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Dr Prem Recieving Leadership Award From Renee-Marie Stephano

Dr Prem honored with Prestigious Leadership Award for his contribution in Global Healthcare & Medical Tourism Industry


Dr Prem, a successful Chartered Consultant, Global Trainer and Renowned Author, indeed was the unanimous choice for prestigious Leadership Award, as for several years he has been working effortlessly towards the advancement of Global Healthcare & Medical Tourism across the globe and has launched several global initiatives through his website www.drprem.com.

The award was presented to him at recently concluded 5th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress from Medical Tourism Association™ (MTA).  The event took place in South Florida, US, in conjunction with world’s prestigious Employer Healthcare, Corporate Wellness and National Reform congresses.

Leadership Awards by MTA are presented to the thought leaders who play an important role in advancements in healthcare delivery globally. Explaining the notion behind award program, Renee-Marie Stephano, President of Medical Tourism Association, said, “Leadership awards are designed to recognize and encourage good work in the industry. We as non-profit association take onus in recognizing positive contribution towards the growth of industry; hence we are always ready to extend our support to such contributors like Dr Prem.”

Dr Prem is extremely overwhelmed with the honor received. He was presented the award amidst world leaders and government representatives from over 60 countries and above 2000 international delegates. Expressing his joy & pride after receiving the award, Dr Prem said, “I am honored to receive such grand award. I humbly believe that the award is not destination that I have to get relaxed, but it is an inspiring milestone, which will encourage me to continue to work towards better global healthcare and medical tourism industry”.

Continuing his gratitude and greetings, Dr Prem added “I also value & cherish the award for some very important reasons, the foremost being that it has come from world’s biggest association that has established benchmarks & trends in industry and secondly, award was presented to me by Renee-Marie Stephano, a global leader herself, and a renowned personality who has already made significant contribution across the globe.”

According to MTA, these awards are strategic initiatives, which will work as a stimulator to eventually bring positive results for the medical tourism industry, intended to encourage and promote quality as well as best practices by industry players, whilst keeping consumer benefits in mind.

Dr Prem has visited more than 40 countries to share his vast experience, and worked with more than 150 organizations across the globe helping them to improve and upgrade their medical systems. He has undertaken various initiatives to foster the growth of global healthcare & medical tourism industry worldwide.

He offers multi-dimensional healthcare solutions ranging from healthcare management, Healthcare City Project Development to global healthcare expansion. He is also the founder of Global Healthcare– Worlds biggest community of Global Healthcare Professionals. Editor of two Health Magazines – Health First Magazine and DIYHealth.com, undoubtedly, he is a leading medical tourism consultant in the world and also the author of Medical Tourism Guide Book – an initiative to provide a comprehensive source of information for anyone considering medical travel.

Moreover, Dr Prem is also the promoter of Insta Media Network, which has around 25 niche community websites loaded with rich information with millions of visitors a month. Dr Prem’s websites are trendsetters in many industries including Health, Luxury, Green initiatives, Beauty, Lifestyle, Travel, Wellness, Design, Home, Fashion, Technology, Entertainment, amongst many others. Dr Prem also possesses excellent skills in Online Management including Online Reputation Management, Brand Management and Online Presence Management.

Apart from running a successful consultancy and global training business, Dr Prem has launched several global innovative initiatives projects such as Family Health Festival, No Tobacco Campaign, Summer Health Festival, Ahlan Ramadan, Diabetes Events etc in Gulf. His initiatives are endorsed and recognized by the country’s Ministry of Health and other government authorities.

Currently, on global front, Dr Prem is working with governments, leading investors and global organizations on various projects. Dr Prem is willing to work jointly on several fronts including – Medical Tourism Projects, Healthcare City Projects, Merger & Acquisitions of Business & Services, Online Management projects and Strategic investment projects. He is also available for Global Trainings in the field of Leadership, Corporate Management, Global Healthcare, Medical Tourism, Corporate Wellness, Corporate Social responsibility, Online Management and many other training programs.

To have detailed information on Dr Prem’s various initiatives/services visit his website www.DrPrem.com .

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    Girl always remember green products are always good for skin and the one which you are talking about is also made up of green ingredients. So you should better go fo the simple sugar scrub formula.It is good for dry skin, when t comes to exfoliating dry skin, its all about the sugar. When used properly a sugar scrub can improve skin’s appearance  and texture, the rough texture of the sugar peels away the dry and dead skin cells on the surface layer on the skin. Other than that the moisturizing ingredients in most sugar scrubs is an added benefit that helps retain moisture that you were talking about it will definitely help in retaining moisture of your skin. Try to avoid body scrub if your skin is sensitive or too broken.And yes you can easily make it at home with the contents that are nedded to make this sugar scrub or you can find the same at the drugstore near your home. You can eithre go for the light or dark brown sugar, it would be your own choice. So now you can easily take your mother’s advice, as it sounds good for you and your skin too.

  • Ivan Wilkinson

    Look girl being fashionable does not mean that you try different cosmetics with the sole aim mof getting the good results always  as it is not even  the case most often, so better be quality conscious while choosing the right product for your skin tone. This your lip fusion, lip plumper has miniscule, dehydrated marine collagin microsphere that helps to release out the natural moisture of the body.This lip fusion makes the lips appear fuller for upto six hours.They even claim that it is safe for use. It possess hydrating and plumping benefits of micro-injected collagen. For the most intense lip this product has micro-mica for reflection and shine. However there is no proof that it is fragrance-free, or safe to use on sensitive skin. They claim that there is no stinging associated with this product.They have a thirty-day money back guarantee as well.For your kind information let me tell you that it is the most advanced technology for dramatically fuller,sexier lips that reactivates everytime you moisten your lips.Yes niceidea it is , you can surely invest your money for the same as its review throws  a positive remark on the judgement of all the users who have used it so far.

  • Sonny Barry

    Omorovicza is a reviving eye cream, its active ingredients claim to put the sparkle back to your eyes and helps to lift and firm the eye contour, refreshing your tired eyes, while maintaining the shine back in your eyes. It also eliminates the under eye dark circles, even I went through some of its reviews that make it an overall positive product that works at its best. Use will be simple, just you have to dab along the eye socket with your finger once a day, after a facial cleanse. not only these but it has all other curing powers that for the eye-piffiness,darkness,discoloration that your night out just grb from your eyes, making it appear dull and gloomy. Dont worry we have solution for your problems, after all eyes are the most fragile. When it comes to your body you need to be very informing about the contents that product has as it has a long lasting effect on your skin. You need to know you skin tone, if sensitive then do consult a doctor.  As we are looking for you into this product, it can be recommended for your eyes so that you can enjoy your night outs that too, without any puffed eyes and reviving looks that you have been yearning for…

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    This time tanning cream has been made to trigger the skin to produce the tan without direct exposure to the sun, it is also known as the sunless tannning. And yes it does produce the required tanning effect that you want to put. With the growing pollution, the best companies have also increased to claim their efficiency at giving you the tan without any direct exposure to the sunlight. Too many tan products either work too slowly or they just put you into other skin related problems but this time tanning cream gives you the best. When it comes to the ideal tan this cream can do wonders for you to look and when the case is all about getting a healthy tan then the product quality matters a lot as it sometimes do not bother people while making right choice. And for you being more concerned we have got the evidence, just went through the reviews of all the users almost they show the positivity that is reflected in their felicity of words. Chemical tanning which is usually achieved through lotions has become trend these days. A tanned look gives you the best that can be taken as a stimulating tanned look.

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  • Jadyn Martinez

    This time tanning cream has been made to trigger the skin to produce the tan without direct exposure to the sun, it is also known as the sunless tannning. And yes it does produce the required tanning effect that you want to put. With the growing pollution, the best companies have also increased to claim their efficiency at giving you the tan without any direct exposure to the sunlight. Too many tan products either work too slowly or they just put you into other skin related problems but this time tanning cream gives you the best. When it comes to the ideal tan this cream can do wonders for you to look and when the case is all about getting a healthy tan then the product quality matters a lot as it sometimes do not bother people while making right choice. And for you being more concerned we have got the evidence, just went through the reviews of all the users almost they show the positivity that is reflected in their felicity of words. Chemical tanning which is usually achieved through lotions has become trend these days. A tanned look gives you the best that can be taken as a stimulating tanned look.

  • Aldo Harding

    This time tanning cream has been made to trigger the skin to produce the tan without direct exposure to the sun, it is also known as the sunless tannning. And yes it does produce the required tanning effect that you want to put. With the growing pollution, the best companies have also increased to claim their efficiency at giving you the tan without any direct exposure to the sunlight. Too many tan products either work too slowly or they just put you into other skin related problems but this time tanning cream gives you the best. When it comes to the ideal tan this cream can do wonders for you to look and when the case is all about getting a healthy tan then the product quality matters a lot as it sometimes do not bother people while making right choice. And for you being more concerned we have got the evidence, just went through the reviews of all the users almost they show the positivity that is reflected in their felicity of words. Chemical tanning which is usually achieved through lotions has become trend these days. A tanned look gives you the best that can be taken as a stimulating tanned look.

  • Declan Lamb

    Well, you can find the needed day spa product package at any of the drug store that sells the glorious day spa products. You just give your skin a boost during this summer. For that you can even go for fruition spa. Summer citrus frui special would be best for the detoxifying properties of a high-potency vitamin C. And the package that you have asked for provides you the natural ability to fight against the sun rays. So, for a reasonable price you can opt for the buff day spa pampering package they have their own delievry facility for you and other than that you budget friendly. It makes you feel a superior after using their products that have an inclusion of ll the required entirety for your skin and body. All these products are rated at caveat emptor so, you better read the guidelines and other pictorial warnings at the package before buying.

  • Trent Boyer

    Eminence claims to have all th organic contents in their products. For that Acne cleaning you need to take care of her dietary needs that too with the perfect combination of all the necessary contents in it. I went through some of the reviews by the users of this products by this brand named eminence. You can even try their eucalyptus cleanser for her oily skin tone. In eminence you find a variety of skin friendly products that help you to get a flawless skin. You can not take the risk to experiment her for this age as the skin in this age is quite naturally sensitive and might have dire consequences if you do not take a proper care of it. So better be cautious for her young age not only age but the body too needs consideration as oily skin is sometimes more reactive than other skin types. Hope you have got the solution for your problem.

  • Keven Meadows

    Enter atleast 200 words answer here…
    coloring hair is something which is highly in trend now a days. coloring hair is something like experimenting with your hair, and if you are not to sure about the procedure then i will suggest you to first consult your hair stylist and fix a appointment . i also have black hair and i just got it done not to long ago. as at first  my hair dresser was so scared to do it. but then she told me that she would like to do a strand test to see how it works on my hair. and then she will procced if it looked okay on my hair. all i had to do is to take a appointement. and she was so shocked and so happy with the outcome. one of the another way which i tried to do a peek a boo is by highlights. i tried it at home. all what you need is to have a help from back of your head, so find a friend whom you can trust.  You’ll need the hair dye, hair paint brush, foil, a comb, and a clip. First, take the hair surrounding your part, about two inches from each side and put it out of the way in a clip. Take the pieces of hair you want colored, about a fourth-inch thick, and place a 6×4 inch piece of foil underneath your scalp. Use the mixed dye to coat from the roots down. After you coat the ends, make sure your hair is entirely on the foil. Fold the foil  like an envelope, and make sure none of the hair is sticking out.

  • Declan Lamb

     As you alreasy know about japanese  culture and cuisine  you will be excited to know that in japanese noble women in seventh century wore their hair very high and boxy at the front, with a sickle-shaped ponytail at the back. they have a belive that  thick stick had magical power. thats why they used it as talisman to protect them from evil. and this hair style is only for high class ranking. it was believed that the longer the hair, the greater the beauty and nobility. so thats why every high class lady had the same hairstyle. During this period, almost everyone put their hair up in a bun. Noble people put their hair up as well as farmers. if someone looks into the history of japanese hairstyle one will find elegence to be the overriding factor that superpower their hairstyles. Elegance is something that never goes out of fashion. in relation to their traditional hairstyles today japanese  women are more into the bangs. The most popular hairstyle for girls is the one with bangs extending forward to cover part of the face. Moreover Japanese hairstyles for women vary according to their length as well. There is a fine collection of long, medium and short hairstyles in store for those willing to explore the Japanese hairstyling tradition. When it comes to women, long hairstyles are by far the most popular. Inspired by different prevailing cultures such as gothic fashion, the Lolita look, punk and hip-hop the young girls are going for the jagged look with short hair.

  • Piper Mcdowell

    Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle – Bob haircuts are one of the perfect hairstyles. They are neither too short nor are they very long. They are easy to maintain and style. There are like hundreds of variations of bob haircuts. So, choosing a style can be a bit difficult.  The classic bob style is the blunt bob, which is cut evenly all over. This means the hair length is the same all over. Then comes the U or V shape bob, which is cut in such a way that the hair will have U or V shape appearance at the back.  you can choose a hairstyle depending upon your hair length. Short asymmetrical bob can be as short as till the nape of the neck.  For medium asymmetrical bob you can keep the hair length till the middle of the neck or touching your shoulders. Long asymmetrical bob can be shoulder length or below it. you can choose a cool new unique style and add some hair coloring ideas to make your style look even more stylish.

  • Dayana Yates

    your  observation is quite good and its true that now the hair style is turning to give you a retro look popularly known as vintage hairstyle. some of the famous vintage hair style i know are rockabilliy hairstyles, swings and psychobilly wedge. Women’s rockabilly styles are more varied, but still follow two general looks. the first is a moderate length, layered style. The hair is kept longer at the top of the head, shorter at the sides, mid-length at the crown area, with the longest section being found usually at the nape area. This style is always curly, making use of the hair’s natural curl or being permed and roller set to give straighter hair curls and body. It is a classic look from the 1940s and early 1950s. The hair is styled with volume at the top of the head, styled close to the sides and cascading in waves and curls along the crown and down the neck. myself had never heard of the swing  before, so I had to go searching. Admittedly, the information about the style is rather sparse, but I managed to find mention of the swing style on two separate sites. The term psychobilly wedge references a hairstyle common among performers who perform a sub-genre of music called psychobilly. Psychobilly is generally described as a mix of late 70s punk and 50s American rockabilly styles. It has a harder edge to the themes of the music, dealing mostly with horror topics, violence and lurid sexuality or other taboo subjects  usually in a tongue-in-cheek fashion.

  • Clinton Franklin

    Browsing hair magazine is quite good idea as hair cut magazine provide with every useful information from hair styling to hair coloring and many more. there are different kinds of hairstyles for different hair, like for short hair you can go with the classic, flat, unlayered look. medium hair are most versatile,  You might not be able to do as much with coloring with hair of this length, but unlike short hair, you can do a lot  more with the hair itself.  while with long hair you need not work hard.  you can really just let it hang. as you have already decided to go for a hairstyling course you must know that ther are differnt looks which a hair style can give like funky look, trendy look and classic look. you must understand your customer taste even. there are numerous cutting styles that are doing the rounds. Some people get carried away wanting to emulate a popular actor or actress’s hairstyle or any other public person, without realizing all that it takes to maintain the style. What one sees in the glossies is the not same in real life. The rich and famous spend a lot of daily time styling their hair. Some even have their own personal stylist. 

  • Darius Carr

    Caramel Highlights  with its unique shade’s golden glow reigns is  supreme at hair salons across the nation. If you are considering giving your hair a sweet new hue, check out the famous faces who already have. Being a brunette, I always want beautiful, shiny caramel highlights to give my hair some depth and brightness. If you are a brunette, you are probably always on the lookout for the perfect highlights as well. Caramel highlights are great for brunettes because they are subtle enough to blend well with your natural hair color, but light enough to brighten up tired looking hair color. If you are a brunette looking to try something lighter and brighter as far as hair color goes,  caramel highlights may be just the right fix for you.Of course, I am going to strongly suggest you going to a professional hair colorist to get your caramel highlights because I am a professional and I’ve seen many unhappy campers who have tried this at home. Dark hair is prone to pulling red tones when lightening. If you are looking for auburn highlights this may be ok, but otherwise brunettes are not big fans of red tones in their highlighted hair. A professional hair colorist knows the perfect product to use for your particular hair and has access to a wide variety of toners and hair colors, giving you choices when it comes to picking perfect color caramel highlights.

  • Mateo Garrison

    well as you have already made up your mind so it does not mater at all what your friend says. laser treatment is a good  option to get rid of unwanted hair. laser is a single colour light which allows its energy to be focused at very specific areas making it ideal for use in permanent hair reduction. but before proceeding with laser hair reduction, make sure that you speak with the dermatologist who can give you full details of the service. make sure that your laser treatment is done under the supervision of the dermatologist and by trained practitioners. it is completely safe and time tested procedure. it has been  used extensively  the world over. it has no side effects. but you need to visit 2-3 times your dermatoligst to maintain the results achieved. Laser removal may sound a little expensive but when you think of the savings  you will make in the long run, you will see that it can be worth it. Since laser hair removal is actually a permanent hair removal procedure, you will never have to buy electric shavers, shaving cream, waxing and electrolysis treatments, or other treatments and products. You can resume normal activities immediately.

  • Jazlyn Horne

    You will be happy to know that to have  a line hair cut you need not worry about your face cut as it goes with every kind of hair. moreover it suits at every age and gives you a completely new and younger look. medium lenghty grey hair is good to have aline hair cut. when i had the same cut my hair were not to long. But to find a good hairstylist is what i think is much pain giving task. as your hair cut totaly depends on your hairstylist that how nicely she blends and chop your hair to give you a nice and younger look. aline haircut is a classic blunt cut bob hairstyle with slightly longer length at the front of the head than at the back, creating a slightly angled cut line.  it can be styled using a blow-dryer and round brush, or flat-ironed for super smoothness.  when i got this cut i just donated 13 inches of my hair to get it. from back it was just above my shoulders and the front hits my collar bones. i love it , its great.

  • Mateo Garrison

    Enter atleast 200 words answer here…
    Thinning shears, is also known as blending shears. They are  toothed scissors that only remove some hair while leaving the rest uncut.  thinning sheers are mainly used to blend a bob or layered hairdo. There is 3 or 4 different types of thinning shears. You have thinning shears with the big teeth that take out a lot more hair. A little finer thin takes out less hair; and even a finer one that takes out even less hair.One type of shears named, Texturizing shears are serrated with a channel-type blade for creating a chunky texture. A velvety effect can be created using wide-toothed shears. Dual-purpose shears are used for thinning and notching at the same moment. With dual-type shears, you can reduce your hair length and give a beautiful texture to the hair. Something interesting to note is that thinning shears are used for thick coated animals as well.When selecting general purpose thinning shears, select a pair that have fairly finely spaced teeth that are fairly slim.  if you want to buy a pair of thinning scissors the most important thing which you should keep in mind is the width of the teeth involved. The wider the teeth and spacing between them the larger the “chunks” of hair are that are removed. you can also check out ehow to learn some interesting facts about thinning scissors.

  • Sierra Morales

    Enter atleast 200 words answer here…
    as hair plays a very important part in our beauty so its beter to have a nice hair cut  whith the time. As you are a housewive and want to pass time, i must say that your choice to learn short hair cut is quite nice and will help you a lot. Beautiful hair stlyles make one feel good and also fills your life with joy. There is no one hairstyle or color that will work for every woman, but there is a look that is just right for one. You can find many good hair cuts at myhaircuts. before choosing any hair cut just keep in mind to choose a hair cut which suits your face as well as your age. Learing hair cut is not at all easy. as for round shape face hair cut should something which make one’s face look longer and leaner and less round. and if you have a square face, you’ll want to play down your strong, angular jaw.  Further, your body shape is also one factor to choose the right haircut. Your choice to learn is good enough as one can  look younger in short haircuts. In addition, short haircuts work most excellent with fine textured hair. If you have extremely curly hair, it may be patterned to give you the younger looks.

  • Dylan Dudley

    Enter atleast 200 words answer here…
    loosing hair is  actually a result of many factors such as your genetics, diet, stress level, environment and lifestyle. if you notice that your hair is becoming thinner every time you check yourself in the mirror, it’s probably time for you to find out more about the various castor oil uses and pick one. The anti-bacterial and anti-fungicidal properties of ricinoleic acid in castor oil protects the scalp and hair from infections which can cause hair loss. The Omega-9 fatty acids in castor oil also nourish the hair and prevent the scalp from drying.I have used castor oil on my scalp for almost a year.My hair grew incredibly well all last year.I leave the whole for at least 30 minutes before shampooing, but if I can, I leave it in longer – sometimes overnight, but most of the time at least an hour. Rubbing castor oil on my  scalp and the roots of my hair has regenerated new hair growth within months. For a deep healing treatment, i  rub it into my scalp and leave it on overnight. For a lighter treatment during the day, i  rub a very small amount of castor oil into my scalp or hair). Castor oil is very thick and viscous, so a little goes a long way. I know a friend who mixes castor oil with coconut oil or olive oil. and if you want you can also try it out as it has also shown a very good results.

  • Mateo Garrison

    The end to your worries are right here as you already know about the best product which can bring back your nail lusture and make you more confident and presentable. i tried the same product a month ago and now my nail are much brighter and strong then earlier. now they dont break easily and i have no worries about them. lusture hair skin formula not only has given me desired results in maintaining my nail but it has given a new life to my hairs as well. now i dont need any conditioner or other chemical to give them artificial shine. It is a rich vitamin source with vitamin a,c,e,b6,b12 which provides nutitional support for healthy-looking hair, skin, and nails. i took  2 tablets three times daily with meals. lusture is a bio aligned formula that supports your hair skin and nails that are actualy connective tissues and require support from interdependent body systems. it ia not suitable for pregnant lady or breedfeeding women as it also contain sorbitol, stearic acid, modified cellulose gum, colloidal silicon dioxide and magnesium stearate. but it does not contain yeast, dairy, egg, gluten or wheat. it has no artificial color flavor or fragrance. Moreover it has no side effects.

  • Reese Pitts

    eating little is never a solution for getting slim. healtier the diet you have much beter is your health. kalvex herbal lexative are not made to be used as a weight loose supplement. its  use for weight-loss is dangerous, which can  cause dehydration and  long-term bowel problems. it is only used in the short term contipation and that to on doctors prescription. my friend sufferd a lot when she tried the same to loose weight and turned up with drastic results. and when she went to a physician she told her to use thermogenic herbs. Thermogenic herbs like green tea, nettle, and dandelion are much safer than other weight loss. moreover she also told us that to eat healthy is one of the most safer and healthier way to loose weight. taking a diet full in vitamin and mineral helps to remove dead cells and purifies the blood. it also prevents the blood cells to collect unwanted fat near thigh and hip. you can also  fill up your diet with raw patatoes which helps on reducing hunger pangs. you can place ice packs on the lower abdomen which will take away your appetite. you can even find out raw milk and butter which breaks down protien. and to know more you can simply read suggestion for weight loss by phylameana lila desy.

  • Aristo Bhupal

    Bare minerals makeup is ideal for any kind of skin type. When it comes to Acne prone skin Faerie Organic Mineral is appropriate as it can deal with this skin type well. It is light and airy and known to cover the skin well. It gives a glow to the skin. Best part of these bare minerals makeup is that it contains no chemicals and preservatives so fear of skin damaging is almost zero. It contains Boron nitride which is known for anti bacterial action and Zinc Oxide which is anti-inflammatory. So, all it contains all essential elements to cover up flaws of acne prone skin. Bare Escentuals, Neturogena and sheer cover are the brands that manufacture products for bare minerals makeup. These products can be used for oily and acne prone skin. Acne prone skin requires products that absorbs oil from the skin and gives it a perfect look. Faerie Organic minerals come with two foundations, bronzer and sheer veil that is an oil absorber.

  • Aristo Bhupal

    MD formulations products are appreciated for customer satisfaction. They are well known brand in beauty and skin care products. Their products are helping many people across globe in achieving clear, young and healthy looking skin. Oily skin seems to be shiny as the body is releasing excessive oils. MD formulations have skin perfection gel and cleanser which is for oily and very oily skin. They are the best products that prevent acne on skin. It clears up the skin well. Using these products in routine can bring wonders to skin. Cleanser of MD formulations is the product that I liked the most as it was very effective for my skin type and was very effective as it resolved my skin problem. You can select product according to your skin type from the wide range of options available by the MD formulations. Their skin care products ranges from cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreens, body care lotion and various other beauty products to keep you healthy and young.

  • Aristo Bhupal

    Natural Makeup can be achieved in no time with minimum efforts.Don’t use dark make up for day functions instead keep it light to attract attention. Highlight eyes with light colors.For makeup that is applied daily shouldn’t be too dark. You can highlight eyes with dark eye shadow but still don’t chose colors that doesn’t match your skin tone. To look perfect and dazzling it is necessary to opt for makeup matching your skin tone.

  • Aristo Bhupal

    Ok…. you are looking for the best branded blush brush and it is right under your nose and you are looking at other places. Trust me the blush brushes of MAC are the best in the market, definitely, and they are your personal favorites as well. But the supreme ruler i would say is the the blush brushes of Kevyn Aucoin they are really amazing and will also be a great change for you for a while. These are dense and just the right size and the ends of the bristles are very soft (the softest natural bristles I’ve ever known). Also, it has a long handle, while the other brush handles look like men’s shaving brushes this one is very elegant – a nice heavy lucite handle which is a pleasure to hold and to look at. Obviously they are costly as well but it is worth it. Another one i would suggest is Sonia Kashuk and this one is budget friendly as well. Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Flat Top Blusher Brush has a multi-tasking prowess and how it applies blushes and foundations with such ease which is something you will be surprised to experience. You can buy any one of the either of the brushes and you will not regret it. I hope this helps. Bye.

  • Aristo Bhupal

    Its true that herp-eeze next generation capsules help in preventing herps virus replication and guards cell death caused by viral invasion by stopping the herpes virus from multiplying within the infected cell and by preventing it from binding to healthy cells.I had a great experience with these capsules when i had a break out and start taking these capsules.If i forget to take this product on regular basis i immediately begin breaking out in painful sores.So if u r planing to take these capsules just be sure that u take these capsules on a regular basis..Even though Next Generation contains a unique blend of natural ingredients like Prunella vulgaris, Lysine, Olive Leaf Extract, Clove Flower Extract (Syzygium aromaticum), Bitter Melon (Momordica charantia), Rosemarinic Acid and Acerola Extract (Malpighia glabra),but choosing this product is again an individual decision as the product also contains a chemical which causes birth defects.So I suggest that before buying it just make sure that u know about all the pros and cons of the product.

  • Aristo Bhupal

    See,as the name suggests beauty without cruelty, these all r meant to b vegan cosmetics with no inclusion of any external particle of animals or other creatures n when it comes to the consumption there r nt any of the side-effects to the users as it is made up of clean re-cycled contents n that too with extremely fine results. After all u r a teenager so i can understand ur insecurity towards using different cosmetics for ur sensitive skin bt lemme make it very clear u dear that BWC not only uses pro environment methods for its production bt also there is an inclusion of the essential herbs that help a lot in rejuvenating all skin types n these r all age products so no need to worry, no apprehensions before using the beauty without cruelty, u can definitely go for it n will find ur gratification…

  • Aristo Bhupal

    As forskohlii is the main active ingredient in the Ayurvedic herb Coleus forskohlii.Forskolin has been extensively researched in the medical field for use in the treatment of allergies, respiratory problems, cardiovascular diseases, glaucoma, psoriasis, hypothyroidism and weight loss. oleus with Asthma and Allergies. Coleus is an effective smooth muscle relaxer, resulting in bronchodilation, decreased airway resistance, increased vital capacity and increased forced expiratory volume. This action is the result of the increase in Cyclic AMP caused by coleus. Many asthma medications increase Cyclic AMP by inhibiting the enzymes that cause its breakdown. Thus, coleus and the traditional asthma drugs are likely to act synergistically. Therefore, one should consult their physician before combining them. Because forskolin inhibits platelet aggregation and clotting, it may enhance the effects of anti-clotting medications such as warfarin, clopidogre, aspirin, enoxaparin, and dalteparin. Anyone taking any anti-clotting medications or supplements should consult their physician before adding forskolin to their regimen.

  • Aristo Bhupal

    Using deodorant stone is something which i loved the most. It is 100% pure and natural which leaves your skin with a smoothing effect and feeling fresh all the day.It is quite differnt from a normal deodorant as for me it has solved my biggest problem of excess sweat.Unlike a normal deodorant it does not provides you with perfume only but also creates a thin layer preventing odor causing bacteria.You can simply apply it after a bath or shower so that it can easily spread over the areas you want to cover.It is available in u.k and its a very good choice to gift as one stone lasts for a year and is equal to 12 cans of deodorant sprays.

  • Aristo Bhupal

    No doubt that mega zyme is a good option to digest food and lets you eat almost everything you want.It helps to break the older cells with no function left to be performed by them and need to be recycled.As it contains high levels of the enzymes, bromelain, pancreatin papain, trypsin, lipase, amylase, catalase, chymotrypsin and rutin, a daily dose of three tablets a day is equal to 2,250 mg.It will be more effective if taken with food in order to help digestion.But to avoid any unnecessary problem its beter that u consult a physician before switching over to it.

  • Aristo Bhupal

    Adding wheatgrass powder to my diet is something which i did when i suffered from same cause.It helped me in digesting food easily and quickly and now i can eat almost every thing i want.it has a number of nutritional uses and is a very good source of vitamin c and iron.there are so many ways in which u can add up wheat grass to ur daily diet but the best one is to take on an empty stomach with six glass of water every day.after taking wheat grass in my daily routine i can say that not only it helps in digesting food but also helps to boast up my energy level.people like me who does not like eating vegetables can try wheat grass powder as the nutrient content of wheatgrass is roughly equal to that of common vegetable.

  • Aristo Bhupal

    As u r just 20 so ur worries about ur hairs are quite genuine.Like u I have also tried different products for my dry scalp but nothing seemed to work nd then i tried nutri coconut oil which solved my many problems. As it is a rich content of vitamin E,capric acid, lauric acid it helped me to keep my scalp healthy and hair rejuvenated.It also worked quite well in solving my dandruff problems.A overnite treatment of hair with this oil works quite well. The cheaper coconut oils have hard, white bits in them and do not smell like actual coconut. Nutiva is smooth/silky and melts easily in the hands without leaving behind white balls/clumps that the cheaper refined coconut oils have.It is a three-in- one product which can be used for cooking, hairs and skin as well.The people who are health conscious using nutiva coconut oil is a good option as it is unrefined, unbleached and unfermented, giving it a light taste, pleasant aroma and pure white color. It also eliminates the unhealthy fats found in hydrogenated oils.This oil works quite well in solving skin problems like dry skin patches, eczema, psoriasis Old acne scars and gives u a youthful, smooth, glowing skin.

  • Aristo Bhupal

    mangosteen 100 has ample of health benefits. it is 100% pure and rich in Xanthones that are the key components responsible for the multitude of health promoting benefits. it does not contain any artificial colors, flavorings, preservatives or anything. moreover it is grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, larvacides and other toxic chemicals. Moreover it is helpful to you in many ways. it supports health benefits like cox enzyme,supports healthy human immune system function,supports youthful cellular regeneration and healthy aging,supports cardiovascular health, by acting as a free radical scavenger. I used this product but i am not 100% sure that it helps in digestion also. No doubt that product has given me a lot. if u like you can try wheatgrass powder to solve your digestion problem. .there are so many ways in which u can add up wheat grass to ur daily diet but the best one is to take on an empty stomach with six glass of water every day. it will definetly show you the results.

  • Melinda Patel

    coloring hair is something which has become very interesting among kids as they find their hair in new color and want to experiment with it every time. your selection to go for a orange look is quite daring because only few have courage to experiment this type of color and that to at the first time. when i colored my hair i just follow some easy steps to get my hair color. first of all i put on the hand gloves and covered my chest and shoulder with old towel. then emptied the kool aid packet into a small bowl. then squirt 2-3 teaspoons of conditioner into the kool aid and mixed it until i get a thick paste. then just combed the mixture through my hair. massaged  it little with my  fingers into my  hair but not into your scalp. then covered my hair with plastic wrap. and leave it for 6- 7 hours or overnight. then simply remove the plastic wrap and rinsed my hair. i got the result i wanted so if you want you can try out in same manner. the price differs with the color you are choosing so to check about its price you can visit ehow.

  • Lucia Sexton

    To begin the hair loss treatment as soon as you notice gives good results. menoxide  help women to regain their hair. earlier menoxidil was used to treat high blood pressure but later on it was discovered that if one will apply the solution of menoxidi directly to the scalp it will help in hair growth. when i started using it i noticed thet on the lebel it was written to use only 2% concentration of menoxidi not 5% as the amount approved by fda is 2% for women. i used 2% concentration but did not find any result and then i switched to 5% strength. it’s been several months i am using it and i faced no problem with it. moreover i find this product less expensive. the most common side effect of menoxidi are scalp iritation,dryness, itching,and redness. moreover it should never be used by pregnant lady. when i started using this product there was a kind of fear inside me that this product may let me grow hair on those parts where i dont want. so i just kept my finger crossed and used it. i face some problem like itching and redness but after few usage all these problem were gone. so if you face the same problem for 2-3 days then its ok but if the side effects lasts for more than that you must consult your doctor in that case. 

  • Melinda Patel

    going under bosely hair transplant procedure is a painstaking process. but the end result is a natural looking hair line with much improved density than earlier. when i was about to go under this transplant my doctor was very genuine to tell me its procedure as i was very nervous that time. he told me that in this procedure the that the hair that are geneticaly programed to to continue growing are moved from one part of your scalp to other. and when they are moved they take this programing with them and thats why continue to stay strong and grow regardless of where are located on your scalp. if you want to finance your transplant you can. you just need to submit an online application to bosely for financing. but before you go for that dont forget to check their rules and regulations guideline. there is no side effect of this transplant but if you are allergic to some kind of medicine tell it to your doctor for precautions. bosely hair transplant loks natural so no need to worry about that also. it gives you a natural look as you early had.

  • Nina Rich

    as it now or later bald look is always in fashion. in general the nonsurgical hair replacement is any external device that is added to your hair or scalp to give you the desired look. it is a beter option for you as medicines approved by fda like menoxide and finasteride does not realy work a lot for men. as when my husband tried it their was no result at all. non surgical  hair replacement method is beter than surgery as in surgery you need to have atleat some hair so that it can be moved round your head. and if there is continuous loss in future also there will be no hair left at all. on the other hand non surgical replacements avoid these problems as it does not remove the existing hair. but it does need proper and continuous maintenance to give your treatment a long lasting and natural effect. the cost of this treatment depends on the kind of replacement product you choose. but be sure that the new design is made cerefully to fit your existing hair so that you  get  beter results. 

  • Lucia Sexton

    the norwood scale ranges from 1 to 7. the greater the number the most the hair you have lost. your husband can himself check the level of baldness and he will not need you any more to check for him. its usage and direction is mention on the product itself so you need not worry about how to use it. simply buy the product and read the instrustions carefully. there are many factors that affect hair loss. some of which are the level of testosterone after puberty. as aresult of which the hair become thinner, weaker and after some years there is no hair growth at all. so if you find a tremendous loss in your hair its time that you consult a dermatologist or try out some fda approved medicine. there are mainly five stages that provid edifferent results. all these stages describe the different level of hair loss and hair gain. this product doesnot only tell about the level in which you are loosing your hair but also tells if you are gaining some of them back. it is a good and most suitable product for your husband. you must buy it.

  • Piper Mcdowell

    there are several kind of hair drugs available in market. but only two out of them are approved by fda. they are minoxidil and finasteride. finasteride works by inhabiting type II 5 alpha in the body. some other drugs are avodart, aldoctone, diane35, loniten and armidex. among all these medicines finasteride has the least side effect. when my hair started reducing i was also very worried because i just dont want to lose my hair so soon. so i decided to try out the hair loss medicine. but again ther was a lot of confusion to chose the right medicine. some friends were suggesting hair loss drugs, some other was suggesting to go for non surgical hair replacement system. they also told me that non surgical hair replacement system is not a drug at all.moreover it does not require any kind of surgery and no regular saloon visits.  so i decide that before i go for any treatement i must know the reasons for losing my hair. then i came to know that its normal to shed some hair daily but a number ot things can cause excess hair loss. one of the major cause is imbalance in thyroid gland. and hair loss can be helped by treating thyroid disease. so i decided that i will go for fda approved medicine as they dont have much side effects. and now its being couple of months i am using it and i am quite happy with the results.

  • Nathalie Walter

    Number of things can cause eyebrow hair fall out. Some of which are excessive plucking, rubbing eyebrow, or applying eyebrow pencil vigorously can cause eyebrow hair fall. Eyebrow contributes a lot in ones beauty so if you lose your eyebrow your entire appearance can get change. Some of the other reasons that causes eyebrow lose are hormonal imbalance, chemotherapy, infections life fungal infection, lice, hansen’s disease or syphilis. Out of this one of the most obvious category is hormonal imbalance. This can be due to internal condition like pregnancy, and thyroid disease, or the use of medication like birth control pills. I was always very much sure that I will not go for any kind of unnatural or artificial remedy for my eyebrow re- growth that’s why I choose a home remedy which is more natural and does not causes any skin infection. To get the desired results I applied Castrol oil on my eye brows and left it on overnight as this encourages the hair to grow and become strong. If you don’t have Castrol oil you can use warm olive, almond or coconut oil since all of them are good for hair growth. This remedy has taken time to work but at last it is effective.

  • Cristopher Oliver

    Balding blog is simply made up of people who have same problem and joining the blog will surely give all the answers to your query. As you come to know the people who have already suffered the same problem and how they have find solution of their problem.  Taking the advice of the people who have dealt with same problem as you is very helpful. The people in the blog can tell you about the scams and what worked out really well. Not only this but getting tips and treatments is another big benefit to reading and becoming member of the blog. Moreover you can find straight answers to your questions as they are not selling you any thing. You can simply join this  blog by either adding it to your face book account or twitter and you can get all the answers of your queries.  Finding a support group that provides me information and help was fantastic and helped me to keep my self esteem high. The new friends on balding blog has helped me to get through any problem and when they share the same trials and troubles that I do is a fantastic addition. I really love to be a part of this blog and assure you that you will also love to be its part. 

  • Iris Reeves

    Among all the products available in market scalp med is one of them. It is made of minoxidyl which is a strong hair growth stimulant and is generically known as vitadil 5a. Scalp med works by using three tropical treatment products which are used in conjunction with each other in order to have a successful out come. I have never used this product but one of my friend had and she was not really happy with the results as there as so many side effects which she had faced after using it. There was a kind of irritation and itching on her scalp. And when she consulted the dermatologist she suggested her to stop using this product. But on the other hand when my husband used it there was no side effect that he faced and he was quite happy with the results, even though it has taken about 3 months to show the results. So before you go for this product I will suggest you to consult dermatologist first or what else you can do is just try it on small part of your skin to check whether it suits you or not. 

  • Lucia Sexton

    Nizoral is a anti dandruff shampoo, and the product does not promises hair growth at all. Nizoral helps to prevent hair loss which is caused due to dandruff but if you don’t have dandruff related problem then I will suggest you not to use this product as every product contains some chemical which are not good for scalp and hair. May be your friend does not have the fair idea about the product so that’s why she suggested it to you. First of all you need to find out the real cause of your hair loss as it will help you to decide the best remedy available for you. One of the major cause is imbalance in thyroid gland. So its beter that you consult dermatologist to make sure that is imbalance in your thyroid gland is one of the reason of hair loss or not. And then you can find the solution accordingly. When my hair were breaking i was also really concerned about them but i did not take any decision hastily as that will end up with a problem not solution. After doing all the research i started using medicine suggested by my dermatologist and she even told me that if i dont want to go for medicine i can simply use warm olive or almond oil first for my hair and if it will not work then go for medicine. I did the same and till then i never used any kind of medicine for my hair growth as the oil has solved my every problem. So if you want you can also try it. 

  • Jimena Gonzales

    Well kronos hair care is mainly known to give your hair youthful texture, color and volume. I never heard or seen any one who has ever tried to give their hair  aging look. As you want to give your hair an aging look for the character of caesar you can even try out the wigs that are available in the market. A wig can simply solve your problem and you need not go to any hair care specialist as it will not be good for you to try all this on your hair at so early stage of your life.  When my son was playing the same role for his competition I bought him a wig and he was very happy to use it. I bought mommy wig for him, which is made from 100% hair and that’s why it gives a very original look. It will not cost you much also and it is very easy to use also. You can simply apply it with the help of tape or glue. Even all the other characters were not able to recognize that my son is wearing a wig. He won the prize of best costume in that competition. So if you want you can also try out some interesting wigs for your show. 

  • Iris Reeves

    In most of the cases itchy scalp can be cured with a simple home remedy. There can be several reasons for itchy scalp and one of them can be the chemical present in the shampoos and conditioner in market. Most of the shampoo and conditioner contain sls which is an aggressive cleaning and foaming agent. it strip out the necessary oil out of the scalp thus creating itching and dryness in the scalp. For this reason I will recommend you to replace your current shampoo with a natural one, like a tea tree oil based shampoo. Tea tree oil is fantastic anti bacterial and anti inflammatory natural ingredient which helps to soothe the itchy scalp and prevent infection. Some times reducing stress also helps the body in its natural healing process. For this you can use some lavender or valerian oil to help you to relax and distress after a hard day. And if the problem is really out of control you can also try out to make a quick cure for itchy scalp by mixing rosemary and chamomile. To make this take three springs of rosemary. Chop them and add it to three tea bags of chamomile. Then boil it and leave it to get cool. Rinse your hair with this liquid to get a quick relief.  

  • Dayana Yates

    I think jude law has gone for a hair transplant which looks very natural. The hair now look more natural as his surgeon has managed to restore the hair line he had when he was younger. Moreover it is a very impressive transplant. His baldness was first noticed on a u.s chat show where he came late with david letterman wearing a brown cap. The first sign of his baldness was shown at the age of 35 and according to law there was nothing to be shamed about as he think that since he was 20 he has been attracted toward men who are bald or balding. But as soon as he did his next campaign for dior his hair look like as as it used to look five  years ago. There were so many controversies and discussion among every one that what made jude look so young and dashing once again. And the truth revealed that he got his hair transplant. This hair transplant has given a thirty five old law look as he look to use when he became famous in movies. Moreover it has helped him to bring hair back into the gaps where he was receding and according to source it has just taken one and a half hours in all for the transplant.

  • Graciela Frost

    The very look of this husky hunk makes you go gaga and that’s why you have made  him to be an epitome of beauty and want your boy friend to be the same. I fell there is nothing wrong in fascinating about him because his greek god persona is so very tantalizing.  Like you there are many who has aspired from his looks and want their beau to look the same. His bold and smart look in princess diaries two is breath taking.  One of the factor that add to his style and looks is his hair style. He spends lot of time in choosing best clothes and accessories for him. He knows what will look good on him so he always select those things in which he can look the best. Moreover they keep on changing their hair color for many roles they play. Sometimes they look good and sometimes they don’t. and after all how you will come to know that what suits you and what not if you will not try out new things on you. You can advice your beau to go for a good quality sun screen to protect his skin from sun damages. 

  • Melinda Patel

    Costume wigs are generally made to  match up the costume  you  are wearing. Whether you want to go for a party with dress up theme u can even try the costume wigs. Whether you are going as a witch or   an ancient roman general you can get the look you want and that to in affordable price. Some people wear wigs to disguise the fact that they are bald; a wig may be used as a less intrusive and less expensive alternative to therapies for restoring hair. Wigs may also be used as a cosmetic accessory . There are two basic types of wigs, the glued on lace wigs or the multi-directional skin top wig, the latter often worn by orthodox Jewish women. The lace front wigs have a lacey front that you cut to the shape of your hairline and glue down. The multi-directional wigs usually have a comb, two clips by the ears and two clips at the nape of the neck to hold it in place, the cap of the wig will be stretchy enough to accommodate a ponytail of one’s own hair underneath. Moreover these wigs are not made on order but you can choose one out of the wide range provided to you.

  • Cayla Norris

    Toupee is a best choice in your case as toupee is generally termed as a hairpiece or you can call a partial wig to cover partial baldness. These wig are designed with a attempt to match the toupée’s color to the natural hair color of the wearer. When I ordered this wig I was very curious to get my order as I have only heard about it from many but never used it but when my hair started sheading I found using toupee wig as a beter alternative. My friends also advised me to take some hair loss medicine or to go for hair transplant system. But as I am very much concerned about my hair that’s why I did not want to try any thing harsh on it and decided to buy a wig because if it will not look good I will have the option to remove it. But once I used it I felt so comfortable and nice in it that I ordered few more of them. Now I have two of them and wear it without any fear and hesitation. 

