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How to Realize the Dream of Getting Baby-Soft Skin

A dry and itchy skin is irritable and makes you feel bad. Dull looking skin makes you look more old and unhealthy. However, you do not have to worry because you can transform your dry and rough skin into a baby soft skin. To achieve such dream you have to consider some simple tips. Moreover, you can realize your dream of having baby soft skin at your home and do not have to spend much money in the process.

  1. Clean your skin daily

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Drink a lot of water when you wake up. You can use a soap free facial, body wash or a facial cleanser to clean your skin daily. Use a soft sponge or face washer to remove dirt and oil from your delicate skin. If you have sensitive skin, try to take shower every other day, this lets your skin nourish by natural oils secreted by your skin. Takingshower too much while having sensitive skin will lead to irritation and itching.

  1. Exfoliate your skin

It is very important to exfoliate your skin to remove the dead skin cells. Moreover, it makes skin energized andhelps in increasing blood circulation. For delicate skin, you have to exfoliate bi-weekly otherwise, perform exfoliation thrice a week. To carry out the exfoliation process you have to use a scrub sponge or a loofah, rub them against your skin gently under clear running water to remove the dead skin and dirt. After completion, use a soft towel to pat dry your skin.

  1. Moisturize your skin


After drying your skin, it is very important to provide moisture support because all the oils that provide moisture to your skin gets washed away. Buy a moisturizer that suits your skin, moreover, you can consult a profession to know about the products that are best for your skin. Apply the moisturizer immediately after drying your skin; this will help in better results.

  1. Massage your skin

Massage your skin with oils such as coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, almond oil etc. to improve the softness and texture of the skin.The best time to massage your skin is before going to bed at night. Massage helps in stimulation of your skin tissues and boosts softening. You can use other natural products like papaya paste, carrots and honey, rose water, mixture of banana-milk, apricot-honey etc. to massage your skin.

  1. Protect your skin


You should protect your skin from harmful effects caused by the exposure to harmful UV rays. When you are outdoors, make sure youcover your skin using long-sleeves and long-leg clothing. Wear a hat if you want to protect skin of your face from sunrays. You can also apply sunscreen to your skin before going out to make sure that your skin remains protected during the exposure to harmful UV rays. Moreover, protect your skin from dust and other particles that can cause damage to your skin.

  1. Other skin softening tips

Get a sound sleep of at least 8 hours to have more glowing, healthy and beautiful skin . Exercise helps your skin to bloom by reducing the level of stress hormones like cortisol and provides firmness.  Avoid alcohol, smoking and caffeine because theycause dullness in your skin. Include fruits, vegetables, fish and other proteins to your diet and avoid taking fast foods and foods with high sugars to protect your skin from dryness and scar complexion. These additional skin care tips help effectively in making your skin soft and beautiful. 

Follow these simple tips to make your skin as soft as a baby’s skin. These tips can work for every type of skin. Follow them carefully with proper attention to realize your dream of having baby soft skin.

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