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9 Tips to fake beautiful hair

Beautiful hair

Not everyone is lucky enough to have healthy hair. Many reasons can contribute to unhealthy hair. While it is difficult to treat hair problems in a short period of time, there are ways by which you can fake healthy and beautiful looking hair. Here are a few tips to fake beautiful and healthy hair.

1. Deep conditioning

For hair that is dry and brittle, deep conditioning can make a whole lot of difference. Deep conditioning will help the hair to remain soft, smooth and well nourished. This will also restore the lost moisture of the hair and revitalize it so that it remains free from split ends and look beautiful and shiny with less frayed ends. Deep conditioning can be done once every week or more if you have very dry hair.

2. Blow dry creams

If your hair is prone to becoming frizzy very fast and lacks smoothness and is damaged, using a blow dry crème helps a lot. They are filled with vital nutrients required for the hair and also help the hair dry faster without becoming frizzy and also help in keeping them straight, smooth and entirely beautiful. Blow dry creams also help prevent breaking of hair while brushing as it helps the blush to glide smoothly through the hair.

3. Right brush

Getting hold of the right brush will help in perfecting the moves of a blow drying session. For thin hair, blowing out with a blow dryer will help in creating a look of volume. The right brush will help in creating the right volumes and curls for your hair.

4. Hair dryer

A good hair dryer is also important for achieving a healthy, soft and smooth glow to your hair. Good dryers help the hair to remain softer, shinier and smoother with fast results when it comes to drying as well.

5. Heat protection

Many procedures like hair straightening, perming, curling, crimping etc. expose the hair to high degree of heat that can cause the hair to become dry and kill them. To prevent heat damage to the hair, a good heat protector can be used. This will help in sealing the moisture and cuticle and help in giving a shiny and healthy appearance to the hair. Heat protection must be used whenever your hair is subjected to any kind of heat treatment.

6. Curls

For hair that looks very thin and has split ends and other problems, adding a few curls to the hair will help in camouflaging many of these issues. Curls will add the illusion of volume to the hair and style your hair to perfection so that they do not look dull and lifeless as before. Curls add a certain shine, hide frayed and split ends and make your hair look shiny and healthy as well.

7. Hair extensions

The best way to do a quick job of creating a healthy looking hair is to add hair extensions to your hair. Hair extensions can add volume, thickness and length to your hair in an instant. There are permanent as well as temporary clip in extensions and you can choose as to which one you want to use.

8. Hair sprays

For frizzy and dull looking hair, the right hair spray can do wonders. If your hair is thin, frayed and frizzy, add some curls at the end and seal the curls with a good hair spray. There are some hair sprays that can make your hair look very dull and lifeless. So make sure that you have the right spray, which adds shine to your hair and keep it in place.

9. Limit washing and treatments

When you have thin and dull looking hair that is also prone to hair fall, it is best to avoid any kind of treatments on the hair like straightening, perming, coloring, etc., which will expose your hair to heat and chemicals and also lead to more hair loss.

Overwashing your hair must be limited as well as it can lead to dry hair and split ends. While washing your hair, make sure that you use a good oil like virgin coconut oil or amla oil for massaging your hair for 20 minutes before washing.

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