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Green makeup?—Hear it from Top Celebs

Heard about the green make up movement? Many celebrities have joined it and you can too! Confused? Ok let me make it simpler for you the new trend that many celebs are following these days is to use organic and natural cosmetics and are avoiding the chemical ones. Even you should also choose these eco- friendly and natural products over the conventional ones!


Brands that Offer You these Products

Many of the top cosmetic brands have started manufacturing eco-friendly make- ups. Brands like Aubrey organics, Aveda, Lavera, Eve organics, Nvey and Juice Beauty are among those many which provide you with some of the best eco-friendly products to make you look more beautiful!


What do the Celebs have to Say?  

Well now let me tell you what some of the hot celebs have to say about the use of green make-ups.

Cameron Diaz– Well no one uses more eco-friendly natural cosmetics than her. She not only uses them but also promotes them.  She openly says she uses them and who would not like to follow her make-up tips. Color Science is one of her favourite brands which make mineral cosmetics and skin products.


Alicia Silverstone– Who doesn’t know that this vegan environmentalists. Well she is such a strong supporter of this idea that she has founded her own eco-friendly line for Juice Beauty. This new line includes products like cleanser and lip colours. She guarantees them to be not only eco-friendly but also cruelty free and they just include natural ingredients like avocado, Shea butter, sunflower seeds etc.


Jessica Alba– Now you were definitely not expecting her name here because you all have seen her endorsing brands like Revlon, but her mind changed after she became a mom. She now does not want to use any toxic products on herself or her baby. She even founded The Honest Company whose products are guaranteed to be made of the safest ingredients that your entire family can use.


Rachel McAdams- Again another environmentalist who really wants to make a difference. She has even co founded the website greenissexy.org with her friends and this website is used to spread words to everyone around the globe to make an effort to save the environment. Saffron Rouge is her famous shopping spot to shop for organic products.


Olivia WildeShe was on the cover of the Organic Beauty Magazine (now defunct.) and she says that “it’s unnecessary to sacrifice your health with what you’re putting on your body.” Eminence is her favourite brand of organic product.


These celebrities have laid the foundation of this eco-friendly movement. We suggest even you switch over to this natural way of looking beautiful and also prevent your skin from any damage due to chemicals.



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