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Hairstyles according to body type

Hairstyles according to body type

Choosing a right hairstyle is extremely important to enhance the glamour quotient of your overall personality. Although most of us hardly care about the hairstyle selection, emphasizing on selecting a right hairstyle according to your face type will refrain you from committing major fashion faux pas. Precisely saying, if you will have your hair done completely opposite to your face type, you will risk looking disastrous. A good hairstyle must emphasize the pleasing attributes of your face and at the same time minimize the flaws of your body. For instance, a tall woman should opt for a long, layered hairstyle instead of trying on something short. Similarly, boy cuts usually look good on women with an oval shaped face.

Remember, your hairstyle plays a predominant role in defining the true aspect of your beauty, so choose a hairstyle that exquisitely suits your body type. To help you achieve a suitable hairstyle for you figure, we bring the Dos and Don’ts of common figure types. Have a look.

1. Short/petite

If you are short or petite, your major emphasis should be on choosing a hairstyle that helps proportionate your figure. Either you could go for a chin length or shoulder length hairstyle. However, you should avoid wearing hair that either is uber short or way too long as they both will disagree with your figure type and might turn you into one of the pageant kids with hair extensions.

Styles that feature wave patterns are worth working for petite figure type. Keep your hair loose, smooth, and layered for a sophisticated appearance. Also, a petite woman should carefully wear the hair accessories as fancy or frilly bows, ponytail rubbers or holders and barrettes can work against them. Moreover, if dying or applying color to your hair; don’t go for over- vibrant shades or bold colors as they are certainly not good options for you to try out.

2. Slimmer/slender

Contrary to full-sized women, slender or slimmer women need to add volume in their hairstyle. If you are slim, luckily every length will work perfectly on slim figure, but ensure that your hairstyle is not too short as it can make you appear more cadaverous or bony. Neck-length or shoulder length are usually good options for slender women and they also lend curves, which many slim figures lack. Let your hair fall below the chin as it will look exceptionally good on women without curves.

Keep in mind that flat hairstyles will make you look like pencil, while flowing curls can impart volume and curves to your body lines. If you are trying short styles, you can add volume through curls and waves. The same applies with dying. When applying hair color, you can add a voluminous effect to your figure by highlighting or lowlighting your curls. Warm, skin tones are great color choices for your figure shape.

3. Rubenesque

Unarguably, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and full sized women are no exception. Full figured women have larger builds, so proportionating your figure remains the key here. If you are over-sized, you should stay away from over-voluminous hairstyles. Remember, extra- volume only equates to extra weight on your face and body and nothing else.

Similarly, a too short hairstyle translates into a more boyish frame. Therefore, you should choose a hairstyle with medium length and soft curves. You can balance out your top and bottom with curls and waves. Don’t try a short hairstyle as it will tend to make you look more bulky instead of making you look thinner. A short hairstyle usually makes a large-framed woman’s head appear small and wider. If you have a naturally curled hair, it is recommended to straighten up your hair. This will not only make your face look glamorous, but will also make your figure appear slimmer. You should flatter your figure with hairstyles that offer soft and feminine waves.

4. Tall/athletic

Considered as an ideal body type, a tall and athletic figure doesn’t have to try hard to discover a good, complementary hairstyle. The concept of “proportion” does apply here, but whether you are opting for straight, short, or curls, each one will perfectly work for your face and body. Succinctly, you have the freedom to experiment with different hairstyles every day. Avoid old standby ponytail when dressing up for events or occasions. Also, if you don’t have much of the curves, you should not wear short hairstyles as they can make you look masculine.

Quick tips and precautions

1. If you are super tall, then prefer chin-length or longer hairstyles over short ones. Soft, shoulder-length waves will certainly add more charm to your silhouette.

2. Extremely long hair can overshadow a tiny body. It can make you look more petite than what you really are.

3. Bobs are super flattering, but be sure not to go too short or you will end up looking boyish and less feminine.

4. Women with big bust should ditch tight updo hairstyles. To avoid showing off your assets, a long, wavy hairstyle is something you should try.

5. Pulling your hair back doesn’t necessarily mean highlighting the top of your head. You can put your hair sideways without adding volume to your crown.

6. If you have got wider hips, you can balance out your looks with curls and waves and ensure that your hair fall on your body.

7. If you are tall and also big-boned, never try out a short, cropped hair cut as it can appear over-masculine on your figure type.

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