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Pros and cons: Organic mascara for sensitive eyes

Organic Mascaras

Organic mascaras are naturally made products that do not have any chemicals that damage the eyes. They are best for sensitive eyes as they are not only free form chemicals and preservatives but are also full of nutrients that can help in the growth of your eyelashes. Here are some pros and cons to consider while buying organic mascaras.


1. Less chances of allergy

The most important benefit of using organic mascara is that a whole lot of allergic manifestations can be prevented by organic mascaras. As there are no preservatives and chemicals which is the most common cause of allergies, they can be safely used without worrying about damage to the eyes.

2. Less messy

Organic mascaras are found to be easier to clean up after use. Most mascaras are difficult to remove and leave a dark circle around your eyes that can look very unattractive. With organic mascaras, the removal could be easy as the products are less sticky and oily.

3. Beeswax for conditioning

Organic mascara is made of beeswax as the base and this is a great ingredient for conditioning the eyelashes. Beeswax being a natural ingredient does not irritate your skin or eyes as well and can be used without any reserve.

4. Herbal extracts

Most organic mascara contains vitamin B5 Panthenol, nettle extract and horsetail. These ingredients help in strengthening the eyelashes and as it does not become dry, it does not break the eye lashes like chemical ingredients and also prevents disruption in the growth cycle. The pigments used in organic mascara are natural and help in darkening and tinting your lashes naturally.

5. Waterproof mascaras

Certain organic mascaras like waterproof and volumizing mascaras are known to be easier to clean even though they do not last long. But, most women can get through an entire day with these mascaras which is all that you need.

6. Going green

Organic products not only protect your body from harmful chemicals but are also good in protecting the environment through the use of eco friendly packaging, processing methods and things that do not cause harm to nature. This should be an encouragement for all as a combined effort will help in protecting the natural environment and preventing degradation and misuse of nature.


1. Allergic herbs

Though organic products are safe most of the time, there are certain herbs and minerals that are poisonous and others that can still cause allergy and varied reactions on people. Therefore, always make it a point to check the ingredients and make sure that you are not allergic to any of them before using them.

2. Cost factor

Another negative point that may be said about organic mascaras is the fact that they could be expensive and could cost you almost double of what you pay for a chemical based mascara. But, this should not be a matter of concern considering the fact that most organic mascaras do away with the problem of eye irritation and allergies.

3. Difficulty in removing

Organic mascaras may not be long standing as your chemical counterparts and may also be lighter with lesser showiness. They could also be difficult to remove or can come off easily depending on the product that you use.

4. Strong odor

Organic products have a strong smell which can haunt you even after you remove them from the yes. This is one reason women avoid organic mascaras as the smell can sometimes cause reactions like headache which women can live without. However, not all organic mascaras come with a strong smell and there are many which may not be entirely repulsive for you.

5. Frequent application

Frequent application of organic mascaras might be necessary in most cases as they are not as strong and long lasting as the chemical ones. They can come off easily when you sweat and you might have to reapply the entire makeup if you are left with racoon eyes. But, these inconveniences are a small price to pay when you have an entirely safe product for your eyes and one which you can use without fear.

6. Brands

It is important to choose the right brand of organic mascara which is certified and which does not have ingredients that cause allergy and irritation to your eyes. Unfortunately, unless you try them, you will not know which suits you best and for the initial times you might just be spending money for testing them.

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