  • Dayana Yates

    You can get the Halloween wig you want from any halloween mart or you can easily choose the ready made halloween wig from the wide range of costume wig available in market. Costume wigs are generally made to match up the costume  you  are wearing. There are two basic types of wigs, the glued on lace wigs or the multi-directional skin top wig, the latter often worn by orthodox Jewish women. The lace front wigs have a lacey front that you cut to the shape of your hairline and glue down. The multi-directional wigs usually have a comb, two clips by the ears and two clips at the nape of the neck to hold it in place, the cap of the wig will be stretchy enough to accommodate a ponytail of one’s own hair underneath. Moreover you can order the wig you want on line through Halloween costumes decorations activites. They provide a very good collection of wigs with wide range of color and size. So now no need to worry more about the party Halloween wig as they give free home delivery. You just have to place the order and wait it to deliver to your address. 

  • Diane Winters

    I believe that the wig manufacturer has never differentiated their wig as cancer wig but yet they provide lot of variety in wig. As you are a cancer patient and going under chemotherapy it is normal that you will lose some hair but as I have heard that this kind of hair loss is temporary and it stops when you stop taking medicine. One of the best way other then using wig is that you can even try for Couvre. Couvre is a best concealing cream as it works immediately on any part of the head. It reduces the contrast between your hair and scalp. It effectively hides the sight of the balding scalp. The cream is non greasy and non sticky. It works on a very subtle level.  I bought it and when my husband started using it there was a immediate result. I was so happy with the results and I have suggested this to my other friends also who had same problem. This cream has worked good for all and I wish it works for you as well. This cream will also help you to build up your confidence and make you less stressed with your hair problem. 

  • Kennedi Kelley

    Carmex is one of the little creations for chapped lips, cold sores and blisters on your lips. I first discovered it  several years ago when  I was suffering from very dry and chapped lips. We stopped at a convenience store and I picked up some carmex and it was instant gratification for my lips. It is a twist open plastic tin which comes in a ¼ ounce tin and is available in most of the stores. It is small in size and easy to carry. The tin stays tight enough that even in high heat it will not leak.  When I open the tin and look inside I see a fairly yellow gel  that easily scooped up with my fingertip.  I rubbed it on the area that I wanted to protect. It has a slight taste to it that is hard to place. It is not a mediciny flavor .It is sort of sweet, but in reality, there’s not much of a taste.  

  • Piper Mcdowell

    Demeter Fragrance is a perfume house in Pennsylvania which produces fragrances with aromas and scents of nature such as soil, flowers, fruits, cakes, drinks, and other interesting smells. So far they have produced over 200 fragrances with thematic names.  It smells incredibe and makes me feel good. You can buy a wide range of products from amazon or cosmetics. This perfume is made from fresh lilies and roses and does not contain any harmful chemicals. It effect lasts for long and it gives what it promises. I have been using this perfume since a year and I am very happy with the results. I have suggested it to many of my friends and they says that it really work great. I put it every time I go out and my girl friend also like it very much. Earlier i have faced my problem due to my sweating but now my life is entirely changed. Thanx to this perfume. I highly recommend its use. 

  • Kennedi Kelley

    There are number of sites on internet where you can find out the solutions to your every question. Some of them are dermatology about, medscape, karger etc. you can go through all these sites and can check for the information you want on skin related problems. You can know about different skin types their problem, causes and the solutions to overcome it. You can also search about the different products available for skin problems. These sites also give you information about any new product launched by any company and from where can you get all that. You will also be able to check the side effects caused by different products. You can even join the dermatology blog where you can meet many people with same problem and finding there solution. It will be helpful to you as if you want to discuss your any skin problem you can. Joining blog has given solution to many people and you can become one of them. Simply go the site and register yourself as member and you will become the part of the blog. 

  • Lucia Sexton

    Well you really got the best choice of warren tricomi   hair salon. The salon is owned by selden beylouni, who has over 13 years of experience of masterfully creating precision hair cuts, intricate color, and flawless make up. You can find out this salon at 375 pharr road, ste 104, Atlanta. Their working hours differs on every day so its beter that before going there you take an appointment or confirm. When I decided to get a hair cut I done lot of search and decided to go to warren hair salon. I sat on the chair and without saying any word I walked out of an amazing cut. Now I would not dream of going to anyone else to have my hair cut and colored.  I’ve had problems in the past with colorists making my hair too blond or just not hitting the natural look I was looking for but Selden got it right on my first visit.  I’ve seen a lot of hair stylists but none seem to have the true natural talent that Selden has.  You can also go to yelp to see what others have felt about it 

  • Dayana Yates

    Glycolic acid provides better solution to normal, dry and sensitive skin. It replenish and rehydrate dry, flacking, sensitive skin and rejuvenate normal skin. They provide about three kits for normal, dry and sensitive skin. Pink wow glycolic acid kit, pink daily maintenance kit and pink daily cleansing kit are to name few of them. I tried pink wow glycolic acid kit for my dry skin. It gives cleaner, healthier, young looking skin. The kit contains seven fabulous products like glycolic acid chemical peel, ph balanced prepping solution, post peel neutralizer, night time royal alpha balance, chiffon cream, pink facial cleanser and pink freshener. It helped me to change my look in just ninety days and I think in the best natural way. Just by using this product daily it has given me much smoother, softer and healthier looking skin. Its main ingredient contains glycolic acid and royal jelly. Royal jelly is one of the finest natural product. It helps retain and absorb moisture in your skin. It also helps to rejuvenate a new skin. Now I don’t have problem related to my dry skin and since I started using this kit I have never applied any thing else on my skin as I don’t feel any need. 

  • Melinda Patel

    Eshave is a expert in men’s shaving. I think as per your need you should give your husdand solution shaving kit. In this kit you will get the pre shaving oil ehich prepares the skin to shave, shave cream which will open your pores and soften the hairs. A badger shaving brush which is a must have for a shaving kit. This kit as a whole provides with a fastest and easiest way to prepare for the shaving. Eshave shaving Brushes are made of 100% Badger Hair to exfoliate, generate a rich lather, soften and raise your hair for a close and comfortable shave and prevent irritation .the kit also includes after shave balm a provides a long lasting moisturizing effect to protect the skin and give it a smooth felling. Lastly it provides with alum block which closes the pore safter shaving and tones the skin. I bught the kit for my husband last month just for $132. And I think the price is quite worth it. You can order this kit online from eshave and gift it to your husband and surprise him as you are meeting him aftera long time. I am sure that he will definitely like your gift. 

  • Kyla Strong

    basis soap is recommende by dermatologist and has  soothing chamomile for the purest and  mildest clean ever. This very caring, ultra pure formula does more than clean sensitive skin. Natural calming agents chamomile and aloe vera soothe and comfort skin. No fragrances, dyes or other harsh ingredients. Rinses completely. Leaves skin clean, calm and comfortable. No wonder dermatologists recommend it. its ingredients are Sodium Tallowate, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Triple Purified Water, Glycerin, Petrolatum, Almond Oil, Titanium Dioxide, Sodium Thiosulfate, Chamomile Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Cyclopentadecanolide, Pentasodium Pentetate, Tetrasodium Etidronate, Lanolin Alcohol, Beeswax. I used this bar a month ago and  I really like this bar. It’s great for acne prone skin. Sooths inflammed skin, and seems to reduce redness. It isn’t overly drying. It is  dermatologist recommended and it’s very cheap. I bought it only for $1.97. I have used several products and have noticed that every product has its pros and cons but this product does not have any sign of side effects. Every product does not work for all skin types but this producr really work for evary kind of skin and it is really great. You must try it out. 

  • Trent Boyer

    Cargo makeup products as one of best make up and cosmetics lines. They have a collection of 10 lipstick colors. They have a wide variety of products but  cargo bronzer is one of cargo makeup’s notable products.  It is offered for sale in four convenient shades such as light, medium, medium-matte, and dark. To get the best result use it  big blush brush and give a gentle touch. make a three pattern against your left cheek and a reverse 3 pattern on the right cheek to apply it correctly. Another celebrated Cargo makeup is the Cargo Blush. Choosing a blush that promises a sumptuous and fresh color without looking garish or simply too pink could be a significant challenge. Cargo blush can be purchased in 3 formulations, namely Blush, Beach Blush, and Suede Blush. The 3 formulas differ in character yet they are packed with a common moist and color rich outcome. 

  • Piper Mcdowell

     Well I don’t think that there is a huge difference in using acne gel or cream.  Both have the same ingredients. The only difference is of name and the texture of the cream. If you want you can try out some home made treatments as well. Like if you have dry skin you can use lemon and honey and if you have oily skin you can use lemon and cucumber. Apply the mixture on your face and leave it for 15 minutes. This will help in controlling your pimples and your facial hair will not turn golden as lemon in a light bleaching agent.  Lemon is not suitable for overnight use  but if you want you can use cucumber juice and leave that overnite. Trimula can also be used in conjuction with these natural remedies.  I have a oily skin and I tried the mixture if lemon and cucumber and it really worked a lot a for me. I was really fed up by using all the commercial products as they give results but temporary, once I started using it my skin got habitual of it and strated breaking out. But since I am using lemon and cucumber mixture my skin never broked out.

  • Cayla Norris

    Squigle Toothpaste begins working right away to improve and maintain a healthy environment in the mouth. Squigle treats cavities and even prevents future occurrences of painful canker sores. This toothpaste has a very loyal customer base with a high rate of repeat purchases because it works so well.  It contains no harsh detergents such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) which is believed to be a contributing factor in canker sores. It also doesn’t contain harsh abrasives stinging flavors irritating tartar control agents or bleaches. It’s gentle to the mouth. A year ago I started using this product and now I don’t face any problem like bed breath, ulcers etc. this toothpaste has not only solved my breath problem but it has helped my ulcers to break out. Since childhood I suffered a lot due to my ulcers and bad breath and one day while searching on net I came across this toothpaste and when I read its review I decided to use it. And now I can say that my decision was right as now I can eat whatever I want.

  • Lucia Sexton

     Nailtiques Formula 2 Kit is the perfect kit to treat problem nails. This kit includes 1.4 oz. Cuticle & Skin Gel. Nailtiques Nail Protein formulas were created to treat different nail conditions. It has a unique formula which bond the nail layers together. all this combination helps  to build a strong nail foundation resistant to peeling, chipping and splitting. so if you had a habit of chipping your nails then you need not to worry as this oil will solve your problem.  The oil softens cuticles by replenishing the skin’s natural oils. nailtiques cuticle & skin gel is a thick, concentrated glycerin and aloe enriched formula that conditions and penetrates deeply into the skin. You can apply it twice a day  and the cuticle & skin gel should be applied sparingly and regularly to dry areas of the skin and cuticles.  Apply the Oil therapy generously to cuticles and nails. i had a great experience with this product and hope the same for you.

  • Eleanor Rojas Rojas

    Go smile teeth whitening system is made up of hydrogen peroxide. It gives you the result in just thirty minutes. Each package contains twenty vials which provide whitening treatment for ten days.it comes in a very attractive pack and suits its high price tag. It ia one of the easiest method and quickest method of getting rid of yellow teeth. Many of my friends have tried it and most of them happy with its use. One of my friend has gone for a sample before going to buy the large tube. And he found his teeth comparatively whiter thwn before, but he also found that this toothpaste has left his gum white for about half an hour but then faded away. There was a little sensitivity in his teeth for a while. But at last he was happy with the results. But when he stopped using it his teeth again started becoming yellow. You can check more reviews by going to teeth whitening reviews and can have a look about that what  other think about this product.

  • Trista Valdez

    Neutrogena multi vitamin acne treatment is one of the popular treatment for acne. Neutrogena’s acne treatment line contains countless products which help soothe, diminish redness, reduce discoloration, and clear up acne blemishes. One of the highly recommended product in nutrogene series is its lotion. This lotion is made up of acne fighting ingredients, vitamin a, e, and natural fruit extract which keeps the skin soothed and free of bacteria. I bought htia product a month ago and now I don’t find my pimples breaking out. It has given my skin a new texture and smooth ness.  When i used exclusively to treat acne, the Neutrogena multi vitamin acne treatment lotion is very effective. When used to clear up the skin at least partially so that the KP treatment can work much better, it is even better. When used for general cleanliness and hygiene, it is a really good idea. As I mentioned earlier, the brand name is quite reputed and this excellent product from their already illustrious stable, only enhances my confidence in their offerings. 

  • Stephanie Mckinney

     There are lots of benefits that aloe vera creams provide.  It is one of the oldest known medicinal plants gifted by nature. Some varieties are better for healing burns and wounds while other varieties are better for moisturizing skin. the best type of aloe for use in aloe products including facial cream is miller barbadenis. So you can say that  it is also doctor approved.Aloe Vera is widely considered to be the plant that most closely resembles the organic makeup of the human body.  It is made up of large  variety of substance that are found in human body like  vitamins and minerals, amino acids and enzymes. it does not differentiate between any cream which is made ofor children and which are made for adults but it is understood  that acne creams are not made for childrens they are made for adults. as it is hundred percent natural in nature it helps tp prevent every kind of skin problems and does not have any side effect also.

  • Declan Lamb

    Seaweed soap have many benefits. I have tried 3 types of seaweed soaps. crumbled  nori, powdered  spirulina, and powdered kelp. I like nori the best.  This soap is realy fantastic. I have been using the triple-action soap for 3 weeks now and my skin feels amazing. It feels so soft and healthy, like layers of dull dead skin has been washed from my face. This  seaweed soap has become my daily facial cleansing routine and I will be ordering more of  this fantastic product.. One of the benefit of seawood is that it detoxify and remove toxins from the outer layer of the skin and tone the skin. it  increases blood circulation around the skin which gives a better benefit to the skin and increase metabolisim. i have suggested this soap yo many of my friends and they are also quite satisfied with using it. you can know more about this soap by visiting ocean vegetables or nortcountrymercentile. you can get every information you want on these sites and if you want you place your order online as well.

  • Nehemiah Wyatt

    If you have dry skin I suggest it is better to use liquid foundation as it will help your skin to look lively and well hydrated. You can identify dry skin among other skin types as it appears dull and very rough. So, liquid foundation will help you to overcome this problem by covering up flaw of rough skin. Whereas my personal choice is mineral foundation. Mineral foundation are available in market according to the skin type. You can easily select the one matching your skin tone and skin type. Mineral foundation covers the skin well providing a well finish look to the face. It hides all the flaws and makes your face appear perfect. You can choose mineral foundation of L’Oreal Paris. It is amazing for all skin types and is really a mineral foundation that I loved. It is perfect for any season and occasion. You can also opt from mineral foundation Maybelline or bare essentials mineral foundation too. 

  • Jenifer Morton

    Hi friend I would really like to help you. You want to know about blink kiss me mascara, I want to tell you that it is made especially for sensitive and contact lens wearers. You also don’t need to use any kind of mascara remover if you will use it.I don’t know whether you know this or not, so I would like to tell you that unlike other mascaras, it does not pain your lashes because its in tube form. The tubes once applied to the lashes do not smudge, flake, and clump even if you will rub your eyes or you cry. Whether you go to office of out for dinner this mascara will never let you down and will stay as you have just applied it.It adds volume and length to the lashes and is water proof as well. To remove these tubes just use warm water and press it gently with your fingers. The tubes will slide off your lashes effortlessly.

  • Alysa Ellison

    I have used the mentioned soap (sugar soap) for preparing wallswhen I need to decorate it and also used for cleaning the patio furniture withit. It has done wonders for me. In actual sense the term sugar soap is a generic name used todescribe a popular chemical cleanser and some priming solution related to paintwhich is available in powdered and liquid formats. Homemade versions are commonly used forcommercial preparations. The main uses of sugar soap which are known to me are as follows.1. Sugar soap is used to clean and prepare wallsfor painting or wallpapering purposes. 2. It is also useful for cleaning nicotine stains,grease, bacteria and pet odors.3. In the US, the comparable product will be TSPbut due to its harmful effect toward environment it is not used that much. 4. Sugar soap is not at all used for skin andgreat precautions must be taken to keep the skin and eyes protected fromcontacts with the chemicals that exist.

  • Bella Reeves

    The Exposed acne treatment serum is made of both natural ingredients as well as medical actives. Polypore Benzoyl, Azelaic acid, Peroxide and green tea extract are some of the ingredients of the product. It also helps to achive the goal of clearing acne.What makes the product work better is the blend of highly effective ingredients. It comprises of a formulation of micronized benzoyl peroxide which is known as the most successful ingredients for treating acne. This treatment serum also has other ingredients such as olive leaf extract, green tea extract, tea tree oil, aloe vera and many others. I will suggest you to use the serum in coordination with other products of the Exposed skin care kit. Each of the products in the Exposed kit has its own function to perform. This means that using the Exposed acne treatment serum alone is missing the essential aspect of skin care.

  • Sidney Stantion

    My brother was also facing the same problem few monthsback. The dandruff used to come back even if he used the best shampoo, this wasbecause he had some definite scalp conditions which were really different fromthe shampoo which he was using.Scalp condition, the nature of scalp is one of the most imperativefactors which must be kept in mind while you decide the anti dandruff shampoo. Nowyou must be wondering of the different scalp conditions, like we have a dryscalp and an oily one too. And both the scalps require different kind of antidandruff shampoos.So check up with a trichologist, enquire from him the exactdandruff shampoo which you need on the basis of the nature of your scalp. Wish you luck.

  • Araceli Potter

    Mineral based makeups are all the right rage now. It seems as if every major makeup brand is coming out with their own version of it. There are many claims on how great it is for your skin as it is made all natural products, it is healthy for any skin, it is so great you can sleep in it, etc.I think you should be aware of the type of minerals you are putting on your skin as I don’t think all mineral products are beneficial or even safe for contact with your skin. Just because something says “mineral” does not automatically mean good for you sometimes mineral products also cause allergies to ones skin so you must check the ingredients of any product which you want to use.If you ever face any problem with these mineral products then I will suggest you to avoid using them for the time being and consult a doctor and take prescriptions of medicine for treatment of the allergy.

  • Micah Middleton

    I used this product a year back and you know what,it is not that good as it is pretended and shown to be. I bought this productbecause the sales guy was telling me it is refreshing and all the other thingswhich were needed to make me believe. When I asked him to show me a sample orsomething of that sort then he was not willing to show anything.I thought that it is good and bought it but once I started usingit, I didn’t like it at all. It is just like any other normal water, anyone will feelstupid if I pay $15 for a glass bottle which has normal water with someminerals that don’t work, for me at least. If you want to try it then you can,but I won’t recommend you. Rather you should go in for something like rosewater brought to you by Heritage Products Rose Petals Rosewater. It is worth,much better than this product.

  • Susan Williams

    novelasymas.com- This webpage tells you what to do and how to have makeup like a mermaid. It is quite good and can make you look stunning and really great. You should definitely give it a try before you go for your act. Maybe you should see what you can get done. It also has the color green and blue in it.Latex is a good choice too and yes it does allow the skin to breathe, so you could try that too. But it also depends on how many hours you are planning to keep the makeup on. If it is not for too long then I think you can easily try the link I gave so that at least you know it looks great. I have personally never tried liquid latex. If you have time to your show, I suggest you try both see which works best for you. Good luck and have a great show.

  • Mateo Garrison

    Hey. You know what, this product istotally amazing. If you have the slightest notion that the hair is getting thinon the edges or from the crown area of the head or some of your peer peoplehave started making fun of you or started coming to you out of sheer concernthen you could try out this product. This product is been approved by the FederalDrug Association (FDA). I thought that the product will not work for me, butthen after 1 month time it had started showing favorable results. I may not be wrong in saying that theproduct will work for everyone and anyone. It may be possible that the productmay not work for you, it depends on conditions. If your hair loss problem is hereditaryin nature then I guess it won’t work, else you still have a glimmer of hope.Try it out if your hair loss is a condition and not a hereditaryproblem. Wish you luck.

  • Karen Lloyd

    Good to know that you don’t use make up daily. Going out for shopping and party needs make up. Foundation is a must for flawless skin. What kind of foundation is good, that is depends on two factors i.e. skin type and weather.Liquid foundation – If you have dry skin or normal skin then liquid foundation is very good for you. Liquid foundation need proper blending with skin. If you will blend it with right stroke according to your face, it looks great. That means liquid foundation take a little bit more time than mineral.But liquid foundation is must for dry skin. Also for mature skin like people over 40, at this age skin lose moisture. Summer and hot weather is good but our skin tends to dehydrate. In such conditions, light liquid foundation is good.Mineral foundation – These days mineral foundation is hot favorite because it blends easily in your skin and needs no time. These minerals are very fine particles, some brands claims use of nano technology which gives flawless effect. Many of such minerals contains mica, calamine etc. natural products. These are good for skin.Now, if you have oily skin or mixed skin, you can easily go for mineral foundation. Also good for cold weather when you apply heavy cold cream which gives too much shiny effect. If you are busy person and no time for make up, minerals are perfect. Minerals need very good cleansing because these fine particles tends to block your skin pores. So use good cleansing product while using mineral foundation.This is how you can choose your type of foundation. Always remember moisturizer should goes with foundation. A good moisturizer is key to great skin.

  • Alia Haley

    Hi, there you will be really happy to know that now you can get derma blend range of foundation for dry skin also. I also have dry skin and a year ago I was also searching for the product that can make my skin look flawless. And the derma smooth indulgence spf 20 foundation became the solution to my problem. It really helped to give the look I want to my skin and make my wrinkles get covered under it. But before you apply it you must make sure that your face is thoroughly cleaned and if you use any moisturizer then you can use it before applying the foundation.After this apply the foundation using derma blend foundation brush. With light stokes work from the inside to the outward of your face. If you feel that you need to dab more of the product then do it in the same manner. Also, blend it around neck, ears and top of the forehead to avoid uneven lines. You can repeat the procedure till you are satisfied with the outcome. And if you are going out in sun then apply your regular sunscreen before applying the foundation. Give it a touch with derma blend setting powder.

  • Eleanor Francis

    Hello there, I have also used the product last month. It isjust ok, no great shakes. I was thinking, it must have got something which isreally cool considering the price on which the product has been placed. But I waswrong. The product has to be re-applied for the 3rd time, means Ineed to put 3 coatings of the eye shadow to actually get the desired effect. I heard a lot about the product and thought that it wasworth a purchase. But I am sorry to say that it is not. The product is reallyvery dry and my skin is also dry, which is why I have more grudges against theproduct. If you have got an oily skin then it can work fine for you, but if ithas a dry skin then sorry no luck.

  • Isabell Hall

    Hey, I have been using the teamine eye cream for the past 1 year. I wasborn with the dark circles around my eyes. People used to wonder, am I tired? Am I feeling ill? It doesn’t even matter what type ofconcealers I used. They all failed except the Dermablend. It (the dark circles) always strikes back. The name of the eye cream is actually revision teamine eye complex. It is great. It has certain ingredients which are totally naturaland will never hurt you, or even if they are not natural, then it will not have any side effect over you. Some of theingredients are Purified Water, Stearic Acid,Glycosaminoglycans, Barium Sulfate, Mangifera Indica (Mango) Seed Butter, CetylAlcohol, Cyclopentasiloxane, Glycerin etc; The cream is hypoallergenic,fragrance free and dermatologist tested. A half an ounce of the cream had cost me $52. I think it will work for you. Good luck.

  • Arun Sharma

    Here I am with your problem’s solution as you said you have dry and sensitive skin and you are using moisturizer after bath. Yes due to dryness of the skin the moisturizer makes greasy which really feels bad. You are thinking of changing that with tan gel. There is no doubt that this is very good cream for the skin. Formulated with naturally sourced raw materials that hydrate the skin while giving a gorgeous brown tan color and fresh healthy glow to the skin. It is oil free, alcohol free and fragrance free, so it is great for even sensitive skin especially face application. If you don’t want to go through with this tan gel then you can also try natural moisturizer like Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, SodiumHyaluronate, Sodium PCA, Glycerin and DL-Panthanol will keep skin hydrated which help to prevent the drying effect from DHA. Green tea and white tea also help to remove the dryness of the skin.

  • Miriam Collins

    Doing make up is not a big deal but when you are a learner or a beginner you should pay more attention to the basics of the makeup. Once you will learn the basics applying makeup will not be a tough job for you at all. To apply eye shadow perfectly you must have right eye shadow base as it will hold the eye shadow for long and prevent it from getting sprinkled on your face. I will suggest you to use cream eye shadow base and then go for the eye shadow which you want. While applying the base don’t use any brush as it will not give you the look you want. Either use your middle finger or ring finger to spread it evenly all over your eyelid.Then take a dark color of the eye shadow and with the help of brush give a contour to the concave portion of your eyelid. Clean the brush after that and then blend the eye shadow. Doing this will help you to have smoky look.

  • America Briggs

    As you are planning to have all the products from same brand name then I must say that you have made a very good choice. La Splash has a very wide range of cosmetics. They have differentiated their products which are for normal skin from those which are for oily skin people. So you can choose the products according to your skin choice from nail polish to glitter and from makeup products to hair products, they have almost every kind of products.You can buy these products online also from ultra. The time you open it you can have a look to all the products you want to order and they reach you in maximum five business days. They don’t have cash before delivery so you have to pay when you get your products.

  • Kiley Fitzgerald

    I can really understand your problem and would like to help you. A year ago I was also very much tensed with my dry lips and had tried almost everything. One of my friends told me about this product and since that I really love this balm. As you don’t like to wear lipstick on your lips so, I must say that picking up eyeko lip balm is a good choice for you. It is pretty great. The strawberry shade has a bit of shimmer but it is not noticeable when you apply it. It has a soft moisturizing formula, pleasant smell and glide on easily. But I did not find the packing appealing at all because the balm is much bigger than the size of your lips and makes it harder to apply. It has given my lips a little tint that enhances its natural color. It is suitable for dry lips also as it has a kind of moisture that when you apply it on you don’t fell that your lips are dry any more.

  • Alexys Livingston

    I can understand how hectic it is to search for the product you want and when you don’t get it. A year ago when I faced the same problem I started shopping online.When you order the products online they reach to you in maximum five business days. Just go to the site of nailgirls and click on the option contact us. A page will open where you will get the address of the site where you can place your order. The time you will click on that link a dialogue box will get open. Register yourself by giving your name and e-mail address. You will be taken to their site where you can order what you want. You have to pay for the parcel when it will reach you. So, first get satisfy that you get what you wanted and then pay. I think this is the most easy and convenient way to shop as now I don’t need to go out and walk miles to search for the product I want. I can simply sit in front of my system and can order what I like.

  • Anupama Khare

    See, there are various types of body glitter available in the market. While buying keep it in mind that you will apply it on your body so go for a good brand. Body glitter and face illuminator are two different things. However, you can apply body glitter on face also but you should be careful beacause a little amount of it gives a lot of shine to your body. It may look overdone. Even if you plan to apply it then do it in a very minimal way with the help of a cheek brush.It’s advisable that you apply face illuminator on your face. You’ll look gorgeous and your make up will not look too glittery Face illuminator is nothing but loose mineral powder having golden dust in it. It gives a finished and shiny look .For rest of the body you can put body glitter with the help of the cosmetic puff, sponge or brush. Just take a small amount of glitter on the puff and spread it all over your body. You must apply it over make up. Don’t do any further make up after applying glitter .Quick Tip:Don’t apply it if there is any sweat on body. It will get stick and won’t look nice. Use Talc or mineral powder on your body before applying glitter so that body remains dry.

  • Anupama Khare

    A basic nail polish kit contains nail polish of various colors, a lint brush, wet nap and a marker. It may also include bottles of a particular color and a nail gloss remover. Many times these accessories are highlighted with various tubes of different shades of colors. Nail shimmers and glittering paints can also be added to it. But is is advisable to buy small bottles of colors because they dries up quickly if not closed properly.You can make kit of your own choice. It will be more reasonable than the ready made.The nail polish kit helps in maintaining and nourishing nails. You should follow the instructions of all the products in it before using them. You can add a manicure set in it which includes 1.Hand scrub: Exfoliates hands and give conditioning to them.2. Hand and nail cream : It protects hands and nails from moisture loss.3.Nail shield : It is the hardener, strengthener and protector of the nails. Makes nails stronger.4.French Manicure : It dries up quickly with gloss finish and helps in hardness of nails.5.Nail polish remover : Used for removing nail paints.6.Nail food : Revitalizes and restores weak nails with nourishing oils. It is non greasy in nature and get absorbed quickly.The above nail polish kit is available in Oriflame. You can also try Satin Hands by Mary Kay. For nail colors you can try out M.A.C, Elle, Revlon, Maybllene or any other brand of your choice.

  • Alia Haley

    I personally have a number of products of Arissa and I really love them a lot. It is a very good alternative to the all over priced and high cost cosmetics with its sleek packaging, quality, and affordability. I find the company offering stylist, modern and sophisticated cosmetic products at reasonable price. As you want to gift it to the guests I think arissa is a good choice for you to go.But I wonder that they don’t have any products for men. I have never heard about any product which they have launched for men ever. I think instead of going for anything else you should try nivea products for men. Nivea has high range of products for men and that too at reasonable price. You can get all the products for them from Nivea. My husband is using Nivea products and he is really happy with them.

  • Anupama Khare

    Mineral eye color is applied on eyesto give them a gorgeous look. Sometimes casual, sometimes flirty and sometimesglam. You’re never the same woman day in and day out when you apply differenteye colors.Mineral colors are vibrant and diverse. The mineral formula is famous forits oil absorbing properties, ease of application and excellent coverage. Andthe long lasting mineral color, fade resistant shades look fabulous on any skintoneAs you said that you are using them from past sometime and now you arefinding that your lashes are becoming thin. There can be many reasons for it.Lack of nutrition, prolonged improper sleep, stress also affect our health, skinand hair. Not using a good and branded mineral eye color might be a reason. Go for a good brand. Don’tuse old cosmetics. Always check expiry date before using it. Ingredients of Mineral eye color are:Talc, Dimethicone, Octyldodecyl Stearoyl Stearate, Nylon-12,ZincStearateC-26-28Alkyl Dimethicone, zea Mays(Corn) Starch, MethylParaben,Aluminium Starch Octenylsuccinate, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Silica, Isononanoate,Octyldodecanol, Tocopheryl acetate, Ascorbyl palmitate, Cetearylethylhexanoate, PCA dimethicone, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Mica, Titaniumdioxide, Iron oxidesMay Contain: Ultramarines, Carmines, Yellow5 lake, ferric Ferrocyanide..

  • Anupama Khare

    Almost all color shades go very well on brown eyes. You can absolutely try glitter eyeliner. They are in fashion these days. It gives a very trendy look when applied. Brown color eyes look more gorgeous with golden or bronze glitter eyeliner. These colors can be applied for any color dress. For pink dress you can also try silver or light blue glitter eyeliner.For applying glitter eyeliner, I’ll recommend you to first apply brown, black or blue liquid eyeliner according to the color of glitter eyeliner which you are applying. Then touching the liquid eyeliner line apply glitter eye liner. It will give you a finished and complete look. They look awesome and can be applied easily . Several good brands have launched it. The few good brands I know are Revlon, Streetwear, L’Oreal, Maybelline. Though they contain some chemicals but they are safe to use. Generally they don’t have side effects. Be careful if you wear contact lenses. And always follow instructions before application. And always put off your make up before you sleep. So, try them out and enjoy your birthday.

  • Anupama Khare

    Hi there, First of all I want to make it clear that almost all cosmetic products have chemicals in them. Though good brands of cosmetic range use chemicals that don’t harm our skin. All organic cosmetic product also have some amount of chemicals in them. So, while selecting any cosmetic product for yourself go for a good brand. Mac, L’Oreal, Mary Kay, Revlon and Maybelline are a few brands which offer good products. You can make your make up kit from any of these brands.Since you are just sixteen so I’ll advise you not to put lot of make up on your young skin. Try to have good healthy diet, drink 10 glasses of water a day and take good sleep. Following these three things will make your skin flawless and glowing.For a little makeup you can apply lipstick, eyeliner, nail paint and mascara. You can go for trendy colors in nail paints and eyeliner. They are readily available these days. Occasionally you can apply eye color and blush. Foundation makes skin look flawless.But be careful about brands. And always remove make up and wash your face before sleeping.

  • Anupama Khare

    Loose powder is generally applied on oily skin to absorb excess oil. It can replace liquid foundation for people having oily skin. As well as it can be applied on foundation also to set it for a longer time.Applying makeup on oily skin is tricky. Because after sometime of application, make up starts loosing and sticking to things you pick.At times it becomes embarrassing. You have to be very selective while buying makeup foundation for your oily skin. It is advisable to go for only good brands. You can try out Matte wear liquid foundation for your skin. It helps to absorb oil and control shine without giving a look or feel of heavy makeup. Skin gets a matte finish and appearance of pores gets visibly reduced.It comes in different shades. You can go for the one which best suits yourcomplexion. While Sheer Mineral Pressed Powder is an alternate to liquid foundation for people having oily skin. It helps in minimizing appearance of facial lines by enhancing luminosity and delivering sheer color. It definitely controls excess oil up to eight hours to keep makeup looking fresh through out the day. Loose powder is one more option to replace foundationto get a fresh look. It gives a matte textured look by controlling shine and absorbing oil. You have to be sure while using applicators for it. It can beapplied by cheek brush, puff or a cosmetic sponge. Don’t go for a rough brush as it can cause rashes to your skin. Choose a softer and good quality brush. Be careful about hygiene. Keep your applicator separate and clean. Don’t share it with someone and replace them from time to time.

  • Anupama Khare

    Everything which is natural is biodegradable and to keep them for long we add preservative in it and preservatives contain chemical in them. So, if we are making something which lasts long means we are including chemicals in them.So, it’s true that each and every cosmetic has some amount of chemicals in them. Even mineral cosmetics have chemicals in some quantity. Amount of chemicals depend on quality and brand of product.Though some chemicals are harmful for your skin but not all of them. The good brands cosmetics are safe to apply. L’oreal, Mac, Mary Kay, Revlon etc are few good brands that you can choose for cosmetic. But, it doesn’t mean that you remain always in make up. Because after all they are chemicals and can harm your skin. Use heavy make up occasionally. Go for a light make up if you are applying it regularly. You should be careful while applying cosmetics and must follow instructions of application carefully. It’s always recommended to remove make up at night. Keep your skin clean and wash face with water. Keep yourself hydrated as well for a glowing and flawless skin. Keep a healthy diet and sleep for 7-8 hours. If you follow a regular routine you won’t require make up everyday.Quick Tip:Don’t use very old cosmetic product. Don’t go for a huge collection of cosmetic range rather keep a few and replace them with new colors when the older cosmetic finishes.

  • Paris Maldonado

    I would love to answer this for you. As I love doing make up and you can say that I am a makeup bee I have done a lot of search on the beauty and make up products.Doing make up is not a big deal but when you are a learner or a beginner you should pay more attention to the basics of the makeup. Once you will learn the basics applying makeup will not be a tough job for you at all. To apply eye shadow perfectly you must have right eye shadow base as it will hold the eye shadow for long and prevent it from getting sprinkled on your face. I will suggest you to use cream eye shadow base and then go for the eye shadow which you want. While applying the base don’t use any brush as it will not give you the look you want. Either use your middle finger or ring finger to spread it evenly all over your eyelid.Then take a dark color of the eye shadow and with the help of brush give a contour to the concave portion of your eyelid. Clean the brush after that and then blend the eye shadow. Doing this will help you to have smoky look.

  • Anupama Khare

    Cosmetic products are the best gift for young girls. And if your sis is fond of nail paints then nothing like it. If you are gifting her the same. As she is a college going student you have a wide range to select.You can make a set of 3-5 nail paint bottles. But be careful about bottle size. Because nail polishes get dry quickly if not closed properly. Always check the expiry date while purchasing and go for smaller bottles rather than those big ones.You can buy from different brands: Revlon, Oriflame, MaryKay, Elle are a few good brands that have a wide range of colors. Pick some trendy colors like red, blue,green or black in gloss texture.College going girls love these colors.You must pick a natural or neutral color may be light pink, bronze or copper shade that will go with every dress and can be applied on formal functions. You can also pick one matte finish nail paint in fluoroscent color.

  • Anupama Khare

    The main reason of having an oily skin is ‘sebum’ the oil which is secreted by sebaceous glands present in our skin. The glands are active at T-zone that is on forehead, nose and chin. Sebum is a natural oil found in everyone. But it’s over secretion makes skin oily. Applying makeup on oily skin is tricky. Because after sometime of application make up starts loosing and sticking to things you pick.At times it becomes embarrassing. You have to be very selective while buying makeup foundation for your oily skin. It is advisable to go for only goodbrands for your sensitive skin. You can try out M.A.C or Mary Kay. Both the brands have produced amazing results. Before you apply concealer I’ll suggest you to apply a coating of foundation preferably matte finish. Matte wear liquid foundation can be applied on oily to combination skin. It is very well suited to sensitive skin. It works all day to absorb oil and control shine without giving a look or feel of heavy makeup. Skin gets a matte finish and appearance of pores gets visibly reduced.It comes in different shades. You can go for the one which best suits your complexion.After applying foundation go for concealer for minor imperfections. The shade of it must be same as of the shade as foundation. Blemishes, Under eye dark circles or discoloration can be hide with it. Apply a mineral loose powder after it to set it and for protection from excess oil.

  • Sanchita Mukherjee

    You do not have to worry about yourhair anymore. There are plenty of hairstyles which will not only change yourentire appearance but will also make you look good. Since you have mediumlength hair, you have plenty of options in fact. There are numerous advantageswhile choosing a hairstyle for medium length hair. It’s quite common with allthe women because it goes well with many types of hair, face cuts and persona.It is easy to manage and maintain as well. However, before going in for thescissors, you must take into consideration things like the shape of your hair,the state of your hair etc. You can identify your best features andaccentuate them by getting your hair done in layers. Just imagine, some nicelycut layers or delicate bangs can transform your entire appearance. The bob cutis also good for medium length hair. You could have it cut a little short forsome whacky hairstyles. You could also opt for the straight cut or even try outthe shag to make it a little more attractive. If you do not want to risk itout by getting a haircut, you could try out some hairstyles at home. Curl upthe ends of your hair or straighten them up if they are curly. Since you havemedium length hair, you could even try out the traditional bun. So, be a littleexploratory and a little innovative to look good in that party.

  • Aleah Mills

    You have already come to a solution and I think it is the best way to put away your wrinkles. It is paraben free and is suitable for every skin type. It naturally fills the fine lines and smoothes the skin surface to give protection to delicate tissues. It is made up of ultra hyaluronic acid gel which increases the skin natural elastin levels and reduce appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It does not have any side effects and is very effective. When I started using it, I applied it after cleansing and toning to the areas where fine lines are visible and then apply moisturizer. I used it both the time in day and night to get quick results. So if you want to get quick result you can also use it in the same manner.Its main ingredients are aloevera, vegetable glycerin, green tea extract and cedar bark extract. You can get it for $19.99.

  • Lesly Pugh

    It is totally true that there are a lot of upcoming brands with promising results and one is sure to get confused, what to go for.Well some upcoming brands are really effective on the normal skin like Patti Labelle or Flori Roberts.I personally have tried their foundation giving a subtle glow on the skin and was really satisfied with the result.Labelle on the other hand is good with the conditioners and moisturizers. Some other new brands you can check out in the market are Coastal classic collections with varieties of color for eye shadows and lip gloss and Greenpeople for skin creams and gels. It’s up to you as you have not mentioned what type of cosmetic product you want to try. Though I have given my experience but it’s your skin type and allergies you have, that you, yourself has to check out the best for your skin.

  • Anupama Khare

    First all we should know the reason of black heads. Why and how they occur? Black heads are nothing but dust and dirt that gets accumulated or clogged in the open pores of our skin.One more reason for their occurance is sebum produced by sebaceous glands which are present on nose and chin. Sebum makes nose and chin sticky and thus the dirt get trapped here.One method to remove them is use of black head remover strips. No, it is a myth that black head strips make the black heads to come back. But yes they do help in reduction of black heads to a certain level though not completely.They are not harmful to use. But you don’t get complete satisfaction with it.For regular use I’ll not advise you for these strips. It’s better to get them cleaned using scrubs, black head remover ( a small metallic strip used by beauticians during facial) and splash of water. For scrubs you can buy apricot scrub or sugar scrub from some good brands or you can make your own scrub at home. Semolina and grinded masoor dal (lentil) act as a good scrubbing agent. Avoid going out in dust. Even if you have to go out for work cover your face properly. Lastly drink as much as 10 glasses of water to remain hydrated. Following these little steps will definitely solve your problem.

  • Annabel Mccarty

    I can understand how difficult it is to put wig for the first time and I think your query about its use and application is quite genuine.Costume wigs are generally made to match up the costume you are wearing. Whether you want to go for a party with dress up theme u can even try the costume wigs. Whether you are going as a witch or an ancient roman general you can get the look you want and that to in affordable price. Some people wear wigs to disguise the fact that they are bald. A wig may be used as a less intrusive and less expensive alternative to therapies for restoring hair. Wigs may also be used as a cosmetic accessory. There are two kinds of wigs, the lace wigs and the multi-directional top wig. The lace front wigs have can be cut to the shape of your hairline and glue down as it have lacey front. The multi-directional wigs normally have a comb, two clips and the cap is stretchy enough to accommodate a ponytail of one’s own hair underneath.

  • Annabel Mccarty

    I understand how difficult it is to manage coarse hair. Nonetheless, I would really like to advise you that you should not tie your hair tightly, as it causes breakage in them. In fact, I would also recommend you to go for a haircut, so that it may help you in managing your hair quite well. However, to really ensure that you make the most of your hairstyle you can’t ignore the texture and density of your hair. If you choose a good hairstyle for yourself based on your hair type and texture, it will make it easier for you to look after your hair, but also help in styling your hair. As you have mentioned, you have coarse hair, I would suggest you to go for hairstyles that could lessen the bulk and weight of your hair. I would recommend razor cuts, layer cuts, and such hairstyles that are favorable to lessen the density of your hair. It would be ideal for you if you could keep away from heavy minimum graduated hairstyles. I hope a new hairstyle could help you in making your life easier. Stay beautiful.

  • Anupama Khare

    A face illuminator or face loose powder available in different brands help to set your foundation and gives you a fresh look. It gives a shine or shimmer effect to your face. It can be applied with round powder brush. You can go for beige or ivory whichever color suits your complexion. Be selective about brands. Revlon and L’Oreal are the two good brands which offers face illuminator. You can apply a little amount of it on your face as well as body.See, body shimmer is a transparent powder with shimmers in it. When you apply it on your face and body it gives you a shine or shimmery effect. You can apply it with a cheek brush or cosmetic sponge or a puff. Just be careful about hygiene. There may be chances of growth of bacteria on your applicator. So, keep it clean, don’t share it with anyone and replace it from time to time. Mary Kay offers Journey shimmeriffic body powder. It is very amazing with lovely fragrance. Face illuminator and body shimmers don’t cost much and last longer.

  • Anupama Khare

    First of all I’ll recommend you to go for mineral eye colors from a good brand like M.A.C or Mary Kay. The mineral formula helps in absorbing excess oil, easy to apply and gives you full coverage.It is most suitable for sensitive skin. How to apply it:1.Single color: If you want to give a single shade to your eye then select the eye color which matches your dress. Don’t go for very bold colors. Choose a lighter shade of color of your dress. Bronze and golden goes well with almost every color dress. Close your eyes and apply the color with cosmetic sponge or small brush or your finger tip from lash line to the eyebrow bone. Cover the complete eye area. You can also apply a darker shade to the lower area and the lighter shade of the same color to the upper half.2. Double color: Say you are wearing a blue dress and you are not confident about blue make up. Then apply a nude color say beige or brown starting from inner corner of lash line to the middle of it. Cover the area till eyebrow bone with brown color. For rest half (or less than half ) apply blue color. It will give you a vibrant look.3.Mixing and matching: Apply purple color near the top lash line to the outer corner of the eye and in the crease. Lightly apply blue color to the center of the eyelid. Finish eyes with cream golden color to the brow bone and inner corner of the eye.

  • Daniela Acosta

    I will be glad to help you regarding what is the best color that will be suitable for your green eyes, since even my daughter has green eyes and she always takes my suggestion regarding the best eye shadow color for her. You can try different shades of browns, especially the chocolate tones. Browns and dark greens with copper or gold highlights are also a great choice of eye shadow color for green eyes. Along with which apricots and taupes are also some of the good choices for highlighters for green eyes. Even the shade of dark purples, plums and metallics will work with your green eyes. Coppers and golds will also make a really glamorous evening look for makeup tips for green eyes. I personally like the way deep purples look in contrast with the dark green eyes. I hope my help is appreciated by you.

