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Top 10 Tips to Get Beautiful and Healthy Feet

Tips for beautiful feet

Our feet are the one that carry us through life but are neglected the most. Having a healthy feeling is certainly good sign of staying active. Hence if you try to neglect your feet, it can lead to a lot of pain, infections or foot problem. However, you can easily keep your feet healthy. Below are some tips that can keep your feet healthy and beautiful.

1. Regular stretches

Your feet carries your whole body weight the whole day. Even they need some time to get relaxed. Try stretching your feet every day. By this, you can avoid getting cramps. This makes your feet look and feel better. Another advantage of stretching is that it will loosen the muscles of car. By this you will not be feeling uncomfortable or tightened while wearing heels.

2. Apply sunscreen lotions

Don’t forget to apply 40 SPF or some other sunscreen with higher SPF whenever you go outdoors. Your feet can get tanned or sunburned just like other body area. Severe burn will result in peeling or blister problem that can also lead to infection.

3. Remove corns and calluses

For good foot care regimen, you must try to remove corns and calluses. You should use pumice stone that can take away the dead skin and calluses. Clean your feet in a Luke warm saline water for five minute and then eliminate the calluses. By doing this every day, your skin will remain soft and smooth.

4. Proper shoes selection

Always make a good selection of shoes. While buying shoes, think of comfort first. Style should be the next or the last part. Look for the quality and its perfect fit. Instead of buying fancy shoes buy the one that are more comfortable.

5. Maintain hygiene

You should always keep your feet clean. The key factor to keep your feet healthy and beautiful is by marinating good hygiene. You should clean them and scrub it properly with water and soap while bathing. After cleaning dry them properly. Fungal organisms get attracted towards moisture, so try not to keep your feet wet for long. Use a proper technique to dry your feet. Make sure you dry well between every individual toe. If excess moisture gets accumulated between then chances of fungal infection increases.

6. Avoid wearing tight shoes

Never wear tight shoes. By wearing tight shoes, your feet will start sweating and later will stink. Another sad part of wearing tight shoes is that your feet can swell. Due to this you will find trouble while walking. Wearing tight shoes also results in blisters. Hence while buying shoes, take a professionals advice that will measure your feet and accordingly get the proper size. There are many sizes available with lots of variety. Hence you will not have any trouble to get one of your size.

7. Proper care of injury

If some mishap has happened and your feet have been injured or found some infection, then immediately visit a doctor. If you are prescribed with some treatment, then follow the care tips as prescribed by the doctors. By not following proper medications can worsen your feet.

8. Toenails filing

Always file your toe nails in proper shape. Never grow your toe nails. While filing the toe nails, use emery board instead of metal file. Do not file the nails too short or pull on the loose edges. Try to match the shape of nail to the toe shape. This will secure ingrown toenails, soreness, splitting and fungus.

9. Cleaning with lemon juice

Another great way to keep your feet look beautiful is by cleaning it in warm water and adding lemon juice to it. You can slide your feet inside and keep them in the bucket for 10 minutes. You can also add some organic lotion to the lemon juice. Don’t forget to rub your feet before making them wet. Once your feet soaks up the mixture, you can clean it with warm water.

10. Proper massage

Always massage your feet in such a way that you moisturize muscles by easing the ache problem. It will also improve the circulation of blood. You can use aromatherapy oils like chamomile or peppermint.

Always maintain a healthy diet and eat rich food. Include in your diet food that is rich is Omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, minerals and vitamins. You should include green leafy vegetable in your diet. Cut down tea, coffee and carbonated drinks from your daily diet. By maintaining a good diet you can give your feet all necessary vitamins and minerals that can make it stay beautiful and healthy.

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