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New Hair Ideas To Rock In 2013

[box_dark]4 hair styles that will dominate in 2013


If you are the kind of woman that likes to redefine her look every now and then and stay fashion forward with her hairdos, then you will love what 2013 has in store for you. The year is going to be marked by some starkly different hair trends that will allow every women to display her inner self through her locks. Here are the top 4 hair styles that are expected to dominate 2013.

1. Pixie cut


Pixie cut

Pixie cutPixie cut

The pixie cut would not only make your hair washing and styling routine much lighter, it would also make your expensive hair products last longer. The pixie cut is also a great way to get rid of damaged strands once and for all while rocking a totally “in” look.

2. Braided up dos


Braided up dos

Braided up dosBraided up dos

If you want to channel the spirit of an ancient Roman/Greek noblewoman or goddess, you don’t have to look much further than the braided up do! The look allows you to neatly tie all your hair up while creating a unique up do that would be acceptable at most formal events.

3. The choppy blowout look


The choppy blowout look

The choppy blowout lookThe choppy blowout look

The choppy hairdo is something of a staple with college girls who don’t have the time to curl their ends. The good news here is that the look is back in vogue for women of all ages this season. Since the look isn’t kind to dirty hair, you would need to be meticulous with the wash, mousse, dry routine as well as being very stringent with your trimming appointments.

4. Fluffy waves


Fluffy waves

Fluffy wavesFluffy waves

If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, this would be the year to stop struggling with it. Untamed, unruly, afro/afro-esque, fluffy or just plain unsoothable, natural waves are going to be quite in right through the year. The key to making your natural wavy texture look like you spent hours getting it right would be to ensure that your hair is a) healthy and b) moisturized.

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