  • Lucia Sexton

    I can help you with the make up for hazel eyes as even I have a pair of lovely hazel eyes that look really pretty on me and make me stand out in the crowd. Since the hardest eye color to match up is hazel as Hazel eyes can range anywhere from gold, brown and green, with all the three colors appearing throughout the eye. Good color palettes according to me for hazel eyes include the colors of purples, browns, deep greens, golds and peaches. While applying you should use the lightest shade beneath your brow bone to accent your eyes and then brush the next darkest color across your eyelid and highlight it with the darkest color in the crease of the eye. or you can stick with a shiny silver eye shadow if you are not sure what color palette is that you want.I hope these tips will be helpful for you to get a perfect make up for your hazel eyes.

  • Rebekah Duke

    You love experimenting with your hairstyles all the time and now you are looking for new one . You are looking for a cool and trendy hair updo to carry for the get together at your friend’s place . So you want such hairstyle that you can own words of praises from people.Well my sister too is somewhat like you as she always does new stuffs with her hair.She too got a haircut last week and it was quite cool. I can suggest you with the same.Here are the tips I would suggest you to follow :1. You can experiment with your hair length and color. Reinvention can be done through hair color. You can try a little red or blonde color on your hair.2.Follow these sites to see somehairupdo pictures :# hairboutique# weddingupdos

  • Anupama Khare

    I don’t understand that why are you afraid of chemicals and want to go for organic shampoo. As it is, applying colors on hair uses application of chemicals. Even then if you want to go for organic shampoos then you can very well opt for them. Of course they contain chemicals in very small amount. And cause no harm to our hair. VLCC and Lotus are the two branded names in natural and organic products. You can try them out, they contain chemicals in limited amount.Otherwise there are color protecting shampoos available in market. A few of them really works well. You can try out L’Oreal color protecting shampoo by L’Oreal Professionnle Paris. It is one of the best brands I have used so far. You can try out shampoo as well as its conditioner. You must apply conditioner to your hair after every wash. A protein serum should be applied on towel dried hair to protect them from dust and dirt. Oiliss protein serum from L’Oreal is good.

  • Rahul Shah

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  • Majid Qayoom Wani

    If your hair has become weak and thin due to the excessive use of chemicals, it is really impossible to grow them back in a month’s time. If your hair is thick and is in good health, it is possible to get it back in a month’s time. It all depends on your hair type and also the health of your hair. If you want to improve the health of your hair, it is advisable to shave of your hair. Hair roots become weak over time and they give up growing new hair. This is the basic reason for baldness. If you shave off your hair once in a year, it is going to be helpful, as the hair roots will get the nourishment and cleansing in a proper way. Thus, cutting your hair once in a while can be helpful to nourish your hair and cleanse your scalp from dandruff and fungal infections.The way to grow hair faster is by proper cleansing and nourishment. If your scalp is free from dandruff and other fungal infections, your hair is bound to grow faster. It is also advisable to take proper protein diet and also amino acids as hair is made of them. In addition vitamins such as Vit-A, Vit-C, Vit-E, biotin and niacin should be taken for faster growth of hair. However, proper diet will start to show positive effects after a month or more. So, it is a time-consuming process.

  • Anupama Khare

    To give an oval look to your round face you must leave your hair open. If you will tie them then your face will look more round. 1. Layer cut I’ll suggest you to go for a layer cut starting from front to back. It will suit you the most . And if you have straight hair then it will be beneficial for your look.2. Lazer cut The other hair do that you can try out is lazer cut which is more or less similar to layer hair cut. It is very much in fashion and looks trendy on youngsters.3. Step cut Then you can go for all time favourite step cut. If you have slightly wavy hair then it will give you a stunning look. It is tried and tested, looks amazing on almost every girl. Risk factor is very low in trying this hair style. 4. Deep U cutThe next one which I’ll advise you is that go for a deep u cut with a flick on front. You can tie up your hair as a ponytail also whenever you want.

  • Pallavi Pahuja

    Olay 7 signs of aging is thebest cream for face to avoid aging.It is amazing when used withOlay serum. Apply it twice a day.It has properties that evenprotect you from sun.PondsAge miracle is alsoan amazing cream, it is a real wonder to keep you young.L’OrealRevitaLift Anti-Wrinkle & Firming Moisturizer does wonder to keep yourejuvenated and young throughout. Try any of these and you can see the changes.

  • Majid Qayoom Wani

    Pimples are usually associated with puberty and oily skin. If you are not having an oily skin, your pimples are surely related to fungal infection. This type of infection is common to us all. There is nothing to worry as these pimples reflect that body has become allergic to the presence of fungal spores. In order to stay safe from pimples that cause emotional anxiety, you are advised to follow below mentioned steps:1) Cleanse the affected area with an antiseptic lotion: This is very important, as it will clean the infection that causes the pimples. Any antiseptic lotion mixed in water and cotton soaked in it is enough for a proper cleansing. You can also use lemon extract to clean your face, if you prefer to go natural.2) Use anti-fungal lotion on the affected area: There are a number of antifungal lotions available in the market. You should get one to stay away from the fungal infection of your face.3) Avoid touching the pimples: This is the primary reason for spread of the infection. We can often see affected people touching their pimples, this is the source of spread of infection. Also, avoid rubbing a towel rigoursly on your face. It can also serve to be derogatory.

  • Arun Sharma

    Female hair loss can be caused due to several reasons. Some females face hair loss problems due to heredity reasons, while the others suffer with illnesses,hormones, diet, and stress and many more.Another factor that can cause changes in hair growth in women is diet and nutrition. A women’s diet should have considerable amount of protein, essential fatty acids, andzinc. Deficiencies of these elements can cause hair loss and thinning. Excess amountsof vitamin A and the prescription medicine Accutane, a vitamin A relative can also cause hair loss, in addition to the presence of certain elements such asamphetamines, antimitotics, anticholesterol medications, and anesthesia.Most women who are affected by Telogen Effluvium lie in the age group of 40 and 70, but it can certainly occur in women of all ages. The normal hair growth begins when the root problem is corrected. You can prevent this problem if precautions are taken on time.The treatment for female hair loss depends on the cause and condition of the specific case and you can solve it by your own. If the hair loss is experienced temporarily then most likely the solution will be to simply take the precautions and be patient. You can also contact PistoneHair Restoration for a free consultation in order to determine the best treatment for your particular hair loss.

  • Sabrina Juarez

    Well, with long hair you can do innumerable things. Long hair is bliss and you can try out different things with them in order to stay trendy plus try out different variations. Now if you would ask me then you can sport the ever green straight look of the hair which look good with both a pony tail and if let loose. Other things which you can try out with your black long hair can get your super cute wavy strands. It is simply adorable, you can make it as a simple bun, curl your hair although it is a trifle difficult to manage it but nevertheless it is worth it. I guess these are the major styles with hair, for some more things you go to a website – cosmopolitan – I refer to this only, it provides you with all the latest hairstyles which one can think of. It has some cool styles which you can adorn with your long hair. Best of luck dear.

  • Anupam Chaudhary

    For more than a decade now GlyMed Plus has developed tried and tested acne-fighting formulas. Each product is designed to address characteristic problems of the skin that cause acne. Their products are recommended by dermatologists and medical estheticians, Serious Action Acne Management skin care system products work synergistically to restore healthy balance and aid the reduction of acne lesions and scarring. First of all cleanse the affected part of your skin. Then treat the acne proned skin with their specialized blend of 2.0% salicylic acid, green tea, aloe vera and other rejuvenating herbs and ingredients. The formula works by penetrating deeply to remove the acne causing debris, oil and makeup. It revives and nourishes your skin, leaving it smoother and younger looking. The ingredients that this preparation contains are – Salicylic Acid, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Ammonium Laureth Sulfate, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Glycerin, Acetamide MEA, Cocamide MIPA, Camellia Sinesis (Green Tea) Leaf Oil, Potassium Sorbate, Phenoxyethanol, Chlorphenesin, Caprylyl Glycol and water. I hope this will solve your problem.

  • Deepthi Siruvuri

    Birthday present in the form of lacoste, love that. The perfume is just so ecstatic.Try the following method for opening it.TIP 1: Use a hair dryer. Spray the hot air where the stopper is stuck, away body of the bottle. This usually causes the juice that is gummed up to liquify and the stopper then can be easily removed.TIP 2: Freeze it in the refridgertor and then blow it with a hot blower. Sudden contraction will fly out he stopper.TIP 3: You could also just try applying the cold method to the stopper by using ice wrapped in a waterproof polythene or any other material that won’t let water leak onto the stopper and possible drip into the juice. The point is you need to make the stopper sufficiently cold without making the rest of the falcon cold.Upon further thought, cooling the stopper and the neck of the flacon would be desirable. Both pieces of glass (stopper and flacon neck) should contract away from each other.

  • Mick Klabozki

    You just have to take off the clear part, the silver one is fixed to the bottle

  • Aswini S

    Cat eye makeup is quite easy to do. To start off with is to choose a suitable shade for yourself. Then either use a gel or liquid eyeliner in black or brown and make sure that the brush has fine tip. Decided on a design that you wanted you get started.Steps for the make up:1. Cleanse your eyelids for old makeup and excess oil on your eyelids.2. By using eye drops you can give a clear bright look to your eyes.3. Prepare the area with an eye makeup primer in either a light beige, ivory or white.5. Apply some bright color to the entire eyelid area.6. If needed apply some second color of you choice and then use it in the crease area, but apply it very lightly.7. And now apply the same color below your eyes. You should make sure that you apply the color completely surrounding your eyes, which means the area that is close to your nose.8. Now get your eyeliner product and draw a thin line from the inner eye area next to your nose and extend it all the way to the outer corner.Note : Don’t extend too far at the outer corner.9. With eyeliner do a triangle of spots extending the end all the way up to your eyebrows on the upper lid.10. Now on the undereye area, apply the spots from the center of your eyes outward.11. At last its time to apply black mascara.

  • Hinan Ali

    Sorry to know about your hair related problem. But don’t panic. Solutions exist, and you’ll get your hair returned back to that fine, sparkling state very soon.Silicon and sulphates form an ingredient in many shampoos available in the market. I know about many supermarket brands of hair products that contain silicones as they make the hair softer and thereby easy to comb. They also increase the fullness of the hair and make it shiny and smooth. Millions of people use such products everyday and are happy about using them, since these shampoos work really quick on hair. But that’s just an illusion. When used overtime, the silicon-based hair products coat the hair shaft and seal out moisture, possibly clogging the hair follicles. So what happens is that your hair turns dry, flat and straw like with a lack of moisture.So I also recommend you to avoid silicon-based shampoos. You can rotate between your shampoos or use a clarifying shampoo first. There is a shampoo by the name- “Burt’s Bees Very Volumizing Pomegranate & Soy Shampoo” that does not contain silicon and is even free from sodium lauryl sulphate. Plus, it contains pomegranate which means you’ll smell delicious after use! You can also look out for other silicon-free shampoos available in you area. I’m sure they’ll work out just fine to leave you hair shiny and full of volume.Nature-based products are the best in the whole lot. Your druthers should always be towards them.

  • Arlene Aguilar

    First of all don’t think about hair fall. Don’t be anxious, I know it is really hard but at the end of the day, your worrying will not be of any help to you. So first quit the anxiety, now since you have mentioned that your hair is falling after you have recovered from thyroid, there could be several reasons for the problem. Side effects of the medication can be one of the major reason of the hair fall. This type of hair fall will leave you once the side effect of the medicines (that you took for thyroid treatment) is over. But if the hair fall is continuously happening then you can adhere to some natural ways like –· Cysteine· Green Tea· Saw Palmetto· Trichosaccaride· Vitamin B6 ZincI am sure these methods will help you in solving your hair problem. Have beautiful hair!

  • Renee Cook

    Skin of every individual differs a lot. Some have very sensitive skin that can get allergic reactions due to the chemicals and preservatives. I received a free sample of StriVectin when I ordered it online and tried it. I really liked the results and that’s why I thought to buy the full size. I use and have used many different creams, lotions, and serums on my face and neck. When I started using it I had lines around my eyes and lips, and the StriVectin helped me to minimized the appearance of the fine lines on my brow area and around my mouth. One of my friend who is in mid 30s was really worried with the signs of aging and this product has made her skin look younger than ever. She felt improvement in fine lines and wrinkles and she noticed improvement in her cheekbones also. So I think you should also try this product. I am not too sure that will it work for you or not but if you have any kind of allergy then first try this on smaller part to check.

  • Elise Mayer

    Hi. I have done a lot of research about collagen creams.Actually collagen is a substance which is present in our skin thatnaturally helps in inhibiting the wrinkles to be produced by the skin. Collagen is good for the skin but several researches have shownthat the product which is having collagen is not effective because of theinherent nature of collagen. By inherent nature I mean that the molecules ofthe collagen are big in size that they are not being able to get absorbed inthe skin and just sits on the skin surfaces and gets washed away when yousplash water on your face. So collagen products are nice but the size of molecule of thecollagen as an element is the major bone of contention. I hope you understand.There are still certain creams in market which are persistently working oncompressing the molecule size of the collagen in such a manner that its size getsdiminished and its efficiency also remains intact.

  • Cassandra Dillon

    It would have been great if you could have mentioned which type of hair scalp are you having. Some people have dry scalp (like me), some have got oily scalp and some have a mixture of both. I use the Keratase Resistance Bain Age Recharge shampoo. The shampoo has worked wonders for me. It is made of all healthy and natural ingredients which will not only help in rejuvenating the hair but will also help in making the hair shiny and lively, since they are dry. It makes thehair shiny. Now I do not know anything about the oily scalp stuff, so if you have got an oily scalp then I am not sure whether or not you should try this product? But use it without any inhibitions if you have got a dry scalp. The product has cost me around $50 inclusive the shipment charges.

  • Anupama Khare

    Well, there’s nothing like using natural products for your skin care. Your skin will get a natural glow and supple complexion if you follow a balanced diet, remain hydrated, take sufficient sleep and use natural products like papaya, tomato, curd and cream for skin. And when you have a natural illuminating skin then you don’t require any further makeup.But due to change in lifestyle and busy routine we don’t get much time for ourselves. That’s why we are dependent on cleanser, face wash, scrubs, shampoos, body wash and other cosmetic products. Though many good brands offer good range of cosmetic products. But excessive use of cosmetics is not advisable as they contain chemicals in some amount. Regular use of chemicals is therefore harmful for our skin and body.Some brands offer natural products which contain chemicals in minimum amount. You can go for it, but be selective about brands. Use only good branded natural products. Lotus is a good brand for natural products and VLCC has also achieved popularity in natural products. They offer a wide variety of almost all cosmetic products from henna to shampoo and from soap to scrubs. You can try them for your skin.

  • Arun Sharma

    Yes, you heard right that Clinique is good skin care cream but I am sorry , it’s difficult to tell it that will suit you or not because every human have their own type of skin and it’s not necessary that the product I am using will also be good for you. It may have side effect too. As you said that you have an oily skin so instead of suggesting you any chemical product for your face I would recommend you use home made remedies because they don’t have any side effect and if not suit you then it too don’t harm you. You can make powder of orange’s cover and make paste of it and use it all over face.As you don’t have pimples then it’s good and I don’t want that you use any cream for your face and it will have side effect.One more thing you can do that you can use face wash and wash your face from time to time. It will help you to keep your face without oil.But if you want to use it then use but if it doesn’t suit you, then stop using it.

  • Swati Parvatham

    Virtual Makeovers are done online or on some sort of software whereas, other makeovers are real.As you may have witnessed in life, people want to try out how different hairstyles or dresses would look on them before actually getting into them. Virtual makeovers are online makeovers where you place your own picture or picture of someone who looks close to you and try placing your desired hairstyle or dress or makeup on that picture to check if that look suits you nice.These are basically the medium that have made life error proof as before going in for a particular look, you can actually try out if that look suits you rather than repenting later.Today, you get innumerable websites online which offer you the scope to try out a new hairstyle or a particular shade of lipstick or eyeshadow or may be a particular dress design. So, it is always suggested that if you have an option to get a virtual make up done, always go for it before going in for permanent changes like hair colour change or hairstyle change. To put the entire conversation in points:1. Virtual makeovers are online trial makeovers through softwares.2. They help in trying out a look before making permanent changes to your look.3. These prevent spending your time and money behind a look that may not suit you at all. 4. To sum it up, it is the difference between a real world and a virtual world or permanent and temporary. So, the next time you go for a makeover, remember to try out if the look suits you at the first place through virtual makeovers and then go for the real one.

  • Ryan Duffy

    I am so sorry to hear about your hair loss. People treat it very lightly but I have faced the embarrassment too! It is very sad to know that you are losing hair. See, hair loss or hair fall whatever you may like to call, happens due to several reasons which include – taking a lot of stress, or due to some type of color or chemical reaction which you must have had applied on your hair. Other reasons include hereditary conditions, which I am afraid to say are incurable. The key to have healthy hair is to have a stress free life. It is not only important for your hair but for your overall health also. But, if you have some hereditary reasons, then, it is very hard to get cured. All you can do is to do hair weaving or something like that. If you are suffering from some reactions, like that of chemical or some color upon your hair, then I would say you should rush to a renowned trichologist. I hope your hair becomes thick and healthy again. All the best!

  • Anupama Khare

    Hey, you have long hairs and you know people die to have long hairs. Now a days only a few people keep their hairs long. Though it requires a little effort to manage them but they look beautiful. I am advising you hair cut that will maintain your hair length as well as suit on your round face. You have not mentioned texture of your hair whether they are straight or wavy or curly.If you have straight hairs, then you should go for layers for your front hairs and you can leave the length of rest of the hair. The front layers will leave oval look to your face. It will look great. You can also opt Lazer cut for your hairs. It is also a good option for people having round face.If you have wavy hairs then you can opt for all time favorite step cut. It suits to almost everyone. And you can leave your hair open all the time. You need not tie them. You can also go for a simple deep U cut with flicks on front. You can tie a ponytail if want. Otherwise leaving open them will also look good. So, you can try out what you like out of these. The first one will suit you the most!!

  • Jenny Salinas

    With long hair you can do several things. Long hair is bliss and you can tryout different things with them in order to stay trendy plus try out differentvariations. Now if you would ask me then you can sport the ever green straightlook of the hair which look good with both a pony tail and if let lose. Other things which you can try out with your black long hair can get yoursuper cute wavy strands. It is simply adorable, you can make it as a simplebun, curl your hair although it is a trifle difficult to manage it butnevertheless it is worth it. I guess these are the major styles with hair, for some more things you go toa website – cosmopolitan. It has some cool styles which you can adorn with yourlong hair. Good luck!

  • Arun Sharma

    My dear friend as you said that you are facing problem of hair loss and you see balding too and you want to know about the herbal hair loss pills that how much these are useful. My dear I haven’t use any herbal pills yet but I can suggest you that with whom you should go. I have heard and seen that my close ones and my friends who have used these herbal products from that experience I would suggest you. There is no guarantee that these herbal pills would be effective because they have a mixed response from their users. Actually the effect of these products depends upon how is your skin reacting to them. If your skin is very sensitive then it may be possible that it would not beneficial for you.I will suggest you before going with any herbal hair loss products please consult with your doctor or any skin specialist and take your skin test first and as your skin performs go with that product which suits your skins.Then these herbal product will be more effective for you and you will get rid from the hair loss.

  • Maya Good

    Hey, I and my spouse were both losing hair like anything, since we have shifted from Alaska to The Big Apple. Never could I fathom the actual reason of this thinning of our hair. We both were very perturbed and disturbed.Then after sometime my friend told me about the Kirkland 2% Minoxidil Solution, me and my wife started using the product, and we were surprised to see the results. Within a month’s time our hair which was thin on the crown was again becoming thick. If you want to use 5% then the effect might be more pronounced since 5% Minoxidil means more effect.Now coming to one important information – if you are planning to buy it to reduce the receding of the hair line, then I am afraid you will not be finding any success since it only works on thinning of hair on the crown part of the head. The product contains some important element by the name of Minoxidil which is been known for preventing hair loss. I hope this information does serve you in the best possible manner.

  • Macy Bradshaw

    The reason for thinning of hair in women could be extra stress. This is themajor reason found in thinning of hair for women. Don’t take stress, becausethis thing does not have any medicines. There are stress busters, but then theyare not healthy. Other reason due to which hair thinning is found in women is agefactor,which is after 60 majorly. And the last reason that can be responsiblefor hair loss is , it being a heredityproblem. Check it out that someone should not be having such problem in yourfamily. Another reason which also includes itself to be a thing of hair thinning inwomen is – reaction to some cosmetic or coloring agent. Don’t worry, eathealthy stuff and lots of proteins. You should go for broccoli too. If yourscalp is oily then don’t put oil, rather put some hair fall therapy shampoos on analternate basis. I hope the answer is helpful.

  • Sona Anand

    First of all congratulations on your anniversary. You must be planning something special for this moment. Gifting fragrances is very good idea. Men like perfumes and cologne. DKNY has lot of variety in men’s fragrances. There are many other brands which are ideal for gifting. Here is list of some interesting fragrances which will compliment your husband.DKNY Be Delicious – EDT spray, eau de cologne, price $32 to $46, perfect for anniversary gift.DKNY Men by Donna Karan Classic Set – Eau de toilette, spray, price about $50, very sheek choice. Calvin Klein Perfume – By Calvin Klein for Men eau de toilette spray, price $55, this fragrance was introduced in 1989. Notes of lavender, jasmine and amber. I would definitely go for this one. Clive Christine – Clive Christine 1872 pure perfume for men, easy to wear perfume for every occasion. Notes of classic grain, lavender and spices Clary sage, long lasting perfume. This timeless fragrance is bit expensive, price $ 490.Burberrys Weekend perfume – By Burberry TESTER for men, eau de toilette spray, price $25, introduced in 1998, notes of bergamot, citrus and sandalwood. Blend of ivy, oakmoss and honey. Excellent choice for casual wear. Hermes Eau d’ Orange – By Hermes for me eau de toilette ( concentrate), created by design house of Hermes and introduced in 1979. Notes of refreshing citrus and masculine green scent, price $40. This is very masculine and attractive scent. These are some evergreen classic fragrance for your husband. I’m sure you will find perfect anniversary scent for him.

  • Lucia Sexton

    Hi friend I can understand your problem and would really like to help you. Cellulite makes the cells and connective tissues weak which become dehydrated. The foods which help in cellulite reduction include eggs, soya bean and corn which are high containers of lecithin and essential to repair skin cells.A cellulite reduction diet should always include plenty of beans, vegetables and fruits. You can try Broccoli, spinach, lettuce, peas, and beans as they contain linolenic which helps in cellulite reduction. You can also try cold water fish, olive oil, tofu, seeds and soy cheese.Start taking all these provided foods as I am sure this will help you to reduce the extra cellulite in your body. If you like fruit drinks you can try grape fruit and juniper berries juice as it will also help you to reduce cellulite.

  • Jancy James

    Cellulite is a great cosmetic concern for many women. Though most of us associate cellulite with obesity, the truth however is far from that. Even women who are wire thin can develop cellulite if they have a genetic disposition towards it. Similarly, women who are fat may sometimes never get cellulite as well if they have a good genetic backup. Cellulite is basically formed when the fat as well as the fluid deposit under your skin becomes too much that the skin buckles under the pressure. The skin will start puckering and dimpling due to the internal pressure which causes the embarrassing appearance of uneven and textured skin. Many people do not know that cellulite can be greatly reduced through the use of natural remedies. These are simple remedies that you can do at home on an everyday basis. You can use ground coffee every day for rubbing on the affected skin before a shower. Use a bristled brush for applying pressure and move in sweeping motions for 15 minutes every day or massage the area with apple cider vinegar and massage oil mixed together. Above all, do some fat burning exercises that can burn the extra calories that you may have. Yoga is a light exercise and may not be enough for burning fat.

  • Lesly Rose

    I have been using this stuff for the past 2 years andit has really worked wonders for me. I was thinking that this stuff is not thatcool because I have used around 6 to 7 anti aging and wrinkle moisturizers andcreams but nothing has worked for me, but this is surely amazing. It is, by far,the best anti aging sunscreen and anti aging moisturizer. I am also having an oily skin, but it is not that oily. So I canassure you that on less oily skin this stuff works wonders. For more detailsyou can check with any dermatologist, they will guide you in the best possiblemanner.

  • Jakayla Herring

    The bioelements skin care products are the best products for healing any type of skin problem. I am using the limited edition Nighttime Duo, one of bioelements’ products which do wonders for me. First of all let me tell you that the product is meant for very dry, dry, oily, very oily, acne prone skin and also a combination of all these skins. The product comes to you with a free travel size (10-day supply) Sleepwear for eyes. It helps in firming the skin and revitalizing in the best possible manner. And most importantly it helps in getting you rid of all those yuck lines and wrinkles. It consists of a mixture of topical calcium, protein peptides and cranberry seed oil. This thing really works for me and the best part is that it is meant for all types of skins. I hope it works for you too.

  • Anupama Khare

    I want to share an experience of mine which might solve your query to some extent. I have got smooth textured, natural straight very long hair, but I got straightening done on my hair to remove the slightest of fuzziness. I loved the free falling long hair but for some occasion I wanted a little change in my hairstyle. So, I went to parlor for getting temporary curls on my hair, I found it very difficult to be done. Beautician kept trying and somehow managed my hairstyle but it didn’t stay for more than half an hour and it was a disaster. My hair suffered application of so much hair chemicals and sprays. So, I have decided that I’ll not go for any other hair style till the time straightening effect is there on my hair. Previously on my natural straighten hairs I had done temporary curls many times and it sustained for quite sometime. So, I was enjoying the natural straight hair and could do many different hair dos. But since the time I got my hairs straighten I could not do any other hair style on it. Temporary curls worked for me on my natural straight hairs but I doubt that it works well on very straight, free flowing silky hairs. If you have natural straight hair then I am sure you will be able to manage curls on your hairs. But if you have very silky and straight hairs (like girls get after hair straighten) then I doubt that you can give curls on your hairs. You can try it at home if you want. Curler is available in the market at affordable rates. But it is a suggestion that don’t apply too much of chemicals on hair. You can try a change in hair do but occasionally.

  • Anupama Khare

    Being a part of Mary Kay team i love to answer about it. No doubt it isone of the best brand as far as i know. I became a fan of it since the time I startred using products of Mary Kay. I felt a difference in my skin and I am loving it. It has become more supple and soft.Mary Kay basically deals in skin care. All the product range is very good.s I’ll advice you to use it’s Formula system. It comes as Formula 1,2 and 3 for dry, normal and oily skin. It has cleanser, moisturiser and mask in it. It’s timewise series is also very good which hasanti aging products: Cleanser, moisturiser, night solution, sunscreen, firming eye cream and eye vitaliser.Then it has MelaCEP Whitening system which includes: Foaming cleanser, Freshner, Whitening mask, night cream, day moisturizer with SPF 15, dark spot serum and essence.It’s color cosmetics are also very effective and long lasting. I have used it’s foundation, pressed powder, lipsticks, mineral eye color, mascara, eyeliner and tinted balm. All of them are fabulous. It’s bady ash and fragrance range is just amazing. I’ll definitely recommend you to go ahead and give your skin the best!!

  • Maegan Vance

    Dermstore skin care products are made of all purest ingredients. The list of ingredients include olive oil,bees wax,honey,bee poolen, royal jelly and bee propolis. It is used for variety of things like it helps in solving problems like rash,burn or scar. It also provide treatment for acne,burns, scraps, skin irritation and the like. It works wonders to heal scars and skin discolorations. The acne cream is popular among many plastic surgeons, who recommend it to their patients for accelerating the healing of plastic surgery scars. I would not recommend this during the day because it is too oily and your skin will feel sticky and greasy. It wouldn’t be a nice feeling. It is made up of all natural ingredients and that’s why it does not have any side effects and is suitable to every kind of skin. So you get every heal of your skin problems just in one cream.I highly recommend it, as I had a great experience with it.

  • Marina Hayden

    Hair loss treatment varies on the reason of thinning hair or hair loss. But fortunately there are several ways for treatment. Some requires surgical procedures while some get treated with the daily regime products. Different kinds of treatment also have also different prices. The most expensive treatment is the surgical one. The best 15 products for hair growth treatment are:-1. Procerin2. Provillus3. Bosley4. Profollica5. Dermmatch6. Folligen7. Crinagen8. Corvine9. Fullmore10. Regenix11. Reminex12. Revivogen13. Rogaine14. Tricomin 15. ToppikAll these products are really good for the hair and help to improve the thinning of hair. They protect the hair from any kind of damage and provide good growth as well.

  • Diane Winters

    Hemp oil is derived from hemp which is regarded as a plant which is been besmeared with illegalities. The growth of hemp is always regarded as a controversial subject and the general hoi polloi whenever hear the word ‘hemp’ getting associated with any stuff, then it is bound to create a stir that too an unpleasant one.Now if hemp oil’s advantages are to focus upon then I would say it is punched with goodness. It contains some essential fatty acids and amino acids which help in enhancing the nutritional content of the body.Other health benefits include your body to have high resistance levels and fight conditions like high blood pressure levels, high cholesterol levels, cancer and arthritis. The price of the hemp oil in Arizona would be around $12. I hope the info is of help to you over here.

  • Mckenna Rivas

    In my opinion, Cellex C 15 skin signaling serum is a skin care product that contains the valuable effects of vital natural ingredients at the highest possible level. It is based on unique formulas of precious substances, which are derived from natural sources that guarantee the best skin compatibility. Cellex C 15 skin signaling serum is a weightless rejuvenating treatment for a younger looking skin. It is formulated with photo clycancomplex to target receptor sites in skin. It treats flaccid and slackening skin by boosting its volume and resilience. It not only recovers firmness to jaw,chin, and neckline, but also sleeks the appearance of neck cords, and pebbly texture on upper chest. It is an oil free, non-comeodegenic, and fragrance free product, which provides a smoother and younger looking skin, with lifted facialcontours. I believe that after knowing these many facts about Cellex C 15 skin signaling serum now, you would not really have any apprehensions about using this wonderful serum!

  • Maritza Stark

    No doubt that using Neostrata glow peel will help your skin to look healthier and younger. It diminishes the fine lines and wrinkles but as you don’t have wrinkles this peel glow will help you make your skin smooth and soft. It increases suppleness and balances irregular skin tone. It is also good for oily and acne skin. It is good for any kind of skin type and can be used on neck, face, hands and chest.You must know that if you want to go for peel glow you must always go to trained skin specialist. For peeling one must know the peeling agent and its concentration, how the peeling is done, what is the priming of skin before peel, your type of skin, the location of peel and the duration of the peel.If you have done any face surgery within 1 month and if you have any cuts of scratches on your face then I will advise you to treat them before you go for peel glow.

  • Hinan Ali

    L-Lysine is an amino acid that forms a building block for protein in the body. It is an essential amino acid, which means that it needs to be taken from dietary sources since it cannot be synthesized in the body itself. Fitness supplements contain L-Lysine because it helps in increased muscle building and decreased recovery time during workouts.An average person consumes about 1 gram of L-Lysine every day. Common foods that contain L-Lysine include red meat, eggs, beans, lentils, peas, fish, etc. Its deficiency is very rare. For bodybuilding purpose, you can increase the L-Lysine intake by about 2-3 grams in addition to the amount absorbed without any toxic effects. Above that amount, it can cause mild toxicity. So, no need to worry too much. Just keep a record of your daily intake of L-Lysine and things will go just fine.Another thing you might be interested in is whey protein. It is a form of milk protein that contains branched chains of amino acids. Whey digests quickly and increases protein synthesis, which leads to muscle gains. You can consume it either before your training classes of after. It’ll help your muscle recover by preventing it from tearing down after exercise. Plus, it provides a positive nitrogen balance.There are many other components that make up a complete and fit individual. Try to maintain a balance between all. This is what will make you a fit competitor in the long run up to success.

  • Anupama Khare

    For medium length hair there are a number of trendy hair styles that you can go for. 1. Layered hairIf you have straight hair then this one will work very well. One of the most stylish hair styles girls opt these days. You can leave a flick in front to add more style. If you have oval face layered cut will suit on your. You can leave your hair open. Tying them will need a lot of hair pins. But yes it won’t give you a fluffy look.2. Lazer hair styleIt is more or less similar to layered cut. Very much in fashion these days and very girlie and trendy hair do. You can leave your hair open, they will look very nice.3. Deep U hair One of the most simple and tried and tested hair cuts. Suits on every face. To add a spark you can get few hairs chopped from front leaving them as a flick. You can tie up a ponytail if you want.4. Hair in stepsIf you have wavy hair then this will suit on you the most. It is all time favorite hair style for every girl. If you don’t have wavy hair then you can go for perming or for temporary curls. It will give you a fluffy look as you want.5. Blunt hairIf you are ready to chop them in length then it is one of the most convenient and easy hair style. Looks cute and gives a young look. Easy in maintenance.6. French knot If you are ready to tie them then go for french hair knot and apply some beads or flowers on it. You can try this if you are wearing some anarkali or salwar kameez.7. French bunYou can also try out this hair style if you want to tie them up. It works well on medium hair. It gives a complete and finished look. Suits on sarees and evening gowns. Best for some formal function. Adding flowers to it add more style.

  • Aprajita Mahajan

    french knot..?? is it what we call the french twist hairstyle..?? i too want a hair updo i can do to my farewell party.. i am wearing an off-white gorgette anarkali its all flowy with 30 kalis.. suggest a different updo for me..

  • Aprajita Mahajan

    nd i have real heavy hair..

  • Juliana Clarke

    Hello buddy, good to know that you are looking for hair removal techniques. I personally feel that hair on hands and legs are biggest turn off and its hard to get along with. So, for your sake I would like to answer your call and tell you frankly that laser hair removal does have some side effects. But, you need not have to worry as it is temporary, and with time the problem will disappear. The side effects that you may feel are that you can get itching and red rashes on the skin. This will last for two to three days and after that everything will be just fine.So don’t worry and go for this treatment. The price is $100. Bye and take care, hope you have a pleasing time.

  • Keira Solomon

    Tns essential serum helps to transform the skin into more youthful appearance. It also helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. If you have soft skin then it will also help in tightening the skin. As when you get older day by day the skin loses its ability to generate natural glow but this serum will help the skin to regenerate the natural glow.If you are a working woman then also it is really good for your skin as it also fights environmental damage and gives your skin protection against the age damages.As you have not mentioned that for which purpose you have bought this serum, I would like to tell you about the tns moisturizer. It traps in the moisture in dry skin and eczema cases, and helps with wound healing for wounds. However, it can cause occlusive acne in some cases. If your skin is this acne prone, you can try it first to see what happens. Do it in a smaller area so that the effects are not generalized. If you are not a fan of the greasiness, or if it really does cause acne for you, you can try some other moisturizing.

  • Anupama Khare

    Cool, you too want belara by Mary Kay. It smells just awesome. It’s very feminine and long lasting. Presently, I am using the same perfume and and I have one small wand of belara in my hand bag always. I have ordered two more for me and my friends are getting crazy to get one. Certainly, it is one of the best fragrances I’ve ever used and I love it. It’s smell is so romantic and soothing. It is available in a sleek pink and black bottle with lovely packing. Though the wands are available in three fragrances and subsequently blue, purple and pink narrow bottles.They are very convenient to keep even in a clutch. I will definitely advice one to go ahead and pick it up for yourself or for your lady. Just in case if you don’t get it, then you can go for ‘journey’ or ‘thinking of you’. Both the fragrances are amazing and are of the same brand (Mary Kay).Being a distributor of MaryKay Cosmetics I know that these products are not being sold online.Though you can have an idea about the products which are available on it’s website. The website is:marykaymarykayintouch

  • Aisha Hoover

    As you have combination skin so I would like you to suggest joy New York liquid foundation as it will help your skin to look lively and well hydrated. Liquid foundation will help you to overcome this problem by covering up flaw of oily skin. You have heard right that joy foundation are available in market according to the skin type. You can easily select the one matching your skin tone and skin type. This foundation covers the skin well providing a well finish look to the face. It hides all the flaws and makes your face appear perfect. It is perfect for any season and occasion. You can also use face primer before you use the foundation as it will help your foundation to stay for long on your face and you need not apply it again and again on your face.

  • Pallavi Pahuja

    To increase the quality and length of hair the only best alternative is , OILING, which suits everyone and any skin type.Let me tell you it is must for you to do oiling of your hair before every time you wash, like one night prior to washing your hair, must do thorough oiling.But , Not all oils are of good quality.So , good quality oils are namely :Almond OilOlive OilCoconut OilThese are the best oils for your hair.irrespective of anything they work well on your hair.for better results , give steam to your hair, after massage, through steamer or a hot water towel.And den sleep after some hours wash your hair with a mild but good shampoo and apply conditioner. You can also use natural conditioners(egg yellow, curd, honey etc.)take care..

  • Sheila Anand

    Hair color change is very important decision to make for any girl. If you desire a different hair color then first thing is to consider is what is your lifestyle and profession. If you are a working person then you should go for more subtle and sophisticated hues.If you are a student and outgoing person, you can try vibrant colors. Now that you have decided for hair color change, look at your skin tone. As you mention, you have fair skin tone, red will go good with your complexion. If this is first time you changing your hair color, please go for nearest color of your natural hair. It means if you have black or brown natural hair, you can go for light brown to dark brown and rich chocolate brown. Similarly you can choose closer color spectrum for your hair. You should choose natural and organic hair products which will maintain healthy and beautiful hair texture. Last thing you need for hair color change is complete confidence. You should be able to carry the new look of your hair and personality. I would suggest a good hair spa and salon which will give you complete insight. Wish you happy beautiful hair color change.

  • Lily Townsend

    Amalcatin moisturizing lotion is a non greasy formula that is mild, non irritating, and long lasting. It contains emolinets and humectants which help to moisturize the skin. It does not contain any kind of lanolins or parabens. It also helps restore and maintain the skin’s natural protective barrier, provides significantly greater hydration than Eucerin Lotion.It is often recommended by dermatologists and pediatricians for the treatment of dry and sensitive skin and other skin conditions. I apply this lotion at night because it creates a kind of sweating on face when applied during day time. I bought this one and I must say, this is a very mild moisturizing lotion. The texture of the lotion is neither too thick nor too runny & it takes a while to get completely absorbed.

  • Miriam Collins

    You should go for multi-directional wigs as they are very comfortable to wear. You can get the costume wig for Halloween party from any Halloween mart or you can easily choose the readymade Halloween wig from the wide range of costume wig available in market. Costume wigs are generally made to match up the costume you are wearing. There are two kinds of wigs, the lace wigs and the multi-directional top wig. The lace front wigs have can be cut to the shape of your hairline and glue down as it have lacey front. The multi-directional wigs normally have a comb, two clips and the cap is stretchy enough to accommodate a ponytail of one’s own hair underneath. Moreover you can order the wig you want on line through Halloween costumes decorations activities. They provide a very good collection of wigs with wide range of color and size.

  • Kiya Cannon

    Olive oil leaf extract are generally taken by those who are suffering from heart disease and high blood pressure, yeast infection and chronic fatigue syndrome. You can take one to two capsules for good health. It does not have any side effects. But if you are pregnant and want to take these capsules then you must consult your doctor first. When I started taking this, I was not very much happy and as instructed I drank lot of water. When the symptoms disappeared I felt really wonderful. These capsules have given me a new vigor for life. It will cost $38 for 60 capsules. These capsules are really good for viruses, retrovirus and protozoa. It also prevents the cells from replicating. My friend who suffered from candida reported an unbelievable improvement.

  • Negin Mehboob

    The most important thing to keep in mind is to consult your physician before consuming any such medication.In this case, the primary thing to do would be to consult a doctor regarding your itching. You might have a possible case of rashes or allergies which could be treated with appropriate medication. Goldenseal might be a temporary solution but in the long run, it doesn’t work well. Pregnancy is a time when the highest precaution must be taken. Goldenseal like all alkaloid-rich herbs including coffee and tobacco should be avoided during pregnancy. However, if taken in suitable doses, it might not act so toxic. So ultimately even if youdo decide to stick by them, make sure you take them in the right quantities. Itchiness in the eyes can be caused by various factors such as allergies, dust etc and can be tackled using eye drops Visine-Aeye drops. As for the itching in your thighs, try out home remedies for the skin such as a peppermint bath or an application of honey and cinnamon powder.These would be healthier than consuming capsules as this is external medication. Also, it would be better in terms of safety for the pregnancy as well.

  • Maumita Das

    It is a truth that shining long hair can do wonders to the entire personality. Most of us desire for that long hair but want a quick process and when it does not happen, we lose patience. The truth is that hair grows ½ inch every month but then, it depends on the care you take that will decide on the retention of the hair. Therefore, the first thing that you need to understand is that whether long or short, hair needs proper care. There might not be quick solutions but definitely,if you take care of a few things your hair will soon grow and bounce with life.Firstly, a healthy lifestyle and food habits can ensure the extra shine in your locks. The texture of your hair can determine if your body is healthy, hence always see a doctor if you experience extreme hair fall or dry, brittle hair. There is no alternative to a balanced diet full of fresh veggies, fruits and nuts, which supply the required iron and vitamins for the healthy growth of hair. You also need to drink plenty of water and go for a regular work out to ensure the fitness of your body and hair.Now, let us get to hair care and here you really need patience and a little attention. Regular trimming by a professional hair stylist is recommended.Oiling is great for the scalp and if you do not have the energy to do it,please visit a hair salon and leave yourself in their care. Choose the right kind of shampoo and always condition your hair after every wash. It is best not to use harsh chemicals or rough hair accessories and select a gentle hairstyle to avoid hair breakage. If you take care of your tresses, it will not be long that you will have your desired length and meanwhile you can still grab the attention with your healthy hair.

  • Anupama Khare

    There is nothing like using natural products for your skin. These things are easily available at home, you don’t have to spend extra penny for cosmetics and you don’t have to face any side effects. You can apply honey, curd, egg, multani mitti, tomato and papaya on your skin. They are completely natural and have no side effects. But if want to go for natural cosmetic products available in market then be selective about brands. There are so many brands available but only a few offer effective results. Before purchasing anything collect the complete information about it and use it accordingly. A few good brands which offer good natural cosmetics are VLCC and Lotus.VLCC is very much popular these days and have produced effective results. People are liking it. It offers a complete range of skin and hair care. You will get almost everything like face wash, scrub, henna, oil, face masks, etc. They all are good in quality, though price a little bit higher than other natural products. Lotus on the other hand also provides good skin care system. Its papaya blem cream, mud pack and sandalwood sunscreen are a few products which are very much liked by people. You can also opt for it. Prices for these products are okay.

  • Anupama Khare

    I always wonder how can people get time from their busy lifestyle for manicure and pedicure. I always felt it as a waste of time and money till the time I have not used Mary Kay satin hands. And as I started using it, I realized what I was missing in my life. There is no word better than ‘amazing’ for it. I will surely recommend you to go ahead and buy it. It contains a hand scrub, a hand softener and a peach hand cream. The fragrance free softener is applied first, then the scrub and after that the hand cream. It all takes about 10 minutes for manicure and you find your hands so soft and nourished. I have become a fan of it and recommend my friends and relatives too. I apply it twice or thrice a week. One can use it everyday also. The scrub contains tea lauryl sulphate, polyethylene, sodium methyl cocoyl taurate, sodium chloride, acrylates coploymer, cocamidopropyl betain etc. And the fragrance free softener contains petrolatum mineral oil, paraffin bees wax, hydrogenated soy glyceride, 3 hexenol,isopentenol, menthol and methyl decenol.The product is wonderful and you’ll love to use it. It has become a permanent member in my bathroom wardrobe since I used it first.

  • Cora Beach

    Milani has launched a lot of new products in the market like lip flash, eye liner pencil, nail one coat glitter to name few of them. The new nail glitter range from Milani is available in five new shades that are red sparkle, silver dazzle, blue flash, purple gleam and gold glitz. I found all the five colors very much made by keeping in view the taste of young generation. Each color defines a style statement when you wear it. I bought all the five colors and they all look great with the mood. They are highly concentrated color glitters with chick and cool glam and chip resistant formula. As far as the discount matter is concerned I don’t think so they offer any. As I am also buying these products from quite a long time but never seen their prices going down for their old customers or they have never provided any kind of sale in recent years.

