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7 Tips to avoid cracked winter skin on hands

Cracked winter skin on hand

A season of chilling winds, cozy blankets and warm cups of tea and coffee characterizes the winter season. But, at the same time, it is a season of cracked hands and feet and itchy dry skin to add to the woes. However, a bit of care can keep your hands soft and shiny. While enjoying the chilly wind on your face, just be careful about a few points mentioned below so as to safeguard your skin again those unwanted, dreadful enemies of your skin.

1. Avoid hot water

Always remember to use lukewarm water on your skin instead of hot water, as hot water damages your skin immensely. Lukewarm water, on the other hand, helps to open the pores and remove dirt from them, thus leaving them clean.

2. Use fragrance free moisturizers

Avoid the use of fragrant winter care products as they contain harmful chemicals, which instead of improving, worsens the skin. Hence, use non fragrant products, as they will help soften the skin instead of making it harsh.

3. Avoid using towels

Use of towels should be avoided, as they make the hands rough, by damaging the superficial soft skin. One should always dry the hands and feet in air instead of wiping with towels.

4. Use gloves and socks

To avoid the chilly wind from drying the skin, make sure you never step out of the house without wearing the right gear like the requisite gloves or socks covering your hands and feet. Also, try to apply petroleum jelly on your feet each night and wear a pair of socks through the night so that the feet gets all the good ingredients absorbed into it.

5. Avoid direct contact of skin with harsh detergents

Detergents contain harsh chemicals and thus, contact with them while washing clothes, leaves your skin rough. Therefore, during winters one should wear rubber gloves and then wash clothes so that direct contact can be avoided.

6. Use natural oils

One should apply lots of natural oils like coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, etc., which help heal dryness of skin. These oils are essentially natural and so are much more effective than synthetic creams.

7. Eat loads of fruits and drink lots of water

One should consume loads of fruits, vegetables and water during winter, as they help in nourishing the skin with the required nutrients like vitamin C.

Therefore, by nurturing your skin with a whole lot of natural ingredients and by pampering it with the right care, all the ill effects of winters can easily be kept at bay and one can enjoy the winter chill without much tension of patchy hands or bleeding cracked heels.

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