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How to do Lauren Conrad’s Twisted Pullback hairstyle

Lauren Conrad is the artist who is extremely famous these days for her twisted hairstyle. The precise hairstyle is truly beautiful to look and every teen gets attracted when it comes on television. If you are also a fan of this amazing hairstyle and would like to have the same, then here you could get the perfect the solution. Now, let’s come to the point. This is fairly easy, but you need to make use of some classy conditioners as well as shampoos.

Lauren Conrad

Complexity Level


Estimated cost

Approximately USD30 to USD40

Time required

One to two hours maximum.

Resources required

1. Branded as well as effective hairspray.

2. Conditioner.

3. A curling iron.

4. Shampoo.

5. Two bobby-pins.


1. The most renowned Lauren Conrad twisted haircut is extremely trouble-free and you just have to keep in mind a small number of imperative things. It would be quite simple for you if you have straight hair already. Otherwise, you need to make it straight enough.

2. Then, break up your hair horizontally into two parts. Then, you have to begin the task from the bottom of your hair. Start to curl your hair by grabbing approximately one inch or a small section of the hair. You may make use of a hairspray and then a curling iron of long barrel to get the same ringlets.

3. The following task is to separate your hair one inch from the both sides of your face. Then, curl and drag those hairs backwards. But, never fail to remember that it needs to be done lose enough to get the precise look like Lauren Conrad. At last, fix a bobby-pin on each side.

Frequently asked questions

1. How could I get the exact look if I do not have long hair?

Ans. If you would like to look similar to Lauren, then you should possess moderately long hair. Nevertheless, it does not make any issue if you would have small hair. In some cases, Lauren uses the same style in a short-hair look.

2. Do I need to color my hair for having the precise look?

Ans. It is not needed to color your hair, other than you would like to get the exact look like Lauren Conrad.

3. What is the procedure to make my hair straight to get the Lauren Conrad twisted hairstyle?

Ans. It is important to make your hair straight first to get the before mentioned look. You may make use of shampoos and conditioners in that case. After that, you need to use hair spray to provide final touch. But, the conditioners and shampoos must be of high quality.

Quick tips

1. It is always recommended to make use of famous as well as expensive hair products like conditioners, colors, shampoos, etc.

2. Do not fix the bobby-pins tightly in your hair.

3. It would be better if you use the hair spray for a short time.

4. Try to keep it as simple as Lauren Conrad has. Do not try to add further hair clip or any kind of hair accessories.

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