  • Lesly Rose

    I can tell you about MD formulation moisturizer as I really loved it when I used it and would like to share my experience about it with you.MD formulation moisturizing lotion is a non greasy formula that is mild, non irritating, and long lasting. It contains emolinets and humectants which help to moisturize the skin. It does not contain any kind of lanolins or parabens. You can avail this product by paying just $ 26.98. It is excellent for hands, feet, elbow and knees, or anywhere that need intensive moisturization. It also helps restore and maintain the skin’s natural protective barrier, provides significantly greater hydration than Eucerin lotion.It is often recommended by dermatologists and pediatricians for the treatment of dry and sensitive skin and other skin conditions. I apply this lotion at night because it creates a kind of sweating on face when applied during day time. I bought this one and I must say this is a very mild moisturizing lotion. The texture of the lotion is neither too thick nor too runny & it takes a while to get completely absorbed.

  • Anupama Khare

    For short length hair there are a number of trendy hair cut that you can go for. Since you have a round face so leaving hairs open will suit you more.1. Layered cut: If you have straight hair then this one will work very well. One of the most stylish hair styles girls opt for these days. You can leave a flick in front to add more style. As you have round face so layered cut will suit on you. You can leave your hair open. Tying them will need a lot of hair pins.2. Lazer hair cut:It is more or less similar to layered cut.Very much in fashion these days and very girlie and trendy hair do. You can choose this also. You can leave your hairs open, they will look very nice.3. Deep Ucut:One of the most simple and tried and tested hair cut. Suits on every face. To add a spark you can get few hairs chopped from front leaving them as a flick. You can tie up a ponytail if you want.4. Step Cut:If you have wavy hair then this will suit on you the most. It is all time favourite hair style for every girl. If you don’t have wavy hairs then you can go for perming or temporary tangs.5. Blunt Cut:If you are ready to chop them in length then this is one of the most convenient and easy hair style. Looks cute on young girls and easy in maintenance6. Straightening or smoothening :If you want then you can get temporary straightening on your hairs. Free flowing hair look awesome. You can also try out temporary curls on your lower hairs. Both the syles can be done at home as well as parlor.

  • Hinan Ali

    Acne is one of the most common complications during adolescence, and often continues into adulthood. It is a skin disease, characterized by scaly red skin, blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and scarring. It has been observed that mostly acne diminishes overtime and at some point of time it disappears or decreases to a large extend. However, no need to wait. Various treatments are available to cure acne.One of the chemicals that is generally used to treat mild tomoderate forms of acne is azelaic acid. Azelaic acid is found in wheat, rye and barley. It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, and exfoliating properties, making it an ideal treatment product for acne and other such dermatological diseases. It should be applied on clean skin for better absorption. Start with lesser amounts initially. After your skin adjusts to the treatment, you can then increase the dosage.Azelaic acid is safe to use even during pregnancy, but it does have certain side effects. During the first weeks of its use, your skin may turn red and peel off; just as any other dilute acid would act on skin or a skin-like surface. However, by introducing it to your skin gradually, your skin will get accustomed to it in due course of time. Just have patience.In addition to azelaic acid, you can also use antibiotics and retinoids to treat acne. But consult your dermatologist before purchasing any. Nowadays light therapy is being used as a short-term treatment for acne. If it is too severe, surgical lancing procedures are performed.

  • America Briggs

    I will be glad if I can help you with your query and give you the required information that can help you in a better way. Recently when I wanted to go to the best spas in NYC, it is from there I came to know about a wonderful collection of amazing spas. Some of the names of these spas are Le Cachet Day Spa NYC, Ohm Spa, Dyanna Body & Nail Salon Spa, Yelospa, Euphora NYC Medi Spa & Hair Salon, Caudalie Vinotherapie Spa at The Plaza, Oasis Day Spa, Townhouse Spa, Haven and Wellington Hair Spa are some of the good spas in NYC that provide you with a lot of pampering and make you feel very light and relaxed after a while. I hope my answer will help you to make a good choice regarding a spa in NYC. It was good answering your question.

  • Anupama Khare

    As you have already tried Mary Kay products so there is no need to tell you that the product range of Mary Kay cosmetics is very good. You must have noticed the difference in your skin. Mary Kay keeps launching new shades of Lipsticks and nail enamel. In August it has launched two new colors in nail polish: Coral stone(red) and Pink Sand( light pink). Both are high gloss in nature.Then it hs launched Weekender eye pencil : Classic Navy ( matte), White Wash (Metallic), Pink sand and Coral stone.New available mineral eye colors are: Lemongrass (eye), Silversatin(eye),, Bluemetal (eye) AND Coral Sunrise (cheek).New Colors in Tinted lip Balm are: Peach, Peony, Cherry and Berry.Other available shades are: blush, fig, poppy,rose, natural and apricot.In lipsticks you can try out Mocha freeze, sweet nectar, amber glow, dusty rose, raisinberry if you are looking for some light and nude shades. If you want some bright colors then try out apple berry, nutmeg, blaze, red, amber suede or berry kiss.You can get almost all make up items under this name. Concealer, foundation, sheermineral pressed powder, loose powder, make up remover, mascara, eyeliner, eyesicles eye color, liquid eyeliner, applicators, lip gloss and liquid lip color. For more details log on to http://www.marykayintouch.co.in or http://www.marykay.com.

  • Kaash Wadhwa

    You seem to be a fan of matrix series. And you are highly affected seeing the hairstyle of the actress in that movie so you plan to get one for yourself too. As this hairstyle is in trend these days so you are looking for the best one suiting your round face. Well I will try my best to help you. You will feel happy to know that one of my siblings is a huge fan of matrix actress and she got that hairstyle done inspired seeing her on screen. She went through a lot research on the internet before getting one and she referred those sites to me also to suggest for her. I offer you those sites to choose one for yourself suiting your outlook.1. Squidoo2. BeautyrampFollow these sites and you will not be annoyed with your wise step.

  • Lum Chalander

    Well, the most universal hairstyle these days in trend is a sober short hair cut that has no partitions. It usually suite every hair type and face cut. If you have a muscular face with dark coloured eyes, it will suit you. If you are sleek as you mentioned long hair will probably suit only if it is maintained. If they are straight it’ll take a lot of care and look after. You are a college aged guy who I don’t think will sit at home taking care of his hairs. So better try to explain to your hair dresser about few of your choices of haircuts and few that he thinks will suits on you. Just try keep it simple most of the times because girls like them this way.You also can try to make it a bit curls if they are average in size, if you are sports fan you can definitely go for david beckhams breeze hair do or can look forward for david villa sanchez’s crisp spikes. But at the end of the day, it is you who needs to decide what will make you satisfy so never hesitate and tell it all to your hairdresser. Thank you.

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    Yes mate, your friend has recommended you the best hair curling iron. There is no doubt that gold plated curling iron are the best. But there are other products also available in the market. You can also go through the other one. But the main thing is that which one will be suited. Standing in the aisle of a store looking at the vast number of curling irons can prove daunting. How to know which ones won’t break, won’t damage hair and will work the fastest? But before going through with any curling irons firstly research in the market. You will find the pricey curling irons the pros love and the more affordable curling irons that won’t break or break your bank. There are several products like the marcel, rusk spring curling iron, whirl stying wand, Conair ceramic tools 1-1/2spring curl and many more. To find the right one iron curling you can also take the help of internet and books or you can ask from your close ones who used it. I think this information is sufficient for you and I hope you have got your answer.

  • Ramchander Koushik.R

    It is natural that you are worrying about losing your hair with every passing day. However, there are different types of hair pieces that you can consider before zeroing on what exactly you want. Normally, about 6 inches should be fine. In addition to this, you need to choose what color would suit you best. Hair pieces can either be synthetic or natural; however, the synthetic ones are usually preferred by people since they are less costly and last long as well.In most cases, customized hair pieces are the best bet since you’ll exactly be able to get something that matches your head.Depending on whether you want more hair in the front or an equal distribution of hair all across the edge, you can opt for an all-welded base or a French lace. Most people prefer the French lace since it looks good on their head and doesn’t give out anindication that you are actually wearing a hair piece. It definitely won’t make you uncomfortable too.One can also pick an all lace hair piece, a Swiss lace hair piece or a mono lace front. Whether you want more skin in the back or an extended front skin, it is all possible. Typically, hair pieces are available in prices ranging from USD 125 onwards. Costly and good quality hair pieces can even cost you USD 5000 or so. Most of these can be worn easily on the head and maintenance will never be a problem.

  • Ch J Satyananda Kumar

    Please do not use strong shampoos. Those will spoil your hair and the hair will lose its lively look. Instead use some herbal methods. Take some raw Indian goose berries (Amla). Cut them and remove the seeds. Make a smooth paste of it. Apply the paste to your hair. Keep the hair to dry for half an hour and then have a head bath with mild shampoo. Dry the hair with a Turkish towel. Then soak a thick cloth in lukewarm water and cover the hair with that wet cloth while it is still warm. Keep the wet towel wrapped around hair for about 15 minutes. Then remove the cloth. Once again dry the hair with towel. Then comb the hair. Your hair will be under your control and it will be very smooth and puffy.

  • Manmeet Dawar

    Tea is one of the miraculously available green leaf; which not only gives taste but color also. After water, tea is the only beverage which is world wide consumed. The tea also makes a difference of how this is prepared. The green tea leaf is unprocessed; though the leaf is full of benefits:It lessens the cholesterol level; it also slows down the arthritis problem and prevents growth of cancer cells along with weight loss. Researchers estimate that the rate of heart attack decreases by 11% with consumption of 3 cups of tea per day. More important, regular drinking of green tea cleans up the bowel system. Green tea also acts as anti-ageing supplements.Apart from drinking; green tea is beneficial in beauty treatments as well; where green tea-bags are placed on eyes and sunburn area on the skin to lighten the burn marks. An antioxidant namely epigallocatechingallate, or EGCG is found in green tea leaves; which is 100 times better than Vitamin C and around 25 times better that Vitamin E. It is said that every good thing also have some negative points; the biggest thing is of availability of caffeine. There are some side effects lead with the excessive intake of caffeine includes insomnia, an accelerated heart rate, migraine headaches, trembling, agitation, stomach upset and anxiety.As everything comes with good and bad things so does Green Tea.

  • Pallavi Pahuja

    Ponds age miracle is an amazing product to keep you youngforever. As far as oily skin is concerned it is real good but not as good as normalskin. At the same time, it does give you a good effect (oily skin). You can tryit.Olay 7 signs of aging is the best cream for face to avoid aging.It is amazing when used with Olay serum. Apply it twice a day.It has properties that even protect you from sun.L’Oreal RevitaLift Anti-Wrinkle & Firming Moisturizer does wonder to keep yourejuvenated and young throughout.If you want a natural therapy, massage almond oil on your skinfor 3 minutes, give it a steam with steamer or wet hot towel for 10 minutes andthen clean your face. Your skin will shine. It will help you to keep wrinklesat bay.

  • Jancy James

    I guess you have slow hair growth which could be due to a number of factors. Just like our body, our hair too needs nourishment for growing and maintenance. Mineral deficiencies can cause severe hair fall and slow hair growth. With a little bit of care and effort, you can give your hair better nourishment and strength. Take pure coconut oil, unrefined would be best for this purpose and massage it right into your scalp for about 15 minutes. Massage in circular motions until you feel your scalp warm from blood circulation. Leave it for half an hour and wash off. Stimulating the hair follicles with massage will encourage the hair to grow thick and healthy. Continue this every day if possible or at least thrice aweek. Take some fenugreek seeds and leave them in water overnight. Once they have become soft,you can grind them to a paste. Use the paste for massaging your scalp for 10 minutes every day. Take a towel and dip it in hot water. Drain the excess waterand cover the entire head with this for one hour. Wash your hair after this. Any of these methods will help your hair grow thick and prevent hair fall. Coloring your hair can again trigger hair fall due to the chemicals used. Since you have aproblem of hair fall, it is better that you do not do it on your own. Consult a hair care clinic or follow the directions given in the pack. It is not very difficult.

  • Kaash Wadhwa

    You seem to be looking for bob haircut for your oval face cut as you are not good with handling long hairs. I will surely suggest you to your satisfaction. Well this hairstyle is in trend these days so look for the best one suiting your oval face. Well I will try my best to help you. You will feel happy to know that one of my sibling is a huge fan of ‘Jennifer Aniston’ and seeing her new bob haircut she got inspired and got one for herself too. She went through a lot research on the internet before getting one and she referred those sites to me also to suggest for her. I offer you those sites to choose one for yourself suiting your outlook.1. Zimbio2. Beauty Followthese sites and you will not be annoyed with your wise step.

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  • Jaydeep Joshi

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  • Cecil Morris

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  • Tania Ghosh

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  • Deepthi Siruvuri

    Home made skin care products are the best for your skin. They can never harm your skin as they are completely natural and also they can save you a lot of money. You have endless options for beauty care available in your kitchen. All you need to do is to determine you skin type and choose the right ingredients.Home made scrub with olive oil and sugar: Apply olive oil to your face and neck region. Then apply sugar on face and neck and massage gently for 5 minutes and then wash off with cold water.Whitening mask: It consists of honey, gram flour, and Water. Mix 2 Teaspoons of gram flour, 1 Teaspoon of Water and 1 Teaspoon of Honey. Mix everything and apply it to your face. Wash with cold water after 10 minutes. Feel the difference.Moisturizers: Plain oil is the best ever moisturizer. Just rub a little onto your skin after you take a shower. It keeps your skin soft and supple. Unscented oils like grapeseed works very well for this, and essential oils can be added to make a scented body oil.Therapeutic baths: If you have irritated skin, add powdered milks, cosmetic clays, baking soda, or powdered oatmeal to your bath water. Volcanic ash, pumice, ground and dried seaweed, and essential oils can also be added to bath water for skin benefits.Fruit masks: Your kitchen has a lot of handy ingredients: bananas, papaya, watermelon etc. They provide glow to dull skin.So, these are some skin care options that are completely natural and available at home. They only enhance your beauty without giving you any side effect. Choose nature and stay beautiful.

  • Rohan Bhatt

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  • Sana Shuja

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  • Zoya Rehman

    There are many reasons for hair fall- your health, diet as well as environmental factors play major roles. It is normal to shed 100 hairs a day but if you are losing hair in tufts, you sure have to visit a specialist. Here are some home remedies to check your problem of hair fall, dandruff and gray hair. Eat healthy and sleep well. Include lots of protein, nuts and dairy products in your diet. Exercise regularly and meditate. It reduces stress.It is beneficial to oil your hair but not a good idea to venture out in pollution. Oily hair tends to accumulate dust. So, oil your hair with warm coconut oil or pure almond oil, leave it overnight and shampoo the next morning. Before washing off, follow the warm towel therapy. Apply henna once a month but if you have gray hairs, do it fortnightly. Soak the bark of walnut in water in an iron container overnight. Take henna, powdered fenugreek seeds, egg, honey, and yogurt and make a paste using walnut bark water.Mix lemon juice with the juice of ginger and apply to the hair roots. It controls hair fall and dandruff.

  • Jaimin Bhavsar

    The best hairstyles with short hairHow do you get with short hair? Perhaps you think of your face shape. It may not be well with this hairstyle or cut. But it is a matter of trying. Nor is it necessary to take almost shaved into the short category. There are some hairstyles below which you can put on,Rocker: One of the most famous hairstyles with short hair is the famous toupee. No matter how long your hair is, if you know how to build it and accommodate it with forks, it will always looks good. But it will be better if your hair is very short on the sides. Secure it with lacquer and wear it.Bangs chic: A good straight bangs and stuck to your face can be a very flattering hairstyle for those with long manes.Retro: A hairstyle that can work well both in short and long hair. You just need good hair slicked back, wave shape with tweezers and then picks up all the hair. You can finish the look with a buckle important.Media melena: A very informal hairstyle parted in the middle. Let the natural waves to give you the look. Dare to wear it at night.BOB: Short over the shoulders, with natural waves and a little oil, by volume. It refers to the grunge aesthetic.Bold: It is risky for girls. Well shaved on the sides and the top layer disheveled in a much more clear.

  • Sana Shuja

    Short Cuts for the summer is around the corner. This may be the season for extremely short, very sporty and highly textured haircut styles. Before getting a new look make sure:1.Before going for a haircut, you need to spend time talking to your hairstylist and you need to make it sure that they understands what hairstyle you want.2.It will help your hairstylist to decide on the right type of hairstyle that will suit your personality with the understanding of your unique fashion sense.3.Don’t hesitate to ask your hairstylist about right the techniques he/she will use for your hair.Here are some hairstyles for men:a.Texturized HaircutThis haircut style is great as its consists of longer face shapes and coarse hair. This hairstyle creates a very sporty look and textural look with the use of a razor technique. Style Tip: you just need to apply the styling wax to your damp hair. Using your fingers, rub in the wax over the entire hair. Remember, the messier the better. Allow you hair to dry naturally. b.Razor HaircutA wispy razor-ed look that is fashionable and very easy to maintain. This hairstyle is best suited for your coarse hair. Style Tip: you need to apply styling wax or molding cream to damp hair, then using your fingers, mess up and texture the ends. c.Twisted Quiff HaircutAn uplifting casual hairstyle that creates movement and height to suit smaller rounder face shapes and straight to slightly wavy hair types best. Regular trims are required to maintain a balanced shape. Style Tip: you need to apply mousse to damp hair then finger dry forward through the top and from your sides, then up straight in the front. Complete the look with applying a moulding cream in the same direction, creating a peak on top. d.Short Tapper HaircutThis hairstyle is cut having longer layers on top. Back and sides have been cut into short layers just leaving side-burns a little longer as it suits well. Suits fine hair and will make the hair appear thicker. Style Tip: you need to apply moulding cream to your damp hair. Using a vent brush,just comb your hair up in a peak on top. Allow hair to dry natural.

  • pooja satapathy

    Getting a proper hair cut is quintessential as it adds up to your personality. A proper hair cut not only accentuates your beauty but also boosts your confidence. Short hair cuts have become the trend of the season. Short hair is comfortable and manageable and looks great with proper styling. But do keep in mind that short hair doesn’t suit everyone. Choosing the right cut is very important otherwise it may lead to a fashion faux-pass. Some of the best and most fashionable hair cuts areShort edgy cut Short edgy hair cuts make a strong statement. This cut personifies beauty with strength.The Pixie cut This super short hair style doesn’t suit all. Its the best for petite persons. If you are over weight or too tall avoid getting such cut.The long bob Not too short not too long this cut is the best for round face and heart shaped face.Length cut with waves A variant of the long bob, waves cut has been a rage this year. The curls promise a super hot look.Layer cut If you have thick hair consider layer cut. It helps enhance the facial features.Fringe cut A short wispy fringe looks gorgeous on heart shaped faces especially with thick hair.

  • Anurag Gupta

    There are some famous hairstyles you can try, 1. Bob Finger Wave: A look very popular with the ladies during the Roaring 20. It was the part of an overall look and the flapper where the girl would crop hair between the chin the ear level of the work in uniform waves. 2. Pompadour: The two hairstyles famous in the pompadour was created by combing hair against the sides but pulling in hair up and over on itself on top. This look was more popular with celebrities in the era like Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. 3. Ducktail: For this you have to leave some hair long around the neck and apply generous helpings of hair grease. You can also try some other styles like Shag and Bouffant. While shaggy styles will give you a carefree look, the bouffant style will make you look glamorous .

  • Anupama Khare

    Hair maintenance need a little effort from our side. A regular hot oil massage is must for healthy hairs. Do it twice a week. Go for olive oil , lavender oil or almond oil. Give them steam once in a while. It opens up clogged pores and keep hair healthy, shiney and away from dandruff. You can go for any kind of hair style as you have long face. you can try out any one of the followings:1. Blunt Cut: If you are ready to chop them in length, then it is one of the most convenient and easy hair style. Looks cute on young girls and needs little maintenance.2. Lazer hair cut: It is more or less similar to layered cut. Very much in fashion these days and very girlie and a trendy hair do. You can choose this one. The open hairs look very nice.3. Boy Cut:One of the smartest hair dos I like. I always admired the clean and finished look of any lady who wear this hair style.

  • bablu Bhu

    One should go on experimenting with new hairstyles to keep on changing the looks. People also get very bored by keeping same hairstyles. It all depends on the length of hair, its texture, age and your weight. One should keep the best hairstyle which can also go with your beauty need. There are different hairstyles for different shapes of faces.Some of the summer hairstyles for a small round chubby face:1. Hair long from the left and curls at the bottom2. Short hair and bang3. Slick ponytail4. Sideswept bang5. Curls6. Shoulder length and longer with layers7. Bangs8. Layered bang9. Wavy layers10. Long bob11. Long straight hair12. Long layers13. Long, wisky layers14. Messy bob15. Pixie cut16. Razor cut17. Short bob18. Chin length bob19. Face framing bob20. Rounded bob21. Soft layers and curly ends22. Layers23. Sweeping bangs and long layers24. Tapered cut with sweeping bangs25. Sleek bob26. Beach inspired waves27. Deep side part28. Long layers

  • Harshal Patel

    The waterproof coating liquid in truthOn a fairly regular basis, I ask for a recommendation waterproof eyeliner. It is never an easy answer because I think people have different definitions of “waterproof”. For me, waterproof means no break at all if submerged in water. I can think of almost any product that can hold up to that. Do not misunderstand me. I think a number of products are “water resistant”, which means it can cope with watery eyes, or only partially compromised if submerged in water. I think I’ve finally reached some phrases that are actually waterproof. That is get wet, even rub on them, and that does not move or fade.I’m talking about liquid liner Milani Infinite. As you can see, I have these in a range of shades, all of which seem to have the same power to stay. There are 8 colors total, and cost about $ 7.00 each, depending on where you get them. These are the kind of makeup products that do not like the first time using. But at the end of the day, I think you’ll find that you love.Let me explain in more detail, the first time you apply the liner, you will notice that the texture is not a thin ink type feel like most liquid coatings. I would say this is more like chocolate syrup. It’s brilliant and kind of thick, and once put it, it will take one or two minutes to dry completely. The first time I used it I thought, “Well, here’s a product that will not work for me! Too sticky! Not dry fast enough!”.One might even think that this is supposed to be a “wet look” liner, but I assure you, that dries matte. (Of course, metallic silver will have a metallic finish). This is my advice for dealing with minor shortcomings of this product.Why is this a product worth working? Will last and last. In fact, be quite stubborn when it comes to remove it. This can not only win the lining of water (easily), but also put a good fight against various removal techniques makeup, including Almay eye makeup Remover, Eye Remover Mary Kay makeup, Olay daily facials facial and petroleum jelly. For example, my day off Olay Facial almost any other type of eye makeup. With these coatings, there are always some leftovers. And so that leaves a black streams down his face more out in the form of flakes to start removing it. My Makeup Remover Mally was the only removal product that seemed to take off quite easily. Remember that stubborn eye makeup, keep cotton or cotton on the eye makeup remover to start breaking down the product.

  • Brijesh Pathak

    Casual style is more appropriate as you‘d be more convenient in casual because it’s the basic style that you may assign without getting more confusion. Hair style has no limits and all have the different way to make by their own set up of mind. You may feel exhaust if go through look in several catalogs and sites. I have done it , so suggest you not to be more confuse among them. Actually sometimes we attract to see fashionable people having some stylish hair and they too give shine with colors and many more unusual products that actually not made for human uses. It’s a part of chemical that losses your hair totally. Either Ways come to the point , I suggest you to be as casual as you are. Natural impression never fades and it comes naturally when we take birth actually. Make same that you have and suits much. Always prefer the thing that suits you much not that the other people tell you it’s better than previous one and so on. Because style doesn’t have end at all. It ‘d make you as confuse as you ‘d like to enter in the sea of confusion and manipulation. Have fun with my idea. Happy Journey.

  • Harshal Patel

    The desire to dye her hair blond, red or all colors of the rainbow is a power that can not be denied. At some point in their lives can be dyed black hair and decides to go to the opposite extreme, only to find to get black hair to go blonde is not easy and has horror stories of hair or get roasted orange / green together.1) Use semi-permanent black hair dyeIf you are experiencing with black hair, use a semi-permanent black dye when in the first place. Then you do not have to pull your hair at all, just wait a few weeks until the black lava and you can start again.2) Make your naked black hair in a hair salonBe careful – when you go from black to blonde in one go, will involve the extraction of their hair black before applying a blonde tone. This separation process is what makes the hair is crisp, and very hard to get a good clean blonde once.Many people have horror stories of going to the hairdresser to dye their hair blond and black hair that ends with crispy / orange. Clearly a bad day like this you will mourn, but not really the fault of the salon – your request is their worst nightmare because it is very risky, and if they agree to make a strip of a session and the dye is probably because you bullied them into it. Is likely to go to bed as well as you mourn.3) Go from black to brown before going blondeIf you have a good hairdresser, will probably refuse to pull his hair. One might suggest black hair grow out and cut the ends every 3-4 weeks. When your roots come through them can put a semi-permanent brown hair to match the black. You can also cut the layers in your hair for most of black. This takes a while, but will leave your hair in good condition.Also, you can see if you like what you look like with brown hair! When finished with brown hair with a little black at the ends can start playing again, and think about having hi-lites put in (or even just the bleaching of semi-permanent brown and goes blonde – at least effect won ‘t be so radical in his hair as if starting from the black)4) Strip black hair dye and dye their hair blond onceWell – you hear – you are desperate! Life as a black point is, and is determined to be a blonde.The first thing you have to do is deep condition your hair to prepare for the removal.We suggest you buy a jar of cream of cholesterol (a hair product Afro-Caribbean beauty) or, alternatively, the choice of seriously hardcore deep conditioner.5) Dried hair – damage limitationSay you wanted to go from black hair with blond hair and did it before reading this article.How to rescue your hair now?Use a deep conditioner (like cholesterol deep conditioner or cream of your choice). Use the method above to rap actually block the conditioner on the hair. Wet the hair and let things twice as long as you intended. Their roots are naturally more fat so that you do not need to be conditioned by time – but really focus on the ends and the center of his hair.

  • Harshal Patel

    If you decide to style your own hair for the prom make sure to allocate enough time to practice and prepare for the big night. Start by putting together a checklist to dance list items as you would have to buy hair styles that you’ve tried and liked or disliked and if necessary a general idea of ​​the style of their graduation date / partner is to model for the night. After all, the last thing I want is to end on a hot date that clashes with her look surprisingly like.Your prom hair style will look 100 times better if it looks healthy and shiny on the big day. To start planning how often you need to apply conditioning treatments,you do not need a lot of extra money to achieve a healthy style of dance of a hair treatments you can buy at reasonable prices in most major supermarkets. The cheaper brands can work as effectively as more expensive if applied on a regular basis (once every two weeks is usually enough to replenish the hair follicle and keep your hair looking healthy). To benefit most from a conditioning treatment to be applied as usual and wrap your hair in a hot towel To do this, soak a towel in water and drain fluid that has access, by putting it in the microwave for a few minutes until the towel starts to steam. Test the temperature of the towel to ensure it is safe to put on your scalp, if you are happy with the towel wrapped around his head smoky twist on a turban. Leave the towel on his head for about 20 minutes or until the towel starts to cool.Prom Night means the end of an era, is an isolated incident, you and your friends will remember in their thoughts and in your photos for all eternity and, unfortunately, is all in a matter of hours. Not have any regrets this is your night to show everyone your true self by choosing a hairstyle to suit you holiday perfect. The use of hair in a way that complements your personal style will ensure that your most beautiful look. Consider your particular style, for example, if you go to vintage clothing may decide to wear your hair in a 1920 movie star wavy look like the one shown below.Be prepared with the purchase of all hair accessories and equipment before the big day.These can be several things, depending on the hair style of dance that has chosen to take.For example, if you are wearing your hair in a updo style may need to consider the purchase of certain items such as hairpins, hairspray, spray heat protection hair serum, hair and mouse on. If you’re planning on adding hair extensions to your hair you should buy party sufficiently in advance to allow sufficient time to practice creating your image with the extra hair.

  • Ravi Patel

    Silly bandzWhat you need 1 tube of silicone sealant 1 oral syringe1-2 drops of food coloring A square of wax paper A sticky note 1 clove of collecting1 pen A piece of tapeHow to proceed1. Draw the desired design in note stcky2. Take the wax paper and put it in the sticky makeing the face to the design3. Take food coloring and put a little in the syringe4. Then fill the syringe 1 / 3 with silicone5. Take the syringe and carefully trace the design fully6. Leaving the band to dry for about 3 hours7. Peel and enjoy

  • Nikita Sharma

    There are some simple ways to wear long hair. First, you need to remove your ear rings and brush out your own hair to remove knots and tangles. You can also wrap your locks very tight or you can separate your hairs into two ponytails on the other way. You can also make a bun by wrapping your hair and fix it with a pin. Then, take your new hair and place them on your head and push all strands of hair that are on the side, the back, and front of your head, till a smooth surface is created. I hope, this will give you a a beautiful look to you too.

  • Nikita Sharma

    I think toupee is small wig associated with men who are having front head baldness. A wig is used by all and can cover whole of your head and length can vary according to your choice. Toupees are mostly used by men and wigs are mostly associated with women. A toupee is a partial wig. Men use it for frontal baldness. The most beneficial thing about wig or toupee is that they both can be applied to your head without any surgical operation and color choice may vary according to your skin color. For more information about the same you can read…wigs.com. Thanks

  • Harshal Patel

    Just For Me Hair Milk ReviewName: Just For Me Hair Milk CollectionPrice: $ 4.99 (each)Rating: 3.5 out of 5Just For Me Hair Milk Collection has the following review. My mom sample (4b), my 12-year-old niece (3c) and I (not sure what the heck my type of hair is) really enjoyed the products. Some were average and some were quite good. The odor is consistent with the four hair products. The packaging is very cute! I just love the color scheme of pink and white and I like the shape of the bottles. But a lot of people on the internet refuses to give it a try because of the ingredients. Some of the ingredients that are present are not needed IMO. I also think it’s great that there is a shift toward using more natural ingredients in hair products for consumers. Many big companies are producing quality products with natural ingredients of most, at a decent price.Just For Me Hair Milk Shampoo gently cleanses and makes the hair feel softer and more manageable. My mom and my niece put this shampoo through some tests. My mother found it good. She did even wash a few wigs with the product… and said it worked very well. Rating: 3 of 5

  • Arpita Mukherjee

    Despite containing the same bacteria strain, probiotic products might not contain the same number of beneficial bacteria. The number of bacteria present in a probiotic product at the time of production rapidly declines over time. Retaining the high bacteria level in the probiotic supplement is the major challenge of probiotic manufacturers. By devising a unique probiotic manufacturing process, Natren has managed to maximize the bacterial content of its product. Natren produces “super strain” probiotics. The specially formulated supernatant present in the probiotic supplement constantly nourishes the bacteria. In the stomach, the supernatant protects the bacteria from the stomach acid, allowing more bacteria to survive in the gut. In the Natren probiotic supplement, the beneficial bacteria live in an oxygen-free environment, enrobed in sunflower oil and vitamin E. This helps to reduce competition between individual bacterium, thereby keeping the bacteria in good health. In addition, the oil matrix system protects the beneficial bacteria from the harsh acidic environment in the stomach. Hence, the beneficial bacteria are safely introduced in the intestine after the bile dissolves the oil casing. The bile salts could not damage the bile resistant bacteria strains. To protect the probiotic supplement from heat, light and moisture, Natren uses the best quality package material. Made with goat’s milk, Natren probiotics are usually well tolerated by people allergic to cow milk protein.

  • Deepa Venkitesh

    1. Simply organic is a very good online store for organic hair care products. The key ingredient in all products is olive leaf which has properties like anti fungal, anti bacterial and protein rich. These products also contain olive oil which is good for scalp and skin. Highly recommended by most people.2. Green organics is another top store. Their top hair color products are reasonable and good for the hair. they have been certified with ‘no animal testing’, environmental policy, vegan policy, USDA Organic and Ingredients Listing. They do not use the following toxic substances in their products: Parabens, mineral oils, petrochemicals, propylene glycol, genetically modified ingredients and DEA/TEA/MEA. 3. Naturally direct.net is a certified store which deals in all sorts of organic products including a separate hair color section. Their natural dye powder is PPD free and they also offer free shipping service above a purchase of $50. 4. Herbal remedies is a site which has solutions for all types of beauty related issues. Ayurveda is also used to make quality products. There is a separate section for hair care. The products are priced low as compared to others. 5. Organic color systems.com deals in organic hair colors. The site is very forward compared to the top four above and offers hair color shade chart, tips and articles. A various range of products are offered for free trial also.

  • Himanshu Kumar

    The real life attraction or in other words beauty is god gifted to each and everyone. We all are growing with the god gifted beauty, which includes all the parts of our body. Hair is the topmost part of our beauty. With different different hairstyles we often change our looks, so It plays a key role in our beauty. In case of pattern baldness condition for male, it affects the beauty of gentleman. We are used to see the hair on our head so it looks odd for any one. So this condition is bad in terms of only beauty. If anyone does not care for his beauty then this condition does not mean for him. The genetically determined hair loss sometimes begins as early as the end of puberty. There is some basis for this belief, both parents contribute to their offspring’s likelihood of hair loss. So there is a chance of receiving the baldness gene. With the healthy lifestyle in terms of diet, exercise etc, it can be prevented if occurring not by inheritance. Baldness condition can be seen generally in the mid term age.The exact chances of inheritance for this can not be predicted. Sometimes it does not affect genetically.

  • Mitesh Patel

    Magic Hair extensions are available in six different colors: golden blonde, light brown, auburn, brown, natural, dark brown and black and are made from high quality artificial hair, so his touch is 100% real, soft and enjoyable. Each pack has three extensions of a length of 35 centimeters. For color and texture look natural, fit perfectly to your own hair. They are washable and reusable. The price is € 29.99 and you can find them in drugstores.How to wear themPreviously, the extensions out of the box and carefully comb. Use two or three extensions depending on the desired volume. Open the clips before placing the extensions.Separate hair layered horizontally with the help of a comb and hold it with the clip included in the pack (see Figure 2). Start from the bottom up and always following the same procedure. For perfect results, apply first the smaller areas (a unit of 12 cm, with 2 clips) in the bottom layer. It covers these extensions with part of your hair bound.Return to separate a top layer with the forceps and then placed greater width extensions (two units of 22 cm, with 3 clips). Always start by the middle clip (images 3 and 4). When it has fully set, close the other two clips at the left and right. Cover with top layer of hair and ready!To get a wick effect, you can combine different tones and change your style in minutes.The extensions are artificial and synthetic material may be fiber or plastic, on the other hand, are natural human hair (although rarely may be some other animal hair, white as natural extensions are hard to find).The difference between natural and synthetic extensions is that natural easier to care for and handle in general: when you put them, change color, hairstyles, etc.. For their part, are cheaper synthetic and depends on how care can last us more than the natural good, even when there is danger of applying heat, which can burn.

  • Jaimin Bhavsar

    It’s really great that you like Mary Kay products and I have to say that these products are very good and give a perfect touch to your skin. Hate to say this, but I’ve never heard of Mary Kay Pink Cadillac products, but I can tell and give opinions about different products that are best for makeup and touch more. You can also use these products regularly and do not damage the skin in any way.I think it’s the best Mary Kay training component. As you have oily skin and I chose this because oily skin remains longer. It’s really an incredible makeup. There is a very sheer coverage and color blends well with the color of their skin. It is so natural it does not see mat all that you are wearing makeup. What it looks like you did when you put it in the end of your day.Compared with other products, is also very cheap and that’s why I like to use it.

  • Rahul Shah

    A banana clip is the curved hair accessory and is fastened that opens at one end. It’s typically used to secure updos.VariationsBanana clips, jaw clips like, come in a range of sizes, styles and prices. There’s the basic tortoise shell type, and more fancy patterned banana clips with rhinestones and diamonds.How to use and yipsHow to use: Banana clips can easily be used for securing the hair in a ponytail. Also they’re good for french twists, all you need to do is twist and tuck the hair and insert the clip on both ends.Tips: The long and thicker your hair, the stronger and heavier the banana clip you need.Suitable hairstylesBanana clips work best on medium to long hair style hairstyle of all textures.OccasionsYou can use a banana clip for a simple ponytail-and we all know that a ponytail couple with the right dress and accessories dog look great at formal occasions. Banana clips work well also for a special occasion to create a used when French twist. Banana clips are good, effective devices.

  • Ravi Patel

    A hair weave is a very general term used to describe the human or artificial hair used to alter the natural appearance of hair by adding extra hair for covering natural hair or natural hair extensions together with human or synthetic hair . The hair extension is the highest quality Indian remy human hair. Remy hair still has the cuticle layer, which is the outermost part of the strand of hair, but that looks like shingles on a roof. All hair is remy cuticle layer of hair flowing in the same direction as it flows naturally. The cuticle layer is important when it comes to tangle the hair, the longevity of use up to one year and how good their hair looks. When the layer of the cuticle is intact and lying flat, the hair is able to reflect light, so that the hair shine.Some of the benefits of pile fabrics is that they can lengthen hair, add volume and / or thickness to fine or thinning hair, add fashion colors for natural hair, without damaging chemicals or change the appearance user by adopting a different hair texture than your natural hair. Since the 1990s, the tissues have been particularly popular among African American women who opt for a straight hair look. The process of adding natural hair color is usually done with extension systems strand by strand. One type of application is called sew-in. Hair weft can also be applied by paste directly into your natural hair hair glue specifically for pile fabrics. The tail can be easily washed with a special shampoo conditioner to remove the glue without removing hair from truth. A special glue remover may also be used.The hair extension hair refers to tissue that is applied strand by strand, not long rows sewn together. Strand-by-line is about 50-80 hair strands together at the ends of keratin resembles the end of a chain of shoes. These can be directly linked by the hair or the use of copper links, which provides the most natural look. The method is the most time-consuming, and that between 100 and 300 individual extensions apply. The amount of time to make this type of application of a more expensive than other options. Other extensions include ponytails, or ponytail pieces. Like any wig or wigpiece, colors for hair weaving can range from “realistic” colors like black, red, brown and blond, with colors like pink, blue, green and purple.

  • Jaimin Bhavsar

    Create updos for short hair can be easier than you think, but obviously it depends on how you cut the hair.For hair 3 inches long to a short duration of the shock, short hair styles will be easier to create.Those of you that there is agreement with the trends and fashions asking about how to make short hair look more attractive again, do not worry because here are some tips.If your hair is a short crop, a look at Halle Berry, then you can play with a rapid increase of the parties, changing the color of hair or slicking down. Information and tips on hair extensions can be found then it can be a great look dramatic, but natural. Using a suitable shampoo and conditioner that adds volume to hair can be very effective.First, invest in some grips that you think are nice and others that go with everything. These will be a valuable way to keep your short hair styles to make it look more attractive,especially as it begins to grow. Second, it might be wise to invest in some hair products, for example, gel wax and shine. It would also be advisable to buy hair straighteners, if not already have some. Hair straighteners means you can curl, flick and, of course, fix your hair. These three ways of using irons can make your hair look completely different from normal, and this is what will make any short hair updos look stunning at a special event. Create updos for short hair can be a great help through the use of a piece of hair, not complete, but can be added to hair that has been put in a ponytail. These can be found in beauty supply stores and many classrooms. You can create all kinds of looks with these, a bun or a great curly hairstyle prom. Another of the many styles of updos for short hair can be created with a lot of punches, just experiment with curly hair and then hold down, especially in the back of the head. You can also create a small tuft at the front of the head is a great new stylish look, just take a 2 inch by two inch section of hair on the top front of the head and then pull it back and then slide it forward, so that seems to be higher than your head, you can also get this aside to create a more updated look.

  • Vishal Mehra

    CoQ10 is a Vitamin like substance produced in the cells of living organisms. It is very important to reduce the chances or coronary heart diseases. Breathing Problems, Facial Swelling, Itching, Stomach upset, appetite loss, headaches, Insomnia, Nausea, Heartburn/Acid reflux, Vomiting, Dizziness, Fainting, Low Blood Pressure and High liver enzyme count are the probable side effects.But the side effects are very mild and since positive effects of CoQ10 have more significance, its side effects are very marginal. CoQ10 is naturally occurring Coenzyme and is very much essential for cellular energy production and for the healthy heart. High doses of CoQ10 can cause side effects but the side effects are very mind and do not produce and serious effects. Best is to take CoQ10 is small doses.

  • Ekta Bhatnagar

    Hi there!Not bad at all! I think her hair looks extremely good. But, it will be a bit difficult for me to say whether it will look good on you or not as I do not know how you look. But you can always try a new look or of you are not sure there are many virtual hair styles available on the net where you can upload your image and see what hair style and colour would suit your face.So, coming back to Beyonce’s hair colour. She keep changing her hair colour every now and then. And this style really makes her look pretty elegant and makes her skin look beautiful than ever. From the picture that you have sent, at the moment Beyonce has golden brown colour with highlights and lowlights in the front and back. This particular hair colour suits really well if a person has warm and golden undertones in their skin along with light colour eyes.My favourite hair colour is black… as I have black hair myself. But if you ask about particular hair colour that I would suggest, it would be a golden brown base, if you have a neutral tone to your hair. For people who already have golden brown base, they look good with neutral tones.I would advice you to consult a hair stylist before you carry on with the colouring of your hair. The hair stylist would be able to tell you exactly what colour would suit you. Sometimes the hair colour looks good on a celebrity but it might not turn out to be the same for you. So it’s best not to take any chances and go to a good stylist.Happy colouring!Cheers!

  • Sunny Shah

    Anyone who has agreed with the unpleasant side effects of hair loss medications are likely to be asked more about natural treatment options.While hair loss drug can lead to effective results, many men and women can not cope with side effects that can bring such as headaches and facial swelling.Thanks to new developments in the field of hair loss, you now have options.The average person throws somewhere between 50 and 100 hairs of your head every day. This level of detachment is completely normal and every hair that is expelled is replaced by a new short hair. Those who experience thinning hair is not getting new hair replacement after old hair falls out. No hair replacement, the cycle is frustrated and baldness begins to occur.In order to stop hair loss in the future and get your hair growth cycle back to your regular pattern, you can use products for hair loss.It is important to determine the cause of hair loss.If due to a temporary problem, such as illness or medication allergies, you should certainly fix the root problem first. You can then use the products for hair loss to help stimulate new hair growth.Herbal remedy for hair lossThe human hair follicle requires a delicate balance of nutrients, cleansing and molecular activity in order to successfully produce hair. Any number of external factors can affect the balance and result in hair loss temporary or permanent. Instead of resorting to prescription drugs as a solution, many people prefer to try an herbal remedy for hair loss.Vitamins for Hair LossVitamins for hair loss has gained more popularity in recent years as a natural method to combat hair loss. While not the most common cause of hair loss, poor nutrition can cause hair loss, baldness or hair loss in general. If your particular case of thinning hair is due to poor nutrition, which must be corrected quickly, with the goal of eating a well balanced and nutritious diet.

  • Harshal Patel

    Benefits Hemp seed oilHemp oil has a number of health benefits and products and their raw forms are used to provide many essential amino acids for the body. Hemp oil cures cancer, as essential and nonessential amino acids are present in abundance in the oil and therefore, when hemp oil is regularly used by cancer patients, there are possibilities of healing. Therefore the use of hemp seed oil is very useful for many reasons, and learn more the benefits of hemp oil, read on. More information about the products skin care anti-aging.Use hemp oilEach application that uses oil to your skin and hair products you can use hemp oil is more beneficial and herbs. Can be used in many health problems, whether as a pain reducer or even cure. Thus tale a look at the different uses of hemp seed oil in the next paragraph.Because hemp oil is natural, is used as a moisturizing oil that can be applied after a shower or bath. When the massage your body with it, nourishes the skin and increases blood circulation. More about the care of facial skin.Hemp oil is used in the kitchen as well, although not suitable for high temperature cooking.Along with giving a slight nutty flavor and crunchy foods can be the perfect salad oil if you are out of olive oil.Another application of hemp oil is its use as biodiesel in the same way as other vegetable oils. This is a secure replacement for oil, it is not toxic and does not harm the environment.Almost all types of plastics can be made using hemp oil instead of using oil as a base. Like petroleum, hazardous chemicals, while the release of decomposition, but the hemp oil, do not.Hemp oil can also be used in the production of paints, and it causes no reported stroke when pulled from the drain and has very low emissions of oil paintings that are currently used.Hemp oil benefits for skinHemp oil contains a number of fatty acids, which are very healthy for the skin. These fatty acids nourish and moisturize the skin in the form and sufficient quantity. There are many skin products like face creams and body lotions with hemp oil as main ingredients. This is because it is herbal and has almost no side effects. A massage of the skin of Hempseed oil, give to the rich, healthy skin that looks young and maintained. If you are a regular user of hemp oil products for natural skin care, acts as an anti-aging benefits as well. Hemp oil prevents skin diseases like psoriasis, eczema, acne and dry skin. Read more about anti-aging skin care.Hemp oil benefits for hairThere are many health benefits of hemp oil hair too. Many hair products and non-commercial use as herbal shampoos, hair oils, conditioners, etc are made using hemp oil.Like skin care, massage oil products hemp can improve blood circulation in the head and brain. Washing the hair with shampoos and conditioners hemp oil can thicken the hair texture and keep the scalp of dandruff away. Hempseed oil is very beneficial for the care of your hair as well. Hair loss is also reduced by using them and scalp infections and problems stay away. Learn about aromatherapy oils.

