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A to Z of pregnancy skin care

Hormonal changes during pregnancy are natural. Expectant moms need to have extraordinary concern to maintain a healthy and radiant skin. As skin care and pregnancy go together, expectant moms are required to alter their routine and appear beautiful up to the period of delivery and during nursing. To preserve the glowing skin, expectant moms must concentrate on the fundamentals of skin care. Here we share some of the probable skin changes and tips to overcome them during pregnancy.

A to Z pregnancy skin care


Certain hormones are responsible in the formation of more oil on the coat of the skin. Acne causes impairment of several tissues. Certain parts in the body like the face and neck undergo this damage. Stay away from the scrubs as the skin in pregnancy tends to be highly sensitive. The scars caused by acne may be lightened by the use of benzyl peroxide. Medicated therapies also prevent the damage to some extent. You can undergo these therapies under the supervision of a health expert.


Boils usually appear in the parts of the body that are dampened by sweat. Pregnant women sweat a lot. The spots include arm pits, neck and face. Wear comfortable clothes which reduce sweating. Stick to antibacterial soaps.


Facial regions like the chin, cheeks, forehead and nose are subjected to get brown or yellow patches described as chloasma. You can reduce the concentration of these blemishes by restricting yourself from the harsh ultra violet rays.

Darker spots

Some dark regions of your body turn darker during the pregnancy period. The small pigmented spots may increase in size. Seeking advice from an expert is recommended to overcome this condition.


Pregnant women sometimes feel irritation in the knee folds and inner side of the elbows. This is eczema. You can benefit from regular moisturizing and cover yourself to protect from sunny days.

Falling hair

Hair shedding is a frequent problem faced by pregnant women. Some shed hair during the stages of pregnancy and the shedding ceases after delivery. In a few cases, women continue shedding hair for longer periods even after the delivery leading to baldness. The causes include various factors, one of which may be the heredity. Consult a dermatologist if the conditions are severe.

Glowing face

Increased flow of blood into the blood vessels causes pretty redness on the cheeks. This creates a glowing effect on the face in pregnant women. This is not a problem.

Heat rash

Pregnant women are more likely to experience heat rashes. This may be due to profuse sweating and excess of heat. The rashes are common in the folding regions like the inner thighs and under the breasts. Plenty of liquid intakes are recommended. Relax yourself in a fresh atmosphere.


The stretching of the skin in the pubic and the hip regions are noticed. This leads to itching. Itching can also be the result of rashes and peeling of skin. Dry skins are more likely to itch. Keep your skin moist or itching may result in permanent scars.

Jock itch

This type of itch shows its presence on the connecting region of the thighs and the pubic region. A fungus is the cause for this infection. Pregnant women with problems of diabetes, obesity and using tight garments, face jock itching. The skin in the joining area becomes rough and scaly showing red colored patches. You can reduce itching by using comfortable clothes.


Women who sweat a lot show this bacterial syndrome which is the infection of the feet and palms. This causes a pungent smell. Thin pits appear as light patches on the external surface of the skin. The skin in this state causes irritation. You can overcome this problem by using sterile soaps for cleaning.

Linea nigra

A straight line running between the tummy and the lower abdomen is the linea nigra. This is visible as a dark line in the pregnant women. In most of the cases, this dark line disappears after the delivery whereas in some, it requires several months to vanish.

Molluscum contagiosum

The skin is infected by the virus. Pink protrusions are formed on the skin, which may appear as groups. They are noticed on the armpits, face and genital areas. Though these protrusions are painless, they have a tendency of spreading to other parts and other people. They usually disappear after a certain period. You can reduce the probability of transmitting the problem by avoiding rubbing of the affected parts.

Nails developing faster

Nails show a faster development during the pregnancy period. Care should be taken to clip the nails regularly which otherwise may lead to splitting. Ensure that your nails are moisturized enough to avoid brittles.

Object implanted in the skin

Profuse bleeding occurs when an unknown particle is found to be set in the skin. If the particle is smaller enough, you can remove it carefully or else you should seek an expert. If the particle is left untreated, it leads to infections such as oozing pus.

Pregnancy prurigo

Prurigo is observed as a rare case in pregnancies. If at all it is noticed, it is known to induce its effects throughout the term of pregnancy. So far no harmful reactions on the mother have been reported. Antihistamine medicines are prescribed.

Red palms

You may experience some itching sensations in hands and feet during pregnancy. The rubbing of palms to overcome itching leads to red palms. There is nothing to be bothered.

Stretch marks

Almost all pregnant women face the problem of stretch marks. These marks appear as pinkish on the arms and breasts. They are seen more prominently on the buttocks and the abdominal regions


These are the blood vessels that appear wider than the others on the superficial coat of the skin. They are identified as spider veins when noticed on legs. They are also observed on facial parts. They emerge in various colors and sizes.


Ulcers are commonly observed on the inner surface of the mouth and coating of the genital areas. Inadequate supply of vitamins is the root cause for ulcers. A few anemic patients during pregnancy report this problem.

Varicose veins

The fetus developing in the womb creates some sort of force on the veins of the mom’s leg. This in turn causes the veins to inflate. The women experience heaviness and swelling in the legs. You can use stockings that fit firmly on your legs.

Weight gain

Most pregnant women tend to gain weight during their term giving rise to many problems. This leads to improper blood circulation that result in blood pressure and other skin diseases. Take a brisk walk and seek the suggestions from an expert.


Pregnant women with high cholesterol experience yellowish abrasions around the eyelids. This condition is referred as xanthelesma. It shows no irritation, but to alter the appearance of the eyelids, a dermatologist must be consulted.

Yeast infections

The yeast breeds well in humid areas of the mouth and vagina. It is also present on the damp skin. Symptoms like the reddish patches that vary in size, become more prominent in the fold areas of the breasts and stomach. Pus filled abrasions are formed enclosing the patches. You may feel to scratch the area.


The disease named after the virus, results in tender skin complaints. The affected person shows the reappearance of this virus. It makes the skin scratchy on the face and chest. Calamine creams are advised to stop itching.

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