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Top 4 makeover games to keep young girls entertained

Online gaming is popular among adults and kids alike with the grownups preferring games like CheekyBingo and younger girls opting for makeover games. Makeover games are a great way to introduce the concepts of grooming and styling to young girls without letting them become too vain at an early age. Here are the top four makeover games that young girls would love to play.




















[box_dark]1. Beauty makeover games[/box_dark]

Since most mothers wouldn’t allow their young girls to use makeup or play with their expensive cosmetics, online beauty makeover games can be a great way to let kids live out their makeup fantasies without becoming vain.


[box_dark]2. Bride makeover games[/box_dark]

All little girls are fascinated by brides and weddings though a lot of them also end up ruining many a pillow case and a few of their mothers’ favorite dresses playing bride dress up games. Virtual bride makeover games allow young girls to indulge their bridal fantasies in a safe way.

 [box_dark]3. Manicure and pedicure makeover games[/box_dark]

Manicure and pedicure makeover gamesManicure and pedicure makeover games

Manicure and pedicure makeover games introduce young girls to these essential grown up beauty and grooming procedures. Girls can learn the processes involved in manicures and pedicures and give their virtual avatars mani and pedis instead of using their mothers’ expensive nail polishes.

 [box_dark]4. Hair style makeover games[/box_dark]

Young children love to explore their bodies and quite a few of them chop up their hair or get it tangled in brushes playing hair makeover games. Virtual hair styling games let children play out their hair styling fantasies without ruining their own or their siblings’ and friends’ hair.











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