  • Sai santosh Turlapati

    Hairstyles create an impression about us . It is always essential to have a good and neat look. Good hairstyle serves this cause.The hairstyle you opt for depends on your taste. There are plenty of hairstyles to choose from . People having short hair can turn on some cool hairstyles.Some look good with spikes. And some people look much better with short hairstyles. The short hair is easily maintainable and you can try different types of your choice. Some them are1 Crew cut hair style: This suits many men having short hair. It is the most popular hairstyle. It looks stylish as well as decent2 High and tight style : This is also popular hairstyle for short hair .in this styles there is keeping of the sides and back of one’s hair very short while leaving the top area slight longer3 Daren brooks cut hairstyle : This is a cool and smart short hair cut. The sides and back are made thin and front there is hair to pull it into spikes4 Barrett foa hairstyle: This is fun and flirting hairstyle. It gives a cool look for men. It takes 15 min to style this.5 Thomas dekker hairstyle: It is cool hairstyle for professional look So try the hairstyle which suits you and make a good impression on fellow beings.Thank you

  • Virupax Patil

    Alopecia Areata, commonly known as hair loss, affects the scalp region. You can successfully combat the disease if you know its cause correctly. It is characterized by one or more patches of hair loss and localized regions of non-scarring hair loss. The diseases is not only limited to women, even men can be victims of this annoying disease. One of the most effective treatment for Alopecia Areata is onion juice. It is the most preferred remedy for the disease and is also clinically proven. We witnessed a research in Journal of Dermatology which told us the effectiveness of onion juice in curing Alopecia. You can make use of this remedy by following these simple steps. Chop onions into small pieces so that there will not be any problem in turning it into paste. Put these finely chopped onions into blender until you get pretty good amount of juice. Apply thus juice on your scalp gently so that it spreads throughout the scalp. The juice gets into the scalp and supplies all the essential nutrients for regrowth of hair.But the foul smell of onions is unbearable! If you hate this smell, wash your hair with shampoo after an hour of applying the juice on scalp.

  • Vinish Srivastava

    I had gone through your problem statement and have tried to provide you with its complete solution.The course of typical alopecia areata is not predictable with a high likelihood of automatic dilatory. The longer the period of time of hair loss and the larger the area entail, the less likely the hair will grow again. Therefore, there are diversity of treatments, but none of these can accurately be predicted to knock the course of this disease. Steroid injections, creams, and shampoos (such as clobetasol [Clobex] or fluocinonide [Lidex]) are used the scalp treatment for many years.As with many constant disorders for which there is no single treatment, a variety of remedies are recommended which in fact have no benefit. There is no known effective method of prevention, although the reduction of emotional stress is felt to be helpful. No drugs or hair-care products have been associated with the onset of alopecia areata. Many research are to be completed on this complex condition.Often not precisely a treatment, the cosmetic camouflage of alopecia areata is certainly an important consideration in patient management. Damaging emotional effect of significant hair loss for both women and men can be considerably reduced.Thanks.

  • Harshil Darji

    It is increasingly common to see men in their thirties and even more young people who start peder much of his hair. This is crushing them, and forces them to seek alternatives to hide, conceal, avoid or even prevent hair loss. While more common in men, hair loss, baldness or alopecia also affects women. If this is your case, read this article. Find interesting information about some options that allow you to put an end to baldness.When choosing a mate, everyone knows what he likes. Speaking specifically of the taste for men, women have very different tastes.There are situations where women are attracted to physical conditions, perhaps the same men, or even notice. I have met women who like short men, others like very high, others like the thick and there are those who will melt by the weak.When it comes to hair, some women love those who are very hairy, while others are decided by the hairless. As for the hair, some women prefer long hair, short, straight, curly, etc.. Even some are attracted to men with gray hair, while others are attracted to bald. Yes, as you are reading! there are women who like men without hair on his head completely bald. Some prefer shaved, while others are attracted to natural baldness.However, many balding men do not like a lot, especially when they start losing their hair while they are still very young. They start to feel old before their time, less attractive and this causes insecurity. If this is your case do not worry! There are several solutions to prevent and control hair loss.While some men prefer more conventional solutions such as the use of treatments and medications, while others prefer those alternatives that give a definitive solution to their “problem”. Not all men lose their hair for the same reason. Because of this it is necessary to consult your doctor because you can lose hair due to hereditary factors or conditions associated with poor nutrition, the consumption of certain drugs, and even some infections in the scalp.

  • Mehak Taneja

    Hello! There are many things which reflect a man’s personality and mental set-ups. Nails, body language, eyes, smile, dressing, hair, hygiene, etc. are some of the things thhat give you an overview of how a person would be. We will talk about a very important aspect – hair.Who would not like beautiful and healthy hair? They not only add beauty to a person, but also reflect his inner self. Sometimes, due to one reason or the other, a person loses his coif earlier than acceptable. Fake hair and hair extensions have come up as instrumental techniques in helping the sufferers.Fake hair is embedded in the scalp. They look just like the real one, but do not grow with time. But Hair extension is a more naturalistic way, where the scalp is rendered fertile with some treatments and then fake hair is embedded, which keep growing just like anyone else’s do.You may learn more about these at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artificial_hair_integrations.The hair strands used in both the processes are made by mixing some specific fibres, which are non-toxic and non-irritant. Additionally, the users have the liberty to choose which color, texture and quality they want to use. Now isn’t that incredible?I hope it helped.

  • Deepthi Siruvuri

    Hi! Short hair is not a big problem, thanks to the hair extensions available these days. Hair extensions are in fashion these days. Ranging from Hollywood to prom to ramp walks one thing in common is hair extensions. Not everyone wants to spend the time or money to have them professionally glued or sewed in, so temporary clip-in extensions are a great alternative. Your natural hair should be medium to thick in texture. Thin or fine hair will require additional preparation to hide the tracks and make the extensions appear natural. Choose a color that that closely matches your original hair color. Your natural hair color will blend with the extensions. Wash and condition your natural hair and then apply a mousse so that it holds the extensions in place. Clip all the hair up and leave 1 inch sections across the nape of the neck. Using a tail comb, back comb the hair at the scalp. This will create a “cushion” for the hair extension clip to be secured into. If this is a problem for you then you can spray your hair and try again. Slide the teeth of the clips into the hair that you have back combed to place the track. Each track will have two to four clips per track based upon the width of the track. The tracks should be secured on the right side of the head. Without pulling the hair clip remaining tracks from right to left.Part off another 1-inch to 1-1/2 inch section above the first track. Now back comb the hair again and place the next track. The hair starts to look thicker at the ends as you move up the headAfter the tracks are all placed, you will need to style the hair so it blends together. Using a large pick, gently comb through hair to ensure that the extensions blend seamlessly with natural hair.A little back combing in the crown of head gives some height and fullness. To finish off style, use a few bobby pins to secure the sides of the hair back off the face.Do this for special occasions and you no longer need to worry about short hair.

  • Ravi Patel

    Gothic Hairstyles for Japanese GirlsPopular Japanese fashion is often fragmented into many sub-genres or sub-modes. Gothic fashion is no exception. There are many different types of Japanese gothic fashion.However, different hairstyles popular Japanese fashion can be used as part of a Gothic look.Magna HairGothic fashion could work well with a hairstyle Magna. Magna hair styles imitate the hairstyles worn by characters from cartoons and comics Magna. Magna hairstyles are sometimes called anime hair styles. With the popularity of the gothic cartoons and comic books in Japan, many ideas for hairstyles Magna can be found.GanguroAlthough, generally refers Ganguro Japanese style bleached hair and deep tan, hair may work well for Ganguro Gothic fashion. By bleaching and then die again, hair, exotic colors can be achieved. In addition, the contrast of the blonde gothic clothing can be effective.Gothic LolitaGothic Lolita is a fashion style that has developed a series of sub-fashion in Japan. In general, Gothic Lolita seems to be based in western Gothic style can be anything simple form hair with braids or ponytails more complicated curling or permanent.Wa LolitaWa Lolita fashion is a sub-Gothic Lolita. Instead of using western look gothic, traditional Japanese clothing and accessories are used. As a result, traditional Japanese styles of hair, the incorporation of traditional Japanese hair ornaments is appropriate. Some styles of Wa Lolita look good with pigtails that are used more in traditional braids head West.Qi LolitaQi is similar to Lolita Wa Lolita. This is a sub-genre of Japanese Gothic Lolita fashion. The difference lies in the use of traditional Chinese clothing, such as the qipao. As a result, hair styles are often more traditional, but with a Chinese touch. Chinese hairstyles tend to be more fluid and elegant, but can be modified to be more avant-garde and modern when used as part of Qi Lolita look.

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  • Sai santosh Turlapati

    Having good and cool hairstyle is very essential . It creates an impression about you in others mind. So, it is always better to keep you hair in condition and experiment some cool hairstyles with it. As you are having long hair you can try these hairstyles1. Blake micheal hairstyle : These locks are cut and jagged upon the shoulders.It requires good care to avoid split ends and maintain good style. It takes 10 minutes to style this,2. Tommy shaw hairstyle : There are uniform cuts of layers from sides to back. It gives a cool look. It takes 15 min to style this.3. Russel brand hairstyle : This is long hairstyle which gives a sexy look to your hair.4. Josh holloway hairstyle : Cool and casual is the main aim of this hairstyle.The ends are jagged to sit on the collar of the shirt. This is a sexy hairstyle for men5. Reece ritchie hairstyle: It is cool hairstyle for curly hair. Hope you try them and get a good new look. Thank you.

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    Hair accessories make your hair look attractive and cool. So most of the women prefer hair accessories which suit their hair. Selecting the accessories is very important because it give you a good look. But we should also have an idea about price. We should not buy high price products as we know that we do not use the same hair accessories for long time. So clever decisions should be made while selecting hair accessories. There are many sites which sell these hair accessories online. Or there are also many stores which are experts in hair accessories. All you need to do is select the best for you.Here are a few of them:1 Forever21: this is cool and here you can get all most all the accessories in very cheap prices2 Charlotte russe target: It is also famous for hair accessories you can buy cheap and good quality hair accessories here.3 Wetseal: This is the most famous store for hair accessories. Here there are various varieties of hair accessories5 ardene.com : This cool store provides you with enormous varieties of hair accessories6 claries.com: You can buy hair accessory of your choice in this storeHope this is useful for you .Thank you

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    Seaweed is a type of red seaweed that large has been used as a staple in many cultures for hundreds of years. The Chinese and Japanese consider this a super algae because it is full of vitamins so different minerals and beneficial compounds. The marine red algae is available as a dietary supplement and is used by many people for their health benefits.The immune systemOne of the most important benefits of marine red algae sulfated polysaccharides is inside.These help to stimulate the immune system and keep the cells of the virus replication.CholesterolRed marine algae has been known to affect cholesterol levels. It is good both lower bad cholesterol in the body and also help cells regulate cholesterol to maintain healthy levels.CarageenansMolecular carrageenans are compounds found in red seaweed. They are used in many different fields and are the most studied and beneficial compounds found widely in thistype of algae.HerpesThe red seaweed carrageenans are known to be excellent in combating various aspectsof the herpes virus. A study published in “National Medicine” found that these compounds inhibit the spread of the virus.Gastrointestinal healthThe various minerals and vitamins (vitamin A, C, E, selenium, etc.) have a great effect onthe overall health of a person. In particular, affect the gastrointestinal system, whendigested and help make it healthier and function better.

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    Anti ageing products of Meaningful Beauty are not worth. Its anti-aging system is simply a lesser version of what’s supposed to be a good wrinkle cream. This brand do advertise a lot with truly being an underperformer or giving zero results to many of the users. Meaningful beauty did not work for me and made my face broke out and when I called them up to know if I could return the cream, they asked me several personal questions which took half an hour or so. They asked me about the medications that I had taken. I told them everything, but then they were not ready to take it back. I would never recommend anyone to try it. Most of the people are facing similar problems with the products of meaningful beauty and no one is happy with the return procedure or the poor customer services that they are offering. Some people even complain that the cream bottle which they say would last a month, would last in just two weeks. People are only finding their pockets getting hollowed using this brand with NO RESULTS even after months and months. People call this brand as “BUNK”, “HORRIBLE”, “FRAUD”, “MISLEADING”. This brand can still be considered better for moisturizers but it does not deliver its main purpose to remove wrinkles.

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    Hi,First of all congratulations for your new hair do. From next time before getting braids make sure the hair is as healthy as possible so that it has the smallest chance of becoming damaged by the braids. Trim your split ends and give yourself a hot oil treatment. Give lots of moisture to your hair.First see how to manage the braided hair1. Wash it: Clarifying shampoos are your best option .Try to use a protein enriched one.2. Tone it: Massage your scalp gently. Be sure to use pads of your fingers.3. Rinse it: A common problem with braided hair is lint in hair. Hair lint is a collection of dirt, dust and textile fibers like towels. Rinse with apple cider vinegar in a ratio of 3:1 with distilled water after you shampoo.4. Condition it: Use water based conditioner for hair and an oil based light moisturizer for your scalp. 5. Groom it: Air dry or use a microfiber towel to pat your hair.Don’t try to open the braids by yourself. Since this is new for you take professionals help.Advantages1. Keep hairs untangled, tidy, professional.2. It helps the hair to grow.3. Saving hair from split ends .Disadvantages1. Relaxing chemicals are not good for your hair’s elasticity. Try to avoid it.2. Too much tight braids damage your hair follicles.Hope this helps. Enjoy your hair braiding

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    Ken Paves, Co-founder of her hair extensionsOver the past 10 years, Ken Paves, one of the most sought after stylists in the world of hair fashion and entertainment, has created award-winning hair styles of Jessica and AshleeSimpson, Eva Longoria, Brittany Murphy, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, Avril Levigne, and Celine Dion, just to name a few.Dubbed by the press as one of the best hairdressers in Hollywood, Ken Paves is a frequent guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show, and an expert in demand for entertainmentand countless fashion publications. It has become an industry favorite for style, support staff again, fly under the radar, and his spectacular professional results.Ken Paves braids instantly transform any woman, celebrity or not, in an exquisite look. One of the secrets of your hair is the use of hair extensions, particularly those created byHairUWear. Ken Paves is co-founder with HairUWear and his muse, Jessica Simpson, to create a new line of clip-in hair extensions called hairdo ™.Hair Extensions ™ has made ​​100% human hair and Vibralite ®, a patented synthetic fiberthat replicates human hair with undetectable precision. Available in a variety of colors, including shades of blonde Jessica Simpson signature, styles have been designed byPaves and inspired and shaped by Jessica Simpson. So if you want to be like Jessica, or just want beautiful hair, hair styling ™ line extension is available online atwww.extensions.com and will be available in stores across the country soon.

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    The daughter of a Bolivian father, and mother to trace her ancestry Who Could back to the Mayflower,. Her family relocated to San Diego, where, young ballet and acting Raquelita Took lessons.Let us know her beauty plan in her own voiceDiet planI do not smoke and I do not drink much apart from the occasional margarita. That Way I Was raised in a sense. My mother’s family and my father were very conservative and traditional in my upbringing and very work orientated, and sort of old fashioned.My father Was a very good athlete and played tennis and sailed always and all Those Things, and I Was Taught That You Had always to stay active and fit and to watch your diet so you get fat and sloppy Did. So it was a good background for the kind of work I do, Because It’s a very disciplined profession.True, But It Also Seems That a lot of people in showbiz go toextremes and right over the edge.Yes, They Do, But It Seems That It’s Mostly the men who do that.Some girls do I guess too, but mostly the girls drop Themselves When They work to death. It’s a business where When youfinally end up on a beach somewhere finally getting Some restyou just feel Completely numbed, Because you get so Emotionally Involved in it all, from the performing end to the FactThat your ass is on the line all the time .People are Constantly scrutinizing you, kindly and with admirationSometimes, But Sometimes not so kindly, and it’s justexhausting. I mean, most of the people really love Who do HaveWhat They Had to clean up Their Acts Sooner or later, or They Can not carry on.

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    Isopropyl myristate is often used in cosmetics and tropical medications. I don’t think there will be any serious effects if it was ingested in small amounts, as it is not reported to be carcinogenic, mutagenic and has no teragenic and developmental toxicity problems. It shouldn’t be a problem as your sister shows no serious symptoms. But prolonged exposure to Isopropyl myristate would aggravate medical conditions. But the safety measures are listed as immediate wash with soap and plenty of water over the exposed area. Please do not use abrasive soaps. If there is irritation still over the exposed skin it is advisable to consult medical attention as soon as possible. Ingestion would normally trigger symptoms like vomiting and irritation,but not so serious. But prevention is better than cure, hear after store the Isopropyl myristate in dry clean container from the reach of children, in a ventilated area and make sure that you keep it away from sun and heart as it is a strong oxidizing agent. Be a little careful when you are disposing as even the degraded products are dangerous to some extent and can harm humans as well as the environment.

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    Neptune Krill Oil is an alternative to the fish oil. Extracted from an Antarctic Krill, the Neptune Krill Oil is a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids. To be precise, the krill oils are rich in EPA and DHA. Since these fatty acids are available in Phospholipids form contrary to the fish oil that has fatty acids in triglycerine form. This makes Krill oil fatty acids more useful and valuable than the fatty acids contained in fish oil. There are a number of physical benefits from Neptune Krill oil. Apart from working as an antioxidant, the fatty acids and the phospholipids help in maintaining a healthy membrane, heart, joints and other systems. Cholesterol levels have also been found to be brought to low levels by using the Neptune Krill oil. Neptune Krill Oil has also been proved to help reduce Chronic Inflammation and Arthritic Pain. Researchers also believe that Krill oil helps in lowering down the effects of Pre-menstrual symptoms. You can buy Neptune Oil from various online vendors if you do not wish go yourself and buy it from a nearby store. As far as your question on how much to use, as low as 300 mg per day could give your good results if taken consistently. PS: please avoid it if you have allergies to sea food.

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    Methylchloroisothiazolinone (5-chloro-2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one) is a preservative with antibacterial and antifungal isothiazolinones group. It is effective against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, yeasts and fungi.Methylchloroisothiazolinone found in many water-based products for personal care and cosmetics. [1] Methylchloroisothiazolinone was first used in cosmetics in the 1970s. It is also used in the production of adhesives, detergents, paints, fuels and other industrial processes. Methylchloroisothiazolinone is known by the trade name Kathon CG when used in combination with Methylisothiazolinone. Methylchloroisothiazolinone can be used in combination with other preservatives such asethyl paraben, benzalkonium chloride, or 2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1 ,3-diol.Security:In its pure form or in high concentrations, can be an irritant to membrane or skin and cause chemical burns. It was largely eliminated in most cosmetic products except those with skin contact. Its inclusion in some ways makes it more acceptable to sensitive users. So, it can be found in cosmetic creams and lotions which require skin contact. In the U.S., accepted 15 ppm concentrations in rinse-offs and 8 ppm in other cosmetics.The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) currently lists nomethylchloroisothiazolinone as a known carcinogen, probably or possibly on human. Invivo tests have found evidence of carcinogenic activity. Methylchloroisothiazolinone is an allergen to 2 -3% of individuals. A common indication of an allergic reaction is eczematous rashy symptoms such as redness and itching of the surfaces exposed to the allergen. These symptoms disappeared several weeks after exposure is stopped. Common points of exposure in household items are shampoos, conditioners, soaps and wipes pre-moistened toilet / bathroom.

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    Seek help. Seriously, you have to do it all by itself. As child care services can trade with a spouse or interested. The best way to cut your own hair, you have help. I mean to cut the hair on the back and top of your hair is almost impossible with the mirrors. It can be done, but it’s really hard to do well. Seek help. Offering a haircut before his court, if you want. My wife and I trade cuts, and we both learned a lot about cutting hair in this way, and save endless aggravation. If you choose not to receive help, so be careful (especially knuckles) and move slowly.They have sharp scissors and a good team. This is a great thing. If you buy a hair cutting kit from Costco or Sams club or somewhere, they will come with scissors well, these will be fine to start but will most likely dull more quickly than professional scissors. You can make do with these now, though. If you have not purchased a kit for cutting hair, I encourage it. They are usually very profitable at $ 20 – $ 30 range, cheaper than most stylists charge per visit, and come with scissors, electric clippers, guards, combs, brushes for the Clippers, the corporal, and more. Some even come with instructions well, and videos on how to cut hair.PS By the way, we have our team Conair at Costco about a year ago and do not know if they are still offered, but I was able to find one in the Amazon with the same things in it, including the DVD that shows very well that some of the advice I’m talking about here. You can find here: tools.Work your way ^. What am I talking about? Well, almost all the techniques that have been required to be cut from the bottom up.Washing your hair before you start. Explain yourself more or less. Haircuts best when it sticks to itself.Cut your hair in the kitchen or bathroom. And do not cut their hair in a heating duct, really, trust me on this one.Use a dirty shirt and socks, no shoes. This is ideal, because if you get no hair is put in strange places, and do not be fooled that really keep out all the hair off. The hair is rare, it goes everywhere. I think it has to do with quarks:)Keep the hair while trimming or cutting. If you are still combing his hair during cutting, have fewer stray dogs.Did I mention you should get some help? This is the biggie for me, so I’ll tell you twice, get someone to help or it will look like Shaggy.Payment plan to fend for the first time. Nobody did anything perfect the first time. He fell off his bike the first time I rode, and had trouble finishing Zelda the first time I played. This is not going to be different, so plan on at least one more trip to the barber / stylist. So while you’re there, listen really close to them, learn from what they do to your hair well and pay attention to what you think you are wrong too, and not do it yourself.

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    A soap free cleanser is the need of every person whether he or she has a normal or an oily skin. A cleaners can remove many impurities, excessive oil and even the makeup leaving your skin fresh looking and cleaner for many hours together. Obagi cleaner is one such brand that contains surfactants, preservatives, antioxidants, humectants and botanicals to give you a glowing skin for years together. Obagi cleanser stimulates the skin. It also regulates and strengthens the skin functions that further produce elastin, collagen and healthier skin cells. Applying an Obagi cleanser on a regular basis can give you a smoother and firm skin making you look younger and healthier day by day. Many regular creams work at the surface of a skin without having any penetration or renewal ability. Obagi Rosaclear gentle cleanser not only restores your skin but also renews the surface and the skin layer too. Obagi Rosaclear gentle cleanser rectifies uneven pigmentation apart from having a greater impact on freckles and age spots. It also tends to accelerate the cellular turnover. The entire system works on beneath the skin’s surface and correct many damages that are already caused to the skin. It actually transforms the entire function of a skin cellular and helps you look healthier and younger for many years together.

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    Shark CartilageAnother common name (s): Carticin, Cartilade ™, ™ BeneFin, Neovastat (AE-941)Scientific / medical name (s): NoneDescriptionShark cartilage is extracted from the heads and fins of sharks. Cartilage is a type of connective tissue found in the skeletal system of many animals, including humans. Shark skeletons are composed almost entirely of cartilage. The major compounds in shark cartilage are proteoglycans and glycoproteins (large protein molecules and components of carbohydrates), and calcium salts and proteins. Shark cartilage is promoted primarily as an alternative to conventional cancer treatment, but some forms are being studied for use in conjunction with standard therapies.General InformationMost shark cartilage products are sold as dietary supplements in pill or powder. Most have not been tested for their efficacy, safety, or to verify the purity of the ingredients. Available scientific evidence does not support claims that shark cartilage supplements are sold as dietary supplements are an effective treatment for cancer, osteoporosis, or any other disease. One of the shark cartilage products, called AE-941, is in the early stages of development as an investigational new drug.While some laboratory and animal studies have shown that some components in shark cartilage have the capacity to slow the growth of new blood vessels, these effects have not been tested in humans. The few small clinical studies of shark cartilage products published to date have shown no benefit against cancer. More clinical trials of supplements and a purified extract of cartilage are currently under way.How is it promoted its use?Proponents believe that shark cartilage supplements or cartilage from other animals such as cows, can slow or stop cancer growth (see also bovine cartilage). According to its proponents, shark cartilage contains proteins that stop angiogenesis, the process of blood vessel development. Tumors need a network of blood vessels to survive and grow, so they cut the blood supply to the tumor that is starving for nutrients, causing it to shrink or disappear. Some supporters also claim that shark cartilage can help against other diseases such as osteoporosis, arthritis, psoriasis, macular degeneration and inflammation of the intestinal tract.What is?Shark cartilage is usually taken orally in capsule, powder or liquid extract, but some people have trouble taking it by mouth due to the strong fishy odor and taste. It is sometimes used as an enema. The dose and duration of treatment varies widely. Manufacturers often recommend high doses (up to 1 cup a day). Chondroitin, a supplement often used with glucosamine to help arthritis, is also made of cartilage. Either bovine or shark cartilage can be used to produce chondroitin.Shark cartilage dietary supplements are different from AE-941, a liquid extract of shark known as Neovastat. This extract is regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as an investigational new drug. AE-941 is being used in carefully controlled clinical trials for people who have agreed to be part of the study.What is the story behind this?A New York surgeon named John Prudden began investigating the use of animal cartilage, such as medical treatment in the 1950′s. He used powdered cow cartilage to help heal the wounds of surgical patients and subsequently used to treat cancer. Reported that tumors shrank by more than half of treated patients, but results have not been repeated in other studies.Since then, many types of cartilage, animals such as pigs, sheep, chickens, cows, and sharks have been studied. After the publication in 1992 of a popular book entitled The sharks do get cancer, written by I. William Lane, PhD, shark cartilage supplements became very popular among people interested in alternative medicine. The idea was that because cancer does not appear to develop in sharks as well as in humans, there may be something Sharks systems to protect them from disease.Interest in shark cartilage grew after a news magazine television aired a segment in 1993, shows a study of patients with advanced cancer in Cuba, who had gone into remission after treatment with shark cartilage. The results, however, have not been published in a peer reviewed medical journal. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) later concluded that the Cuban study results were “incomplete and unimpressive.”

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    Methylparaben is a common preservative that is derived from natural sources. There is no particular evidence or study that shows methylparaben as a harmful substance as per the concentration that is there in skin care products and cosmetics. This chemical has been graded as safe ( GRAS- Generally recognized as Safe) for preservation of food and cosmetics via its antibacterial properties.This is also biodegradable and is readily absorbed by the soil bacteria. In humans this chemical is absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract and its elimination is done through urination once it hydrolyzes and takes the form of p-hydroxybenzoic acid. Studies under Acute Toxicity dept. have pointed to the fact that methylparaben is non toxic even if consumed orally or via perennial administration in living beings. those with normal skin tone do not face any practical reactions of this chemical. But as they say exceptions are always there and thus few people might occasionally suffer from allergic reactions caused due to methylparaben. the chemical in non carcinogenic, teratogenic, mutagenic and embryotoxic. So it actually is safe for usage. Studies however also point to the fact that regular usage of methylparaben on the skin may actually react with UVB causing DNA damage and skin aging.

  • Deepthi Siruvuri

    Hi! Ironing hair can be fun and stylish for flat hair. There are lots of flat irons available in the market, but quality of the product matters. Choose the right one for your hair depending on the temperature controls you need, your hair length etc. The following are some of the best suggestions, pick the one which suit you best.1.Sedu Pro Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron (1 1/2″) with free heat proof pouchdetails:1-1/2″ Ceramic Tourmaline platesVariable temperature settings, 240°F-400°FVersatile styling ability, lightweightMedium to longer lengths, all textures2-year warranty2.Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron (1-1/4″) plus free heat proof pouchdetails:1-1/4″ Ceramic Tourmaline platesVariable temperature settings, 170°F-400°FDynamic Alignment System prevents damage to hairAll hair lengths and textures2-year warranty3.HAI Convertable Ceramic Flat Irondetails:1-1/4″ Sapphire Ceramic platesVariable temperature settings, 170°F-390°FProlongs hair color, restricts damageShort to medium lengths, all textures1-year warranty4.BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium 1 1/4″ Straightening Irondetails:1 -1/4″ Nano Titanium plates (1 1/4″ extra long plates: great for long hairVariable temperature settings, 50 options up to 450°FExtra long plates for faster stylingShort to medium lengths, all textures4-year warranty These are some of the best flat irons that can be used. Enjoy using them!

  • Ravi Patel

    Ever wake up and look in the mirror just to say aloud to no one in particular, “What the hell is going on with my skin?” Yes, there’s no tomorrow, goddess grandmother wishes she had not yet found vanity. It’s like going to bed all washed and clean, lightly coated with an exquisite healing or deep moisturizer or soothing serum. After some kind of evil, high heel use of skin gremlin decides to stomp on your face while you sleep! Spots, bumps, spots and strange little literally a roadmap of the skin “, which is not” can and do happen despite the good intentions of one!I think the summer heat has destroyed a lot of havoc on our skin beautiful in many ways. Least of which is the most excess fat in the face and dryness in our bodies. As a result, the worst conditions possible for anyone to try to keep your face protected and quiet beautiful!It has been a fact of life for many and I’m fighting a war against the gremlins of the skin of the night!I’d be hard pressed to suggest that even get better than the product line of skin care created by SUKI! SUKI: 100% pure and organic “purpose” products made with integrityand as a result of a job. They really produce results that have been set SUKI far and abovemany others because these products are not only divine and results formulation, smell amazing, bright and very well packed and are some of the formulations exclusive and luxurious available at any price! I love SUKI products and every time I try something new, I feel the need to trash my bathroom counter and change everything at once with nothing but fabulous SUKI!

  • Harshil Darji

    If you want your wig to look good for a long time, you will have to direct your attention to proper maintenance of your wig. To do so, put the wig in a corner of his garment, will not work, as hair can get tangled and dust will be drawn to the wig, making it look old and unattractive and often results in the need early replacement.Therefore, it is in your best interest to take care of the following when you save the wig: Be sure to place your wig in either a stand wig, Styrofoam or the head of a mannequin head to maintain the shape of your wig,especially if the wig in question has long hair (the longer, more needed). In addition to the stands are very useful when it comes to style your wig.To avoid tangling the hair of the wig should be combed with a comb and cover wide wig brush with one of those hair nets that usually come with wigs, when delivered to keep untangled. If you can not remove tangles with a comb without pulling your hair, trying to unravel carefully with your fingers.Do not place the wig near heat sources or in dusty, as this could damage or even melt the hair.Do not keep your wig on a road where there is no pressure applied to it, as this could cause alter the shape of the wig in a disadvantage.Finally, to keep the dust off your wig, you may want to cover loosely, for example, with a plastic bag or a scarf the right size and store in a dry place.If you follow these tips, you can enjoy your wig for an average of 6months if worn daily. After this, even if good care was taken, a new one is needed in most cases.

  • Pallabi Boruah Tomar

    As you have curly hair, you should look for cuts that tend to produce less volume. I am giving some haircuts which I am sure is going to suit your hair. Short Short cuts work great for curly hair. As curly hair is heavy, the longer it gets the more unmanageable it becomes. If you want to go for a short haircut, you can ask your hairdresser to follow the natural pattern of the curl so that styling is easy and requires little or no work. Your hair can be shaped around the face or cut at an angle to give it a more stylish look. You can also use styling products like mousse or gel to help keep down the frizz. Medium If you want to go for medium length hair, make sure your hair is all the same length. Medium length hair looks best in its natural shape. Clips and combs can also help to create diversity in your medium length hairstyle. Small barrettes and stylish headbands can also give you another look. Long If you have long curly hair, you have at your disposal a wide range of styles that you can achieve daily. You can be creative and try on different styles to give yourself a new look every day. You can also try twists and French braids that can be arranged on different parts of your head for variety and style.

  • Reeyankee Das Choudhury

    These days hair dye brands are mushrooming at an alarming rate. There are a couple of renowned hair dye brands available in the market such as Color Silk, Garnier, Wella Kolestint, L’Oreal Feria and Paris. All are good hair dyes but L’Oreal Paris is the one which is in great demand. You too can opt for L’Oreal Paris. It is ammonia free hair colourant which covers grey, and give your tresses a glossy shine and shimmering tone. The Casting Creme Gloss will give you a dramatic new look and nourish your hair from the roots to the tips and wrapping it with a protective care. It will not only reveal your personal style but also reflect your true beauty. Its Pro-Keratin formula strengthens and revitalises your hair thereby giving you a younger look. L’Oreal Excellence Creme will make your hair exceptionally soft and silky and also give a glossy shine. It is non drip, easy to apply, requires no mirrors, and no sectioning. Simply apply as you apply shampoo. It is easy to apply even for first timers. The delicate fragrance gives the colouring an exclusive treat. Use Colour Protect shampoo along with L’Oreal hair colour range for best results.

  • Ryan Duffy

    Well, for a skit or drama you need cheap hair wigs and that quite a good decision and I do understand that infact that’s quite a good decision of buying a cheap hair wig. Well, you can try different colours for those cheap wigs. However trying to buy a cheap hair wig for a skit that you are going to perform you need to be sure of your budget of the hair wig and you may get those wigs anywhere around $15 – $25 in a store nearby your place., well, that’s not a big deal though. Anyways, you can search for stores that trade in wigs, and their names happen to be crowning glory wig saloon, Sharon’s wigs and styling, terry wigs, pacific wig company, CMC wigs, Naomi Clinton wigs, tamura’s hair & wig design, fashion wig saloon, carol’s wig saloon, wig castle. And plenty as such more of them. You can go around by checking them out. Thank you.

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    Hydroquinone, controversial for its use in cosmetics, is a substance used in a variety of applications. In recent years, hydroquinone has been criticized for its toxic or harmful effects in both industrial and consumer environments.1.Chemical InformationIndustry identified by the number of 123-31-9 Chemical Abstracts Service Registry, hydroquinone is a white crystalline solid at room temperature and soluble in water.Synonyms for 1,4-dihydroxybenzene include hydroquinone, hydration and quinol.2.CosmeticsHydroquinone is used in many skin lightening creams and is found as an impurity in the ingredients used in many cleaning products, moisturizers and hair conditioners. Banned in the EU, this substance is still used in cosmetic products in the United States at concentrations of up to 2 percent. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics hydroquinone called one of the worst ingredients used in personal care products.3.Mechanism of action of cosmeticsAccording to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, Hydroquinone lightens the skin by inhibiting the production of melatonin. With lower levels of melatonin, human skin is less able to safely spread exposure to UVA and UVB rays. While the relationship between exposure to hydroquinone and skin cancer has not been demonstrated empirically, many experts warn against the use of the chemical in personal care products.4.Industrial uses and exposureAs a chemist, hydroquinone has many industrial applications. The EPA reports that the chemical is used as a development agent for black and white film photography, lithography and X-ray. Other industrial uses of hydroquinone included as an intermediate in the production of antioxidants used in rubber and food and as an additive to the monomers to inhibit polymerization.The EPA has further directed that hydroquinone is usually published in the manufacture of chemicals from coal tar and methyl methacrylate. The substance is also found in diesel exhaust and cigarette smoke.


    Hi mate I have understood your problem and hence want to give suggestion. Hope this suggestion will help you a lot. There are 6 steps which will clear how to use herbal gel. These are the following steps:-1. Wash hair thoroughly2. Rinse hair with warm water3. Towel dry hair with paper towels4. Dispense a pinch of hair gel onto your palm5. Rub hands together so that gel gel can be spread evenly.6. Apply it on head.7. Brush or shape hair to desired style. The above steps describe the best method to apply gel. There are many hair gel available in the market which helps in hair growth. But before applying this you should meet a hair specialist who will guide you in a much better way. Hope I have solved your question. Thank you..

  • Boby Bhavsar

    if you’re on a budget (and who is not these days?), do not be afraid to be creative with your wedding hairstyle. It is time that you have your own Martha Stewart moment: let’s get crafty!Spending less than $ 5 on a hair accessory for the home and no one in the first row of your wedding will be the wiser. In fact, who says he has to have professional hair styling or spend a great looking package? A little creativity goes a long way to create a hairstyle elegant, glamorous for your wedding day. Budget wedding hairstyles Try our virtual hair studio.Take your cues from your bridal bouquet and hair accessories with live orchids, gardenias and exotic flowers to your guests as never before. Exclamations and a ahs cause you to put a flower behind the ear, especially if you think the exchange of two on the beach. This view focuses on the flower is going to look with a ponytail or bun worn under the neck.Wrap a vintage necklace or pearl necklace around the base of a low ponytail, or cover around an updo for a nice effect. You can also use your favorite brooch, passed from generation to generation, as a hair accessory for the bride. Attach it to your wedding hairstyle removing the pin and stick it on a piece of cloth. Pin the fabric with some strategically placed bobby pins.A ponytail fresh, flirty works for an informal wedding, as the perfect balance Between sophisticated and playful. Tapes fantasy glamour to her ponytail wedding in a hurry. If you wrap a ribbon around your hair texture, do not let the ends hang over the ends of your ponytail to keep looking good. Tease crown for volume, gather under the loose curls and next to a romantic wedding her boyfriend look like love.

  • Santosh Sharma

    Baldness or, too much hair loss is situations that affect many citizens from all walks of time. Too much hair loss can be heritable; excluding it too can result from a medicinal situation or answer to a therapeutic dealing. Nioxin Shampoo Apply Nioxin shampoo and conditioner every day or as or else directed. Clean your hair with Nioxin sterilizer, the shampoo factor of this cure. This removes damaging remains, blockage and DHT from your scalp and hair while infusing the scalp with cooperative nutrients. Clean your hair with Nioxin Scalp treatment, the conditioner component of the treatment for use during hair washing. This conditioner nourishes the scalp by vital oils and antioxidants. Apply Nioxin Scalp behavior as a leave-in conditioner once you have done washing and rinsing your hair. The leave-in conditioner protect beside residue and upcoming DHT buildup. Different various other hair loss products such as Propecia, Nioxin are safe for together men and women. Rogaine Shampoo clean your hair through shampoo contain minoxidil solution also recognized as Rogaine, if your doctor decide that such treatment are supportive. Like Nioxin, minoxidil is secure for equally men and women. The makers of Rogaine also make a shampoo called Progaine. Progaine does not include hair enlargement drug however is efficient in prevent hair defeat. Lightly clean your skinny or injured hair through Progaine to guard it from diminishing out.

  • Ketan Shah

    Whey protein is a totally natural product and contains no synthetic elements. Overall consumption poses no side effect, but we must consider two points:1. There may be cases of allergy to the protein in whey with those who are allergic to dairy products. If you are allergic to any component of milk, verify that the compound is not present in the whey protein before swallowing.2. A long term consumption of whey protein in excessive amounts (more than 2.5 grams per kilogram of body weight) could cause an overload of the kidneys, which should eliminate excess protein ingested, and theoretically osteoporosis, but both cases have been demonstrated so far.Therefore, a consumer within the limits indicated no side effects whatsoever and perfectly complements the diet. In addition, there are no interactions of whey protein with no drug to date.

  • Deasia Whitfield

    I would love to help you in finding natural hair care methods for your hair. The basic idea behind this is to engage in a healthy lifestyle. Excessive stress, smoking, and not eating nutritiously are not healthy for your hair. You must avoid using hair styling products with alcohol which dries out hair. You need to be very careful while swimming. Simply, wet your hair so your hair will soak up the initial water instead of the chlorinated water. Hot air can be damaging to your hair, so when using a hair dryer use the cool setting. It is always recommended to use a brush whose bristles are made from natural animal hairs. Make sure that you often avoid brushing hair when it is wet to prevent breakage. You need to be careful while buying shampoos & conditioners. Look for those products that match your hair type. It is recommended that you only lather once to avoid drying your hair out. It is always good if you try rotating the shampoo and conditioner periodically. Using a conditioner after shampooing, will moisturize your hair, and will hence give an extra protection. You need to make sure that the hair gets less exposure to dust and sun. Take care.

  • Kari Gay

    I would love to share with you certain tips to use the hair clips accessories that will be a great help in disguising the short bangs. The hair accessories are a way to complement wardrobe. You can make the use of the hair accessories to disguise hairstyle flaws. Hair accessories are an affordable way to make variations in your look. Here are steps to go about it:1. Make use of the jeweled bobby pins to disguise excessively short bangs. Part hair off-center, and sweep the bangs aside . Pin hair down with bobby pins, and hair will appear to be one length.2. Keep hair off the face with a band. Use a cotton band for sporting activities.3. Dress a simple bun with hair sticks. These hair accessories resemble chopsticks.4. Disguise a temporary hair extension with a ponytail holder . The ponytail holder provides a transition between hair and the hair extension .5. Create the illusion of extra volume. Draw the hair to the crown of head, and grip hair loosely . This makes the hair pouf out .6. Draw attention to face with a multitude of snaps . Scatter them around hairline when you pull hair into a low ponytail.

  • Dinesh Shah

    I-arganine provides a number of properties that can help you lose weight. This benefit is achieved through theiractive ingredient content:Improve and stimulate cellular activity, being antioxidants.Speeding up metabolism and stimulate the digestive processesthanks to its high enzyme content.Reduce fluid retention, as they stimulate kidney activity.Because of its high content of lipase accelerates the degradation of fatty deposits in the body.Birdseed Milk RecipePlace 5 tablespoons of I-arganine powder in water.Let stand overnight.The next morning remove the soaking water.Blend the seeds with mineral water.If you want you can add a pinch of cinnamon.Bebe preferably before eating and / or before meals.Although milk provides birdseed diet not only benefits but also to treat various conditions such as hypercholesterolemia, it is necessary to be cautious with its use in children. This is becauseno scientific studies to determine the effect of birdseed milk has on children’s health.If your child is overweight, try to incorporate fruits and vegetables to your usual preparations, and reduce consumption of foods such as snacks, candy, cookies, white flour that cause weight gain. Keep in mind that it is very important to have physical activity during childhood and adolescence, which in addition to improving health, help prevent overweight and do not forget to check with your pediatrician.

  • Raegan Sloan

    It is a fact that teenage brings with it certain changes in the body. The most visible change is of the growth of pubic hair. You can surely opt for permanent hair removal at age of 24. It is a wise decision as by now you must have attained full puberty. The laser is known to target only those hair that are currently in the growing process. At this age, you will probably need lesser and effective sessions, and the results would be great. I can say that the benefits of laser hair removal will last from several months to a year. Moreover, the number of sessions needed, will outweigh the nominal results. Another point in this context is that as you have a pale skin, so it would be harder to treat with laser hair removal. I would strongly recommend you to go for it. It would be better if you once consult a skin expert regarding this. Because if the laser is unable to reach the follicle, the hair will still grow and make the removal unsuccessful.

  • Aleah Mills

    Most of the times what happens ios that the beauticians are not that urbanically sound and their sense of hairstyling or designing is very much orthodox. They just know very few styles to trim. Most of the times they just cut them short and make their business. You will hardly find nice and stylish people coming their way. How ever, you can do few things to avoid this situation. Because the problem here is I think that you do not visit professionals or even if you do, they happen to be so unprofessional. Visit some known or recommended salon. Tell them about your problem. I’m sure they will let you know your hair type. You can certainly ask them to go for the hai updo you want to go for. Or either carry a photograph with you. This is probably the most easy way top get in there. Thank you.

  • Hinan Ali

    Grape seed oil is a powerful antioxidant that helps in protecting the skin from premature aging and other tissue damages such as sunburns. This is because of the presence of oligomeric chemical substances called proanthocyanidins found in the grape seed extract. Infact the antioxidant potency of proanthocyanidins is nearly about 40 times greater than that of vitamin E. In addition to this, it also improves vision, flexibility of joints and blood circulation by strengthening arteries and veins. So, if you intend to mix grape seed oil with your vitamin E supplements before applying it to your skin, then I reckon it be a good choice. Together these two will stabilize collagen and maintain the elastin proteins present in skin. It’ll also improve the texture of your skin. In one of the studies, proanthocyanidin-rich grape seed extract was orally administered to 12 Japanese women with chloasma (a condition in which light-brown spots occur on the skin, caused by exposure to sunlight, dyspepsia, or certain diseases) for 6 months. Melanin index, L-value, and size of the chloasma were examined during the whole period and it was found that grape seed extract had been very effective in treating this condition. The grape seed extract is sold according to various potencies. So look to it that you procure prescribed class of grape seed extract.

