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8 Beauty Hacks You Must Know About

A day at the spa sounds like the perfect way to pamper yourself during the holidays. It is indeed soothing when there are people catering to the needs of your skin, healing it and removing the general wear and tear. Pampering yourself with masks, exfoliations, fragrant oils, and extractions at a spa has its charms. However, the beauty treatment comes with a huge price tag. If you have worked hard throughout the year and still can’t afford to go to a high-end spa, have no worries. Here’s how you can get some next level spa treatment with natural products at your home:

  1. Steam

Facial massage in spa.

Steam is an essential part of any beauty treatment. Daily exposure to dirt and grime means that these harmful particles are trapped inside your pores. Steam opens up these pores and removes all these particles clogging them. This treatment cleanses your skin and kills the bacteria that might cause blemishes. Therefore, steam reduces the chances of white and black heads development.

  1. Micellar Water

Experts working at a spa use various techniques to remove every type of particles including grime, dirt, and makeup from your skin. However, it can also be easily done at home by using micellar water. Micellar water is cleansing water that works by attracting and lifting oil, makeup, and dirt away from the skin.

  1. Cleansing Milk

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After you have used micellar water to remove all residual particles from your skin, use good cleansing milk. This will not only hydrate your skin but also clean your pores deeply.

  1. Brown Sugar Scrub

Do you know the base of all the amazing scrubs available at the spa? It is brown sugar, which is sweet, gentle, and excellent for exfoliating purpose. Using brown sugar and honey, you can make an excellent body scrub at home.

  1. Coffee Grinds Body Scrub

Instead of settling for a splotchy bronze only exfoliator, make your own exfoliator at home by adding a few coffee grinds in your regular body wash. Not only is it a natural product devoid of any harmful chemicals, but it will also provide a glow to your skin.

  1. Masks


For proper hydration of your skin, masks are essential. While the spas offer various options depending on your skin type, you can also recreate them at home. For example, people with dry skin can go for an Avocado and honey mask. There are other options as well including oatmeal masks, strawberry lemon mask, and Mocha mask.

  1. Time Your Masks

While applying natural masks is great for replenishing your skin, leaving it for too long may not be a very good idea. When masks start drying,they start removing essential oils from the skin a swell. Therefore, spas deal with this problem by timing each step of their beauty treatment. You can do the same by using a timer on either your phone or an alarm clock.

  1. Refreshing Toners

One major part of any spa treatment is application of oils and toners at the end. The purpose of these tones is to target dark spots and polishing the skin, however, you can prepare your own toner at your home as well. Using green tea extracts to make a toner is a great option as well.

You can enjoy an amazing spa treatment right at your home using natural ingredients as mentioned above or you can also buy Oleum vera Home Spa kit for that purpose.

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