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Brunette Hair Color : 10 Best Handpicked for You

Hair coloring is a common practice of changing the inherent natural color of one’s hair with chemicals and dyes. Although gray hair coverage was the prime purpose for the practice of hair coloring, now it has become an important part of fashion market. Now folks, specially the young generation, change hair color in order to accessorize their look and attire. Keeping parity with this new vogue in fashion, many renowned cosmetics brands have emerged with their ranges of hair color, such as L’Oréal, Garnier and Clarins etc. The chemical colorants contained in these semi-permanent hair colors and the richness of color imparted by them makes them increasingly popular among the fashion conscious urban population.

Among the mostly preferred tones used for fashion hair coloring, one which is really hot this season is brunette. Since brunette hair had always been the center of attraction, so the glory of the shade is still intact today. While those with naturally brunette hair were considered happy, now black, blonds and sandy hair can also get the tone by virtue of these fashion hair colors. This reddish tone has an overall beneficial impact in the appearance of an individual. It makes one look attractive, fashionable and trendy. Moreover, it also camouflages gray hair in the most stylish way.

1. L’Oréal RR07 Intense Red Copper

The renowned brand in hair color, L’Oréal is now offering a brunette shade which is an asset of the brand. The most beneficial factor of this hair color is that once applied on natural hair it will provide the most natural look and you will never feel that your hair has become dull or dried out due to the effect of harsh chemicals. It stays on for a longer time without fading. It is the perfect justification to its name Fade Resistant. Thus, each of your hair strand will be healthy with natural shine, without any trace of fading for weeks.


The product contains UV filters and Vitamin E, which moisturizes the hair and prevents drying out and dullness.

Once this L’Oréal hair dye is applied, you can forget another retouch for weeks as it remains untouched for almost seven to eight weeks.
The UV filters present in the product prevents sun damage and further chances of growth of gray hair.
Vitamin E and other hair proteins present in the hair color makes hair bouncy, nourished and manageable that obstructs hair breakage.

2. Clairol Dark Red Hair Color

This is a permanent fashion color, brought to you by Clairol. The hibiscus red tint of brunette shade is perfect for women of any age. The kit comprises of a conditioning product that hydrates and moisturizes the hair.


It provides full coverage with each application and pampers your hair as it colors and covers all your gray hair.

The moisturizing formula treats your hair as it colors and makes it shiny and silky.

3. L’Oreal 5RB Medium Reddish Brown

This L’Oreal hair product offers ten minutes schedule within which your whole job of hair coloring will be sorted out. What you get is a nourished and fortified hair without a single gray hair left untouched.


This excellent hair color formula makes the hair supple and nourished without any chance of damage.

The multi dose color conditioner that comes with this hair color keeps the hair deeply moisturized in between two hair color applications.

4. L’Oreal Red Penny 7R

If you are searching for a hair color that is a fashion color rather than a typical hair color that imparts the most rich brunette shade, then shop for L’Oreal Red Penny 7R. This Paris made gentle formula takes care of your hair while covering all your gray hair.


It offers triple protection in the form of Proactive Pre-color Serum, Multi Dose After Color Conditioner and the extra protective Color Crème base.

This is perfectly fine for even the most fragile hair as it nourishes the ends of each of the strands along with the entire strand while coloring.
The non dip formula makes the whole process neat and simple.

5. 394 Ravishing Red
PRICE : USD 4.99

It is a worth buying product for your hair as it comprises of vital hair nutrients and advanced moisture therapy. This semi permanent hair coloring product is fade resistant with a no drip formula.


The color remains new even after six to eight washes, thus, you can wait for six weeks in between two applications.

The full coverage formula ensures smooth color in each of the hair strands.

6. L’Oreal Intense Dark Red RR-04

You get luminosity, health and shine along with gray hair coverage everytime you color your hair with L’Oreal Intense Dark Red RR-04. Get silky smooth mane which shines with health from the roots to tips every time you have a hair color.


You will experience the vibrancy of the first day even after weeks of hair coloring by means of the Care Supreme® Conditioner kit provided.

It comprises of fade defying formula, so ensures greater gap in between two applications. The crème application technique prevents dripping.

7. Clairol Town-deep Red

The most attractive feature of this brunette shade is its striking tone which remains somewhat unparalleled. The process of applying the hair color is also easy and devoid of mess as it has a non drip formula. The resultant is a uniform shade all over your mane along with perfect coverage of gray hair. Apply this hair color once and be happy for weeks.


This product comes with a Color Amplifying Conditioner that locks in the color for a prolonged period of time and enhances the shine of hair.

Your hair gets a spa everytime you color it. This unique color formula treats your dull hair everytime, making it soft and nourished.


If you are an ardent fan of Revlon products and are looking for a Revlon fashion hair color that is ammonia free and thus tender on health, then you must get yourself Revlon LUMINISTA RED. The skin friendly ingredients that went into the making of this hair color on pure aqua base, such as Ethanolamine, Oleic Acid, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Mangifera Indica (Mango) Seed Butter, etc. promises 100% gray coverage along with nourished and supple hair.


The product of Revlon comes as a package with an ammonia free colorant, cream color developer and nourishing after color conditioner that takes care of the hair too along with coloring.

It removes the unwanted brassiness from hair and makes it manageable and vibrant.
It provides total gray hair coverage and is suitable as a basic hair dye too along with fashion color.

9. Clairol Red Hot Red 4R

While the craze for coloring hair is in its peak now, there has been growing health consciousness among people too. Everybody is well aware that many of these semi permanent hair colors contain ammonia, which is extremely detrimental to the skin, eyes and overall health. But, feel safe with this fashion hair color from Clairol, which does not contain ammonia or any other harmful chemicals. Along with coloring it also conditions and nourishes the hair making it shine with health.


This unique hair color from Clairol contains natural proteins and jojoba oil that make the hair soft, supple, manageable and easy to detangle.

The natural conditioners present in the product are great for transforming dry, frizzy and damaged hair into healthy and nourished mane.
The resultant color after hair coloring is totally natural since a fusion shade of the natural hair color of the user and that of the fashion hair color shade is imparted.
A completely women’s product, it has been developed keeping in mind the natural hair color, texture and skin tone of African-American women.
It renders cent percent gray hair coverage and hence is perfect for aged women too.

10. Garnier True Red 66

Garnier, a well known brand among women, presents a hair color in brunette shade that penetrates deep inside each hair strand and moisturizes the mane from within. Together with covering all your gray hair, it hydrates the hair and locks in moisture to make it look healthy.


The avocado oil and Vitamin E present in it nourishes the hair naturally, thereby curbing the damaging effect of hair color.

The company has worked hard in making it scientifically developed and rich in natural hair proteins that take care of the hair while coloring it.
The excellent fragrance of grape seed oil gives a refreshed, natural feeling.
The hair color has a long lasting attribute and you can give weeks of gap in between two applications.
The non drip formula makes it convenient to apply.
Natural avocado oil present in it offers double protection against hair drying and double nourishment.
It spreads easily, covering greater surface. Thus, it is an economical product.

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