  • Julianne Monroe

    Depending upon the ocassions. however i’d like to suggest you to go with the pincurls. hairs generally are some vulcan’s type of growing element. it has few senses infact a lot senses that will ultimately affect your health of hairs. too much of ioning may just be harmful to your hair. however if trying to curl it up a lil conventionally by the pincurls procedure. you may just find it a lill lengthy procedure to do and to make it a style. may be you need to put them up on your hairs and wait for around few hours like say 4-5 hours before the ocassion. but that will help it last longer, depending upon the hair types the more dense the hair is, the longer it will last. however if you are nota regular user of ioning machine, you can definately try going for the one. thank you.

  • Rajesh Chandak

    Radio Caracas Television, or RCTV is a television channel in Venezuela. It was founded as Radio Caracas Television on November 15, 1953 by the late Venezuelan businessman and explorer William H. Phelps Jr. and owned by the Venezuelan conglomerate 1BC companies. The third channel was founded in the country and remains the oldest after the demise of their predecessors, the National Television (Channel 5) and Televisa (Channel 4).Transmitted its signal via VHF Channel 2 in an open and almost ininterrumpida1 until May 27, 2007, when the Venezuelan government decided not to renew the concession to operate the radio frequency. To support its decision, the government of Venezuela RCTV argued that its signal used to promote a coup that briefly ousted President Hugo Chavez Frias in 2002.2 Currently, the channel 2 signal is used to transmit the signal from the new channel state TVes public service. After failing to renew the concession to operate the radio frequency signal decided to issue the cable, now called RCTV International. On January 24, 2010 the International RCTV was suspended by the subscription TV companies of Venezuela CONATEL decision through Minister Diosdado Cabello, relying on a controversial amendment to the Act made in the Spring National Assembly with the support of the majority ruling, arguing that it met the requirements of transmission and most of its programming is carried out in Venezuela. Certain sectors say the government thus found the mechanism to close down the canal.3 4 On February 22, 2010, the president of the Companies 1BC, Marcel Granier, RCTV said it was inscribed, “under protest” as a “national producer” and the creation of a new signal. On March 4, 2010, the National Telecommunications Commission of Venezuela, issued Administrative Order No. 1569.5 states in which the withdrawal of the application for registration in the Register of Providers of National Audiovisual Production Services for delay. RCTV will have to wait for updates every six months to see if the National Telecommunications Commission approves its classification as national audiovisual producer, as is apparent from the regulator instructions posted on his website earlier month.6RCTV is currently aired on DirecTV channel 103, the signal is to be transmitted worldwide with the exception of the territory of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. In January 2011, RCTV agree to register as national audiovisual producer (PNA) and awaits the decision of CONATEL.

  • shaily Saxena

    Grape is very juicy and healthy fruit which consists of lots of health benefits in its juice, wine and other products. The main component is resveratrol which known as anti-aging element. Apart from healthy and glowing skin, the regular use of grapes or any other resveratrol supplement can help to protect from heart attacks, heart-liver diseases and from different kind of cancers as well.It also helps in cells protection and energizes the tissues. Fresh Red grapes, boiled peanuts, dark chocolates are good source of resveratrol. As per some researches, about 400 to 800 mg consumption of resveratrol on daily bases may benefits. Many plants produce natural resveratrol like eucalyptus, spruce, and lily, and in other foods such as mulberries, but grapes is the one in which this compound develops primarily. Red wine is the best supplement of resveratrol because grapes skin lasts for longer in red wine as compare with white wine and other products. As a richest source of this component, red wine consists approximately 1.97 to 7.12 mg per liter. Drinking one bottle of red wine can provide approximately 5 to 7 mg resveratrol per day and some health benefits because food doesn’t contain an effective amount of it, but everyone doesn’t like wine. The men can have 10 oz of wine per day and women just half of it. Some medicated products like pills, capsules, syrups and artificial juices also available in market with few combinations of vitamins and other ingredients.

  • Rajesh Chandak

    Introduction The infant must adequately cover the requirements of energy and nutrients in each of the stages, to promote optimal growth and development, prevent or promptly address any deficiency disorder or excessive nutrients and help establish a feeding pattern healthy and varied endure later in life and contribute to the prevention of diseases associated with nutrition that are expressed in adulthood. The first year of life is characterized by a period of rapid growth and changes in body composition. Most healthy children, doubling their birth weight by four months of age and three times a year, while its length increases by 50% during the same period. For this reason, energy and protein requirements are higher than in other stages of life, and expressed per unit body weight, triple or quadruple the adult. Physiological Bases The indications for feeding during the first year should consider not only the nutritional requirements of this age, but also the characteristics of maturation and development of the neuromuscular, gastrointestinal, renal and immune systems, in order to establish a gradual transition from breastfeeding native to the usual mixed diet of the older child and adult. At birth, the child is ready to receive liquid food, which performed with the aid of sucking and swallowing reflexes that allow expression of milk and its propulsion into the pharynx. However, semisolid or solid foods are rejected by the tongue thrust or extrusion reflex, which disappears between four and six months, making it possible to start additional non-dairy food. Moreover, at this age the infant is able to keep your head up and has partial control of the trunk, which makes the feeding process. Around eight months are beginning to appear rhythmic chewing movements, which together with the appearance of the first teeth and the subsequent development of fine motor skills allows the gradual incorporation of semi-solid foods and the growing involvement of children in the act of eating. The digestion of carbohydrates occurs mainly in the small intestine. The term infant has a proper activity of lactase, sucrase-isomaltase and glucoamylase, allowing you to properly digest lactose, sucrose and some oligosaccharides, but has low levels of salivary amylase and only 10% of pancreatic amylase activity This limits the ability to digest complex carbohydrates (flour, cereals) before three or four months old, and only after six months shows adequate levels of pancreatic amylase.

  • Aliza Aguilar

    I have tested the Acetyle l carnitine 500 mg capsules which do their best to curb the inevitable flow of aging that is close on your heels as you continuously age. I never had any rash or hive problems after consuming the capsules. The rashes and allergies caused by Acetyle l carnitine solely depends upon your skin structure. Some people have sensitive skin which gets affected even by a subtle change of weather while some people have skin which has high endurance levels.As you have mentioned in your question, your friend have a clear and healthy skin, since you said she had not encountered any case of pimples during her schooling tenure. Now, it is hard to define the impact which will be casted if she uses the Acetyle l carnitne 500 mg for anti aging, so it is advisable to first consult a dermatologist before you go in with the anti aging capsule.

  • Sidneymc Cormick

    I can understand your dilemma regarding the purchase of resveratrol life. I would like to share that before buying these supplements, you need to take a few things into consideration. The fact is that it can cause certain side effects which you must know in advance. Make sure that you check with your doctor before buying it. You will be glad to know that it is an antioxidant that enables to stabilize the unstable molecules in your body. One disadvantage of this product is that when you open it for the first time, its servings are more potent. Later when you will reach the bottom it gets stabilized. It is important to go for a little research before purchasing it. Once you are sure about the product usefulness for you, then you must go ahead with it. It is a great source to rejuvenate the body. Take care and make an intelligent decision.

  • Piper Mcdowell

    I will try my level best to help you understand the clear meaning of nerve tissues in the description of myelin sheath support. It is a process in which the immune system attacks the covering of the nerves, which is called the myelin sheath. The sheaths are damaged, and develop scarring that leads to lack of communication between the nerve endings. It is a fact that the axon of one neuron joins with dendrites of other neurons. The axon is coated with a sheath of insulating fatty protein that is called myelin. It helps in the transmission of nerve impulses. An analogy of the myelin’s relation to the axon is the plastic insulation around electric wires. You must know that the oligodendrocytes is the axon’s maintenance cells. Its main job is to create and repair the myelin sheath and also to feed essential factors to the axon. These belong to a larger grouping of maintenance cells. The symptoms of myelin sheath degeneration depend on the nerves that have experienced demyelination. If one has a neurological disorder, it is crucial to consult a medical specialist.

  • Ratnesh Pandey

    Antibiotics, acid blockers, poor diet, etc helps in decreased intestinal flora. Proper balance of intestinal flora is very important for health and functioning of your gastrointestinal tract.Antibiotics kill all helpful organisms and leaves the digestive system without defense to staph, yeast and other infectious agents.All the probiotics in the market does not contain enough viable, implantable organisms to create adequate renewed supplies for your intestines. Jarrodophilus was invented by microbiologist Edouard Brochu to provide a broad spectrum of representation of the lactic acid which produced bacteria, usually present in human GI tract.Jarro Dophilus survives your stomach acid and colonizes the intestines. Whereas FOS is a natural fiber which enhances the growth of beneficial probiotic bacteria. Each capsule contains 3.4 billion total probiotic bacteria. Other IngredientsIt contains maltodextrin, tapioca starch, magnesium stearate i.e.; Vegetable source, Vitamin C, and tricalcium phosphate Capsule which contains gelatin.It also contains dairy (milk) and soy (in trace amount)It does not contain wheat, gluten, egg, fish, peanuts or tree nuts. Suggested usage:You can take one capsule 1-3 times per day with water, meal or juice. For infants and children, open the capsules and mix it with water or unheated liquids such as fruit juices or food. The best thing is to consult your doctor or a qualified health care consultant.

  • Dhvijal Dhuvad

    Uses:Amino acids are essential to health. It is the small structural components of proteins, and are necessary for the synthesis of the same in the body. The main function of most amino acids is to provide essential material for duplication of the genetic code for cell division and formation of muscle and connective tissue.Amino acids are classified as essential amino acids and nonessential amino acids, the latter are amino acids that can be manufactured in the liver from other amino acids and from materials found in our food. Essential amino acids are those that can not be synthesized in the body, but can be obtained from plants and animals.Lysine is an essential amino acid. Health professionals frequently recommend this particular amino acid to mucosal lesions by colds, as inhibits the replication of Herpes simplex virus (type I). As lysine is found in greater concentration in foods of animal origin such as meat, among vegetarians was a low dietary intake of the same.Instructions:1 to 2 tablets daily with water or fruit juice.An amino acid is assimilated best when taken half an hour before a meal or before going to bed.Warnings:Do not take if pregnant or breastfeeding.Side Effects:Not described if you follow the “How to use”.Recommendations:Keep the container tightly closed in a cool, dry and protected from light, and out of reach of children.Presentation:Package of 90 tablets.Notice: The information contained in this website is purely informative and can not be considered as replacement of prescription, diagnosis or treatment. If you have any illness or disease we recommend you consult a healthcare professional. The products on this site are not medicines and their role is not to replace any conventional medical treatment. We recommend caution with the use of any information posted on the web (for example might be something wrong from that indicated on the packaging), and in any case always consult with your health care professional. Natural Supermarket is not responsible for any information, comments and general content posted on this site or at other websites linked to (his information only, under no circumstances be regarded as treatment recommendations), nor for the products listed in this site and its suitability.

  • Lydia Singleton

    I am a doctor and I will love to help you on this. L-carnitine is a dietary supplement, it helps in the transportation of the long chain fatty acid. It helps in reducing the overall weight of the body. I will recommend you to use a single capsule daily before sleeping. You cannot use two capsule a day because that may harm your health severely and decrease the overall fat that is required for a body for getting the energy from the food. It will degrade your overall amino system of your body. One more information that I want to give you is that if once you have started using this capsules use this for at least the full course of six months otherwise it will not help you in any way. Once you will complete it’s course it will surely make your body more fat free any energetic. Hope these information comes good for you.

  • Neha Wadhera

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  • Amit Chandak

    Non-prescribed drugs are products available without prescription, allow relieve distressing symptoms and cure many diseases simply and without the expense of a medical consultation.However, the revolution of self-medication in the last twenty years, fostered by the availability of safe and effective drugs for sale without a prescription, requires common sense and responsibility.HistoricalSome time ago, many drugs were available without prescription. Before the days of official bodies, almost everything could be introduced into a bottle and sold as a safe remedy. Alcohol, cocaine, marijuana and opium were some of the products sold without a prescription and without informing users. In some countries the enactment of specific laws gave the state some authority to issue rules, but not determined clear guidelines on which drugs could be sold with or without prescription.So, laws were amended to resolve security issues and clarify the difference between drugs with and without prescription. Because the drugs-prescription medications were compounds which could cause dependence, be toxic and unsafe for use except under medical supervision. Any other substance could be sold without prescription.According to subsequent laws, the drug OTC should meet the requirements of safety and efficiency at the same time. However, what works for one patient may not work for another. In addition, any drug can cause adverse effects. Some people refer to as adverse side effects, but this term is not clear that additional effects are generally undesirable. Without an organized system to report adverse effects of drugs OTC, government agencies and drug manufacturers have no means of knowing the frequency and severity.Finally, in recent years there has been a major change: many drugs sold by prescription have come to be sold without prescription.Security ConsiderationsSafety is the primary concern of government agencies to determine whether a drug available by prescription only could happen to be sold without prescription. All drugs have benefits and risks, ie some risks should be tolerated if we are to reap the benefits of a drug. However, you must define an acceptable level of risk.The safety of a drug to OTC status depends on its proper use. Proper use is often determined by the consumer, so it is a margin of error. For example, most headaches are not dangerous, but in exceptional cases, a headache may be a warning signal indicating the presence of a tumor or a brain hemorrhage. Similarly, what appears to be heartburn alarm could be an imminent heart attack. Finally, common sense should be used to determine whether a symptom or disease is mild or requires medical attention.Manufacturers and government agencies try to compensate for safety and efficacy, determining appropriate doses of drugs sold without prescription. When you buy drugs without a prescription, you should read and follow the instructions carefully. Since the same trade name can be applied to an immediate release formulation or a controlled release formulation (slow release), you should check the label each time you purchase a product. It is safe to assume that the dose is the same.In recent years there has been an excessive increase in brands, it is also important to control the components and not rely on known trade names. For example, there are over a dozen different formulations of a single brand name with a variety of components. Not all products of a certain antacid containing the same components (some contain aluminum and magnesium oxides, others contain calcium carbonate). When selecting products, know which ingredient is most appropriate for a specific problem.Some people experience side effects caused by non-prescription drugs, even if used properly. For example, anaphylaxis, a rare, severe allergic reaction caused by analgesics such as aspirin, ketoprofen, naproxen or ibuprofen, can cause hives, rashes, respiratory problems and cardiovascular collapse. These drugs can also irritate the digestive tract and cause ulcers.

  • uzma mujahid

    In the recent world, we hardly get the chance to consume foods which are rich in vitamins or other nutrients. Daily use of these supplements help us to avoid being under weight as well as to achieve an ideal weight. Many people do take these supplements when they are on diet, because this give them strength which they lack during the process of dieting. There are only few multiples in the market which are iron free. My favorite multiple comes in the category of iron free multivitamin supplements. In spite of the fact of being an iron free supplement this My favorite multiple provides all kinds of vitamins and nutrients. The reason of this multivitamin of being iron free is, because every human body doesn’t need any extra iron. This supplement is meant for the person, who is not suffering from iron deficiency, because, if a person takes supplements which has iron in its ingredients, can be counterproductive. Therefore, it is always advisable to follow doctor’s advice, who wants to take those kind of supplements. No, it is not a vegetarian product. Yes, it contains wheat or gluten. Hope you got the answer.

  • Lovepreet Kaur

    Wellness formula is a bio aligned formula which is specifically designed for providing support to the immune system especially when it is under some physical stress. The powerful combination of important herbs, vitamins, minerals as well as antioxidants in the wellness formula support the interlocking components of our immune system by going deep into the cause of body’s imbalance. Another unique property of wellness formula is that it affects the interrelated systems of the body which impact the winter health that leads to antioxidant defense, respiratory system and the stress response. The tablets also work in clearing and cleansing of mucous membranes so that you can have trouble free winters. In short, the formula acts on whole body system and not just the symptoms. For the desired result, one should start taking these tablets on seeing the first signals of imbalance of your system. After the onset of imbalance, the necessary dosage ranges to 2 tablets two times a day. For the maintenance of wellness of body, one must take 1 or 2 tablets daily. You can order these tablets online and can be easily availed from their website. Avoid using these tablets if you are pregnant, or planning to become pregnant or breastfeeding your child. Don’t let it be within the reach of small children. Also do not use the medicine if the seal is broken or tampered.

  • kavitha ramesh

    Lecithin is a compound which aids in processing the fat present inside our body and exhibits a remarkable property to metabolize cholesterol along with retaining the liver in a good condition. So, this is the prime reason, natural supplements of this compound are often prescribed by doctors to people aiming for weight loss. Lecithin prevents the storage of undesired fat deposits inside our body which otherwise would disrupt the normal functioning of vital organs. Lecithin is naturally formed inside our body through diet even though maintaining a continuous supply of it through supplements (usually prescribed 1200 mg) is not a bad idea because of the benefits it offers. Intake of such supplements has other benefits too as they boost memory and stamina, for good hair and skin and have been very beneficial for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. These supplements are rich in Choline (main constituent of Lecithin) along with a small percentage of fatty acids and sugars. You can even go the natural way by supplementing it through diet rich in Lecithin as drugs or supplements do have some negatives. Synthetic lecithin is mostly extracted from soya bean, sunflower, grape seed. Egg yolk, peanuts, grains and fish are also rich in Lecithin. However, true effectiveness of Lecithin in weight loss needs to be confirmed through further research even though its role in preventing fat deposits from accumulating inside the body is proven. So, Lecithin supplements can act as a natural support and promote your weight loss program with minimal side-effects but may be more effective when coupled with other lifestyle modifications like exercise and controlled eating patterns etc.

  • Piper Mcdowell

    Well, actually there are several allergic reactions that you may catch while you are a patient of asthama. You may even get those allergic reactions because of your medicines as well. Cat dander is one such kind of allergic reaction. It can prove very severe if not been taken proper treatment of it. They say, Many people with the asthma are highly and deeply sensitive to the airborne allergens such as this one, the cat dander or the house dust mite. In fact, many studies have shown up that up to 40 per cent of the children with the asthma are allergic to this cat allergens. Mannose receptor however plays a very key and vital role in the response to the allergic cat dander. This is probably the reason I think your friend would have had told you or suggested you this medication. Anyways, if you are really allergic to the cat dander or you feel allegric reactions with dust around you. Then you can surely go, for this medication which is also known as the mannose. Thank you.

  • Clararo Man

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  • Regan Jain

    There can be many reasons for the hair fall. 50 to 100 hair can be normal in one day. However if it is more than this, there may a concern. If there is someone in your family like your father and your grand father who have also suffered from the same problem, then this problem may be genetic also. If it is genetic, then you will loose your hair for sure, however this hair loss can be delayed. You need to first go to some hair consultant and ask for the treatment. If that is not the case, then there may be some problem because of some disease like fever after every two or three days. There may be some problems because of the hormones in your body as well. If these problems are because of the hormones and due to your illness, this hair loss can definitely be stopped. You just need the right counselling. But to avoid all these, there can be many things like proper care of hair and taking proper care of your body. Take proper sleep first of all. Have a proper diet. A little bit of work out can stop your hair loss or can delay it. Do not apply shampoo everyday. Apply it twice a week.

  • kriti Pandey

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  • Buck Petty

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  • Macie Davis

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  • Vibha Vaid

    Dimethylamine is a colorless liquid which has a fishy or ammonia like odor. It can affect you seriously when inhaled in and by passing through your skin. Direct contact to Dimethylamine can cause severe burns to the skin. Hence it is a bad idea of applying Dimethylamine directly to your face. Instead you can apply DMAE cream which is a natural skin eternal cream and is extremely useful in tightening of the skin. Source Naturals Skin Eternal Cream known as DMAE (2-dimethylaminoethanol gel) is a useful cream for controlling ageing of skin. It is a naturally occurring substance as it facilitates the synthesis of neurotransmitter acetylcholine. It causes skin tightening to some extent and it firms the skin as well. It has an anti wrinkle potential. However excessive use of the DMAE cream can prove to be very harmful as it can cause redness to the sensitive skin of yours. Thus apply this cream to a moderate extent as it can prove to be helpful in controlling the ageing of the skin but extreme of anything is always harmful so avoid extreme quantities. But don’t ever apply Dimethylamine directly to your skin as it can cause severe damage to your skin. Hope you will consider my suggestions. Be very careful in the matters of skin

  • Delaney Leonard

    I would like to share with you a fact that it is really important to understand the ingredients of any product before using it. You must be aware that Glyceryl stearate is a wax-like chemical product. It is used as a significant ingredient is in cosmetics and skin care products. Its usage is usually known in the making of lotions, creams, and cleansers. It is great ingredient that acts as a lubricant and helps make the skin soft and smooth. Its major known sources include- the Palm kernel oil, soy oil, or vegetable oil. You would be surprised to know that this ingredient is also naturally manufactured by the human body. Its great contribution include that it acts as a barrier on the skin and limits the amount of moisture loss the skin experiences. It also provides protection from free-radicals. It also helps to fill in fine lines and wrinkles, hence leaving the skin with a smooth appearance. It is also known that this may cause mild skin irritation if you have an extra sensitive skin. But, generally, it is considered to be very beneficial for the skin. So, I would strongly recommend you to consult a specialist and know your skin before using it. If it is recommended safe for you , then you can always try the same. Take care.

  • Ashok Yadav

    Truly speaking, there are various types of side effects of diazolidinyl urea present in the cosmetics. It is a white powder which is mainly used in cosmetics since it is antimicrobial and helps in preserving the cosmetics against bacterias, yeasts etc. It is found in cosmetics like lotion, sun-screen, anti-aging, gel, mouthwash, shampoo and even in eye creams. Major side effect of it is that it is both toxic and carcinogenic since it releases formaldehyde. If it’s concentration in cosmetics increases 0.7% it causes irritation and burning sensation on skin. People having very sensitive skins should avoid products containing this ingredient. In the skin moisturizers it is used as a mixer with iodopropynyl butylcarbamate since this mixture releases more formaldehyde and hence helps in natural moisturizing of skin. This mixture is proved to cause skin cancer. Some of the products containing diazolidinyl urea are – bioelements moisture X10, circadias myo – cyte Rx serum, etc. This ingredient in cosmetics cause irritation, allergy, itching and burning sensation. It sometimes turns the skin red, rough and dry which may lead to permanent damage of skin. Acne products containing this ingredient is leading cause of contact dermatitis. Formaldehyde released from it is immune system and respiratory toxicant. In high concentration it causes asthma attacks.

  • Jackson Ward

    The thermage facial treatment works for those individuals who are in the bracket of mid thirties to early fifties. It can really do wonders for this age group if you undergo the thermage facial treatment. The thermage face lift helps one to get rid of photoaging – extreme exposure to sun, and may also help you to dis embarrass the wrinkles which are generally hot on the heels of the people who fall under the aforementioned age bracket. The thermage facial treatment does not have a long surgical procedure and can take only 1 to 2 hours to get completed. But, make sure that you do not get this surgery done by someone who is not experienced. I hope the information helps you.

  • Shailesh Shah

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  • Julissa Mcknight

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  • Gary Evans

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  • Briana Reyes

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  • Jasmeet Kaur

    Hair is considered as the epitome of beauty from ancient times. There are several herbs and vitamins that are useful to main and improve the beauty of hair. It is discovered by science that 88 percent of hair is protein which is made of amino acid. For healthy hair, it is advised to intake excessive water, herbal tea and unsweetened fruit juice. For dry and frizzy hairs, there is a wonderful detox and tonic which is nettles. Soak dried nettle leaves in water and drink this herbal tea. It can also be used for hair rinse. Sage or parsley is really great home made remedy for frizzy and dry hair. Hair conditioners, especially herbal conditioners are available to keep the hair shiny and softer texture. The hair conditioning products prepared at home give a surety that they will be natural and healthy and also without toxic chemicals. The jojoba hair conditioner can really help to make frizzy hair soft again. Mix a tablespoon of jojoba oil in a cup of warm rose water, and then add 10 drops of vitamin E oil in it. Leave the mixture in your hairs for 3 to 5 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with warm water. It will give a shiny and softening texture to your hair. Usage of herbal shampoos and conditioners will also keep your hair strong and healthy.

  • Robyn Luna

    Lutein is known to be a popular carotenoid dietary supplement that is sold generally in health food stores,by itself either, or by most commonly combined with the other carotenoids and the vitamins for the preventing visual disorders or to improve the visual acuity and the eyesight. Macular pigment is said to be composed of the two dietary. the carotenoids lutein and the zeaxanthin. both Lutein and zeaxanthin protect against all age related macular degeneration. The relative lack of the macular pigment seen in the association with growth in age. you can definately go onn by taking lutein eyes 18 with your dietary vitamin A as it supports the vision getting proper from before and reduces the risks of lack of vision. People who seem consume the high levels of the yellow plant pigments called lutein and the zeaxanthin have a low risk of developing all the age-related macular degeneration. thank you.

  • Art Cohen

    There is a reason why people tend to take both these sources of medications together and this is also probably the reason why you will always find them connected to each other. Both of them together make a great combination that I sthen used to make some body captive medicines and capsules that helps the body in hormonal resistensy against variour unwanted diseases while their intake. However, to tell you what Dehydroepiandrosterone which is also known as DHEA and its metabolites happen to be steroidal precursors that are needed for the production of both of them the male and the female hormones. DHEA production in the ‘adrenal glands’ declines after the age of 30. Vegetable sources generally are commonly derived from the ‘Mexican yams’. DHEA benefits arteries, memory and bones. This is how the adrenal glands and the Mexican yams are connected. Thank you.

  • Hosea Fox

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  • Khushbu Patel

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  • Alexus Navarro

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  • Macie Davis

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    Revivogen products consists of three components. The scalp therapy treatment solution, biocleansing shampoo and the conditioner. Since you are in your 20′s you will get results soon. The scalp therapy solution has to applied everyday in the affected regions for 10-20 seconds. In the morning you can use the shampoo and follow it with the conditioner. The smell might be unpleasant and the solution might be too greasy but you would have to patiently wait for atleast 3 months. You should notice a lesser irritating and healthier scalp. If you can feel the changes then patiently continue using the products for 6-12 months as the results of reduced hairfall will be noticeable faster than hair regrowth. Hair regrowth would take a minimum of 1 year to be able to observe some great changes. If you are not looking for fast results within 2 months then you can go ahead and try Revivogen as it is completely made of natural active ingredients which have no serious side effects other than redness and itching scalp. Hair stimulants like Rogaine or Tricomin are highly recommended along with use of Revivogen to get the best output. Nizoral shampoo is a mandatory for hair loss treatment but use it only thrice a week. The remaining days of the week, go for Revivogen products.How do Revivogen products work?Scalp therapy Treatment opens pores and increases scalp circulation. Revivogen Thickening Conditioner heals thinning hair by moisturizing and strengthening the hair shaft. Revivogen shampoo contains active ingredients like Azelaic Acid , Vitamin B6, Zinc, Saw Palmetto , GLA and ALA that inhibit DHT(responsible for the dying of hair follicles) and nurture a healthy scalp for hair regrowth. Use only warm water while rinsing.

  • Aparna Ghildiyal

    No, it is not possible as you can only dye a wig to a darker color than the original color. Even if you try dyeing your black wig to pink, it would not turn pink but would take up a tint of pink at the most. You probably can bleach your wig first and then dye it pink but that would be a hassle and the results might vary from bad to horrible.However, you can use a pink spray on hair color. You can purchase it from any salon supply store like Sally’s. It will cover any trace of black on your wig- like a spray paint (but don’t try spray paint, results can be a disaster!) and the best thing is, it can be washed off after the party. Make sure you use enough of it to cover the full thickness of all the hairs.Also use a comb dedicated for just this hair experiment.And no, this procedure would not make the wig fade away or knotty, if that’s what bothers you. Just make sure you use enough of the spray on hair color and follow the instruction manual carefully.Hope this helps and hope you have a great party.

  • Rachel Fernandez

    Well, it actually depends upon the store from where you’ve purchased this Beverly johnsons hair wig. Most of the times the wigs are purchased by some saloon executives or some fashion go around doer. They take them for their business purposes, so they keep in contact with the hair wig stores in the town or even across the town. Now just because they know it all, they keep on changing and buying and replacing the hair wigs with the store infact they always get too many discounts on every buy or purchase of a hair wig from the store. However, the store owner may take the decision of replacement of the wigs. Actually it also depends on the time period when you purchased the hair wig. Is it being replaced within the gurantee period or not. Or is it even guaranteed while the purchase was being done. However the owner needs to decide it, as far as I think, you may just not get it replaced as the store owner may not allow you to do so. Also I have never heard of such kind of replacement. Thank you.

  • Aileen Snow

    That’s great to know that you have bought a human hair wig. The fact is that wigs demand proper care. This is important to keep it bouncing and shining for long. I will recommend that you can use the solution that was brought by your mother. As you stated that the solution has not reached the expiry date, so this makes it safe to be used on your wig. One thing that I will strongly recommend is that you must once check with the specifications mentioned on the solution. There is a possibility that the solution may be meant to be used for a particular style of wig only. If the wig that you have bought is more or less similar to the one owned by your mother, then I will say that go for it. This will be a great way to save on money and time. Moreover, there are certain steps that if you follow will work great on any kind of wig and will help to maintain its lusture: You simply need a bucket, a mild shampoo and conditioner, Comb, Towel, liquid wig mousse and a Curling iron. Initially you need to fill the plastic bucket with cold water. Add to it little amount of mild shampoo. Make sure that you soak the wig in the soapy water for 60 seconds. You need to be careful and must avoid any kind of rubbing. It can cause the locks to dislodge from the underside of the cap. After that, remove the wig from the soapy water. Now, drain this water and refill the bucket with fresh, cold water. Add to it few drops of conditioner. Again soak the wig for 60 seconds and repeat the steps. Don’t forget to comb the wig. Drape the wig for one hour to dry. Finally, run your lubricated fingers with liquid wig mousse to run through the hair. This will ensure that the wig stays fluffy with the same shine for long.

  • Nick Richardson

    To be very frank its good that you are seventeen as your and your girlfriend is too concerned about your looks. However, if you talk about the faux hawk hair cut, I believe it is stunningly gorgeous hair cut for guys to make them look ultra glam and sensuous and seductively charming all the time. every girl wants her lover to be the most good looking guy in the party and if she asks you to go for it then you surely must try that out. This hairstyle brings the hair that appear to be grown up a bit in the center region of your hairs creating it a small ridge as the product of the clash of the two sides of the hair combining to make their cube with the surface of the head. This looks uber cool and for a seventeen year old there are no hairstyle any better than this one. I think your girlfriend is right. You must go for it. Thank you.

  • Makenzie Battle

    I can understand your concern for your hair. It is important to look for safe and natural ways of hair coloring. Henna is well known for coloring and conditioning hair in a healthy manner. Yes, the henna can obviously give you naturally black hair. The basic reason for henna to help in coloring is that it has tannin in it which binds hair molecules and hence helps to make the fibers strong. You will experience your hair to be soft, strong, tangle less and also without any split ends after using henna. It is also a fact that henna effect different people in different way. Some experience their hair color to get red, for some it is blonde and jet black for others. You need to be very careful in choosing the henna that would be perfect as per your preference. It is easily available, and is safe as the chemical content is low. Always remember to do a strand test before dyeing. This can be done from your brush. Don’t forget to apply a lotion to your hairline and other areas to prevent staining. You must never allow henna to come in contact with metals. Stay beautiful. Take care.

  • Lexus Hurst

    A fashion goddess. Well, its not just the hair that makes you look like a fashion goddess. Not even the hair color. But the over all appearance with the sense of attire that you wear, the kinds of perfume you wear, your hairstyle and to some extent, even your hair colour. You have a brown coloured hair. That’s not a problem. Brunettes have a brown, a drak brown coloured hairs. But they are considered to be the best hair colours. Yes, brunettes. Not even the blondes. To make your hair look really amazing with the choice of your colour and your hairstyle that you mentioned that you are about to go velvet remi hair-do with it. It is really a thinking idea. I’d suggest you to go for it. A velvet remi hairstyle with a dark brown hair coloured highlights or a brunette hair highlights will look stunning. So, you can definitely give it a try. Thank you.

  • Nyah Vaughn

    There are a variety of options available for hair removal. It is generally recommended to avoid over usage of any of the method as it can make the skin red and also cause irritation. The most convenient way is to use the hair removal creams. Make sure that you use the one that is specifically designed for use on sensitive facial skin. You can opt for Follique Revolutionary Skin Therapy, Tend Skin Liquid, PFB Vanish Skin Treatment. I would recommend these as they are most trusted methods of hair removal that cause minimal irritation. These are skin friendly ways for hair removal. I would not recommend you to wash face directly with water. Rather, you should use a warm washcloth and wipe the product all the way off the skin. Warm water will clean the face properly, there would be no need to directly wash face with water. It would be great if you test the lotion before using it. This will make you realize in advance whether your skin is allergic to it or not.

  • Reilly Parsons

    Short haircut, I hope that’s not the extreme short one that you’re talking about. Because, rihanna, Madonna, Sharon stone. All these ladies are quite a lot older to you, and they have all tried these short hair cuts, it wont make you look cute but mature.but, still taking the new plunge and going for short hairstyle is a huge step for any girl with long hair. The more research you do better your cut will appear to be. Whether it is choppy, cute, sleek, or daring, your new cut will be playing a crucial part in your new look. All you have got to do is that just make sure that you get the hair cut that suits your personality the best way, and get it styling. You can go around trying few short bob cut, or few a line as you have an ovul facecut. Anyways, hope it helps. Thank you.

  • Anya Lawrence

    I agree that it is very embarrassing to have bald spots. There are certain techniques that makes us of hair extensions to cover your bald spots, until growth occurs. The major cause for the occurring of bald spots is the bad hair care, unexpected events, or a disease. I will recommend you to opt for a quick weave hair extension technique. This is a great technique that does not require a certain hair thickness or length. This technique works great to cover the entire head, leaving bald spots unnoticed. A correct technique is important to get the perfect sew in extensions. Here are the steps to go about it:1. Pull hair into a ponytail. Comb the hair back until completely flat. Grab the hair into a low position. Secure ponytail.2. Place the wig cap on. Spray hair with spritz. Blow dry the wet hair until partly dry. Place the cap over the head. Make sure the cap covers all the hair. Continue to blow dry until completely dry.3. Apply hair extensions. Measure the extension to the amount needed and cut the extension. Apply the bonding glue to the wefted part of the extension. Hold the extension down for several seconds. Blow dry until it is completely dry. Continue applying the extensions . 4. Style the hair.

  • Adriana Coleman

    Thin hair can be really annoying. I am also experiencing the same problem and would like to fill you in that the problem of thin hair can be cured if you take care of your diet pattern. The problem of thinning of hair can be cured when the diet which you have is of high quality. Try to comprise high amount of protein in the diet which you consume. If you happen to be a vegetarian then you have limited options to have protein in your diet, which will include cheese and soy bean majorly. But if you are a non vegetarian then the options stands galore, which will allow you to have fish, chicken, beef et al. With good diet you need to externally take care of your hair by doing dry head massage twice a day where in each massage will be near around 15 minutes, this will help in blood circulation of your hair. I hope the information which has been provided in this section makes some sense and helps the texture of your hair to get thick. Good luck.

  • Renee Waters

    If you really need my opinion, I’d say “wedge SUCK’S”. come on, a comparison of spikes with a wedge, really? Do you think that’s fair enough. Its like some “Hollywood block buster vs Hardcore Porn”. And on that too, you are 33 yo. Come on, I’d never ever suggest to go wedge to a guy who is more than 14 yo. I’d suggest you spikes. There is no better way to treat your hair. Spikes are always the best. Take it david beckham, or ricky martin , gerrard butlet to even the cartoon character “johhny bravo”. They all had spikes. Beckham looks most stylish in spikes and also the otherwise. But yeah, spikes makes most of the people look good, justy like unioversal face cut.this happens to be a universal hair cut. It looks good on every one. So I’d recommend you to go with spikes. Do not try to go wedge at 33 and become a laughing stock. Its way too out of trend and so orthodox. Hope you understand why I hate this wedge so much. Anyway, thank you.

  • Regan Chase

    To me it seems that hair removal cream is a better option. And for obvious reasons. Not just one but to be honest I find the hair removal cream better than the hair removal spray if compared. It is gently poured on the area that you want to make hairless. You can make a shape with this cream and pour it where ever you want it to work on. It all depends on you. Now when it comes to the hair removal spray, these spray are more costly as compared to the hair removal cream. The sprays are generally used when you want to remove the hair of a very large area because the spray ejects the solutions with large width and if this solutions comes in contact with any other part of the body with hairs on it, it may work on that area as well that you don’t want to remove the hair. Hope you got some idea from it. Thank you.

  • Debasmita Mahanand

    The kind of foundation you choose depends majorly on your skin type. Therefore, knowing your skin type and the amount of coverage you want is essential.Stick foundations are essentially cream-to-powder foundations, which are a combination of pressed powder and creamy liquid foundation. It is used as a concealer too. Stick foundations tend to give a thick coverage which is good for normal to dry skin but is not recommended for oily and blemished skin type. These could also be used for stage make-up.Liquid foundation works for almost everyone. They could be used to go light or build up the coverage according to your wish, though they work best on clear, blemish-free skin. So if you are planning to use your foundation on a regular basis and want your look to be natural, I would recommend liquid foundation. Depending on your skin type you can choose from a range of different liquid foundations available for normal, dry, oily and combination skin. If your skin needs extra moisturizing, you can mix a little moisturizer with your foundation and apply it on your skin and blend evenly.You can use the powder foundation for a better coverage after applying liquid or stick foundation. It also soaks the oiliness of the skin.

  • Gary Evans

    Rosemary oil is a highly trusted and recommended treatment of excessive hair loss. Rosemary oil for hair works great to stimulate the hair follicles. Another benefit it provides is prevention of graying. This oil is generally recommended to treat thinning hair, dry, brittle, frizzy hair and an oily scalp. It will help to keep the scalp clean and away from impurities. It works great on dandruff. It is discovered in both fresh and dry plants. You can use it in any form may it be fresh or dry. If you place about handful of rosemary into a water-filled pot and keep it on heat for approximately 15 minutes. Let it cool and pour throughout your hair just after shampoo. It actually don’t require washing off with additional fresh water. Rosemary oil is more effective to fight hair loss, than water-based rosemary infusions. It is a natural way to prevent hair fall as it involves usage of fresh herbs. Another way to use rosemary is by making rosemary vinegar. Make sure that you store it in a dark cool cabinet. Mix several tablespoons of rosemary vinegar with lukewarm water, andthen pour the mixture onto your scalp and hair. It is known for rejuvenating weakening hair just within a span of few months.

  • Magdalena Heath

    I do understand your matter of concern. This is really annoying to look at the annoying stretch marks. I would like you to know that the stretch marks occur when the skin is stretched tightly. You will notice these stretch marks on breasts, hips, stomach and thighs. The rose hip oil is a great natural way to get rid of the stretch marks. This essential oil contains skin-repairing ingredients such as polyunsaturated fatty acids and Vitamin A. It is mild enough to be used on the sensitive skin. It is a great idea to apply a mixture of Rose hip oil and passion seed oil on your skin. A study that was conducted by skin care specialists revealed that rose hip oil works great to reduce the appearance of imperfections in the skin. This works great on the wrinkles and stretch marks. Rose hip oil is the only vegetable oil that naturally contains Vitamin A. This vitamin is known to possess the anti-aging properties such as cell regeneration and collagen.The oil also contains essential fatty acids to keep it radiant and healthy. It is also referred to as a “dry” oil, which means that when applied to the skin, it does not leave an oily film. Adding Vitamin E oil keeps the rose hip oil fresh for at least two years.ApplicationUse fingers to massage oil into the area where the stretch marks are most prominent.

  • Eliza Morton Morton

    The bikini line being the most sensitive part demands extra care while doing hair removal. You really need to be aware of the apt method to avoid rashes, tiny red bumps and ingrown hairs. It is known that unfortunately, removing bikini line hair often brings about painful and irritating razor burns that itch like hell. I would love to share with you some useful hair removal tips that will help minimize the awful discomfort of irritation. Make sure that you shave with a wet razor. It’s the most conveniently used method. It is highly recommended that you always use a new razor. Another great method is waxing. It removes bikini line hair from three to eight weeks on average. Waxing should be best left to the professionals. Waxing is not recommended for people with diabetes and those with poor circulation problems, because they are more susceptible to infections. The laser hair removal works for light skinned people with dark hair. It is known that these methods still cause bumps, rashes, and irritation to the sensitive bikini line. It is recommended that after shaving you must try a gentle moisturizing cream to avoid razor burns. You can also fight against it by making alterations in your diet. Make sure that you consume ample quantity of fruits and vegetables. Take care.

  • Samira Ryan

    It is great to know that you have fine hair. But, this doesn’t mean that you can compromise on its proper care and health. You need to take proper care of the hair to ensure that it stays shiny and healthy forever. I know as there are a variety of shampoos available, so it is difficult to decide on the on that would be the best for you. I will recommend you to opt for the TIGI Catwalk Oatmeal and Honey shampoo. These work great to give proper nourishment to the hair and that too at a reasonable cost. You can also opt for the Sunsilk Hydra TLC shampoo, with conditioner, and leave-in moisturizer. Moreover, it is most important to choose a shampoo by looking at its ingredients. What might work great for one may not be the same for the others. Always know your hair type and then chose the products. One more fact that I wish to present before you is that don’t rely on any particular product for long time. This is known that if you use any particular shampoo for long, then gradually it loses its effectiveness as the gets used to its ingredients, and maintain rigidity and ineffectiveness for it. It is important to switch shampoos after a significant time. But, opt for a shampoo after taking recommendation from a hair expert to know the best one for you.

  • Anjani Kumar

    In our body the hair is an essential part in terms of beauty. Without hair the term beauty can not be explained. So a good care of hair is necessary for us. Insufficient care of hair results hair fall, unshiney hair, hard hair etc. The growth of hair is affected by the inside feed as well as the outside feed. The example of inside feed is to take healthy diet or nutrients for the hair and outside feed is to apply shampoo, oil etc. to the hair. Olive oil can be the best for the hair. It nourishes, conditions, and improves the strength and elasticity of our hair. It provides the healthy scalp necessary for the growth of hair. It provides the necessary softness to the hair and strengthen them. The olive oil is also a dandruff controller because it provides necessary moist to the hair and scalp and hence protect from the dandruff. Not only from the outside as a beauty aid but from inside as a nutrients also it can be used. It gives a good nourishing relief to the dry hair. So with these advantage of olive oil, we can use any good shampoo and get the desired long healthy hair.

  • Jimena Kirby

    I would like to share with you a fact that body rash is a side effect of chlorella. You might be aware that Chlorella is a single celled freshwater alga. Chlorella may be used to treat some cancers, to strengthen the immune system, also in supporting digestion, for lowering blood pressure, and also assisting in the healing process. Although, it is recommended as one of nature’s super foods, but, still there are chances of certain side effects of it. Its side effects include nausea, bloating and stomach upsets. It can also be the cause of certain allergic reaction which includes breathing difficulties, tightness in throat, and chest pains. It may also cause problems in digestion. It is high in mercury content whose intake can result in tingling sensations in the toes, fingers and lips. It can also raise the uric levels in the blood. One most significant fact is that the pregnant women must avoid taking it. Take care and go for it only if it is recommended by your doctor.

  • Aisha Hoover

    For females, generally short hair does not tends to suit every face types. Each and every face types have issues to consider while being having any haircut. Not just the short one. However in ladies, they usually fall for few wron things as like they believe what most of the men say to them about their appearance. The most common thing about the men being telling them about their looks seems for the reason. The reason every time is different. However there are few celebrities that have tried taking such risks in the past. These celebrities such as, halle berry, Sharon stone, wwe diva serena, also Madonna and many as such more. These female celebrities have seeked this short hair look in the past. Few succeeded in getting appraisal and few got criticized for their look. However, just go around accessing your internet and search for the look you are trying to check out for more details. Thank you.


