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Top 10 Signs That You Need A Hair Makeover

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Has it been really long that you have not walked into a salon for a new cut? Or have you taken a new cut but no one notices it? If yes, then it is not a folly of your hair dresser. Infact, it is your own hair. Sometimes, you land up into a situation when your hair needs a real makeover to enhance your looks and overall personality. There are some common signs that indicate and push you for a proper hair cut. Read on all such important signs to get to know if you need your hair done properly.

1. Your hair has no volume

If the top of our head is flat and the sides seem bulky with no longer providing a perfect frame to the features of yours, you need to treat your hair. Mark Garrison from the New York City Salon suggests that after you blow up the hair with a drier or curl them, the hair might just sit at the very place and the change is not clear then you need to get a fine trimming.

2. Your high school friends assure you that “you have not changed at all”

Sam Brocato from the hair-care company Brocato America says that you may collect some pictures and images of the hair cuts that you prefer to have. Later on, you can fix an appointment to get a proper hair cut done.

3. Your highlights are more noticeable than the base color

Garrison says that when the highlights become too heavy, they become noticeable. In order to fix the problem you need to make sure that you follow a single process that can possibly cover all your streaks and lay off entire new highlights for the next three months. Do not worry if the streaks turn lighter as it will give your hair a sun-kissed effect.

4. You are not receiving compliments on your hair like before

Do not wear the same hairdo every day; rather change it from time to time. If you make a regular pony tail then you can also go for a poofed out pony as well. If your hair are sleek and straight then you can curl them at the ends. A simple change in style can give you a total new look.

5. Your hair and skin tone match

Garrison in this regard says that if your hair and skin tones are too close, then you can probably extract benefits from lowlights. For this, you are required to add warm and deep streaks by using peroxide or ammonia free colors as these do not cause any kind of damage to the hair.

6. Your clothes have evolved but not your hair

As per Brocato, a change in the clothing style is the best excuse to update your personal style statement. This is a perfect idea to look new from top to bottom. As the season of fashion alters, you should also change your hairdo along with the changing wardrobe. It is not necessary that you go for drastic changes; a little change is also appreciable. A new cut with new hair color and hair style is something that one should opt.

7. The two words: Brillo Pad

To get rid of the dryness, cutting down the length is alright. But, you can also apply cream-based style that will moisturize your hair and thereby reduce the chances of breaking at points.

8. You pull your hair into a pony tail each time

Garrison says that it is good to add layers and bangs as this will give shape to your locks. This in turn will help you to wear them down.

9. You spend more than 20 minutes on your hair

It should take only a few minutes to style your hair properly when it comes to daily routine. But if it takes really long to manage them properly, then it simply means that your cut is not giving the best to enhance your texture. For a quick relief: You can rush to your personal stylist and ask him/her to work on your hair.

10. You have not visited any salon in ages

If you are not able to pay considerable attention to your hair because of the hectic schedule of yours, it is obvious for you to visit any salons. Your hair can result into a complex mess. In such a situation, you definitely need to replenish and pamper your hair. Treatments are available in the salon that can replenish your dry and messed up hair.

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