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Make cuticle care a fixture in your beauty regime

Before talking about cuticle care, it is better to know what cuticles are. Cuticles are that part of your skin which sits at the top your nails’ growth matrix. When we think of taking any beauty therapy, it is often noticed that these are the parts of the body we mostly neglect. It is only taken care off when you visit to the salon for the beauty therapies. Basically, this is the thin ridge present at the base of nails, in reality the nails roots are deep down. Here I am going to talk about some of the important facts about cuticles which most of you might not be aware of.

Following are the few tips to protect your cuticles


  • Do not cut your cuticles– Cuticles play an important role in protecting the roots of the nails, as they prevent the bacteria from entering into the body. Cutting away the cuticles means you are paving the way for bacteria to invade. You should not cut your cuticles instead push them back with a non-metallic tool such as rosewood stick can always be a good idea
  • Do not push back dry cuticles– If you want to push back your cuticles then it is better to do it right after your shower; or you can do it after soaking your fingertips in a bowl of warm water for a couple of minutes as it is easy to push them when cuticles are moist.
  • Moisturize your cuticles– Though the cuticles do not give the feeling of soft skin but these are primarily composed of skin and this is the reason why it is essential to keep them moisturized all the time.

Cuticle care is important for the nails and skin

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  • You should apply a cuticle remover to protect your nails. It’s better to avoid cuticle oil for this purpose. For using the cuticle remover, you can use an orange stick in a circular direction at the base of the nail. In this way it would help in removingthe build up dead skin cells if any and would protect your nails and skin.
  • In fact, you should choose the manicure kit carefully. Do not go for nail care products including nail polish removers and nail paintings that are formulated with acetone, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resins as these can cause damage to your nails.
  • Also if you have a triangle shaped hangnails of dry skin in your hand then gently trim it off as soon as possible. You can use cuticle clipper, cutter, and trimmer. It is suggested that you should not use these clippers or trimmers if it is not needed. Once you get to notice the hangnails or dry skin carefully then only trim these cuticles. But remember only the dead piece of skin is required to remove hence you should not try to remove the whole skin.

Solution of damaged cuticles 


There are different ways that can help you to protect your damaged nails or cuticles:

  1. Use cuticle oil daily– You can use Apricot cuticle oils on a regular basis so that the nails get nourishment. This is one of the important home remedies to protect your cuticles
  2. You should be careful of your diet– You should have salmon, eggs, beans, and oats, sunflower seeds, green peas in your diet chart for the nourishment of nails and can avoid cuticles.
  3. Keep yourself hydrated– Apart from giving attention to your food, you must drink plenty of water because it will help you to keep your cuticles and nails hydrated.
  4. Keep your nails short– Give your nails a break from the acrylic and keep them short until these become stronger so that these can avoid future peeling and splitting.

 Get the best solution of your cuticles by home-made manicure

File the nails– While removing nail polish, first you file your nails and give them a proper shape. It would protect the nails and prevent in splitting and breaking.

Use your thumbs– It is often noticed that while you are polishing your nails the polish spread out around the cuticles. For cleaning that area orange stick can be gently used which can take away the excess lacquer away and can help in cleaning that area.

Pucker up-After coats of nail polish that you have applied on your nails it is always better to keep them dry. For this it is better to use poker.

Manicure of your nails and cuticles


We are living in a fashion conscious world and the fashionable ladies follow the glamour and style of their latest trend. Manicuring is a part of fashion in which they give shape to their nails, keep the nails in the same length, and protect their nails etc.

Cuticle care is needed for the healthy and beautiful nails. If you maintain the nourishment of the nails in a proper way, you can avoid cuticle problems and can give them a bright look.

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