    June Jacobs is one of the best cleaning bars available in the market but since you are not satisfied with it, you could opt for Nature’s Plus Cucumber Cleansing bar, which is as good as June Jacobs. Cucumber cleansing bar is one of the best moisturizing bars available, and it contains, cucumber extract, purified water, walnut, sodium chloride, trisodium EDTA, natural color, vegetable glycerin, walnut, saponified oils of coconut and palm, armatherapeutic essential oils like carrot seed, fennel and anise. These are all very good for skin and combine together; they keep the dryness from skin at bay. Along with these, you could try some moisturizing creams which will keep your skin dry and fresh. Aside these, to keep your skin from getting dry, you could drink eight bottles or more water to keep your skin hydrated. This is one of the best ways to keep your skin glowing and free from dryness. Moreover, you could also practice yoga to keep your skin young and healthy. These are all very effective methods and you will find that you have got no worries where your skin is concerned. Besides, you could drink fruit juices which will help you to keep your skin glowing and dry-free.

  • Allyssa Faulkner

    It is important to look your best at special occasions such as a wedding. As you possess medium length hair, I can help you with some amazing updos that you can opt for the occasion. There are a number of awesome hair styles for your kind of hair to make you look perfect for the special day. It is true that ponytail is not the option for a wedding. It can make you look odd and dull. Upodos can be the perfect alternative for you, if ponytail and high hairstyles look good on you. I would like you to know that the wedding updos look elegant, sophisticated, and are fun. The best part is that there are some updos that you can try even with the short hair. The ultimate trick is to be creative. I would love to make you aware about the cool hair styling options for the day: 1.Simple Bun: A bun is taken as the ultimate updo. Even if you have short hair, you can fake the bun using little pins. You simply need to pin the back of your hair up. After that, curl the sides. Make sure that you pull the curls back neatly. Hold it gently using a flower clip. 2.Curly: Another great option would be this curly wedding updos. It will give a decent and romantic touch to your entire look. It requires dividing the back of your hair into sections, then creating small and medium-sized curls. Straighten the front, pull to one side, and finally secure with a decorative hair pin. 3. Messy: The messy updo would be a perfect and most convenient choice. It requires adding some waves. For this you can make use of a curling iron, curl sections of your hair. After this, comb the curls out with a wide tooth comb. Sweep back thick pieces and secure them to the back of your head. Leave out your bangs and some side pieces. 4. Half: these are known as half-styled wedding updos. If you possess wavy and curly hair, this would be the one for you. Separate the front half of your hair, twist it into a bun. For a softer look, pull out a few side strands. Be patient and creative to get the best look. I hope that you have now got an idea regarding how to make perfect updos for the occasion.

  • Ahmed Ashique

    Wrinkles on the face and hands are a normal sign of aging. Wrinkling in the skin is caused by habitual facial expression, aging, sun damage, smoking,poor hydration and various other factors. Many products and procedure promise to reduce wrinkles some do little or nothing other can achieve a fair amount of success. Most wrinkles appears on the parts of the body where sun exposure greatest. These especially include face , neck, the backs of the hands and tops of the forearm. The main preventive measures we can take are to minimize sun exposure and not to smoke. Sun protection is simply guarding a body from the adverse effects of sunlight by wearing protective clothing which include full sleeves shirts that covers your arms, use protective sunscreen to minimize the penetration of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. There are numerous over the counter treatment option for wrinkles, including various means and lotion. Prescription treatments, including the retinoid creams Renevo and Retina-A, are also an option .Drink plenty of water throughout the day is the single best things you can do to keep looking young and wrinkle free. It carries nutrition to the cells and washes toxin out of the body. Gently pinch your skin between thumb and forefinger, and massage around your eyes and forehead. This wakes your skin and revitalizes the tissue. Early morning. apply an antioxidant rich serum followed by a moisturizer and sunscreen. Sunscreen are available in the forms of tropical lotion, cream , ointment, gel or spray that can be applied to the skin. You can also strip the skin of natural oils causing early wrinkles and triggering even oily skin. According to skin’s experts, the best wrinkles cream is the Dermajuv Complete Rejuvenation System. Its a cream comprises of three products that you get all at once. Apply cream twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, this is the best known cream compared to other wrinkles cream. It fades age spots, smooths skin, control wrinkles. Instead of this Castor oil, which is produced from the seeds of Castor plant, is usually can be effective form of wrinkle treatment by applying Castor oil to your skin, restoring its natural youthful appearance and helping to diminish unsightly wrinkles. It is very effective in moisturizing your skin. Castor oil has many antioxidant properties. It also cleanses and heals your skin even as it hydrates your skin and does not leave an oily feeling on your skin after you use it, it will benefits you greatly. Regulars treatment with Castor oil will help to keep wrinkles at bay, and to reduce the formation of wrinkles, keeping you looking younger.

  • Shakthi Pillai

    Scrunchies are always a nicer alternative to the plain elastic or rubber bands. They tug on the hair with less force when you’re taking it off. When you say ribbon, do you mean satin? The thing about hair is that it reacts to electrostatic energy. That very readily makes the hair stand almost upright. Which is why, wooden brushes and combs are a much better alternative to plastic. So even if you do use scrunchies, make sure the cloth is not satin or velvet.Leather scrunchies are just half a step better than rubber bands. Cool as they may look, they tug at the hair with almost equal force, so do avoid them. Cotton’s the best. Always knot the ponytail a tad loose so the tension at the roots is less. Even with scrunchies, take it off by doing exactly the reverse of what you did to put it on. This has saved many hair from falling off my head.If controlling hair fall takes a priority over style then you are in the right direction with the loose buns. Use open bobby pins to secure rather than a hair clip or scrunchies. You could jazz that bun up with attractive bobby pins. They come with rhinestones and in different colors. It could make for a very stylish do while saving your hair from the daily wind and dust.

  • Madisyn Morse

    I would say that it is generally recommended to take the energizer vitamins after sunset. It doesn’t make it mandatory. If at times you can’t take this after sunset, then you can take at some other time. The most important point is that the dosage should not be skipped. Hair health needs requirement of certain vitamins, such as vitamins B, C, beta carotene and iron. I would like to tell you that the Biotin helps the metabolism of fatty acids in the hair. This causes improvement in new cell growth and creation. To get proper vitamin content it is important to wash the hair with biotin shampoos and conditioners. You can also take biotin supplements through foods like yeast, liver, eggs, and peanuts. Adding capsules of vitamin E into the hair after shampooing is another great way to prevent vitamin deficiency. You must take vitamin C, vitamin E and Zinc supplements. These are easily available in stores. Moreover, it recommended drinking lot of water and taking a balanced diet. If by changing the time of taking these vitamins, you are facing any problems, then you must consult the same with doctor.

  • Aliyah Wells

    You would be glad to know that the Nioxin shampoo is great on hair. It leaves your hair in great condition. Moreover, it gets pretty good penetration and leaves your scalp with a tingly almost burning sensation. It improves blood circulation in the scalp. It is known as the most complete system available for both men and women. I would like you to know that it is one of the most trusted hair care products today. Its best feature is that it is available in a wide range. It is recommended to use it daily, as it is safe and doesn’t cause any side effects. In certain critical case if you are already receiving treatment on your scalp, then it is recommended to consult a medical practitioner before using the shampoo. It is also well known for the purpose of scalp recovery. It would be great for those with dandruff problems. Nioxin is a hair treatment product which ensures the reduction of hair fall. It plays a very effective role to enable you loose less hair. You will experience perfect smoothness and shine in your hair after using it. You must ensure that you select the right system, which is apt for your hair type.

  • Leonard Bishop

    I can understand your intense concern for your child. It is tough for the parents as well as the child to cope up with immense hair loss. I would like to share some facts and essential remedies for the same. You must be aware that Alopecia areata is a hair loss condition. This is caused as rapid onset of round patches of baldness. There are some effective natural remedies that you can use to cure it. Using essential oils can help with this. A mixture of thyme, rosemary, lavender, and cedar wood will be a great option. This oil must be massaged on the scalp daily. Another way is by applying the onion juice twice daily for two months. Treating with hypnosis can be another option. But, it must be adopted with doctor’s recommendation. You need to ensure that the child must not take any kind of stress. Make him motivated that this is a temporary problem which will be cured soon. A proper balanced diet is also important. Take care and do consult a specialist if the problem persists even after these measures.

  • Aliyah Wells

    Hi, I am graham McCarthy, a hair color artiste and a scalp medicate expert. After reading you , I’d suggest you to use a glossy semi permanent colour like loreal colour gloss creme in medium chocolate brown. Well, you also need to read few forums that consists of the after care of your hair that you are required to do after you are done with the chocolate hair color and can even post your queries on these forums. If you really want to get rid of your hair color highlights, you will then need to put the colour on them first although I think that if you put the colour on all over your hair at the same time then you will end up having a chocolate brown with some honey like highlights but they will then happen to be very subtle. However, you can try few mentioned things here. Hope that helps. Thank you.

  • Briana Reyes

    Hair getting oily is a common problem being faced by a number of people. You are correct in your assumption that a little dash of Baby Powder can help absorb the oils. It is the quickest way to absorb unwanted oil from the hair. You just need to sprinkle a little powder. You need to make sure that you grab a baby powder. Don’t forget to look for the ingredients on the powder before buying it. The main ingredient you must look for is talc. Another ingredient that you should consider is fragrance. Be sure about the way to use this trick. Wash your hair in the evening, to style it in the morning. The baby powder tends to be most effective for hair styling 12 hours after it has been washed. Comb a small amount of moose in your hair, after shampooing it and blow it dry. Take little amount of baby powder on twist top. Apply a small amount by gently pouring it along your hair line. Start at the front of your hair line and comb back. Although this method is great, but don’t make it a habit. Washing hair cannot be replaced with this each time. Baby powder is a little messy. You need to make sure, that you don’t apply it to your hair while wearing outfit. Excess usage should be avoided to stop making the hair prone to the chemicals in the powder. This must be used when you are running extreme short of time or an urgent occasion to be attended.

  • Destiny Roman

    Well for hair products, if you go by shopping it else where you may just find almost same rate or hardly minor difference between the prices of the cosmetics or hair brand products. It also depends on brand though. However if there are schemes available you may get all branded hair stuffs for coparatively less price. Depending upon the scheme or depending upon your choice of shopping area. like say if you are shopping for hair products and you stop by the ‘wal mart’ to get cheap hair products, here are some that you may fet them in a bit comparatively low price. These products happen to be relatively cheap from else where. There are products that you can buy for cheap retes and these products are de- tangeling hair spray, scrunching hair spray, spray to make your hair grow stronger, spray that you use not to ruin over your straight hair, also you might find spray to get your hair get rid of greasy roots. Thank you.

  • Aliyah Wells

    It’s important to consider, not only just the shape of your face, but also the body as well as the kind of dress that you might be wearing. It is best to schedule an appointment several weeks in advance with your hair dresser as the spots tend to fill up quick. Consult and talk to your stylist to see what kind of prom hairstyle actually suits you or is best for you. However, there are some of the celebrity’s hairstyles that you can consider for your long hairs. These celebrities are Jessica Simpson’s elaborate braided chignon, Mila Kunis’ loose flowing waves, a loopy, lovely bun, as worn by Dianna Agron, Keira Knightley’s face framing, angular wavy bob. You can also use extensions for your curly hairs. Hair extension is generally known as adding some artificial hair to your natural hair to give fluffier look to your hair.

  • Alexys Livingston

    Hi, to create a nappy hairstyle that can look a tease to perfection isn’t way too difficult as the way I see it. It can be trendy style that can make many girl envious. To go nappy, all you need to do is just apply volumizing gel to damp the hair that has been towel dried. Put your hairs to the curlers. However, to make it look extra volume leave those curlers for overnight. Remove the curlers and spray the light volumizing hair spray on it. You need to use the teasing comb just as to give it a teasing look. A nappy hair-do looks great down-upside towards. However you can chose the nappy hairstyle teasing shape of your own. There are many. You can also tame it up by just putting it in a loosened ponytail, and by leaving the roots teased on high over, the top of the head. As you do it, a loose side ponytail also seem to look great. You can try it out. It looks great. Hope this helps you. Thank you.

  • Daphne Molina

    Hi, to be very frank, its very normal for celebrities to wear hairlocs extensions. Not just females, also few males. Lets start with few celebs that wear hair locs extensions. To begin with, its lady gaga who actually re invented wearing coloured hair extensions for her performances. Julia Roberts, Angelina jolie, drew Barrymore, paris Hilton with her very famous twisted hairlocs, scarlett Johansson. And the list goes on and on. Yes it actually changes your looks. Infact, some of them even make your hair look original. Like paris Hilton. Her hair extensions were of similar style that of her original hairs, and that made her look quite natural with those blonde twisted hair locs extensions. But you can carry these extensions only on fewer occasions as on regular basis if you wear it on, you may find it tough to hide your hairs and you may just get revealed anytime. Thank you.

  • Destiny Roman

    It’s important to consider, not only just the shape of your face, but also the body too as well as the kind of dress that you might be wearing. It is best to schedule an appointment several weeks in advance with your hair dresser as the spots tend to fill up quick. Consult and talk to your stylist to see what kind of prom hairstyle actually suits you or is best for you. However, there are some of the celebrities hairstyles that you can consider for your long hairs. These celebrities are Jessica Simpson’s elaborate braided chignon, Mila Kunis’ loose flowing waves, A loopy, lovely bun, as worn by Dianna Agron, Keira Knightley’s face framing, angular wavy bob. You can also use extensions for your curly hairs. Hair extension is generally known as adding some artificial hair to your natural hair to give fluffier look to your hairs. When using the weave technique the natural hair is braided and the hair is sewed on the braid. This kind of hair extension technique can start anywhere from $500 to $1200 and it lasts for about 4 months. Thank you.

  • Haresh Patel

    Step 1: Shampoo and condition your hair. Towel dry, leaving hair more on the wet side. You may want to have a spray bottle of water nearby to keep moisture in the hair during the process of cutting its hair.Youmay also want to use foam or gel to prevent your hair from drying out too quickly.Step 2: Comb your wet hair straight back.With your comb, evenly on half-inch section of hair, as if you’re going to cut bangs, but continue the section all the way to your face in front of the ears. Tie the rest of your hair to keep it out of the way. You should see a straight line from the top of the head sideways.Step 3: Her hair bow section above and in front of your eyes. Using your nose as a measure for length, the section of hair cut in a straight line only the outer edges of your eyes. Your starting cut should be the tip of the nose, but if you want your hair shorter, cut higher, but never above the bridge of the nose. You should now have a straight line from the outer edge of one eye to another.This line will be your length guide for cutting the rest of your hair. The lower the nose to make your first cut, the longer your overall haircut will be.Step 4: Standing before the mirror, a comb on the section you just cut straight. Holding your hair between your index finger and middle finger in a grip scissors, snip off only the tips of this section. AllYou are trying to do is get a straight line, while the hair is kept up. Cut too much and have a short haircut in general.Step 4: Comb the sides of the section up, pulling with it some of the hair you just cut. Note that you can easily see how the parts are larger than the cross section. Using the bangs cut as your guide, and holding the sides up, make the cuts through the right side. By letting go you will notice hair that falls easily into layers.Step 5: With the comb, another small halo section of hair from ear to ear hair back and keep the rest of her hair tied. Comb the new section of hair up, pulling with it the first section as a cutting guide. You should easily see the first part was cut and the new section needed to be cut. Cut the second section evenly with the first. Pull the sides up again tocut even with the blast zone.Step 6: Continue cutting and pulling the hair up and cut through use of the guidelines of each previous cut. Be careful not to cut a lot for each new cut, and that makes it difficult to see on your cutting guide. Will the cut and cut all the way to the back of the head, pulling each section straight up until you have sectioned and cut all the possibilities of hair.The are endless!

  • Ashwinikumar Agarwal

    Exfoliating scrubs must be used, however very carefully. The first thing you need to remember that if you have acne prone skin or if your face has pimples do not use an exfoliating facial scrub, as this scrub can increase your skin problem. An exfoliating facial scrub needs to be used just once or twice a week if you skin is dry or very sensitive. In case of other skin types you need not use this scrub so frequently. As you grow old your skin looses the capacity of mincing dead skin cells. Using an exfoliating facial scrub can help wash off these dead skin cells easily. Accumulated dead skin cells can clog the pours of your skin and leave you skin looking dull and rough. Using an exfoliating facial scrub will also unclog your pours and make your facial skin feel soft and glowing. A number of companies manufacture exfoliating facial scrubs, however these scrubs might be chemical based. You can also make these exfoliating facial scrubs at home and get as much benefit without any chemical reaction or side effect. However if you opt to buy a facial scrub try choosing organic, plant based or natural facial scrubs. Avoid choosing scrubs that contain antibacterial agents. Remember exfoliating facial scrubs can damage your skin if used very often. Do not use these scrubs more than once or twice a week.

  • Emilia Sullivan

    There are certain hairstyles for women on the wrong side of 40. To begin with, you need to split it in categories like the short hairstyles categories, the medium length hairstyles categories and the long length hairstyles categories. Let’s start with some short one first. The short hairstyles that I find attractive in females are the short bob hairstyles, the flipped shag hairstyles, and the pixie hairstyles. Now if you talk about the medium length hairstyles, you have few as such like the the layered ones. These are the pretty medium layered hairstyles, the straight medium length layered hairstyles and medium length waves hairstyles. Same way if you go for the long hairstyles, you have few as such the bangs, the a line, the waves and the curls. These are all few hairstyles that are helpful enough to learn about them in much more deeper sense. Thank you.

  • Elissa Snider

    When picking a medium length hairstyle, it’s important to consider, not only just the shape of your face, but also the body too as well as the kind of dress that you are or willl be wearing. It is best to schedule an appointment several weeks in advance with your hair dresser as the spots tend to fill up quick. Consult and talk to your stylist to see what kind of medium length hairstyle actually suits you or is best for you. A recent trend in medium length layered hairstyles has been hair with wave curls and weaves as well as large side swept bangs which have grown onto few medium length layered hair styles. Whatever hairstyle you pick just be sure to be comfortable with yourself and the way you carry your look, because this is after all your day to be remembered by people. Thank you.

  • Nina Rich

    It is lovely that you are looking for change in your hairstyle for the party. This is a great way to add fun and excitement to the party. Beach hair waves are awesome style that you are looking forward to. It is easy to create beach waves if you adopt the correct technique for it. You will difficulty if you have stick straight, tightly coiled, or prone to frizz hair. So as you stated that you posses straight fine hair, so it would be a good option for you. Make sure that you adopt the following steps to get perfect beach waves: 1. You need to wash your hair at night before going to bed. Don’t forget to use moisture enhancing cleansing formula. 2. The next step after rinsing the shampoo is to apply a rinse out conditioner. 3. Then, towel blot newly washed hair dry with a towel. 4. After this, apply a detangling product and remove tangles from hair moving from the ends to the roots. 5.To create easy beach hair waves, apply styling cream. 6. After applying wave enhancing products, scrunch hair lightly with fingers to define loose waves. Let the hair rest completely air dry overnight. As you will wake up the next morning, you will find loose beach waves. You can also use a curling iron in the morning to fine tune waves. This will help you get perfect beach waves with minimal hair loss.

  • Aileen Snow

    This is the most common issue with both males and females as they age. There are a number of products that are available for hair re growth. You need to be smart enough to identify those that are considered to be reliable and won’t cause any major side effect. I would say that products like remox and promox are considered the best hair products. These work great to slow down your hair loss and thinning hair. The ultimate reason behind their effectiveness is that they are made from unique formulations that have got the approval from major medical bodies. You must always look for the products that are made from different combinations of Minoxidil, Retin-A, Progesterone, etc. A combination of Minoxidil and Retin-A complement each other well. If I were in your place I will surely make efforts to research about the product from those who have already used it. Moreover, internet can help you a lot as here you can read the reviews to understand the effectiveness of the products on different type of hair. Apart from the internet the newspapers and magazines also mention such reviews after conducting surveys about different products. Internet forums like this are also a great way to know the effectiveness. The best way would be to merge the recommendations from different sources and finally arrive at the one that is in common.

  • Nicolette Kent

    You can always use claws but do remember that middle lengthed hair usually require a bit more time than the usual long or short ones. but yes they do look great if treated properly with claws. They need to be treated fashionably. Anyway, I’d recommend you few celebrities with claw on thei hair pictures. These celebrities are beyonce knowles, mariah carey, madonna, kylie minogue, elizabeth hurley. Also you can turn up your hair by fixing it up with the hair pin up rolls for few hours. Also, I think you can go for hair extensions for medium length layered hair any time you want. If you have medium length hair you need not to worry as it will make your look natural and give you the look you want. Hair extension is generally known as adding some artificial hair to your natural hair to give fluffier look. Although the claws will hold up to the hair for the time they’ve been put on your hair accordingly. It goes something like, as much time you have claws on your hair, you will get same amount of hold up with your hair accordingly. Anyway, hope this information helps. Thank you.

  • Ingrid Robbins

    You can get it done with some hair clips, or pin up’s by putting them up on your hair. You can have similar hairstyle even after pinning up your hair over from the top and avoid the fall down of the fringes down to your eyes. Just to know that a-line bob hairstyles look cool only if they are made proper without any accessories. It will look way too over shadowed if you add the likes of accessories such as pins and claws or the hair chips over your hair. They do look attractive but other wise, not in a bob hair cut. Even if you want to wear a pin in your hair just to avoid the falling of fringes to the front and disturb your eyes, you may use the hair chips of black colour or if you have a different color hair then black you may go with the matching color of your hair in accordingly. Like for example you can use brown pi ups if you are a brunette or you have brown hair. Thank you.

  • Jamya Willis

    You are absolutely correct in stating that an enzyme peel is made from the fruit ingredients. This is the reason that it is known as a skin product which is designed to exfoliate. As you must be aware, that the enzymes are proteins that are used to catalyze chemical reactions. In a skin peel, the enzymes come from different types of fruit. Yes, I do involve use of fruits such as papaya or pineapple. This peel works great to remove the top layer of the skin. This will make the skin exposed to new cells underneath. This works really great to provide a fresh, new radiance to the skin. You can easily do this at home by following these steps: 1.You need to mix the peel for a powder formula. Keep the ratio as one part powder and one part activating gel. Apply the peel to a cleaned area and leave for recommended time. Then, gently wash the test spot and watch for skin reactions. It is advisable to observe for over 24 hours. Check for the allergic reactions such as redness, rash or swelling. 2.You next need to cleanse the skin thoroughly with a mild cleanser. 3.Apply a skin toner to clean the skin and let the toner air dry. Do not wash off. 4.Smooth the peel over the affected area. You need to be very thorough in following the time recommendations. 5.Finally wash the product off with cool water and pat it dry.

  • Alex Bowen

    This is great that you don’t have a problem skin. I agree that it is not at all possible that if the skin is perfect now, then it will be the same forever. I will sincerely recommend that you need to make a smart choice regarding the skin products that you use from the initial stage itself. This would be like a beneficial long term investment. The options that you took that are Aveena, Dove and Olay. I believe all are good in their own ways. You need to find the one that best matches your concern and most importantly suit the skin type. The sunscreen from Aveena is quite good and can be considered as a safe option. It is known to be gentle and takes off my makeup fairly well. As you don’t want to opt for the products with sunscreen, then it would be better to drop the idea of going with Aveena. Dove is known to offer the most gentle and skin friendly products. Olay can be great as it is not at all thick and sticky. It is just perfect and blends with the skin so well that you won’t even feel that you have applied something. Dove is also thick and is generally recommended for those who have an extremely dry skin. I think that Olay would be best for you. It is being used by many people and is safe to be used on skin.

  • Jacey Floyd

    Congratulations for being short listed for the interview for the post of the fashion designer. I would like to add here that is it very important to pay attention to subject knowledge and equally to your presentation to get edge in front of the interview panel. You must be bold enough to carry red hair for the interview. But, genuinely I will say that this is more of a professional meeting, this demands a sober look, and I will seriously recommend that you must get a decent black or blonde color for the hairstyle. But, now as there is not much time left for the interview, so you have no option left. Just be confident in the kind of hair you possess. In the field of a fashion designing, it is important to be confident. I mean if you people being a fashion designer won’t carry such bold looks, than it won’t be easy to influence others for the same. Other temporary option can be to opt for a natural wig. Go for iit if thius is feasible for you. Take care. Be bold and confident.

  • Miracle Sparks

    This hairstyle is supposed to be appropriate for many hair types. Let it be thick or thin, straight or even wavy kind of hairs. Wedding red carpet hair styles are for hair with a bit of wave or curl. You can have your stylist straighten it with the flat iron or the blow dryer before in the beginning of it. If you have curly hair, you might just be better off choosing a style that really works with your natural curl, against it instead. It looks great on the occasions such as wedding. However, this was not meant to be for the occasions like wedding but strictly for the celebs that tend to make themselves look good on in red carpet events. But due to the royalty factor that has been associated with this hair do, they have started styling their hair by trying it for weddings also. So, this probably is the reason they try it on wedding just to make themselves look good and add some star touch to their style. Thank you.

  • Ania Roman

    I can understand that it is not at all easy to wait for most desired long length hair. It is great that you have been taking measures to ensure quick hair growth. I think there is no harm in shifting to other means if one is ineffective for you. Everyone has different hair quality, so what might work for one may not be equally good for the other. You will be glad to know that the Treasured Locks provide a hair growth vitamin, at an affordable price. You can rely on it as it is the most advanced hair supplement available. It is not a mere hair growth vitamin supplement. You can take it as a natural blend of a higher quality vitamins, herbs, and natural supplements.There are a number of factors that play a major role in depleting the wellness of the hair. Stress, poor diet and pollution can leave your hair dry, limp and lifeless. I can assure you that this Growth Supplement is designed specifically to keep your hair as healthy, strong and shiny as possible. It is recommended to take two tablets per day for a month to keep hair healthy. This is such a great product that you can expect doubling of the hair growth rate. Treasured Locks H2G Supplements help improve the hair growth.oil is just for the external usage, so there is no harm if you continue its usage along with these supplements. Take care.

  • Sydnee Graham

    I completely agree that braids are a neat and popular girl’s hairstyle. Moreover, you can experiment creativity with the braids. Varieties of braids include the basic braid, the French braid and also the fishtail braid and the herringbone braid. You must be aware that braids are usually worn low at the back of the head. It looks great on long, one-length hair. It is not possible to make healthy braids with excessively thin hair. I would say that you need not worry, as there are sprays available that can give your hair instant fluffiness to make them apt for the braids. It usually involves weaving together three strands of hair; you simply require a comb, a hair band and the right technique. Initially, you must brush your hair well in such a way that it gets smooth and all the tangles are removed. If there is little time for the wedding ceremony, then I would say that you try quick hair thickening oils and shampoos on a regular basis. Then, collect neatly your hair between hands in the form of a low ponytail. Make sure that you hold at the position, where you would like the base of your fishtail braid. You can either position the ponytail to the side or at the back. Next, divide the hair into two equal sections. Then, hold both sections between the fingers of one hand. It involves using the index finger, to keep the sections separated. Then, separate a small strand of hair with your free hand. Neatly cross the strand over the top of the right segment and then join it with the inside edge of the left segment. Make sure that you cross the strand over the top of the left segment. Then, join it with the inside edge of the right segment. You must continue to incorporate new strands of hair in this manner. Finally, you need to join the two segments together in one hand and secure carefully with a hair band. You need extra care and little research to find healthy products to add little bounce to your thin hair.

  • Aliyah Wells

    Well it’s a personal choice al together. I mean you can go either ways. But when if you ask me my personal opinion on that I’d suggest you to go for the straight one. The Hannah montanna wigs are very much popular in school going girls. They have it when in any prom nights or during their school fests. To get things done a bit unique, you need to go for straightening of your Hannah montanna hair wig. And to do, so all you need to do is, just have to remember few points, while you get your Hannah montanna hair wig straight. And these things are, douse your hair wig firstly with hoit water to begin with, then you may just feel you need to start on working that get straightened, let the wig get dried up completely, you can further brush and comb up your wig, do not use the straightening iron it may damage the quality of the wig, last but finally not the least, you need to blow a dryer for making it straight and giving it a finished touch. Thank you.

  • Adriana Coleman

    Well, being a brown haired girl you always can switch over to a different colour, may be a a dark carmell, or can even have a honey streaks after going a brunette. Can even try blonde chick hair-do. just to tell you, do not you go for a red head wear. That is not a cool hair style, it’s a genetical hair defect that unfortunately few people are victimized and you luckily escaped from it. However trying to buy a wig in California, well, that’s not a big deal though. Anyways, you can search for stores that trade in wigs, and their names happen to be crowning glory wig saloon, Sharon’s wigs and styling, terry wigs, pacific wig company, CMC wigs, Naomi Clinton wigs, tamura’s hair & wig design, fashion wig saloon, carol’s wig saloon, wig castle. And plenty as such more of them. You can go around by checking them out. Thank you.

  • Alexys Livingston

    While you switch your mind to any hair regaining procedures, you need to confirm the best clinic in the business. Because hair transplants if done sometimes also has the tendency of making your hair worse in adverse cases. This will then leave you hopeless of even gaining no more hair after this treatment ever and sometimes in severe case you may also get skin diseases. However there are few hair regaining and hair transplantation procedures such as the hair growing oil, the hair weaving conceptualization, the hair growth surgery, the hair transplantation through the laser treatment and also hair growing medicines available in form of herbs and ayurved. The best however that I would recommend you for your treatment is the optimal follicular unit procedure. It then enables a patient to get achievable results in hair growth again. To learn about this procedure, you can surf this procedure online and get to know more about it. Thank you.

  • Erwin Frazier

    I am experiencing the same thing my friend. Hair loss acts akin to a devil which shall not only cause hair to lose but will also cause you immense amount of depression. It happened with me. So, the trichologist suggest you that he will not cover the balding area and will rather transplant the hair in the front hair line, which is been done by considering the fact that the bald area which is been left like that will give your entire hair a more natural look.If the entire scalp will be covered with your hair then it will look highly unnatural, how can one possibly get all hair in one night? So, you please adhere to the suggestion given to you by your trichologist. Good luck.

  • Evelyn Lane

    All you have got to do is that just make sure that you get the hair cut that suits your personality the best way, and get it styling. However, when you talk about interview haircuts, you need to have decent hairstyle. A little moose it over hair do will look cool for short hair with your office wear. If you are wearing any hairstyle for your official work, there are points that are to be considered like you need to go for hairstyle that stays off the face and out of the eyes, that wont take too much time to style up your hair, it should last the whole day long, you need to look both professional and stylish. So, you can try hairstyle such as conservative crop, long and sleek side bangs, crop with swept bangs, angeled bangs, long and layered ones, and thick and curly ones. Thank you.

  • Johana Ortega

    I appreciate your decision to go for the kelvis hair rejuvenation to treat hair fall. It is known that this product assures to be really effective as a permanent solution for the hair loss issue. You might be unaware of the fact that this hair loss treatment is not an entirely new solution. It is a renowned formula for hair loss for over 25 years. It is also known that this formula give this solution for baldness on an average success rate of 92%. You can rely on the product as this is a drug free topical lotion. Its application is quite simple. It is applied directly to the scalp and is great to be used by both men and women. The ingredient used in it helps in the breakdown of DHT in the follicle and creates a binding effect. Once hair follicles are protected, they will remain DHT resistant forever. You can opt for this treatment as the kelvis reviews prove that it is an effective treatment for the prevention and treatment of hair loss. What is important to understand that it is important that you understand that you need to look for the FDA approved medications to treat hair loss, and hair loss is indeed a medical condition that needs to be addressed medically. Make sure that you see a doctor when seeking effective treatment for this condition. Take care.

  • Sujatha Kusuma

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  • Nyah Vaughn

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  • Josie Townsend

    Yes, I’d say that would look great. Infact if you really need to make those curly thick black hair a bit softer to get that perfect shailene Woodley hairstyle look on you, you need to get it a bit softer than what you actually have. And to do it, you need to do few things that I believe are quite necessary to get your look appear similar to that of Shailene Woodley. To begin with, get your hair wash in the very beginning. It should be shampooed at first. After getting done with shampooing your hair, use a hair care conditioner. Again after having a hair wash you can use a dry towel just as to dry up your hair. your hair won’t be as curly then. Have all your cutting and combing accessories. Take your hair stretch it, and then fix a comb deciding upto the length that your hair are being to cut about. Do it for your entire hair. this will be very easy to do. After cutting it wash it properly both with shampoo and conditioning. Again, dry it up with towel and then comb it accordingly. Thank you.

  • Gage Patterson

    To get your hair done 720, you need to go under few things. Well, I’d rather ask you to go around and have a treatment in salon but still if you want to try ita t home you can do following things as you can always try it by doing these things. You need to haver your heart in desire to get 720 killa weaves. You have to cut your head completely off to the bald. Then all you need to do is brushing up the the entire hair in one straight direction. The only person I personally have seen him with the 720 waves hairstyle is Ant Green. It can be said that he completely owns it. However you can learn the art by visiting the ehow named web portal. Just type your query there and wait for the result. You wil have results in no time. get it practiced by you. Thank you.

  • Cassandra Dillon

    To manage it that way, you need to do few things which can be said as simple steps to wash off daye from the sally’s haie extensions. These few things happen to be as, you need to apply the paste to your damp sally’s hair extensions and rest it for around an hour before washing it off. The past is not damaging your hair extensions. You can also purchase some original formula prell and some shine washing shampoo that smoothes the extensions after you wash them off. This will make the hair look fresh and shiny and also make it look like never dyed before. There are also hair color remover available in store with different brand names and of different qualities. Go for them if you don’t find the above mentioned measures working for you as this one will definately work for sally’ s hair extensions. Thank you.

  • Clark Soto

    You must be aware that the Mizani hair relaxer is specifically used to alter the hair texture. You can either apply it to hair roots or simple over the ends. This will help you to experience an instant effect on the hair. You must keep in mind that this is not at all a permanent solution; it is beneficial just for few hours. As you mentioned, that what is the apt time to wash hair after its application. I would like you to know that the answer to this question largely depends on the amount of sweat released by you. If you sweat a lot, then it is recommended to wash it more frequently and quickly. To put it in general, I would say that you must keep it for one week minimum depending on your lifestyle. It is also known that for the hair that have been previously relaxed, then it would take more time to show results of using it. After washing your hair, you can blow dry your hairs straight and even skip the flat iron step. Excess work out further lead to more sweating, so here there is a possibility that you need to wash it often I hope I have helped you with the matter. Take care.

  • Regan Chase

    Hi, I am Lynette Mendes, a professional scalp medical expert. To trell you what, do use kerastase resistance shampoo or the conditioner only if required and not to use them everytime as that would harm your hair and more seriously your scalp. While it comes to the hair and you damage the outer layer of the it, you hair look dry, unhealthy,and over all brittle, and entirely what these shampoo and conditioner does to your hair is it smooths up and then protects the hair shaft by coating the entire hair follicle. Now the second layer of your hair, known to be as Cortex, is changing after those bonds are applied. So, that might keep you concerned about your follicle of the scalp over your head. If been used regularly, it might just result in getting you suffer grey hair and at times might just victimize you with hairfall. Thank you.

  • Marie Orr

    Well that is quite impossible to answer as the celebrity hair wig or any other hair extensions prior to using it can not really be noticed how longer will they make your hair to appear like. However, not just celebrity hair extensions but every hair wig is measured from the crown to the hair’s tip which means from the front to the back of it. This will some how help you imagine yourself virtually even without wearing the wig. You will come to know how the wig actually will look on you with the measurements. Where as this isn’t the case with the extensions. They happen to be tied down with attachment to your hair and the attachment that gives it a perfect hold and that sometimes makes it look more real. So, now that you know what exactly is the hair measurement all about, you can simply go around and check out your favourite wigs. Well, you can still know more about this on the internet. Thank you.

  • Clark Soto

    Ed hardy is a huge brand and a crazy category of people love to go wearing the entire ed hardy thing for most of the parties. I’d love to wear this for myself, and would suggest you to wear it as well, as you are just in your 30’s and that’s quite appropriate age to go ed hardy for Halloween party of your daughter. She’d love to see you that way. Tere are apparels, clothings, women favourite shop, and also very important thing such as accessories that you are looking out for. You may find accessories as such, belts, hats, watches, sunglasses, hair care accessories, masks, ed hardy fragrances, scarves, socks, eye wear and many as such more accessories if you go by shopping in ed hardy, show rooms and stores around your place. Thank you.

  • Sophia Burris

    Yes. Infact it can’t be any better than this. Jamie lee Curtis has a short hair. her hair do is said to be a pixie hair cut. For any women who loves to keep it short pixie seem to be the best ever option. Along with that, what is adding a charm here is heroval face cut design. Thats all together makes a fabulous combination. I’d say this is the perfect look for any women who happens to be with such a face as you. This brings charm on your face, along with the maturity, it also looks uber cool and very metro sexual. Specially those women who have sharp features, can go for this hair do. you can even style it up funky. Can also color it up and go blonde, brunette, red head or brown. It looks good in every color. I’ve never ever seen any redhead in such short hair look, so let’s consider rest of the other colors. Thank you, However, if you believe you have sharp features and would look cool with this hair cut while in her wrong side of 40’s go ahead, try it on. Thank you.

  • Marie Orr

    Sarah harding who is naturally a blonde has a short bob haircut that is at hits best when being tried on an oval shaped face cut. You can definitely go for this short bob haircut as the way you mentioned your face structure which happens to be oval in shape, and with prominent cheek bones it will definitely help you speak loud and appeal with whole lot of confidence. This brings charm on your face, along with the maturity, it also looks uber cool and very metro sexual. Specially those women who have sharp features, can go for this hair do. You can even style it up funky. Can also color it up and go blonde, brunette, red head or brown. It looks good in every color. Well you can always consult your beauty expert in case of confusion. Thank you.

  • Montana Aguirre

    I can understand that it is important to get the haircut that will suit the shape of your face. I would like to share with you certain hairstyle to suit round faces. A round face is as wide as it is long. The most suitable haircuts for round faces can be those which are cropped above chin length, longer. Chin length should be avoided because they have a tendency to accentuate the roundness of a face. Long layers can be a great option. These cuts add volume to fine, limp hair. It tapers the curvy angles of a round face. You can also go for gentle waves and side-swept bangs. It is seen that side part gives a round-shaped face more definition than a middle part. Make sure that you avoid blunt-cut bangs. A shag cut can also be a cool option. The ideal length for a shag cut is between the chin and shoulder. If your hair is naturally wavy, keep the shaggy layers long. Take care. Stay stylish. I hope that you have now got enough hair style that you can try with round face.

  • Macy Bradshaw

    Well this is the time when you don’t really have to tell your aunt to try anything way too glamorous that might just land her up in a fashion faux pas. Doing this will hurt her and might even make her a laughing stock. However there are certain hairstyles for women on the wrong side of 50. To begin with, you need to split it in categories like the short hairstyles categories, the medium length hairstyles categories and the long length hairstyles categories. Let’s start with some short one first. The short hairstyles that I find attractive in females are the short bob hairstyles, the flipped shag hairstyles, and the pixie hairstyles. Now if you talk about the medium length hairstyles, you have few as such like the the layered ones. These are the pretty medium layered hairstyles, the straight medium length layered hairstyles and medium length waves hairstyles. Thank you.

  • America Briggs

    There are too many things that you need to consider while you make a report on fashion and hair dressing trends. The trends of hair styles and the changes that took place in the hair stylings are all very much related to each other. The changes were all very very expected as they keep changing period after period. Not just the hair but also every fashion trend. Depending on who the real fashion originator is, it may be a celebrity , may be the president may be the girl next doo or a guy in your gym. Any one can be a fashion icon for you. You need to get the contents about the fashion since last quite years , in fact since past few decades. I suggest you to get it from atleast the 1920’s. then the changes that took place and then the people who brought the change in hairstyles, the name of popular hairstyles from then to now the present era. And many othera s such contents that you will find on the internet. Thank you.

  • Julissa Mcknight

    Shaggy hairstyle is supposed to be more suitable on hairs of such length, on long length hair it looks a bit of unprepared where as on short it looks weird. But that is my personal opinion. The ovul face is probably the best face to try many hair-do’s. but its not only the face, sometimes even the hairstyle plays important role in supporting the face cut. However its god that you have an ovul face cut. The way I see it seems to me like there are more hairstyles that suites on medium length hairs compared to long and short hairs. And if you consider shaggy hairstyle in long hairs, you will notice long blonde haired Britney spears, I had a view at her hairs and it seemed to me like ‘it sucks’. So, most preferably I’d suggest you to go for it if you have a medium length layered hairs. As I think it will suit you. Thank you.

  • Jazlyn Horne

    The finger wave and making it with the flat iron is quite popular in prom night parties. It was a fair fashion tradition down there back in 1920’s. this happens to be known a s classic finger wave hairstyle now.so, what it involves are some part of a centuries that with an old legacy of adorning one’s self with enhancing the hair’s natural shape. The classic finger waves are more commonly associated with the actors of early film then and are still stylish to this day, the reason I believe is the mosr stylish vintage and classically uber cool hairstyle then. Well, to know, how to go, classical wave hairstyle you need to surf your internet and access your google search with writing down, the question about this classical hair do inside the search block followed by the word known as ‘ehow’. Thank you.

  • Mariana Travis

    To make your hair look really amazing with the choice of your colour and your hairstyle. you mentioned that you apparently wanna go for another hair color with according to the wish of your boyfriend, I’d suggest you to try that honey shade of streax on your hair but not to go completely honey colored it looks great with coral black hair so why do not you try that colour out on your hair.. It is really a thinking idea. I’d suggest you to go for it. A natural medium length hair with your medium length haircut, but still I suggest you personally with a dark brown hair coloured highlights or a brunette hair highlights will look stunning. However do remember that this color is not very popular for keeping up for long long time. you certainly have to change it up after a short period of time, compared to other as such colors. Anyways,, you can definitely give it a try. Thank you

  • Lucy Espinoza

    Halloween party is a big occasion, but to get a beautiful look as such this as you just mentioned in your query a blone highlight with red streaks over your hair, it would look more of a sexy than scary. However still you never know, even the ghosts are scary.so, I’d suggest you to take a color stripper or go to salon ask them to streat your hair with the two color of your choice as you have a different choice I believe its quite unique too. Do not bleach it up, all you need is just to get red streaks over your natural golden blone ones. It will appear to be good as you don’t really need to go bleached up for coloring of your hair in your style. Still if you think you are quite unknown to the amount of color to be used then you can do one thing. You can visit a saloon ant that might just help you out. Thank you.

  • Janny Byers

    I have tried the cre c shampoo and faced the similar problem of thinning of my curls. My curls were also healthy and fine, I just wanted to try this shampoo as I had heard a lot of good things about it and finally when I went to a trichologist I was hell bent on getting back those pretty curls which I had at one point of time. The trichologist suggested me Revita. I have been trying Revita for a month and the shampoo has really heralded wonders for my hair. I had lost all hope because my hair used to fall a lot. But then a hair specialist suggested me Revita shampoo and it really worked for me. I have an oily scalp and I use the shampoo 5 times a week.You should not be using it twice a day, use it 5 times in a week and try to wash your hair with either cold or trepid water, but avoiding using hot water as it will launch corrosive effect onto the scalp and strands of hair. I try to wash my hair with cold water, since I live in Miami and the temperature is moderately humid and/or hot. You should put the shampoo on your head for 3-5 minutes and then rinse it. You should also resort to dry massage, where in you will be required to massage your hair when they are dry and the massage should be done twice a day and each should last for 15 minutes, this shall help in enhancing blood circulation.

  • Mack Price

    To begin with, you need to split it in categories like the short hairstyles categories, the shoulder length hairstyles categories and the long length hairstyles categories. Let’s start with some short one first. The short hairstyles that I find appropriate in situations like the receding hairline in females are the short bob hairstyles, the flipped shag hairstyles, and the pixie hairstyles. Now if you talk about the medium length hairstyles, you have few as such like the the layered ones. These are the pretty medium layered hairstyles, the straight medium length layered hairstyles and medium length waves hairstyles. Same way if you go for the long hairstyles, you have few as such the bangs, the a line, the waves and the curls. These are all few hairstyles that are helpful enough to learn about them in much more deeper sense. Thank you.

  • Karli Hancock

    Lets start comparison first with GHD. GHD hair crimpers are renowned for using their cutting edge technology just as to produce flawless results. The famed GHD hair crimpers like that of MKIV can twist, wave, curl, bounce and can create any desired hair style. The reviews state its possible advantages and the fact that it really works. GHD devotees include celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna, and are known to grace over the runways of Narciso Rodriguez and Stella McCartney. Now with that it brings me to the hair products at walmart. The hair products here are known to be as one of the most trusted and reliable hair crimpers providers. Their hair crimpers are used almost everywhere, including the Hollywood. Their products are used by the hairstylists on a whole lot of high profile TV shows and series like the House, Desperate Housewives, Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, , Big Bang Theory, Two and A Half Men and many more as such these. Thank you.

