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Is it safe to bleach skin?

Skin bleaching, as a concept and as a product, has indeed caught popular imagination today. Not only are bleaching products being extensively used by a variety of people for different reasons altogether but their easy accessibility and simple application procedures have undoubtedly made them a mass favorite. Considered to be an effortless way of tackling discoloration and managing skin issues, bleaching has many aspects and multiple dimensions to itself. It is thereby quite feasible to understand and analyze each of these in a thorough and comprehensive manner.

Is it safe to bleach skin

Can skin bleach ruin your skin?

Numerous studies have indicated that skin bleaching products irrespective of the benefits they have to offer, harbor specific and laborious disadvantages. At times, the measure of these limitations becomes so massive, that it even reaps the sheen out of the good they do. Enlisted here are the major problems which may surface owing to the application of these products.

It causes skin problems

Ranging from discoloration to allergies and from irritation to itching, skin bleachers have been known to cause a plethora of side effects. In fact, studies have revealed that these products carry such ingredients which harbor the capacity to nurture multiple harmful effects resulting into rashes or even permanent skin damage.

It threatens the eyes

When you apply a bleaching agent to your skin, it emits pungent fumes. Though these fumes have been artificially covered by fragrant chemicals to suit the human sense of smell, yet they prove dangerous for the eyes. This, as a consequence, threatens the sensitivity of the human eyes.

Effects unintended

Apart from those mentioned above, skin bleaching may have a number of other unintended side effects too which may consequently cause effective damage to the exposed layer of your skin. Similarly, they have also been found to strip the hair off their usual color.

Are we over reading skin bleach?

Nonetheless, skin bleaching is not just known far and wide for the potential discomforts it may cause. It has increasingly been recognized as an irreplaceable skin product which has more benefits than limitations. Here are a few advantages which typify the argument that we may be reading too much into skin bleaches.

It lightens skin tone

With visual media literally booming with skin lightening advertisements, bleaches have come in as a handy tool. They are an efficient measure of scar removal, spot elimination and maintaining a balanced skin complexion.

It is quick and comfortable

With skin bleaching kits being available at every nook and corner they actually have become an easy to fetch and use product. One does not need any sort of prescription to purchase them. Despite being clinical in nature, they are indeed a comfortable buy.

It is painless

Unlike other chemical or medical processes, beaching helps your skin rejuvenate and refurbish itself without you undergoing even an iota of pain!

Alternatives to skin bleach

Considering the fine balance which is struck between the positives and negatives of skin bleaching, it is quintessential to find a suitable way to counter the scenario. Currently, there are a number of alternatives which may be specifically followed in order to replace the general skin bleaching mechanisms. These range from herbal remedies like sandalwood extracts, lemon paste, citric acid or Vitamin B3 supplements to natural lotions and creams. Moreover, skin bleaching can be strengthened by following the lines of healthy diet consumption and drinking plenty of water. However, products which contain steroids or mercury must deliberately be avoided.

Beauty/Ramp verdict

A collective analysis, brings us to the determined conclusion that if utilized with effective precautions and much patience, skin bleaching can reap fine results. Here are a few tips which must be borne in mind while applying such products.

Conduct a test

Skin bleaching creams essentially consist of strong bleaching agents which may trigger an unwanted reaction. Thereby, it is preferable to test the product before you use it extensively. Apply it for a short while on your arm and wait for a day or two, to observe its real effects. Use it on a larger area only if it suits your skin type. Else, look for a product with different ingredients.

Use it safely

Before using the bleaching product, ensure that its instruction manual has not escaped your eye. Even otherwise, never make use of bleachers on exfoliated skin or the inside of body. Restrict its usage to the outside and avoid its application anywhere near the sensitive body organs.

Avoid Direct Sun light

Avoid sun exposure after undergoing a skin bleach. This should last anywhere between twelve to twenty four hours. This would ensure that the bleaching agents settle on your skin and thus they will begin to take adequate effect. The presence of sun light, on the other hand, may prove hurtful.

What is truly required is merely for one to be aware, vigilant and cautious before embarking on the tumultuous path of experiencing skin bleaching.

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