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Tips to choose right shampoo according to your hair

Tips to choose the right shampoo according to your hair

Your hair truly deserves to be looked after and maintained regularly. Every person has a different hair type. Hence, a particular person’s shampoo may not work for all. You need to choose your shampoo according to your hair. This selection is not easy as there are a number of options available in the market. Here are some important guidelines to help you decide the best shampoo for you.

1. Look for the composition

You can make the right decision by looking for the ingredients which suit your hair. For this, you need to know your hair type. Here are some important points you should keep in mind before choosing a shampoo:

A. Oily hair

If you have oily hair, then you should avoid creamy shampoos. They give a greasy appearance to your already oily scalp. Look out for shampoos that contain panthenol. This ingredient will help improve the thickness of your hair. Using a conditioner for this kind of hair is not a necessity. Remember not to lather your hair more than once if they are not extremely oily.

B. Processed hair

Salon treatments have a unique effect on your hair. The roots are oily while the ends remain dry. Here you need to moisturize the hair shaft and cleanse the roots and scalp. You should concentrate on applying the shampoo to the scalp. The use of a conditioner afterward is recommended. If your hair has undergone many chemical treatments, then avoid the use of conditioner on the scalp. You should completely avoid shampoos that contain silicone as they can cause damage to colored hair.

C. Dry and damaged hair

You need to moisturize your hair to prevent the dry look. Look out for shampoos that are creamy. You also need to go in for regular, deep conditioning. If you have a very dry scalp, then you should select shampoos, which list menthol and tea tree in their composition. Avoid shampoos with a high percentage of sulphate in them.

2. Quick tips for choosing the right shampoo

A. You should look for moisturizing shampoos to add luster and shine to your hair. These are recommended for thick and curly hair.

B. If your hair needs a boost, then you should look for a shampoo which can add volume to your hair.

C. If you hair are damaged extensively, then go for fortifying shampoos. They have extra protein content which will help to improve your hair quality.

D. There are shampoos that are specifically meant for curly or straight hair. Look for the right formula which suits your hair type.

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