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Dior Lipstick: 7 Best Shortlisted for You

Each and every shade of lipstick tells something about the personality of the wearier. We choose colors that reflect our emotions and state of mind. Dior has tried to make ‘lipstick’ a signature and a symbol that speaks about itself. Dior was set in 1947 and since then it has successfully produced lust-worthy shades. They not only concentrate on color and style but also on latest technologies and advancements to give proper nourishment to the lips. Given below is a list of 7 such beautiful shades for your lips.

1. Christian Dior Addict High Impact 719 Gallant Bronze Weightless Lipcolor
PRICE : USD 27.77

This lipstick by Dior is the perfect choice to give your lips a bare sensation full of freshness and comfort. It provides brilliant color with exceptional soothing effect. It features lip neutralizer to neutralize lip color of the lips to give them radiance and shine. Wide range of shades is present from pure, pearlescent, glittery, and metallic to shimmering highlights so as to satisfy varying tastes and various desires. These shades offer customized effects to complement your stylish looks and moods.


This gallant bronze shade provides radiance to the lips with its effective lip neutralizer.

It comes in a nice packing to keep lipstick fresh.
It has got luminous and sheer formula to keep lips lavishly soft and beautiful.
It has got moisturizer to keep your lips soft and hydrated.

2. Christian Dior Serum de Rouge Tinted Lipstick (Crimson No. 840)
PRICE : USD 28.9

Pleasure your lips with this exquisite color having glamorous and rich impact. It has got skin care ingredients to keep your lips healthy and toned up. This Serum de Rouge has creamy texture with moisturizer. It regular application helps in keeping your lips smooth and soft day and night. It is enriched with natural ingredients that enhances lips micro-circulation and improves collagen levels. This luminous color will definitely make you look attractive and enchanting.


It has got extracts of mango butter and various other natural ingredients to give nourishing treatment to your lips.

It has got ten times more active skincare elements than other lipsticks.
It is safe to be used on skin and offer nourishment to dried lips.

3. Dior ‘Rouge Dior’ Lip Color
PRICE : USD 33.46

Rouge Dior offers diverse 32 sublime shades keeping in mind deep, deluxe colors of Dior Haute Couture gowns to explore beauty of femininity and radiance of triumphant. Prolonged application of this exceptional lipstick enhances beauty of lips with smooth and hydrated impact. This shade perfectly defines youthfulness and splendor. It has plumping hyaluronic acid microspheres, its secret of perfection. Its glides over the lips with its generously coated pigments


This magnificent “Haute Couleur” stick engraved with CD signature comes in a splendid midnight blue Haute Couture case.

It is a striking color with softening effect to keep your lips lavish.
It has got long lasting impact and you do not have to apply it again and again.

4. Diorific – High Fashion Lipstick
PRICE : USD 33.49

This deep intense Diorific lipstick is full of Dior spirit and luxury. It comes wrapped in a precious case gold tone case. Its long lasting color glides smoothly on lips making a perfect balance between hold and comfort. It has got rich and intense texture for long lasting impact. Wide range of shades is present to give you captivating looks ranging from Rose Diabolo to Violet Tattoo but this shade of red lipstick has great looks and quality.


Dior Diorific lipstick has deep intense color and rich texture with hydrating ingredients.

This amazing lipstick has got long lasting effect that stays for hours without repetitive application.
It has formula to soothen up the lips in a very natural way.

5. Dior Addict Lipstick – Vibrant Color Spectacular Shine
PRICE : USD 34.26

Pamper your lips with this new, high shine sensorial formula. This ultimate fashion accessory is a blend of beauty and style and color and couture. It is an exciting color with 25 percent less wax than a classic lipstick. It features magnifying glass effects to enhance shine and plump lips. It’s a nice girly color with tint of dark pink. Its color enhancing formula with gleaming transparency will definitely make you addictive to this vibrant color. it’s a lovely lipstick with sleek packaging.


It’s a hydrating color with modern transparency and reflecting gel to soften your lips.

This lipstick has 25 percent less wax than a classic lipstick.

6. Christian Dior Rouge Dior Voluptuous Care Lipcolor
PRICE : USD 40.46

From cosmetics to sensual fragrances to luxe quality skincare, you just name it and they have it, this is how Christian Dior has excited the world with a mysterious mix of fashion designs and beauty products. Miss Dior, was the first fragrance introduced by Christian Dior in 1947 and since then there was no looking back by the company. It stepped into skincare and makeup lines in 1955. This super nourishing shade has got long lasting impact. It has been created using amazing formulas and advanced skincare technologies.


It’s a long-wearing lipstick with Dior’s seductive signature and imparts radiant shine and luster to the lips.

It is nourishing and long lasting.
Wrap your lips in voluptuous color with this lipstick luxuriously packaged with Dior signature Cannage pattern.

7. Dior Rouge Dior in 453 Corail Cachotier
PRICE : USD 51.38

Dior offers broad spectrum of lipsticks with various flattering shades. They have satisfied women with their fascinating colors since 1947. Their shades are inspired by an iconic Dior haute couture dress. This lipstick is formulated with the latest innovative technologies with microspheres that absorb 40 times their own weight in moisture. It’s a luminous shade to lighten up the surroundings with its mesmerizing impact.


This vibrant color contains long lasting lip plumping moisturizer for softer and longer stay.

This color is full of freshness and femininity for your beautiful lips.
It is not harsh on skin therefore could be applied without thinking twice.
Its ultra nourishing, long wearing formula helps a lot in improving lip conditions.

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