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Everything you need to know about black skin beauty regime

Black skin beauty regime

Although most of the women consider that those with brown and black skin are not as beautiful as those with light skin, but the reality is that dusky complexion looks rich and sexy. In this regard, it is also essential to know that in absence of proper techniques and tips, makeup on dark skin can look flat. Dark skin is also prone to irritation much quickly. This can make the skin become discolored and develop scars. Expose to direct sunlight can also make the skin tone uneven. So, an advice to dark skinned women is to follow the right beauty regime to enhance the richness of their complexion.

Why do we need a distinguished beauty routine for black skin?

Makeup and beauty regime of a dark skinned woman is always different from that of a fair skinned lady. Dark skin responds more to weather changes. Hence, fluctuation of the percentage of humidity tends to make the skin oilier and become flaky. Dark skin is prone to look ashy and dull when temperature drops. So, regular moisturizing and hydration is extremely essential. Dark skin is more sensitive as compared to light skin. This might exempt the use of any cosmetic products, chemical peels and exfoliation without proper knowledge. Sun damage and discoloration of skin is common in dark skin too, when exposed to direct sun. This can further lead to wrinkles, premature aging and skin cancer.

The recommended beauty regime

a. Cleaning

It is recommended that dark skin must be cleaned regularly. Those who have dry skin can go for once a day cleansing regime while three times a day is for oily skin and at least twice a day for normal skin. Avoid cleansers that contain abrasive substances or harsh chemicals.

b. Moisturizing

Dark skin is less prone to acne, pimples and blackheads. So, moisturization for dark skin must be such that it hydrates the skin but does not make it greasy and clog the pores. Use water based, light makeup. In case you have dry skin you can go for moisturizers that contain natural ingredients like shea butter, aloe vera, soy protein, cocoa butter etc.

c. Toning

Toning is as essential for dark skin as it is for light skin. So, after every cleansing, toning is a must. It balances the natural oil of the skin and preserves its PH level. So, you have choose a toner according to your skin tone The product must be of a good cosmetic brand or contain natural ingredients like rose water, orange water, etc.

d. Hair care

Dark skinned women have a range of hair types. But the worst part of it is that it is delicate and fragile. So, choose a mild shampoo and wash it gently with the tips of your fingers. Rinse your hair daily to prevent salt and sweat deposition. Shampoo and condition your hair regularly. You can use a live-in conditioner too if it is dry or damaged. Go for once a month hot oil treatment.

e. Hairstyles

Since Afro-Asian hair type is varied, so hairstyles are also quite a lot too. Women, who have natural curls, dead straight hair or wavy hair, can keep their hair length open. Those with straight hair can go for side bangs, front bangs or fringes while wavy hair can opt for side longs. In case of curly hair, back brushed hair looks best. Straight and wavy hairs also look good in buns of different styles while women with curly hair can make a pony tail occasionally.

f. Makeup

Makeup tips for dark skin need specific consideration. Have a look at these:

i. Eye makeup

Your skin tone allows you to experiment with different dark shades. Thus, go for eye highlighters that have colors like brown, copper, prune, burgundy, etc. For evening parties you can also use metallic colors. It is better to avoid using eyeliners as that might make your look a bit harder or even mar your natural look if not applied properly. Use transparent mascara.

ii. Lip makeup

Never go for lipsticks that are too light lighter in shade if you have dark lips. Those dark skinned women who have lighter natural lip tones can use colors like soft pink, beige etc. Avoid using lip colors with frost finish. You are open for dark colors like berry, burgundy, plum, maroon, purple brown etc.

Black beauty essentials

a. Black Opal products

It is a range of blemish reducing and oil controlling products for all skin types.

Price: $ 5-15

b. Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer

It is light weight moisturizer with mild sunscreen which is also effective against acne.

Price: $12

c. Seabreeze Moisturizer

The blend of natural sea minerals and Vitamin E make skin hydrated but control oiliness too.

Price: $6

d. Neutrogena Healthy Defense

A daily moisturizer suitable for all skin types it has SPF 45 and imparts smooth and broad spectrum coverage.

Price: $10.49

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