  • Jillian Morrow

    Hi,you mentioned that you are a having a coral black hair color and your boyfriend want you to go for another hair color with according to the wish of your boyfriend, I’d suggest you to try that honey shade of streax on your hair but not to go completely honey colored it looks great with coral black hair. For the haircut that you said you have an asymmetrical hir cut with chin length. So, I’d better recommend you to go with a dye, that is plant and organic based and is used just as the normal dyes or the henna dye. This is called the ‘indigo’ hair color dye. It will make your hair look great with the choice of color that you select. Thank you.

  • Clinton Franklin

    I can understand that hairy legs do not look great especially for the youngsters. Moreover, being a male it can get embarrassing to look for ways of hair removal. There are various permanent hair removal methods that you can opt for. You need to be very careful in finding a safe male hair removal method. There are a variety of hair removal creams, gels, and tools available in the market. The most common ways of hair removal for men these days is the men’s laser hair removal. You can definitely go for it. I would like you to know that is a safe yet expensive option. This won’t cause the problem of burning. Its effectiveness will be increased as you have light skin. There can be nothing best than this for you my friend. It is less time consuming in comparison to other methods available for permanent hair removal. Take care. Make a wise decision by looking at the alternatives.

  • Jordan Mercer

    Well, if you start with perming up your hair you need to start it with the relaxer as I assume you need it to create it for your hair. however, the best way I think to achieve curls as jade pinkett smith’s is with the help of a flexi rod set. Well, it comes in different sizes but I’d suggest you to use the yellow flexi rod as it happens to be the similar size of the drinking straw. Okay, now you need to follow few steps as such these.you need to shampoo and condition your hair before getting started, apply a conditioner that is leave-in, now you need to apply a moisturizing cream, part your hair in to four quadrants, take it about 1-inch x 1-inch section, cover the entire head with the flexi rods. Sit under a hooded dryer until the curl is in ringet formation. Well, in the end you need to apply the design essential daily moisturizing lotion. This will separate each curl and make it appear defining. Thank you.

  • Ashish Singh

    Hi Laser hair removal is considered as one of the easiest way to remove unwanted hair from body. It is considered to be the safest till you get it done from specialist in this field. If you are thinking of getting a laser hair removal, the first thing you should keep in mind is to get it done with a specialist or a doctor. Laser sometimes can create some side effects on skin like discoloration of skin, allergy, burning sensation, peeling of skin, rashes and white spots. But these side effects are temporary and they will diminish after certain time period, may be in a week or 15 days. Generally, laser has a great effect on dark color skin people because dark skin color absorb more light which causes discoloration, burning or blistering. But if you get it done from specialist, you can minimize the chances of getting these side effects. Doctors always advise lotions, pills or gels for laser treated area. These will sooth the skin. So you should not worry, first take consultation with a good doctor. Ask for treatment process and post treatment process. Try to meet the people who already had this treatment.

  • Mason Huffman

    You want to have a black hair coloured hair with caramel highlights for you. That’s not a problem. Brunettes have a brown, very much similar o that of a black caramel highlight hair color. But they are considered to be the best hair colours. Yes, brunettes. Not even the blondes. To make her hair look really amazing with the choice of colour and her hairstyle that you mentioned have a dark skin tone and accordingly you wanna go for the carmel black highlights on you., so why do not you try that colour out on your hair. It is really a thinking idea. I’d suggest you to go for it. A natural short length hair although you did not mentioned the length and the hairstyle, but still I suggest you personally with black hair coloured caramel highlights or a brunette hair highlights will look stunning. So, you can definitely give it a try. Thank you.

  • Caitlin Lester

    Ashlee simpson is one sexy celebrity. To look her up as fashion icon and believe in her style or her hairstyle is a good step. I’d personally love her and I’d suggest many ladies top look her up as a fashion icon. Anyways, when you have a wide or long forhead, you can try for hairstyle that gets your lock down in front and might just suit you. It can even make you look more good than you naturally are. Not just bangs but also hairstyles such as short blonde chic, straight brunette, straight brunette with bangs, red staright updo, blonde tousled updo. These are all creative hairstyles that make you look great. Anyways, your concern is for side bangs. And I’d suggest you to go for it. I am sure that will make you look stunning. Side bangs are always good on wide and big forheads. It will make you look prettier just like ashlee simpson. Thank you.

  • Albin Riggs

    Chace Crawford’s messy hairstyle is quite popular within high school guys and they love to dawn this freaking hairstyle. Well not quite freaking in that particular sense but since, guys do like to go with unconventional look specially in their school time this will definitely make a sense to me if you try this on you. This indeed suits on thin hair as if they are a bit dense or thick it can look weird as you will not be able to contain that look on you unless you apply gel and mousse on your hair. the length of forehead if it happens to be smallis not a concerning factor as the forehead actually get covered up with the front falling of the hair and look stylish that way, but what you need to take much concern about is that you need to have a thin lanky and quite lean physique if its not that way for 15 tear old high svhool guy, it might just make you look weird with the dawn of this messy hairstyle on you. I hope it works for you. Thank you anyway.

  • Eileen Molina

    Well I believe by doing so, you might just loose the shine of a new haircus, lightening up a hair is not an issue here, the issue is it’s a dark brown colored hair. and you want to make it a light one hair. I’d suggest you to take a color stripper or go to salon ask them to streak your hair with the two color of your choice as you have a different choice I believe its quite unique too. Do not bleach it up, all you need is just to get red streaks over your natural golden blonde ones. It will appear to be good as you don’t really need to go bleached up for coloring of your hair in your style. Still if you think you are quite unknown to the amount of color to be used then you can do one thing. You can visit a saloon ant that might just help you out. Thank you.

  • Sydnee Graham

    To go a long scene hair-do is very popular in teenage girls. They love to wear their hair this way. It also is quite trendy this way. Not just the hair but also the hairstyle need to be considered while you wear anything, even the high school dress. Anyways, there are whole lot of disparities related to the attitude of the student if they wear such trendy hairstyles, specially when they are just 17-18, like you. So, I’d suggest you such hairstyle. However if you can seek a permission from your college to go this hair-do, then I don’t really see there are too many problems in doing so. This may make you really cool. So, try going for this long scene hair cut. Also if you wish you can seek the expertise of some hairstylist you believe is the right choice. Anyways to me it seems a nice idea to go for a long scene hair cut. Thank you.

  • Ingrid Robbins

    The hair clinic and hair salon are two completely different things. My friend, don’t get confused in these. The name clearly signifies that a hair salon is a place offer ways of hair beatification. On the other hand a hair clinic is the one that offers medical treatment to the hair. There are a number of issues with the hair such as hair fall, itchy scalp, dandruff, frizziness etc. these clinical problems are treated at the hair clinic professionally. Although, some treatments can be given from the cosmetics, but to get the perfect and the most reliable result it is recommended to opt for the hair clinic. I won’t recommend you to check out the clinics just for the purpose of experimentation. These are to be contacted if any medical treatment is to be given to treat the hair problems. You can surely opt for a hair saloon and look for different alternatives that you can try on the hair. There are new products that keep on coming as an addition to the previous ones available. Be open to enquiry to keep yourself updated and chose the one that fits best as per your concern. Take care.

  • Ciara Long

    After reading your question, I have drawn the conclusion that the Panasonic hair dryer is the best among all the available options. It is nice for thick hair which is long and beautiful. After having such nice tresses the best thing would be to take utmost care of them and Panasonic hair dryer. The best thing about this hair dryer is that it is cordless in nature and will help you to enjoy its high mobility. I have the Panasonic EH 2271 hair dryer and it is really powerful with an output of 200 watts. It is known for producing moisture ions and helps you to get clean and fresh scalp by reducing the levels of sebum in your scalp. The dryer is priced at $200 and is a real bang for your buck. The dryer is been designed to create such a trajectory of hot air that it helps in protecting your hair cuticles. The hair dryer is been designed to throw hot air in such a manner that it helps in enhancing the strength of the fossils of the hair and make the hair shine by retaining sufficient moisture.I hope the information which has been provided to you in this section makes some sense.

  • Ingrid Robbins

    Well, for African American some one like you, not just going aroung cutting it short or reducing the length and making it less. would have had used the messed hair into create something trendy and hot. lets face it, you have a hair that you hate. lets try a different look that can be created with it. how about going for a medium length hair cut with layers and then giving it a bang, a side bang look. or lets try it a different one, how about cutting it even shorter and giving my head new clothes in style of a- line bob hair cut. i guess both the options are pretty cool. so lets try this thing out, the either one of them or you can discover a new one according to your like. hope this thought works. thank you.

  • Alia Haley

    I can surely help you to make the best decision among the paul Mitchell straightner and chi. I can understand your dilemma as there are a number of brands of hair straighteners. It is quite tough to pick the best one. I will say that the Paul Mitchell Hair Straightener is one of the most trusted one. Paul Mitchell is well known for its quality. The best part is that easily affordable. The Chi hair straightener is also among the top rated ones. I will recommend you to go for the Paul Mitchell flat iron. This is more durable as compared to other competing products. It offers a variety of models to endure lots the most professional products. If you look as per the prices, then this one is quite expensive but I think that it is worth an investment. The best part which makes it more reliable is that you will get a factory warranty with its purchase. Moreover, this is designed with modern technology. This is a great choice for the beginners. I will sincerely advise you to go for these to get the most from your investment.

  • Sabrina Juarez

    I believe both of them are more or less the same. They both have similar stature in terms of popularity and customer satisfaction. Not just in hair color but almost every hair and beauty cosmetic brands. Its just the matter of working out with their products. Though garnier has more sales compared to l’oreal but to be honest the only reason behind more revenue of garnier is it is quite a bit cheaper than the l’oreal products. If you go by the personal choice of mines, I’ll stick to l’oreal as my favourite brand in hair color product. It depends on person to person, I am not stating garnier as bad but its just that I am not a fan of cheap products. However you can simply get to know about both the brands and their product information if you look up to them on their internet reviews on google. Thank you.

  • Allyssa Faulkner

    Well that is one cool thing to be done. But the sequence is where I see there is a problem. Well, just after you are done with shower, I think you need to dry up your hair and apply few hair spray gel over your hair. it is not a mousse kind of thing that will remain in your hair with the way it had been styled up. You need to pour over the spary gel over your entire hair after you dry up your hair with the towel and not with the dryer. You need to apply hair dryer on your hair one you are done with the drying thing with towel and applying that spray gel over your hair, you can then use the hair dryer and dry up your hair that way. Now thatall your hair are dry you can use the hair iron to get them straight in your appropriate style. Thank you.

  • Marina Hayden

    There are Rogaine and Propecia that I believe are the most effective ways to keep up one’s hair when the pattern baldness starts to occur. But this is done in a preliminary stage of hairfall. If it seems late enough then you can always go for few treatments like follicular unit extraction, the follicer transplantation, and the future hair multiplication. However there are also disvantages. And the the disadvantages in it includes the need for the multiple sessions, potential complications later follicular unit extraction procedures due to the distortion of the scalp, the length and the cost of the procedure, and finally the challenge of creating an extra ordinary and authentic-looking distribution of follicular extractions in genuine terms. Thank you.

  • Hinan Ali

    Homemade creams and scrubs are very easy to make. They have lesser side effects on the skin and will relieve you of the high burden on your pocket due to the purchasing of expensive skin products from the market. You can use them any time as per your convenience. One of the easiest ways to make a simple cream is by making use of the milk cream. Separate the cream from your milk, whip it up and keep it in a refrigerator for a few hours. You can now apply this cream on your entire body before proceeding for a bath. Absolutely no side effects are involved. If your kitchen contains some bottles filled with honey, you can take one of those, pour a little amount of honey onto the milk cream and mix them. This mixture can be effective to remove tan and blemishes from your skin. Store it in your refrigerator for further use. In case your skin normally remains dry during winters, take olive oil and almond oil in equal proportions and apply it all over your skin. It reduces dryness and adds glow to your skin. Another useful substance you can use to make your skin soft and charming is grapeseed extract. Grapeseed extract contains proanthocyanidins, which act as powerful antioxidants and help in maintaining elastin and collagen fibers present in the skin. Sandalwood powder and rosewater can also make a good combination for a healthy skin. It’ll reduce oiliness and fine lines.

  • Aliyah Wells

    Well, they do come in almost same quality. Its nothing like eyelash curlers those happen to curl big rounded eyelashes can not work with the small eye’s eyelashes. This is just an excuse that people sometimes find legitimate because, they hardly know such products. However I can suggest you some best eyelash curlers that you might just go around in the cosmetic store and try to have a look at them. Since There are many ways to make those lashes a curl and there are many different types of curlers to make your eyelash curl just as the way you like it. The name for eyelash curlers that I will suggest you are, body shop eyelash curlers, i2i curl heated eyelash curlers, shu uemura curler, ella heated eyelash curlers, sephora heatedlash curlers and Maybelline eyelash curlers. Thank you.

  • Micah Middleton

    You need to do few things as such pour a dime sized shampoo with balanced amount that you think is needed according to the length of your hair. rinse it properly, avoid getting it inside your eyes that will irritate you might also make you yell your throat out. And then you wont let yourself complete the haircut. After getting done with shampooing your hair, use a child hair care conditioner. Again after having a hair wash you can use a dry towel just as to dry up your hair. your hair wont be as curly then. Have all your cutting and combing accessories. Take your hair stretch it, and then fix a comb deciding upto the length that your hair are being to cut about. Do it for your entire hair. this will be very easy to do. after cutting it wash it properly both with shampoo and conditioning. Again, dry it up with towel and then comb it accordingly. Thank you.

  • Brett Frost

    well, not really i believe all it can help doing to your hair is just make it dry and keep it stylised as long as you don’t turn up washing it down. it genrally keeps your hairstyle as it is after moussing it up with the mousse. nice but a crimpy little look will be best upholding hairstyle when if you get yourself into moussing use. that does definately helps you in keeping it up for the longest time. and also probably might just help you in looking good. other as such things that keep your hair stylised for long period is the hair spray, thehair gel, both the wet and the dry look hair gel, also you may find a whole lot of hair creams that can give your hair a natural shine. and which i believe is least harmful for your hair. thank you.

  • Litzy Morrow

    The best that I believe is the L’Oreal beauty hair products. Well, this happens to be the most popular hair product compared to any other hair product. This is the best in terms of its quality and holds quite a lot of appreciation in customers satisfaction. The most special product feature of the brand L’Oreal is the hair color. It also has other hair products which stand as unique and very wdely popular across different nation in the entire world with noticing its perfomance I will suggest you that , my personal choice is L’Oreal. It is a great product with all round performance. Many people who have used this product say, it works for them. Well to try this out whether it really works or not, you can try l’oreals free trial pack. This will give you an idea of how it will work. Thank you.

  • Citlali Melendez

    Traces of the drug which is also called metabolites happens to grow inside the hair’s core at the rate of about one and half’’ inch per month. Unlike the urine testing, with the hair drug testing, the lab can tell about how long ago you smoked. To beat the tease you have to work way too hard on your buttons. Or should I say, on yourself. Because, the hair analysis test is not some cheap blood test. It is done with precautionary measures and I’ve heard that this test gives accurate results. It takes around 50 – 70 stands of your hair. there is almost no chance of beating a drug test. Even if you shave all your head over or the entire part of your body, you still can not beat it. So, I’d recommend you to better take a step backward and back off from the challenge, as you will only lose it if you play it. Thank you.

  • Rebekah Duke

    This Urinary tract infection is quite common among the women. You must be known that this is caused by bacteria. It causes burning during urination and cramps in the mower abdomen. Yes, pregnancy can be a major reason to cause this infection. Even the use of the birth control pills the reason behind this. There are certain antibiotic medications that are prescribed to cure this infection. It is advisable to drink lot of fluids to treat this early. It is important that you should never try to hold your urine. As much as you urinate, the more it will be beneficial to cure this. The treatment of this infection depends on the seriousness of it in your body. It is very important to treat this in time or it can reach the kidneys and prove to be very harmful. Along with the antibiotic infection, the other kind of medication that is prescribed to cure this is the hormone medicine. Bring this to the notice of the doctor. Stop over consumption of the birth control pills. These are a big cause behind this infection. I hope I have helped you with the mater. Be informed to know the exact quantity of any medication including the birth control pills. Take care.

  • Ainsley Dunlap

    You have heard it right that there are a variety of products available to help the hair grow naturally. You need to make sure that you choose the one that is made from the natural ingredients that wont cause any harm to the hair. I would like to mention here that the Jojoba oil is known for its effectiveness since a very long time. Earlier it was known to treat the wounds. Since the later times, the jojoba oil has been grown commercially and is known for use in cosmetics and hair products. There are common hair products like the jojoba oil and shampoo that are known to leave the hair smooth and shiny. The jojoba oil is basically a kind of liquid wax, this is very similar in molecular structure to sebum. Means it is a great source and an alternative for the natural oil that the scalp produces. You will be glad to know that using the jojoba shampoo is an excellent solution to treat dry or damaged hair. You must not misunderstand shampooing with jojoba oil similar to shampooing with any other shampoo. The best would be to club the jojoba shampoo with a matching conditioner. This will make sure that you retain the extra moisture and shine. The hair vitamins work really great for the hair. You must opt for this as it is a natural and recommended product that is rich in the necessary vitamins to ensure hair growth.

  • Rylee Young

    It is important to maintain a perfect look to keep yourself presentable and look perfect. The artistry makeup kit is a great option to get the same. it is always great to get a kit that offers a wide variety of color options to get the most of it. The products offered here are usually mistake proof and works great to even your skin tone. The best part is that it makes available the neutral shades to subtly enhance eyes, cheeks, and lips. The color options available in it are Spun Silk, Caprice, Espresso, Cocoa etc. it also offers two makeup brushes to give you a chance for the easy application. It offers a customized kit that comes complete with everything you need to get that simply flawless look. The mineral Foundation Concealer Color Quad, Cocoa Lip shine, artistry essentials black mascara, face and eyeliner brush and cosmetic bag. The best is that you are getting all this is a single stylish bag.Take care.

  • Jocelyn Merrill

    Well, generally a professional manicure lasts for around one to two weeks. It can led to any where from around 10-12 days in most of the average cases. This however is not necessary with other non professional manicure. Some may last for only few days wher as some last for around 20 odd days but without the effective shine, which I believe is use less. It also depends on the rate of growth of your nail and depending upon how fast your nails grow, it actually needs a treatment accordingly. Well, to this different people see different treatment. Due to this, the professional manicure does not have any particular fixed time period, and it works different for different people. It is said that the faster they tend to grow, the possibility of abuse happens to be more. So, more the abuse, more is the possibility of you need a professional manicure then, indeed. Thank you.

  • Bhawna Ranjan

    Henna dye is an excellent natural dye, but you have to adjust your recipe to suit your hair. Just adding two eggs won’t help. The mixture should contain balanced ingredients according to the requirement of your hair. The basic recipe for dye isGood and pure quality of henna (free of chemicals)Lime juice or vinegarOne egg: egg is a very good conditioner and it also makes the paste smoother and thus easy to apply.Two tablespoon coffee powder: enhance the color effect.Two tablespoon tea powder: it also enhances the color effect.Curd can be also added if you have dandruff Few drops of mustard or olive oil in case of dry hair.Sugar: pinch of sugar can be added. This makes the paste smoother and can be applied easily.This is the basic ingredients, which are easily available everywhere. To get maximum benefit from your henna dye, few points has to be kept in mind.In order to get deeper richer red color, you should use good quality of henna.Although preparation time is only 15 minutes but for better result it should be soaked overnight.Wash your hair before applying henna paste. Putting henna onto damp hair really helps.Pre oil your hair if you really tend to get dry when using henna. This will give you the moisture boost you need. The best hair oil that can be used are olive oil, coconut oil and mustard oil.And wash your henna really well. Use a lot of conditioner to wash it otherwise your scalp will feel itchy and gritty.Keeping few points in mind can really give you excellent result of henna dye. You can feel the change in your hair and color. There is no thumb rule for the number of dye in a month. It fully depends on your hair’s condition. But if you want change in hair color, then you have to be regular. Otherwise in beginning twice a month and as the hair condition improves you can increase the time gap.

  • Estrella Figueroa

    Well, if you go by the reviews you will come to know that both the hair dryers brand seem to be a gut full of use. You can go with either of them to discover best results. Lets start with the Panasonic hair dryer first. This hair dryer is quite convenient to use and to carry it due to its handle that happens to be fondable. It has an appropriate dimensionsto carry it in your beauty bag or cosmetic kit. Its light weight too. Just somewhere around 375g mass in it. Comparatively smaller in size that most of the blowers and dryers. Now, let me come to the Philips hair dryer. The reviews sound promising for Philips hair dryer. This hair dryer does almost everything you want it to. It also is light weight, cinvinient to use and very effective in result. You’d love to use it and also recommend to your friends. This is very popular in big saloons. I don’t really know with which hair dryer to go with, I’d go with both rater. But since its one to choose, I’d suggest you the Philips hair dryer. Thank you.

  • Eleanor Francis

    well it does gets too expensive and that is understood as the results from sleek make up cosmetics kit seem deserving. if you really want to know that if this sleek make up cosmetic is really worth buying, then you may go for the review that you can see on the internet, this will help you know the actual reliability of the make up kit. however, still according to the reviews, it seemed to me like this is one product you would definately want to have a glimpse at. if you go by the reviews on the internet, you will come to know about the potential that this product has in it. but most of them just like you complained about being costly. this however seem to be a very common problem about this product. there are wide range of products under this brand and i’d suggest you to give it a try. if not a try, then you should atleast read the review. this will give u a better idea. thank you.

  • Maritza Stark

    Well there is an excersize called the hair strippers which are some chemical treatments that are intended to strip out your artificial hair color pigmentation and that with less amount of risk or any damage to your hair. these chemicals that are used in it are known to be as the reducing agents. Few of the strippers contain sodium sulphites, they are sold out for the reduction or hair that are died with the metallic dyes because these dyes happen to react violentely with tint strippers that contains hydrogen peroxide that is also known to be causing subsequent reaction which in the end may cause heat due to which the hair gets desolved. However to know more about this doubt, you can always turn into google surfer that will enable you to be provided with whole lot of detailing needed, thank you.

  • Geowilkin Son

    Depending upon the style of hair that you are advised for your curly thick hair you can get products if you visit stores like the walmart however it also depends upon your choice of shopping area. like say if you are shopping for hair products and you stop by the ‘wal mart’ to get curly hair products, here are some that you may fet them in a bit appropriate range for your curly and thick hair. these are all multi used hair products, it can be used by both men and women. There are products that you can buy for your curly hair and these products are de- tangeling hair spray, scrunching hair spray, spray to make your hair grow stronger, spray that you use not to ruin over your curly hair and help them getting soft, also you might find spray to get your hair get rid of greasy roots. Thank you.

  • Breana Joyce

    I agree that this is a common problem that you lose the stickiness of the tape hair extensions after some time. This is a problem if you are finding the hair extensions not working just after three weeks. This means that the product was not up to the mark and of the proper quality. You will be amazed to know that if these extensions are applied using the sandwich method, it easily lasts for about three months. The best part is that these can be reused for a total of 6 months. I will recommend you to opt for lightweight and easy to attach seamless hair extensions. This can be easily removed in a matter of minutes. I think as you are experiencing the tape hair extension to be ineffective, go for the seamless tape human hair extensions. These are made from 100% human hair. It creates an easy, fashionable style without the hassle of spending too much time on it. The best part is that it is available in 16 color levels. The other option for you can be to get the extensions repaired in time.

  • Eleanor May

    It is important to make an intelligent decision especially when you are looking for the beauty products. You need to ensure that the products that you chose should be completely safe and natural. As you know that these days there are a variety of natural skincare products available. Even if you visit any departmental store, you will be amazed to see variety of options. Companies deliberately use scare tactics on consumers. It is not at all advisable to buy anything on impulse or simply by its name. While purchasing the natural skin care products you must ensure that As you rub it on the skin, it’s absorbed through pores. This makes it extremely important to check on the ingredients of the product. Some of the essential ingredients that are a must to check are: 1.Wakame Kelp It contains a very significant vitamins and minerals essential to skin. This extract helps keep skin protein level high. These play a major role in tissue repair. 2.Honey It holds remarkable anti-bacterial and antioxidant qualities. This is a must as it has the power to heal infections, cuts, and burns. It is known as a great source to fade stretch marks and scars. 3.Jojoba oil It penetrates deep into the skin and locks in moisture. This is also known to block dirt and grime from getting into pores. These are beneficial ingredients. Make sure that you look for these while buying natural beauty products.

  • Lucia Sexton

    Well if you go by my opinion, I don’t see it as an advisable enough thing. Tongs are effective but more than that, there ar products that are lot more effective then the tongs. if you feel like getting it done with some sort of products then you have hair straightening gel, hair straightening cream and hair straightening comb with you, that I believe is better option than the flat iron rod hair straightner. Again if you feel that you do not wanna take this casually and you are really upto it with a problem that you are not been able to manage. You can then go to some parlour and get it done straight. And this time, for long period of time. Thank you.

  • Keira Solomon

    This has always been a problem with the oily skin that the makeup is not able to give the perfect look due to excess oil generated by the skin. You will be glad to know that the Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics offers makeup products that give a great coverage. The best feature is that it will allow the skin to breathe during the healing process from treatments. The products are 100% natural minerals. These natural pigments from the earth are free of talc and other fillers. This is a brand that is known to put extra time and effort to micronize their minerals. This makes its products to make it less likely to cause irritation and movement throughout the day. This is known to not support the growth of bacteria or microbes. Even if you have been using harsh medical procedures, you can rely on this product. It is great for sensitive eyes too. It also carries the sun protective properties, and hence helps to keep skin healthy and youthful. You must opt for it. It would be great to test the product on you skin to be sure of its effectiveness. Take care.

  • Jacey Floyd

    This is common that some people can’t actually resist themselves from buying anything that adds to the makeup. There are certain brands offering silver grey hair dye. It is quite difficult to find the best silver grey color for you. You can either choose to have a permanent hair dye or a temporary one. A permanent die is known to give a natural and long lasting effect. Do consult the professionals to know the best product for you. This would make sure that you end up making a safe and healthy color choice. The application of this color must be done with utmost care to give you a more sophisticated look. Permanent hair dyeing is costly and time consuming. There are certain chemicals used that can damage your hair. I would recommend that the best color which you can opt for is the wella color touch. It also offers the semi perm colors in silver. The renbow offers colors like silver mink and opal. It would be best to club the Wella Silver and the G-07 clairol’s Glorious silver. Try the L’Oreal professional expert to get the best and the desirable result without hampering the quality of your hair. I hope I have helped you with this. Take care.

  • Miracle Sparks

    You will be glad to know that you can rely on the wella hair care products. These are apt in quality and are recommended for usage by the beginners. The wella hair care products are absolutely safe. It includes the ingredients that are safe to be used on hair. It includes Water Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Chloride, Hydrogenated Glyceryl Palmate, Panthenol, Glyceryl Cocoate,Castor Oil, Citric Acid, Tocopherol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Prunus Armeniaca , Bambusa Vulgaris Extract, Linoleic Acid, Sodium Hydroxide etc. One thing that you must always keep in mind is to know the correct technique to apply the products on the hair to get the best results. Initially, you need to wet hair and gently massage into lather. Then, rinse and follow with Wella Color Preserve Hydrating Conditioner. Make sure that you use the formulation daily. Some of the most amazing and truly awesome products offered by wella are Wella color preservative volumizing shampoo for fine hair. It possesses a blend of formulations that deliver maximum results for the individual hair and scalp needs. The best part is that wella is known to provide the products that work great for all the hair types. Yes, you can trust wella for red color. This would give the best results. Take care.

  • Kaitlin Maldonado

    It is great way to add to your style be getting your hair extensions colored. You need to make sure that you know the correct way of doing the same. This is really simple, effective and inexpensive. Here are some simple steps by which you can dye the raccoon hair extensions: 1.Initially, you must decide the color you want the highlights to be. You can either opt for a full raccoon effect like black and white. This can be done by using the bleach alone, or you can opt for the raccoon stripes to be a different color. This requires color to be added later. 2.Make arrangement for the gloves, application bottle, dye, a powder bleach and creamed developer. 3.Don’t forget to cover the clothes to prevent them from getting stained if the bleach spills. 4.After that neatly section the hair where you want the stripes to be. Secure each section with a kirby grip. 5.Properly mix in the application bottle about 30 ml of powder bleach with 100 ml of the creamed developer. 6.Apply the bleach mixture taking one section at a time. Cover the hair with foil. This ensures the highlights to stay in stripes. Leave for about 25 minutes and then rinse. 7.The final step is to shampoo and condition the hair and then style. This will add that perfect style to your glamorous look. Take care. Read the instruction properly, and if you still don’t find yourself comfortable than I would say that do consult a professional stylist to guide you with the same.

  • Jimena Kirby

    Aussie hair products is known to be as a source to beautify your hair. it happens to be formulated with the likes of algaeplax sea botanicals. The ingrediants that are used in aquage are supposed to be the best with their treatment for their products and to the user. But however, I believe its an elite class product with wide range of cosmetics and with high price. Not an easy option for the middle profile users. This happens to be the most popular hair product compared to any other hair product. This is the best in terms of its quality and holds quite a lot of appreciation in customers satisfaction. The most special product feature of the brand aussie is the hair color. It also has other hair products which stand as unique and very widely popular across different nation in the entire world. therefore I believe it is more better than the many more other hair products. Thank you.

  • Anya Lawrence

    I must say that you have made a great decision to go for the European nail trends. These are extremely trendy and look awesome. There are certain kinds of nail trends that are specially meant and seen popular in Europe. This makes great use of the shapes of the acrylic. This style of nail art is not that famous in North America. The European style usually includes square round shape for acrylic nails. It Is often seen that the fashion is defined by location. One of the popular European styles is the stylish and the unique orange squash style. It is a cool and awesome design. You will actually love the ambience and the look that this would give you. Another one is the embedded clay fruit slices. These look extremely pretty. This makes great use of the light yellow glitter powder in the background to let the orange slices capture the scene. These are the center piece of the design. The cool thing about this design is the fact that, real orange in the background, make the design looks even more lovely and cute. To get the perfect match with any dress, you can create the pattern similar to that of your dress or in complete contrast with it. Try this it will look really great and irresistible.

  • Evelyn Lane

    I agree with you that the alterna hair products give that amazing long lasting shine to the hair. The altema ten conditioner is best known to leave the hair silky and soft. You can actually notice your hair getting healthier and nourished. The best part is that this is easily affordable. You will be glad to know that the Alterna Professional Haircare creates groundbreaking formulas. These are targeted to deliver essential ingredients into the hair. It offers variety of products ranging from the volume to age-control, gluten-free hair care products with luxe ingredients for shiny, healthy strands. One of its best products to add that perfect shine is the Alterna Bamboo Luminous Shine Mist. It is a light weight finishing mist that polishes hair with sheer, mirror-like shine. The best part is that these are safe to be used as it contains highly sustainable ingredients. You can go for it as the ingredients used here are eco-Certified, fair-trade compliant & certified Organic. It is best known to eliminate frizz & fly aways. It is a sulfate free shampoo. I hope that now you to know that this is a great shampoo to be used on hair.

  • Alex Bowen

    It is really exciting to dress up like a witch for the Halloween theme. You need to look for the perfect costumes, makeup and wigs. As you are in your mid 30’s it is important to chose a makeup that would look decent on you. Make sure that you combine a makeup application that transforms you well as per the costume that you have chosen for yourself. Here are some tips that can help you gain that perfect look while maintaining the dignity: 1.Initially you need to mix cornstarch and cold cream into a paste. It is recommended to use water to achieve a thinner paste consistency. Make sure that it stays thick enough on your face and dries out. 2.Try adding a tiny bit of red food coloring. This would help you to get a pinkish color for the paste. Mix it well. 3.Gently apply the paste on face and neck in an even manner. Make sure that you apply enough paste. The quantity of paste should be such that allows you to create deep creases by making use of a toothpick around your eyes and lips. It would be great to add such effects on your neck and forehead area. 4.Go for the deep at the outer corners of the eyes. The best time to create the design is when the paste about to dry and is little bit wet. You can opt for giving both eyes a crows foot look. Let the paste thoroughly dry on your face. 5.Make sure that you apply light foundation all over your face and neck. You must use a makeup application sponge. It is equally important to cover skin evenly. 6.It is important to properly brush red blush onto the apples of cheeks. Do not blend well. 7.It would be great to opt for gray or brown eye shadow to the wrinkles. Shade them to make it look natural. Brush white eye shadow highlights below wrinkles. Blend this with a sponge. Paint eyebrow hairs with white eye shadow. 8.Apply bright red lipstick. Make sure that you let it be messy. 9.Apply bright blue eye shadow to your eyelids. I hope I have helped you and have given you beneficial tips to get the perfect Halloween makeup.

  • Reilly Parsons

    It is really important to look perfect especially on an interview. The interviewer judges the capability not only from the knowledge. The external looks and maintenance plays an equally important role. There are a number of brands of makeup. These are available in different mediums like liquid, cream and the mineral. I would like to strictly recommend you to not go for nay makeup that contains bismuth oxymuthoxyxhloride. It is a skin irritant and can lead to rash, itching, and acne. The best mineral makeup that I will recommend you is the faeric organic minerals. You must go for these as it is completely natural. It does not make use of any preservatives. The ultimate reason to go for this as I stated earlier is that this do not contain bismuth oxymuthoxyxhloride. This will stay with you for long hours. It is best known for its coverage. You will feel it airy, natural and as a healthy glow on the face. It also includes the boron nitride. This is known to be the best ingredient that can be used on the skin. It is known to be antibacterial which is completely skin soothing. It will be best to try a sample before making it a part of the regular makeup. It is also reliable as it does not coat the products. There are other cool options that you can go for. This includes medusa’s makeup, B.E minerals, Mac mineral makeup, and the meow cosmetics. I hope I have helped you with the matter. Take care and chose the one that is best for your skin.

  • Marina Hayden

    Well, that’s quite easy you can go with any eye make up palette that is available in golden color eye lashes. This, generally happens to be tha look that is dawned by the models for their photoshoot. However you can take it home with you to try them on different purposes. And when I say purposes, I mean, different occasion. It provides some very cool look to your eyes. The make up do come in different brands. And almost every brand is competitive to the rest of the others. And to find the best one is quite tough as all of them do the same job that they are supposed to do. still there are few trends in eye shadows that can be included in some golden eye make up palette for you and might just help you with their style of stature are, the super – chic eye shadow trend, the green gleam, electric avenue, white wash, the gold dust woman, the blue steel, the pink eyes, these are all the top searches of non melting eye make up trends. And I hope this might just help you out with your query. Thank you.

  • Kyleigh Holman

    I agree with your mom. It is very important to apply a makeup foundation as it works great as a base. I must say that the Lauren Hutton makeup foundation is great and the results are very much satisfactory. It is a creme based makeup foundation. It is known for offering complete coverage and a flawless finish. You will be surprised to notice its ultra smooth texture. This allows for an even application. It is safe to be reapplied during the day. It will leave the skin breathable and is hypoallergenic and fragrance free. It is available for the following skin tones such as pink, yellow, and olive and brown. This foundation is known to be the best as it provides three main benefits which are: providing proper moisture to the skin. It also works great to give you an even skin tone. You will experience an instant effect on the visible imperfections. Another most beneficial effect of using it is that it offers the perfect anti aging formula. I think you must go for it.

  • Aleah Mills

    This is obvious to have such doubts when starting with plucking at a young age. I can say that there is no particular age which is recommended for plucking the eye brows. It is generally known that one should not start plucking their eyebrows until they’re in their 18s. But as you said that your eye brows are truly bushy and improper, you can go for it. But, don’t do the plucking. Opt for other methods like threading and waxing. Frequent plucking of eye brows can stretch the skin above your eyelids and will eventually make it loose. The eyelids will sag as you get older. You will be glad to know that there are home waxing products that you can go for like the sally hansen or epilin. Threading the eyebrows is also easy to learn and is cost effective if done from a saloon. The most painless but the most expensive of all is the laser hair removal method. But, at this young age I will recommend you to stick to waxing or threading to get a safe and skin friendly hair removal. I hope I have helped you with the matter. Avoid plucking as it will lead to both short term and long term problems. Take care.

  • Elise Mayer

    It is true that when you are a beginner with the cosmetics, you can get the perfect effects at once. There are certain considerations that must be kept in mind to get the best out of it. Merely using a moisturizer and a foundation won’t help you to get a perfect smooth skin. A face primer will surely help you with this matter. You will find a noticeable change in your skin. The skin will fee smooth and hydrated. I would like to mention that there is a huge array of choices of primers these days. It is basically designed to smooth the fine lines and wrinkles on face. It is considered as an important part of makeup application routine. It is used to prepare face for cosmetics application. It enables the foundation to go on evenly. The smooth effect is non-permanent but can last a day long. Look for the makeup primer that contains polymers, silicone and waxes. The use of primer on the eye area helps to stop the creasing. Carefully choose the tint to match the skin complexion. You can even opt for the transparent makeup primer. The primers are available as per the skin type. Primer is also great in covering skin discolorations and age spots. Makeup primers should be matched with eye shadow to make it look awesome. I hope that I have helped you with the matter. take care.

  • Nathalie Walter

    When applying makeup to small eyes, it is important that you don’t end up making the eyes look smaller. Using makeup is a great way to enhance the size of your eyes. Avoid makeup errors by adopting the apt technique for the same. I will recommend you to start with sheer or dark shades of green. Here are some tips on how to apply green eye makeup: 1. Initially, you need to prepare the eyes for makeup. This includes smoothing an eye primer. After this you must apply an eye shadow base. This will help to make the green eye makeup pop against your skin. 2. After this you need to decide whether you want to wear green eye shadow or just a green eyeliner. For a more dramatic look, apply eye shadow. 3. I will recommend you to work creamy green eyeliner on the top and bottom lash lines. Blend the eyeliner with a small eye shadow brush for a soft smoky effect. Prop your elbow on a table for support. 4. Apply a mid-tone to dark green eye shadow. Avoid overwhelming your eyes with green. Bring the shape of your eyes from your green eye makeup. 5. Finish off by curling eyelashes and applying plain black mascara. You can use black mascara with a dark green tint. It is important to dislodge any clumps with the mascara wand. I will say that you must save the green glitter eyeliners and mascaras for partying and clubbing. I will say that the Neutral shades of eye makeup are best for small eyes. You should always use caution when curling eyelashes to avoid pinching side of eyes and don’t ever curl lower eyelashes. Be careful while applying makeup to small eyes to get that desired look perfectly.

  • Janny Byers

    The Smokey eye makeup is the best option to be worn with a black dress. To add to the effect, this is cool that you have naturally blue eyes. Here are some tips that would enable you to make the Smokey look stand out: 1. Choose eye shadow wisely. Use the copper or any lighter shade copper eye shadow. This color is perfect for the Smokey Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes. 2. Go for a powdery eye shadow. This is easy to be blended. 3. For the Copper Smokey Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes, you need to first apply the eye make up and then the foundation and finally the lip gloss. 4. Apply a thin layer of foundation on eye lids to get a clean look. 5. Apply lighter shades of bronze. 6. Slowly smudge the eye shadow on both eyelids. Soften the lines of the eye shadow. 7. Then, apply the eyeliner. Use powdered black eyeliner. 8. Apply eye shadow using a large brush to add volume to eyes. Blend well towards the upper part of your eye lid. 9. Use an eye lash curler and keep it for a while. 10. Finally, apply two or three coats of mascara.

  • Piper Mcdowell

    As you possess a hyper sensitive skin, you need to be very careful about selecting any cosmetics. That’s good that you have decided to wear little or no makeup. As you are not satisfied with the Clinique, I will recommend you to switch to the Almay. This is best known brand for hypoallergenic eye makeup. Almay is a trusted company which was founded in 1931. It aims to produce and supply soft and harmless cosmetics. The best part is that its products are all examined by dermatologists for irritants and allergies. It follows the transparency policy and all its ingredients are disclosed on the product label. You can trust on it as there is no artificial perfume, preservative or other unnatural chemical. This has cleared the stringent standards of quality control. This means that the raw materials and finished products are closely monitored for quality and purity. It has also undergone the safety evaluation. All its products are assessed for irritancy, sensitizing potential and toxicity. The safety tests are conducted under strict supervision. Another testing that was conducted on it is the comedogenicity testing. The best feature that will surely attract you is that its cosmetic products are fragrance free. It offers formulations by skin type.

  • Lisbeth Clayton

    A natural makeup kit is the best option for those who are a beginner in the makeup. Starting with natural looking makeup is the best way to get used to the same without getting that awkward feeling of being noticed by all. The best and the safest natural looking eye makeup is the mineral eye makeup. Any kind of natural makeup you chose, just make sure that the ingredients are safe on the skin. There are some basic eye makeup requirements that are to be there for an eye makeup. Go for the eye shadow in warm tones like taupe, cream or brown. It is great to apply the lightest shade of shadow to your brow. Apply a darker color to the eyelid crease and blend it well. Begin with pencil eyeliner in a color. Blend it well. Apply the eyeliner close to upper lash line. Smudge it between lashes to make it look thicker. Take the darker eye shadow in your crease and apply over the eyeliner to blend it. Go for a clear mascara to make eyelashes look glossy. You can add a liquid highlighter to eyelids. It will give the eyes a subtle sheen. These steps will surely help you to get the perfect and natural eye makeup. This won’t make it appear to be overdone. I hope that now you have an idea on how to wear a natural makeup. Take care.

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    This post is great source of information which is useful for me because my skin is very dry and sensitive…

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    What boots are in the picture? They are pretty awesome.

  • Aja

    Airbrush is used for foundation so that it spread evenly on all over the face. I thin it is good to used brush than using your hand.
    For more info on makeup ideas you can see bestmakeupideas.com. Here you will come to know about all the make tips and tricks.

  • Prophectt

    Trying useing a cap full of farbic softener

  • TKD

    which is the best… number 1 or number 10?

  • Maria

    I have used Naturcolor for years…it’s absolutely fantastic and does not give me any allergic reactions like other brands…I’m 64, and I’m still using it…will use it forever!

  • lgcamp

    I get 20 oz bottles of Breck shampoo at Dollar Tree in my area.

  • http://www.defensesoap.com/ Natalie

    Really creative and awesome tips to make your face presentable .But I would like to add one thing that is we must also keep in mind the products those we are using for the same And its better to use natural organic infection free products

  • sayohat

    Love it

  • I need it, also.

    This formula is known as Padma 28 in some parts of Europe and Padma Basic® here in the USA, and North America. The single difference between Padma Basic® and Padma 28® is one ingredient, aconite, of which Padma 28 contains 1mg. In the The United States, the ingredient aconite is considered a poison, and non-homeopathic formulas containing this ingredient are prohibited. Based on research conducted by Padma AG in Switzerland, the action of both formulas appears to be identical.

  • Chris

    I Lost my Hair due to Dandruff, once upon a time i am the Hair Beauty queen of college, but now i lost my hair beauty. I tryied a lot products which in Dealing with Dandruff Hair. but no result. i mailed many companies but nothing happen. now i searching lot of results in google but doing the suggestion given by the reader, Visitor pls give suggestion to my problem

  • http://www.defensesoap.com/ Natalie

    These are really awesome tips to keep your safe. I have a doubt in my mind and that is like shall skin infection in scalp is major cause for hair fall ?

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    It is very important to select a reliable clinic for such kind of treatments, make sure they are licensed and have a good reputation.

  • Pam

    I think the hairstyle and color depends on the specific persons face shape and skin tone. There are certain foods that aid in providing younger lookin skin.

  • hasan

    need before and after tattoos.

  • saso77

    Cocoa is also great food for our skin.He acts like an antioxsidant eliminating all harmfull toxins that enter our body everyday so the skin will look younger,smooth with balanced tone and much healthier.

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    Sesame oil provides natural protection from sun damage. Javish offers an organic luscious and gentle skin scrub. Javish offers a lavender and sesame oil and refined sugar skin scrub. Our unique process of refining the sugar makes our skin scrub creamy and makes our organic skin scrubs safe for the face and neck.

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    informative post. Thanks. Yes these are the good remedies for hair growth. Healthy hair is the sign of inner healthy status, daily intake of healthy foods can improve your health as well as you hair. Give extra nourishment to the hair through herbal hair packs. So that the hair grows faster and longer.

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