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Guide to a strong rugged look for men

rugged look

The mere imagination about the rugged looks of a guy makes us visualize a completely mature scruffy-sexy version of a man, with stubble and unkempt hair, having a kind of weathered and rough skin and being a little rough around the edge. The opposite sex is most of the time attracted towards a man with the aforementioned features. A proper coordination of casual wear in highlighting the masculine assets of a man, looks equally attractive to females.

There are many factors associated to the rugged looks of a man. Get your basics right and do the required alterations to these factors by personalizing yourself as per your individual disposition.


Designer Stubble

Keeping and maintaining your stubble is the biggest factor in looking rugged as the face implies a roughness in looks. Just don’t shave for a couple of days and make it your routine to trim out the excess of hair by using a beard trimmer, rather than going for a shave. It reflects the maturity of the person. The most popular stubble in men is a ‘five o’clock shadow’, also called the 80’s designer stubble, which refers to a stubble that grows in between shaving off the beard in the morning and late in the evening. Most of the male film celebrities keep a stubble look which adds a charm to their charisma.

Unkempt Hair

Unkempt Hair

Unkempt hair do not imply that you never comb your hair. It just means that you do not maintain it like a geek. Parting them out by forming a clear edge is to be avoided. Instead one can do the combing lightly and adjust them to his will. Hair length and color may vary as per your own choice. There are a lot of options one can choose, from crew-cut to wavy locks, to get an untidy, unkempt look.

Worn out jeans

Worn Out Jeans

Here, we are talking about the same old pair of navy blue jeans with a bit of worn out marks here and there, and looks dirty and old. The market is full of such kind of jeans and one can even make his own rugged jeans by getting an old pair of jeans stone-washed and then tearing it at the right places or rubbing it with a sand paper. Dark (not black) colors, like deep blue or indigo with slight shades of brown will be perfect for the job.


Rugged Jacket

Any leather jacket, old or new, adds up to the rugged style you reflect. Tucking it to the alignment of your physique will make you look cooler than ever. Make sure that you wear pure leather jackets and not the inferior quality ones. Buy some old garments or new ones with a vintage vibe that best compliments with your jacket.

Neck scarf

Neck Scarf

Scarves for men play a very important role if he desires to look rugged and dirty. There is a wide variety of scarves available for men to add them up to their style statement. Plain cotton scarves and printed silk scarves are most preferred.

While wearing a scarf, its also important to choose the knot you want to apply to it around your neck. Remember, different knots make you look different and may not impart the same desired impression as you wanted. Various knots that men follow are Parisian knot, once-around knot, loose once-around knot and twice around knot. Though Parisian knot is the most practiced one but it totally depends on the person to decide which knot improves his rugged looks.


Rugged boots

Another thing to consider about when you are in your way for a rugged look is your footwear. It is said that good and shiny shoes are for gentlemen. So its time that you get your old, worn-out shoes out of the closet or get a new pair of rugged boots or sneakers. Wearing rugged boots doesn’t mean that you wear some cowboy boots, as this may look somewhat overdone. Worn-out and rugged shoes implies that you don’t care what the world thinks about you.

Other points to remember

Wear anything you want and go to the extent of your will of being rugged, but don’t ever try to overdo anything. The most common mistake which people make at this point is blurring out the difference between ‘masculine’ and ‘rock-hard cowboy.’

A few other accessories may enhance your rough look, like a wide buckle belt and a choice of hard fragrances with traditional smell. Be unique, stand out of the crowd and you will automatically grab the attention of people imparting a strong visual imprint about you.

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