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How to Get a Perfect Pout (Just in Time for Valentine’s Day!)

How to get the perfect pout to make your V-Day kiss memorable

One of the main reasons why Angelina Jolie’s lips are beloved around the world is that her lips protrude out in a natural pout. Getting the same look surgically can often result in the disastrous bee-stung effect though creating the illusion of a kissable pout is easier than it looks. Here are a few tricks that can help you get the perfect pout for your perfect V-Day kiss.


1. Get the right lip liner

The key to creating the fuller lip effect is to get the right lip liner. If your lips are very thin, you would be better off using a lip liner that is closer in color to your natural lips. If you have moderately sized lips, you may be able to get away with using a lip liner in the same color as your lip shade. Always use a sharpened pencil to create definition.

2. Stick to your natural lip line

When creating a pout, it is best to define your existing lip line instead of trying to “create” one. Traditionally, makeup artists used to line just outside the lip line though these days it is more common to not go over the edges of the lip as it causes the lipstick to spill over and smudge.

3. Highlight the region around your lips

A good way to create the illusion of fuller lips is to highlight key areas around the mouth itself to diffuse light. Use a white pencil, pump-action, light-diffusing pen or concealed pencil around the Cupid ’s bow and edges of the mouth to make lips stand out and seem fuller.


4. Gloss versus matt lip color

Dark lip colors make the lips pop though they also have thinning effect. Paler lip shades make your pout look fuller but downplay your mouth. Try to balance the lipcolor according to the size of your lips.

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