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Hi, I am nineteen years old. I am not a very fashionable person. I put on makeup occasional only. I need someone to help me with the lipstick brand which is popular and reasonable? It would be great if you could suggest particular color of the lipstick brand that will go with my skin tone. My skin color is light. So, suggest some lipstick shades that will look great on me. I don’t mind putting dark colors. Thanks

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  • Emmanuel Terry

    Girl, according to your skin tone whiich is light so you should definitely opt for the comparatively light shades for your lips. the single pop of color, done in the right shade does more to accent your features as well, so, on todays market there are lip balms, lip colors, lip creams n lip gel too but you need to make it sure which you would go for. On one hand is the huge variety of lip products and on the other there are hundreds of shades, and you can go for light pink,cooral,coffee,forget everything you have heard about lip colors as you have said that you want to go for a resonable range so you might opt for,revlon,,all day cherry,wet and wild,maybelline and lipfinity. These are available at reasonable prices in desired colors and the colors that i have mentioned for you . And when you dont mind in applying dark colors then dont go for much darker but can opt for a light dark shade as in pastel looks like mocha melt,deep rich wine and vibrant coral red too. There are so many other coors that could add a vibrant hue to your lip to make it a perfect lip color.

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