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A to Z of beauty treatments

A to Z Beauty Treatments

Right from removing those unwanted hair to modifying the entire look through uniquely designed mediums, today’s beauty salons and spas have it all. Whether you are running short of time to get a quick makeover for some special occasion, seeking some professional guidance for a gorgeous, smooth skin or just wanting to pamper yourself, the extensive range of treatments that are available at fingertips help you do almost everything. Here, we are listing down a quick yet comprehensive glimpse over A to Z beauty treatments that only to give you a new you, but also contribute towards building your self-esteem. Take a look!

A – Aroma therapy

Using essential oils as an integral part of healing massage, Aroma therapy has been known for effectively treating diversified emotional and physical problems. The process of having a gentle massage can seamlessly uplift, soothe, stimulate, energize and relax an individual. It can also be used to pacify scar tissue, skin disorders, coughs and colds, fatigue, digestive problems, burns, anxiety, stress, insomnia, depression and pain.

B – Botox

The muscle relaxant treatment termed as ‘Botox’ has been devised to target forehead lines, frown lines, excessive sweating and crow’s feet. Known as a successful and safe treatment for over 15 years, Botulinum Toxin helps soften neck wrinkles and lessen facial lines and marionette.

C – Chemical peel

Chemical peel, revered as an effective, painless exfoliation process, amazingly takes off a micro-thin top layer of skin. The treatment significantly enhances skin texture, color and tone, increases moisture content and diminishes fine lines. It can also result into lessened or completely diminished acne and lighted hyper-pigmented areas.

D – Dermal Fillers

Since factors such as gravity, sun damage, age, worry and other environmental facets tend to affect the skin tremendously, Dermal Fillers prances to rescue to proffer a more relaxed and youthful appearance. The treatment can be used to fill out lines and wrinkles around the forehead, eyes, mouth and nose.

E – Eastern Facial massage

The unique fusion of complementary techniques comprises a deeply relaxing scalp, neck and facial massage. Eastern Facial Massage can also be used to aid removal of dead skin cells, stimulate cellular activity, trim down wrinkles and expression lines, promote blood circulation and leverage saggy or puffy skin.

F – Facials

One of the most famous skincare treatments, Facial rejuvenates through deep cleansing, toning and moisturizing of skin followed by a soothing facial massage. The manual facial treatment caters to all skin types – be it dry, oily, combination, mature or sensitive.

G – Glycolic Peels

This beauty treatment helps accelerate new cell growth of the skin. Designed to provide a more concentrated effect, Glycolic Peels also lessen fine lines.

H – Hair treatments

For people seeking help for their hair, beauty salons and spas offer various services including hair cutting, hair removal (Aculight IPL), hair removal ( bleaching and Brazilian waxing) and hair healing. It also includes hair removal trhough Electrolysis, general hair removal, and hair removal through Sugaring, Threading, and Waxing.

I – Isologen process

Isologen process emerges to be a highly effective, revolutionary facial rejuvenation treatment. The safe and natural solution helps fight against the effects of ageing and smoothes wrinkles and folds. It has also been used to imbue new strength and elasticity in the skin.

J – Japanese facial massage

Blending traditional East Asian medical concepts with effectual massage techniques, Japanese facial massage stimulates facial nerves and helps remove toxins, impurities and dead skin cells. The method also minimizes the aging process while improving blood circulation and the overall skin appearance.

K – Kinesio Taping

Touted to be the most advanced therapeutic taping, the treatment offers great stability and support to an individual’s muscles and joints without affecting range of motion and circulation. Based on the natural healing process, Kinesio Taping can also be used to reduce pain and inflammation.

L – Laser treatment

Laser treatment is another effective beauty treatment that is executed for skin rejuvenation, resurfacing and thread veins. Besides enhancing the skin texture, the method can be used to diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

M – Manicures

The cosmetic beauty treatment ‘Manicure’ beautifies the natural nails and hands by filing, shaping of the free edge, massaging and application of polish.

N – Nail extensions

For people who have trouble maintaining long nails or have brittle nails, Nail extensions might be of great assistance. The artificial nails are placed on top of the natural nail – providing a natural feel and length of a long nail.

O – Oxygen therapy

Oxygen therapy is a vital treatment aimed at rendering extra oxygen for the entire body to function properly.

P – Pedicures

Like Manicure, a pedicure assists in improving the overall appearance of the feet and nails. The superficial treatment can also keep nail diseases and nail disorders at bay.

Q – Qi Gong

This stimulating process not only helps one relax thoroughly, but also enables body organs to soothe and detox.

R – Restylane

Restylane topples as an incredible beauty treatment with the potent capability to add volume and fullness to the skin. The process corrects from moderate to severe folds and facial wrinkles.

S – Skin analysis

The inclusive Skin Analysis session renders a detailed insight into the skin’s condition and areas where it needs immediate improvement or help.

T – Teeth whitening

Also known as Dental Bleaching, Teeth Whitening helps whiten teeth that have become darker over the time. The process cleanses and polishes the teeth to endow a brighter appearance.

U – Ultra sonic

The intense Ultra sonic has been devised to speed up the healing process and effectively zoom on tissues that have been traumatized from illness, injury or accident.

V – Vega testing

Vega testing obtains information about the stress factors and conditions which are not observable in normal medical testing. The method helps shed light upon unexplainable conditions, chronic illness, vague symptoms or failure to respond to treatment.

W – Waxing

One of the most commonly used beauty treatment ‘Waxing’ has been used over decades to remove strong hair growth. The hot wax treatment helps take strong hair out while cool wax treatment is intended for clients with sensitive skin.

X – X-ray Depilatory

X-ray Depilatory comes as another effectual hair removal method where the process utilizes shaving powders or creams that chemically dissolve unwanted hair.

Y – Yag laser

Although this particular treatment incorporates several problem cures, Yag Laser however can also be used to treat onychomycosis – a fungus infection of the toenail.

Z – Zero balance

Impressively effective in treating an extensive range of ailments, Zero Balancing helps combat chronic headaches, stress, anxiety, and neck and back pain. The treatment touts to significantly enhance physical, mental and spiritual health.

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