eye make-up and fixing up lips.

[box_dark]7. Confused with a hairstyle-layering is the way to go[/box_dark]


Long layers are good for any hair texture – whether straight, curly or wavy. It can add volume to your hair and make it more manageable. Always go in for long layers as short layers are passe.

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