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Mahogany Hair Color : 10 Best Handpicked for You

When it comes to mahogany color there are many advantages of it. Such color comes in variety of shades. You can choose from a very light mahogany or a darker, richer mahogany color. It is that shade that works with almost any skin tone, depending on the shade a person chooses. Here is the list of some advised hair color that i am sure will work best for you.

1. L’Oreal Feria – 41 Crushed Garnet (Rich Mahogany) – 1 EA
PRICE : USD 9.06

This product is available in different colors. It comes shimmering with 3X highlights. This product is known for its pure color technology that makes your hair with 3X highlights. It won’t harm your skin due to a new drip-defying formula.


The product is precise, easy and clean to use. It absolutely masters the shimmer art. It is more hydrating and prismatic with a new drip-defying formula. You also get a feature of pro-touch applicator tip.The new aromatic scent makes your coloring experience more pleasant.

It doesn’t have any sidet effcet on your hair.
It gives your hair natural color.
It makes your hair more shinny.

2. Live salon style hair colour dye 4-2 mahogany brown – 1 pack
PRICE : USD 5.29

It is a complete new range of professional permanent hair colorants developed and tested for home usage. It gives you professional color confidence at home. The product keeps your hair healthy and remains same for long.


It includes ingredients which helps to keep your hair look healthy and shinny. The product helps to voluminous your hair. It is easy to apply and can keep your hair in the same color for long.

It is easy to apply.
It doesn’t include much ammonia.
The hair color stays good for long.

3. Garnier Herbashine Hair Color – Lush Medium Mahogany Brown 554
PRICE : USD 6.49

This hair color is another great product offered by Garnier. It not only colors your hair, but effectively strengthens them. It is easy to apply and does not get affected even after 28 shampoos. It includes ingredients which offer UV protection.


This product includes natural ingredients which does not affect your skin and hair in anyway. The formula comes with a bamboo extract that gives your hair lush and exotic color and makes them voluminous. It covers your gray hair and lasts for long.

It does not contain ammonia.
It effectively colors your hair.
It strengthens your hair along with conditioning it.

4. Garnier Herbashine Hair Color – Lush Dark Gold Mahogany Brown 435
PRICE : USD 6.49

This product include ingredients which strengthens your hair. The color does not get faded even after 28 shampoos. This product helps to maintain your hair volume.


It improves the condition of hair and strengthens it. This creme formula comes with a bamboo extract that gives a lush and exotic color without any obvious root lining. It covers your grey color and keeps the volume of your hair.

It comes with color creme and bamboo extract.
The rich, creamy formula spreads easily and doesn’t drip.
It improves the condition of hair.

5. Logona Herbal Hair Color, Mahogany 3.5 oz (100 g)
PRICE : USD 12.95

This hair color product coats every hair strand with a coloring and strengthening layer that adds shine and volume. Henna and other natural plant colorants like walnut shells and beet root provides the color.


This product doesn’t have any smell. It is ammonia free and includes all natural ingredients which color your hair. This product offers UV protection and effectively strengths your hair without any side effects.

Free of synthetic colors and preservatives.
Certified natural product.
Effectively colors your hair.

6. Naturtint Hair Color, 2n Black Brown
PRICE : USD 10.95

The product does not affect your skin in anyway. It conditions your hair from top to bottom and strengthens it in an efficient way. It is first permanent hair colorant without Ammonia or Resorcin.


This product effectively condition and color your hair without affecting it adversely. It gives good volume so that your hair will look more bouncy. The natural ingredients in the product helps to strengthen your hair without any side effects.

It is one natural way to color your hair.
It is ammonia free.
Very easy to use without any smell.

7. L’Oreal Preference Hair Color – Medium Mahogany Brown 5MM
PRICE : USD 8.99

L’Oreal Preference 5MM Medium Mahogany Brown is a brown shade that comes with red tones. It is new color product from L’Oreal preference. It comes with mahogany tones which are a mix of red tones with small amount of neutral and purple tone.


Fade-defying coloration & shine system. Optimized fade-defying method is improved. Desire with optimized fade-defying method generates a abundant long-lasting color spectrum with luminosity, shine and beautiful grey protection.

It doesn’t affect your skin.
Comes with a good fragrance and is easy to use.
It is ammonia free product.

8. Naturtint Permanent Hair Colorant, 5M Light Mahogany Chestnut 5.4 fl oz
PRICE : USD 15.99

This product helps to deep condition and nourish your hair and gives 3 times its normal strength and volume. Hair fibers becomes smooth and soft, and brings back the healthy shine of young, unspoilt hair.


It is formulated without ammonia or resorcinol, due to which it gently colors your hair without affecting it. Its active plant ingredients protect and regenerate hair fibers, and is efficient enough to bring back the healthy shine of young, unspoilt hair.The solar enhanced filter provides increased protection against the elements.

Gives your hair flexibility.
Provides more volume to your hair.
Provides UVA/UVB protection.

9. ColorSilk Hair Color 32 Dark Mahogany Brown
PRICE : USD 3.29

The product is effective enough to make your hair look shiny. This is ammonia free product which provides 100% gray coverage with natural-looking hair. The more time you leave it on, the highlights will be more effective.


By using this product you can stop worrying about grey hair. It makes your hair shinier and healthier. The rich conditioners nourishes hair inside and out. The after color conditioner is infused with silk proteins and pro-vitamins.

It gives you natural-looking hair.
It colors from root to tip and stays beautiful between colorings.
It makes your hair look silkier.

10. Light Mountain Natural Color the Gray! Hair Color & Conditioner Kit, Mahogany
PRICE : USD 10.95

This product includes all natural ingredients and hence you won’t have to worry that it will look dull and dry. It strengthens your hair from root to bottom wand and also does lessens the hair fall. Black hair color contains only the pure botaincals.


The product is effective & economical. It includes 100% certified organically grown ingredients. It is completely safe to use and easy to apply. You won’t have to worry about the color to fade away as it stays for long time even after shampooing it many times.

It does not include any chemicals.
100% certified organically grown ingredients.
Effective & economical.

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