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How to make a ribbon ponytail holder

Ribbon ponytail holder

Ponytail holders are essential hair accessories for your daughters. When you go to a store for purchasing them, you may always find it very difficult to get ones that are matching to your daughter’s color preferences. They are also very expensive. Instead of using the store-bought varieties, you can as well make them at home using your favorite materials and colors. You can get a lot of ponytail holders for a cheaper price.

Complexity level: Easy

Time required: 10-15 minutes

Resources required:

1. Ribbons

2. Needle

3. Thread

4. Beads

5. Glue


1. Select the material you want to make the ponytail holder

Different material will be available at home. So you need to select the right kind of material for making the ponytail holders. Choose from satin, sheer or grosgrain ribbons in the width and colors you need. It is better to choose thinner ribbons because it will be easier for tying.

2. Tie the ribbons around the ponytail holder

Use slanted cut and cut about 6-inch lengths of the ribbon. Seal the ends of the ribbons with a lighter. Lay all the ribbons in order according to which they are going to be tied. Take the ribbons and make a single knot on the plain holder and bunch up the ribbons as you tie. Continue to add the ribbons until the ponytail holder is hidden completely.

3. Streaming ribbon ponytail holder

If you want to make a streaming ponytail holder, cut 6-inch lengths of the ribbon and seal the ends using a lighter. Bunch the ribbons and bind them in the center using a thread and needle.

4. Use some decorative elements

For the streaming ribbon ponytail, you can make it look better by using some colorful buttons. Again, use the needle and thread to position the button in the center. Loop the thread about 5-6 times to make it strong. Tie it off with a double knot. Now your streaming ribbon ponytail holder is ready.

Frequently asked questions:

1. How to make a ponytail holder with socks and stockings?

A. You can use the old socks and stockings lying in your home when your children outgrow them for making beautiful ponytail holders. In order to use the socks, first choose your favorite color and straighten it on a smooth surface. Use a scissor and cut of the tube from the sole part of the socks. Take the tube and trim it by making one-inch loops from it. For fatter holders you can cut fatter loops.

2. How to make silk flower ponytail holder?

A. While using a silk flower ponytail holder, it will look as if you are using real flowers on your head. For making this at home, you need to find some good silk flowers first. Use the glue gun for sticking the flowers to the band. Take small squares of felt with the size of the flowers you have chosen. One square is required for one holder. Cover the square with glue and then place it at the bottom of the ponytail holder and the silk flower. Press the square on to the bottom of the flower in such a way that the holder is in between the flower and the square. Let this dry completely before using it on your hair.

Quick tips:

1. For making fully covered ponytail holders, use ribbons of different lengths and widths around the elastic band. Double knot each of the ribbons and use them alternately.

2. Instead of ribbons you can also use balloons around the elastic.

3. For making beaded ponytail holders, you need to use colorful beads by stringing them on the end of the strings.

Things to watch out for:

1. While using the lighter you have to be very careful. It can either catch fire or burn your fingers. So handle this part with care.

2. The glue guns are also very hot. Use a bowl of water to dip your hands to prevent the heat and other kinds of injuries.

3. Avoid allowing the toddlers touching the ponytail holders because they may pull of the materials and put them in their mouth that can lead to choking hazards.

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