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8 Ways to control oily hair problem

Oily hair problem Oily hair is a condition when your hair become too greasy and sticky in appearance. This condition appears sometimes because of the inherent factors, and sometimes as a result of over creation of sebum in the scalp. Follow some easy to care instructions from our list of hair care and you can surely feel the difference in your oily hair:

1. Time the wash

Many people don’t know that frequent hair wash can also cause an increase in the oily hair condition. The reason is that hair gradually lacks the natural oils due to over wash. This sometimes becomes the reason of oily hair. To avoid this situation to some extent, try and limit your hair wash in a week and don’t wash your hair every time you get out of your place.

2. Products selection

While you select a hair product for your oily hair, you must choose them wisely. A good selection can help you regain that shine in your hair. Oily hair needs that little extra care and for that you must choose a shampoo and conditioner which can nourish your hair properly and can help you recover from your oily hair zone. Don’t pick any shampoo and conditioner that an extra moist ability because that can result in a more sticky appearance.

3. Apply dry shampoo


People with oily hair problem can turn to a dry shampoo; which can be the best solution for your hair because it can limit the amount of oil present in your scalp and can also help take out that additional moisture around your scalp. It can also help your hair look lighter and less oily.

4. Limit the style products

Try and limit the variety of style products on your hair if they are oily by nature. Limit the quantity of gels, hair sprays etc on your hair, it can cause them to appear oilier and thus can result in a bad appearance outside.

5. Limit brushing

Hair brushing

You can limit the times you brush your hair. Excessive brushing can lead to an oilier look. Usage of brush in excess, can actually kindle the production of oil in your hair and in case of oily hair, it can prove to be one of the negative aspect. Try and limit continuous usage of hair brush to avoid intensify oily hair problem.

6. Cleanse them often

Cleanse your hair on a weekly basis. Hair cleansing is one of the most effective solutions for people with oily hair problem. Cleansing removes the extra dirt in your hair and eliminates the possibility of extra moisture around the hair; it can make them look revitalized and rejuvenated. You can opt for a good hair cleanser serum from market or can try citrus fruit juice on them. It can work wonders for your hair.

7. Strategize the hair wash

Hair wash

A proper hair wash can help regain that lost shine to your hair. You should always plan before you go to wash your hair. A planned hair wash can eliminate the amount of hair strands and can make your hair look beautiful. Try and focus more on the roots, when you wash them and concentrate on the tips when you condition them. This can result in a smooth and shiny appearance of your hair.

8. Opt for a perfect cut

Hair cut

Even if you love long hair and don’t want to cut them off short, try and give yourself a trendy hairstyle which can suit your personality as well as can cater to your hair problem easily. Because, many a times long hair face the problem of rough ends. It happens due to lack of nutrition and care. It can also damage your hair to some bigger extents; so to avoid that, opt for a suitable cut for your hair.

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